This is Crazy, but I'm in the Bayverse!


First I was watching the movie with some popcorn…Then I land into the Bayverse after…I had lifted the allspark up…then fell unconscious...Have I been transported yet again? Something in my gut certainly tells me that is not the first time I've been through this commercial-energy-battery-drink with a hint of Stargate SG1 scene…hey where's my popcorn? Strange and robotic-whirring sounds screeches in my ears so loud I could have become deaf. The scenery is so fascinating emitting this unusual glow only seen in Science Fiction movies.

I've grown up watching Jackie Chan, a really good actor. When watching his movies my fondest memory would training a ninja kick or laughing at the movie. There's a movie of mentioned actor I want to see, is, 'Twin Dragons' . This could be one of the old Jackie Chan movies that I have not watched. How did topic change from Science Fiction to Jackie Chan? Oh the 'Tuxedo'! Over time, when he was entirely new to me, I learned his name despite playing different characters.


My body hit the pavement.

"…O wow o wow o wow." I whine. "So this is what Jackie Chan may go through his action-adventure comedy movies in takes."


Why did that word randomly come into my head?

I look over my shoulder seeing whatshisname again tearing the speed sisters into two!

"…OH frag!"

The image of a pumpkin shaped planet randomly came into my head.

"…OH EM GEE I'M IN THE SECOND MOVIE AHHH! I'M IN FRAGGING SHANG HI, NO JOKE!" Hearing Metal parts being torn away just makes it more really, intense. The shrieks of dying Cybertronians are another topic people wouldn't want to hear again. Or to be exactly precise on the dot; frightening, skedaddling is my tool to escape so that was taken hiding under a big shed like object. Yes. A human can be such a scared cat when it came to their lives.

Why do I have a gut feeling saying "I hate lies" out of a sudden?

…Frag. That just gave me another piece to a developing idea to an old flame from my noob writing years in 2009.

I just realized something.

I'M IN 2009!

Curling up into a ball is/was my only resort.

"Optimus,. I found the—" I heard this voice. No. It's that voice that's IRON-fragging-chevy-truck-HIDE! "An organic? Is this what Starscream really dropped..." My eyes sruggled open not really trusting my own hearing since it can be the curse of human curiousity. My heart beat is loud enough to be in my ears!

Yes. Oh primus. Oh Primus. It's fragging Ironhide!

"H-hhhih-h-h-h-h." I squeak. "Hi-h-h-h-h-ih—hih- EEEEEEE AUUTOBOTS EXIST ZEY EXISSSTT! Ohemgee-I'm-a-huge-Autobot-fan; crash-landing-in-the-pool where you saw that girl who asked if you were the tooth fairy so not forgettable!" The sad thing is…he dies in eight years. But there's a bright side. I'm meeting an awesome Autobot. THIS IS SWEEET!

"You are scrambling my circuits, speak slowly!" The tall, truck chevy Autobot complains. "How do you know about my tooth fairy incident…" His optics whirr at me. That change in direction is a reminder to Sentinel's Optic in the beginning of Transformers Dark of The Moon. No..wait…it reminds me of some Cybertronian belonging to this universe. But I can't remember who exactly.


"Did Starscream jog up some—" He starts, looking down at me.

If anyone could watch me from afar, they would immeatedly notice it's shaking unbelieveably quick.

"Hi Optimus!" I squeak, sounding high pitched and nervous. "S-s-s-sso g—g-glad to f—f-f-fina-a-a-a-aly meet you. I'm-a-big-Trans-fan-for-the-past…" I count my fingers; age 12, age 13,age 14,age 15… "Obessesing-over-the-awesome-franchise! Oh-that's like-half-my life-being –a-fangirl. I-see-many-years-ahead-of-this-crazy-mind-who's-co nfusing-the-heck-out-of-'ya!""

"Ironhide." Optimus warningly said, "Where did you get her?"

Ironhide grunted.

"Didn't get her from anywhere!" Ironhide protests. "She came out of no where."

"UMM..I acutally came from a spacebridge," I interject, raising my index finger. "And-the-funny-thing-is,"

Several vehicles came around us.

"You guys are LEGENDS!" I finish, feeling adrenaline going through. "Epic role models. Almost as in The Dragon from Eragon, DragonHeart that gets a movie sequel that's amazing—hey let me go you strange men in black attires, are you CIA or NCIS?" I quiz those earning unquestionable glances from the gang. "I am not crazy, I am a Austistic Gemini!" I protest.

"Yeah yeah yeah loopy girl, that's what they all say."

And then I found myself in a gigantic interrogational like room.

"Please listen…" I beg to who could be an Autobot who's name slips my tongue. "I came from a universe where you guys are fictional and there's an entire brand about you all!" The mech grunted, tapping his large wheel on the floor. "I…can't remember a single thing about the Decepticons…I just can't!"

The Autobot, who could be Sideswipe, folded his arms.

"How do you know about us?"

Going with a old question…why so dull?

"I watched the movies!" Is my answer. "I watched the first fragging movie a million times! I've seen Jazz be….". I can't remember…what happened to him. Something's terribly wrong here. " No…I can't remember. I can remember…just vague details."

The Autobot asks, his gigantic earth-based vehicle armor has my attention on it rather than paying attention to him. It's a little awe-inspiring enough that an artist can set a goal to accomplish the art style of Bayverse to what her art abilities can bring her. The windows are so…convincing. His wheels attached to these thin black hooks that may be really wider instead of thin. The cables,pipe-like object, and machinery from his vehicle mode created; his arms, trunk, and legs.


"I'm wide awake!" I protest. "Not sleepy."

The Autobot gives me a strange look.

"Who sent you to Shanghi?" The look in his optics are serious. "Are you mentally ill?"

That's a pretty boiling question.

And why did he ask an insane question?

"NOBODY FRAGGING SENT ME!" I freak out on him. "I JUST GOT HERE and I ain't crazy!" Where did this entire attitude come from? I used to be a calm, friendly, understandable, and silent based girl who was so silent people could get into a crowd around her without noticing her sitting on the floor drawing or writing. Did something happen when something transported me to this universe? This can't be me. I feel as if my presence has been in this universe longer than a newbie can conclude.

I had to take in a breath.

Then exhale.

"I'm-an-Autistic-Gemini," I repeat myself. "Big-vocabulary-lands-into-my-head. It also means impossible things come across in it too, I watch Science Fiction movies often..." I pause. Too much information being given out about myself; my trust towards strangers is limited..for some reason. I was entirely open to speaking with others. But Now I'm entirely that much. "I-pay- more-attention-to-detail, so-I may-see-ghosts: Nuff said."

The Autobot tilts his head at me, and then he leaves me using his large wheels that are actually like roller skates just a little more fun to watch and see. One can wonder how can Transformers balance on wheeled fee, Heh, It would be funny to see a newly onlined Transformer trying to get adjusted to its new feet. The imagination that most average Transfans can likely get is a slippery Cybertronian having a Bambi moment (Bambi had slipped and fell on the ice looking adorable as heck,to me that is).

What in the world are they going to do with me?

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