This is Crazy, but I'm in the Bayverse!

Prision is fun to sing in!

Prisssoon is soooo boorriiinnngggg.I sat in the cell that really didn't have another bunk bed at any place. How in the name of Primus am I going to get my butt out of here? Been here for about: Four least. What if there's a longer time gap between events in this universe; The Bayverse, specifically the movies. This means Sam's has arrived to college…or not. My cell mate had been confined to solitary confinement due to a venting rampage he went on.

Several inmates claimed to me that to them, my body is that of a nineteen year old-including my face. How can that be possible? I'm a fifteen year old girl. The only possible way is if I had somehow done a partial regeneration (Which I explained to them and the show it came from) with my personality and memory intact,if I had been a timelord. Now that's a funny theory to think about, it's fun to be A Doctor Who Fan. I don't want to be here when my cell mate gets back from solitary. It's not fun to be around him…he's sinister. Evil…Way, way, way dirty than any villain ever imagined in media. He's a meaaaan man.

"…Time for me to make some magic." I came to the cage. "DUUUDEEE I GOT A CONTAGOUS DISEASE!"

Two security guards were at the door immediately.

I cover my mouth.

"I need a trashurrr cannuuur." The mumble itself delivered me to the station, where the men waited outside. Why did they not bring me to the bathroom? This is unbelieveably crazy. But hey, there's a big 'ol Microphone right on the counter screaming for me, The speedster, to sing into it.

I grab the microphone.

The officers somehow locked themselves out of the station.

Snap snap Snap

In a one two…theee…

"Wooaaah oooohOoooohhh, Well, life is a road that you travel on,There's one day in and the next day gone,So I'm waiting for the real thing, I'll know it by the feeling."

My voice began to change in some unusual way

"OPEN THE DOOR!" An officer hits the window, while I climb on the table letting music greet the ears of all who are in this dump! This only makes my day. I have seen a ton of comedy movies featuring men who are in jail and some movies that were not comedy. I fondly remember the one where this serial killer dude killed the head of the prison while his friend escaped from jail so he can be in it still.

Comedians would be definitely proud of this total annoyance towards these officers.

The plastering victory smile is hard to ignore coming from me.

"There's a world outside every darkened door, Come ride with me to the distant shore, Where blues won't haunt you anymore. We'll play it out on the silver screen."

People are singing outside too!

"We won't hesitate." The singing continues. "To break down that garden gate, And dammnit this feels too right, It's just like Da-ja-vu.

Criminals are flooding the hallway, almost like a crowd of fans from a concert. They are singing to the song. The two officers who were outside were assimilated into the crowd having unknown fates. Red lights are going off in the hallway including this high pitch noise that is earsplitting, worse than the fire alarm and tornado alarm. OH I need to get some clothes!

I'm wearing Jail-clothing, dark gray attire to be exact.

"Life is a highway, I wanna ride it, all night long, Cause no body wants to be last one there,All night long, And everyone wants to know they are not alone!"

I whistle the theme music to The X Files.

"If you are going my way,I wanna drive it..." I sing, opening the doors. "Sing it with me!"

The men joined in.

"All night long!" The crowd roars as I walk out the room. "So I'll be holding my breath, Could this be the end? Through all these cities and all these towns, I love you now and I love you then!"

The entire crowd claps their hands when the microphone is still in my hand. This is actually working. The officers are paralyzed in their seats supposedly dumbstruck how a crazy girl can get into their headquarters then launch an impossible escape that would have only came out of a movie or movies to be more precise. I'll admit this is one badass escape.

"Sing the lyrics to Life is a Highway remixed with Gotta be Somebody." I told a Criminal who happens to be about my height and likely has a voice that can easily be mistaken for mine.

The in-mate nods.

Totally badass and epic.

"There's gotta be somebody for me out there." The Criminal he has a good singing voice. Has he been sing since time began to prepare for this moment? "Wooo aooooaoohhoh oohhh,Knock me down, and back up again, You're in my blood, I'm not a lonely man!"

The Man's voice is really on-tone.

"The Roads so rough, I know." He puts the microphone down for a moment there intenitonally making a pause. "I'll be there when the light comes in, tell 'em; We are survivors!"

Come on Ivy, get some pants and a shirt! My conscious screams. I'm sweating, like really bad. My pants and shirt may have been inflamed or something because a few days ago the cops were burning something, the inmates said it was clothing. Why did they burn clothing? They say only a handle remained so that's why a cop gave me a useless LightSaber handle saying 'You came with the package'


"Small blue jacket, pink shirt,and jeans;" I look at the pile that my hands yanked out from the laundry basket. They feel so warm. Reminded me of the attire I usually wore as a kid before I got a jacket everyday when going to school as in wearing a big black coat that was a Powerpuff girls product—I loved those girls back then—eventually evolving into a girl who had really thick-short hair.

I quickly changed into those clothes.

"There's gotta be somebody for me out there,Someone to love with my life in their hands."

Something about the Remix is reminding me about something..something…that I've forgotten or meant not to remember. This is a strange thing. I love both songs since I had been 12 years old. My memory for Gotta be Somebody was almost utterly perfect that my ability lead to sing right with it.

"Between you and I." The criminal continues to sing in a low and perfect melody suitable for slow dancing at a school dance with a disco ball and the room being lit in a lighter tone of pink. "A misunderstanding once,But, now we look in the eye."

We are getting closer!

Oh frag there's a police line, great, more singing.

"Life is a highway, I wanna ride it,all night long, Cause nobody wants to be last one there, All night long." The Criminal continues to sing but makes his singing in the way that is a Nickelback and who-ever-made-the-song combination. "And everyone wants to know they are not alone! Cause nobody wants to do it on their own, And everyone wants to know they are not alone, Life is a high way, I wanna ride it all night long!"

The men shook their fists above the crowd. This intimidates the big police line ahead of us.

"MMmmy yeah!" The Criminal continues. Man I am feeling so excited! "There's gotta be somebody for me out thereeeeeeeee!"

The police line is broken into two. And we are FREE babey!

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