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When memories are bitter sweet

"There are days, where, the most dammest villians find themselves missing . . . who they hate."

It's true for any Decepticon such as Starscream to say, "I hate organics." But there are times where you don't hear this quote from any, "I...admit it. I befriended an organic." Starscream is studing the panther cybertronian felines from afar. Living off the terrain from the developing remaining species...I have not seen this in eons. Starscream's shoulders are hunched together similar to a square box's small handles that are way too miniature to be held.

The seeker looks over to the cliff of a giant spike.

"Are you saying a cane can't become a laser blaster?" Ivy stares at Starscream. "It's very possible."

"Pit it is not possible!" The Seeker argued back. "Humans rely on more advanced technology to get things done!"

Ivy snickers.

"How do you know?" Ivy chewed on some floating popcorn. "It''s not like you've been helping humanity advance their-" She starts but then notices his sheepish and dumbed-stupid expresssion. Her eyes became wide. " you didn't. Please say you didn't!"

He rubs the back of his helmet. "..Yes I did."

"OH MY PRIMUS, STARSCREAM'S OUT OF CHARACTER!" Ivy skaddaled, holding her popcorn bag. She seems frantic in way that's in a way unbalanced possibly confusing in some kind of way. "STARSCREAMS A EINSTINE!"

Starscream watches the memory fade away. "She never actually knew how fun it was to mess with her." He muses to himself, looking back to the animals that had their attention shifted towards him. The Seeker had to think quick, fast, and exceedingly quicker than some not fast thinking humans.

What would Megatron do?

No,better yet, what would the Farmer do?


"Next time I shouldn't be so obvious." Starscream mutters, flying away from the herd that happens to be chasing him. "Recalling a...'Mind-Traveler' is worse to do in the middle of observing-WHY AM I EVEN MENTIONING THE BUTCHERER?!" Starscream is not refering to the one who slaughter a lot of cubans from the concentration camps that ignited the Spanish-American War a long time ago, he is referring to Ivy. The one, who slaughtered a good deal of Decepticons, and affected Megatron.

I am not going to be fooled by her again.

"You, bulldozers!" Starscream shouts to the yellow Decepticons, "BRING DOWN THE SPINES!"

"Why?" A hot-headed Decepticon yelled back. "You starting to lose your processor?"

The panthers were jumping from gigantic spines to another, similar to silent-deadly crickets on a mission. More as skilled-lethal ninjas who were trained by professional mentors who could make them pass a deer without them even knowing they had been in contact. It's not even a exaggeration when it came to silent attackers.

"JUST SHOOT IT DOWN!" Starscream shrieks, diving into a big pile of rubble under Cybertron. "Do not question my orders, you newbies!"

His high pitched reply easily made it through from underground to the surface in matter of purely seconds. Both bulldozers shrug it off. However, seeing the panthers quickly changed their mind in thirty seconds. Now the first reaction anyone can ever think up will be "die baby die!" or "go to hell you son of a unicron!" or the main reaction that came from the first constriction looking Decepticon: "LET'S SHOOT THE RODETS away!"

The Scene transition to the headquarters, where a memo comes up. A song is being played that can be very well known in the modern times of 2013 or 2012 not in this state of age 2008, time travel may have been used to retrieve this musical piece. But, why and how it had been chosen may forever remain a mystery. A mystery to the one who had been asked to send it.

"Soundwave to Ivy, I have successfully retrieved Avril Lavigne's song Here's to Never Growing Up." His memo lands unblissfully in the gaze of two Decepticon interns, who seem to be gazing awkwardly at the screen. They bicker for awhile and end up sending the music video straight down to Avril Lavigne who has not made the song in this universe yet and sent the other to the president's house.

Our scene makes a wonderfully unnecassary change, temporally.

"Honey, please turn the Radio off." Mrs Bursh groans, trying to sleep.

sits upright.

"Honey...we don't HAVE a radio!" He reminds her. "We haven't gotten one since you said it had a microchip in it."

Mrs Bursh looks to her husband.

"If...we don't have a radio...where is the song coming from?" Mrs. Bush asks, sounding confused as any ordinary person who has had partially no involvement whatsoever with this startling song. A song that hadn't been made yet. "Better get the house sweeped. and get a hotel room honey. I can't stand this music any longer!"

The scene returns to Cybertron.

"Ivy. Evy Weeivy livy. lvy. Ivy, ivy iveee." Soundwave's memo keeps blinking into the monitor. "Jvy."

The mechs argue.

"Should wW-E-E-wwe-wee-w-e tel-h-j-j-k-k-k- him?" The stuttery Decepticon asks. "We-e-w-we-ve told Shoc-s-kwave by accident."

The naturally speaking Decepticon shrugs,.

"Let's go right ahead." He calmly said, "The Slaughter would be irritated if he spelled her name wrong. Then he could get the picture."

"Shockwave, send me: Keep holding on!" Ivy's typing beats on the gigantic keyboard. "Don't question me, just send it. The Torturer wants a piece of his own medicine, amahahahaaa!"

She sounds like Megatron. Shockwave notes to himself.What a interesting combination...Hmm Ivytron. Oooh I can already picture this, what a dirty mind I have. so many thoughts about these two.

"Be right there." Shockwave uploads a song through his connection to Cybertron. "You sound like Megatron."

He did not get a response from Ivy, for awhile.

"Be right back :-3" Her message read. "WEEE VELOCITRON! C: "

Velocitron remained a mystery to him, even to this day.

"Ivy can't be...she...slaughtered...Decepticons? A human slaughtered..." Soundwave tries contemplating the message from the rather calm Decepticon. "She was a Quintession? No...A Pretender? Her memory banks wipedd completely by...The Fallen's programmming?" I'll miss her replys. She helped me hack into the Criminal data base.

The Farmer is raising his chickens. "Henry, ready to transform into your next age?" The small compacted cybertronian Chicken nodded it's chubby head. So he presses a small button on it's head. The little cybertronian thing become enlarged with wide-sharp wings that have feathers appearing to be ready to fall out. A beak being sharp as a talon. Two pairs of small optics are seen to the sides. Layers and layers of shaped circles are seen making up individual areas of Henry's enlarged body frame.

His legs are made by metal. Gigantic metal. It seems to be a force that shouldnot be reckoned with.

"Good boy." The Farmer pets his gigantic friend's side while he smirks. "Feeding him chicken feed is so. . .genius. The Butcherer knew more than she let on."

"Dude!" Ivy yelps. "ARE YA FEEDIN HIM. . . BRANCHES?!"

The Farmer's optics blink at the rapid energetic girl, "Dead branches, yes." The Farmer replied, earning a facepalm from the Small-short figured girl. She got onto his shoulder then whipped his head around in circles quite literately.

"Ya idiot!" She scolded him. "Chickens eat seeds; Feed him small things, not braches!"

She mimics Henry's plucking.

"Chickens are like this," She bends her arms to her sides and does the same exact pose a chicken would do. "Goble. goobble. gobble. Gobble chicken little."

"...I get it!" The Farmer had enough seeing her act like a gigantic Cybertronin Chicken that reached monsterous hieghts when being fed properly and had some rather forethought about training handy in cases like war. Similar to Ravage's predessors on Cybertron during the Great War used on both fonts.

Ivy gets onto a table.

"Good, now buy some fragging chicken energon seed!"

He glares at her.

"Or go make some . . . cause ya know." Ivy said, very awkwardly.

The Smart-mouth had some golden points being on Cybertron and acknowledged some of the strengths the Decepticons hadn't fully expanded. For being the main reason why only a hundred or three hundred being dead, Ivy had created a diversity of her own reputation on Cybertron even to far off planets. The Autobots are not aware of this at all.

Even though Shockwave never met Ivy, he had been linked to Because of her. That's all he could mainly say about her. The Fallen knew she had to make the things noted in Legends and decidedly did not interact with her all that often leaving everyone to be the source of her crazy interactions. For being a crazy-fangirl Ivy did teach them about mutation when downloading arachnid DNA.

"From the fate of Elita-1 from Animated, Blackarachnia from Beast Wars, and Arachnid from Prime, Spiders are a bad idea." Ivy shakes her head back and fourth. "Nobody download ANY so they won't get mutated into a you-know-what kind of freak!"

The Decepticons had crowded into the arms of one gigantic con, minus Megs and Starscream.

"Is there a trend among spider themed Decepticons going on here?" Megatron awkwardly asks, curious. "If so. Nobody has made me aware of this."

Ivy giggles.


"AAHH SPIDERS!" Ivy darts into the dark as the sound of spiders are heard coming after them. "THE WORLD IS ENDING!"

"SPIIIDDERRSS!" The Decepticons ran in a straight herd ditching Megatron and Starscream with the gigantic trantulas and Daddy-long-legs.

Megatron rubs his forehelm.

"I have never been this dissapointed before." Megatron said, shaking his helm back and forth.

A huge daddy long leg taps Starscream's wings which made the seeker shudder.

"I don't know about you,Megatron. " Starscream powers up his high heeled like stellito's. "But I'm going to be a coward and save myself!"

Starscream ditches Megatron who didn't appear to be frightened about the gigantic bug standing above him.

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