This is Crazy, but I'm in the Bayverse!

What happend? Really? WHAT happened?

I awoke after what has felt like forever. My eyesight's blurry. My head hurts, it just hurt. Does it hurt because I fell unconscious? This unusual-engine-mechanical sound makes me aware where I am and my eyes wide open. It's almost like traveling through a StarGate being rounded supported by these light gray structures bronzed in alien letters, just like the television series "Stargate SG1" from the Scifi channel, the exception is...The scene is just like watching it on television.. Actually it's like an engine-energy commercial with the layers of iron, waves of metal blinds, and redness prominent. When is this going to...end? There is a continuous falling-path behind me, this time, it's glowing a bright light blue like a Spy Kid Video game movie.

"I'm scared, I'm scared, and I'm scared." I notice the box of popcorn is in my hands and a half of the all-spark is sticking out from it. It looks like it has been sliced of almost completely from the middle to the lower area of the formerly square object. I dug the allspark further into my bag of popcorn without thinking, come on, I'm free falling...Might end up dead, right? "I'm so scared of heights!"

This soundwave engulfed me into a clear transparent-like ball manifestation.

"My apprentice-what is this?" I heard the old and evil voice that most people would not hear,but, this is the realm of Transformers. Live Action.

I recognize this evil, old, probably most hated voice within a nanosec. This is The Fallen speaking. Oh look; he's forgotten what humans look like! Good going old leader; you just made yourself sound stupid! Optimus has not been offlined yet as indicated by the sacs of protoforms all around the room or I think they were in the other room. All I know is that they die quicker and required energon to pursue into the second movie to be alive. The energon harvestors…the sun collectors.

I finally snapped open my eyes.

"What is what-"

I somehow had landed in Megatron's hand.

"It's The Girl!"

He swiped me off his overly gigantic wired-servo. I landed on the floor, on my side. Great. I just got a side ache. If that even is a word. I don't know. I hear Megatron's loud, deadly growl come from above me. He's much better than his Prime Counterpart, design wise, I say. His armor's so shiny, especially his helmet being so gladiator like and robotic.

" this girl?" The Fallen asks.

Megatron's growl softened.

"She chipped off a part of the Allspark,master." He said, sounding not too pleased. "And made me..." Megatron is acting humiliated. I have not seen this look in all the movies combined. "…have the impromptu absence in the Ocean."

"When is the last Prime eliminated?" The Fallen's gruff,evil, and fading voice perks .

I decided to make my own move.

"What year is it?" I ask eager to see the expression on the Decepticon's face.

"2008." Megatron almost right away answered. "When we have the boy. . .Optimus Prime will be offlined-"

"IN A YEAR!" I shriek, feeling excited.

Man, this is so awesome, yet so wrong to say this. I earn this unusual optic glare from both grown Cybertronians. Who would feel scared enough to run away? An average transfan who might have an way out of this; like portals, friends on the other side, stargates-you get it right? Great!

Megatron's cannon powers up at my direction.

"Uh. . . Dude. . . Uh. " Well . . . this is akward. "That witwicky kid is going to college in an awhile. . . so . . . um. . . ." I popped some popcorn into my mouth. "Excuse the spoilers."

I saw Starscream come from an entrance, while chewing on popcorn.

"May I kill this human, now?" He sounds downright annoyed and eager to kill a human.

I gulp down the chewed up popcorn,

"Hahaaa, wow, you got a lot more personality than the movie!" I acknowledge, pointing at him.

Frag. I just . . .gave out spoilers. again.

"Movie?" The Fallen and Megatron chime in together.

"Don't kill this...barbarian yet." The Fallen smoothly said. His eye creepily looks at my direction. "My apprentice..What did she look like the last time you saw her when online?"

"Long hair, an attire being rolled up at the sleeves and a 'w' emblem pointing upwards, wearing these...Glasses and those same pair of jeans!" He didn't like saying it. It sounds as if he was on a roll call. "What relevance does she have in any of your plans that you have not told me...before."

I guess the Fallen knows, and he will take the secret to his death.

"Popcorn anyone?" I held out the popcorn to any of the willing Decepticons.

They all had the intrusive 'no' in their optics.

"Girl, explain." The Fallen softly said.

"In my Universe there's a merchandise,franchise, series, all about you guys." I blabber. "Megatron is an iconic villain and Optimus Prime is an Iconic heroic good guy humans see as their role model or source of inspiration."

Starscream is rubbing his forehelm, like what Megatron is doing.

"Exactly what we don't want." Megatron said.

"There's Cartoon series.." I continue. "Wait; I already say that . . .And I heard Megatron dies in a few of them," I witnesse Megatron get alarmed by that. "No offense, and Starscream's like, died in two of them . . ." I recount in my head. "No three!"

I remember the movie.

"Three comes from the cartoon movie aired in 1986." I finish.

Megatron's cannon powers up and shot at me.

I dodged that blast; zipping behind Starscream's primus I can't smell smoke!

"And then there's this trilogy. . ." I hide behind Starscream's leg. "Haven't seen the ending to Dark of the Moon . . .YET."

The Fallen cackles.

"I'm liking what this organic is saying." The Fallen said; and that is suspcious.

Becuase one: A Decepticon who made the faction does not usualy like what humans say.

"I don't!" Megatron said, affimitively disliking organics as he did already.

We all meet death in one form or another and that's not a spoiler.

Starscream shot at me.

Guess I'm the comedian gag of the year.

Urgh...what happened now? I must have fallen through a space bridge or something to skip a year...Did somebody knock me out? If so, this is making so feel like one of those people who goes out as an alien through these ridiculous circumstances to meet gigantic robots and are like transported somehow by these wormholes to somewhere. You'll catch my drift when understanding this matter at all.

"She's awake." I heard a familiar voice, belonging to Megatron.

Maybe I should call him Megatronus instead of Megatron since he is not really the leader of all Decepticons...Though since he did take Megatronus's name and shortened it to just Megatron,the most definite guess around here is to call him Megs. Just Megs.

I had my popcorn. Still.

"May I now proceed killing this worthless organic, NOW?" Starscream's voice highly broke the silence that had somehow brought me into it.

Megatron growls.

"Not yet." I hear him. And why is he being so...mercyful for me?

Naturally a Decepticon would kill an average transfan despite their loyalty and devotion towards them. It's rare in real life for something this...incredible to not kill you right on the spot. My eyes struggle opening and found a metal clad room with two unlikely candidatientally Decepticons: Megatron and Starscream. Who knew they can get along for just: ONE room? I thought they can't stand each other or something, must be along the lines of bad romance.

I help myself up and the weight from my popcorn bag is light-weight.

"Uh...did you dorks find the Allspark in it?" I ask, feeling pain in my abdomen. "ACK!"

I crow over the floor clutching at my stomach.

"How dare you call me a 'Dork'!" Starscream shrieks, obviously wanting to rip out my throat.

"The Allspark is back with The Protoforms, getting life." Megatron's voice smoothly said, and then he turns his head at my direction. I can tell he doesn't have pleasant things to share right now for me to welcome or consider something getting good here. "And you just brought us here!"

Speak of the power of creativity, go figure.

". . .I did. . ." I look at them, like they were insane. "What?"

I look at them, then notice a barren gigantic door with a bunch of wiring and this electrical cage so much different than the movie's I had seen and the round-probably-prevent-from-escaping things from the Transformer 1986 movie is probably what's keeping this thing powered up since it's glowing Purple. I've watched the movie to its death. How do I know? The VCR's got bad quality for the movie after watching it so many times.

How could I take Megatron and Starscream from one place to another?...

"Your ENTIRE body shined!" Starscream shields his optics, almost making it a scary scene ripped out from an epic fail sci-fi movie.

I may have blushed.

"I'm really that pale?" I ask them.

Apparently, they can't see my skin color from staying inside all the time.

"Never mind that," Megatron said. "Where did you take us?"

He may have yelled at me, more than saying it to me.

"Um . . I don't . . . ." I looked at the hard barren doors and wires upon wires connected to the cells.

I can only guess we are on Quintessons's home planet because A) They take everyone prisoners and let them be killed by the Sharkticons in the round pit. B) They decide everyone is guilty. C) Nobody lives from judgment. And D) There's a big cage-like circulure indent in the door similar to the scene where Hot Rod and Kup found the survivor of a eaten planet who told them Unicron is back.

Well, I guess I'm correct, absurdly. This must be one of Micheal-Bay's unquestonably rough draft of some Transformers Movie.

"We are in the Quintessons jail," I gulp. "Nobody lives."

I sense Megatron does not like it.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN NO-ONE LIVES?" He booms. You know; Transfans should not be around Megatron when he is mad. Because it's really scary (as a human) to be around a furious cybertonian. "I am the sole leader meant to help my master suceed in getting the sun harvester!"

Megatron knocks down a left over cybertronian part that hadn't been taken out this room. It was almost like a tower had been knocked over; the insects (and cybertronian vermins)that had been feeding off it then scurried to the walls. Starscream was forcunate to back off from a furious Megatron. This suits the 'suspenseful' atmosphere right now. His reaction startled me so much that I fell. Woopsy.

"Not end like this." Megatron adds, backing from the fallen over cybertronian corpse with a growl. "What happens in the third movie?" Megatron eyes at me.

"We rule over a lavish Cybertron again!" Starscream sarcastically said, earning a square punch to the chest area from Megatron.

I couldn't help myself from not laughing.

Also, a Lavish Cybertron is not . . . plausible. Why? Transfans should know why; sadly.

"Spoilers." I said, then I count my fingers. "In the second movie. . . Uh. . . Two MAJOR characters die, one dies permanently and the other returns." I hope this clicks in Megatron's helm that he . . . uh. "And to your answer, you are unquestionably the sole-leader."

The tall, hawt-no HOT-, gigantic Transformer who hates organics and prefers them for slavery gave me a strange look. A look I do not see in the movies directed by Micheal Bay, maybe this Megatron's way of emotion of pride and his running-gag of trying to offline Optimus Prime but ends know, dead. Maybe it's just...emotion? I rarely see something so genuine in Bay's Movieverse, I wonder why he still makes those movies when he continuously screws them up.

"Prisoners!" A familiar, highly shrieking voice rings through the hall.

Megatron and Starscream glare at me.

"Does THIS happen?" Starscream starts reaching his claw at me looking mad as ever.

Though, Megatron kept him from doing so.

"No." I ate some popcorn. Surprisingly it is still full. Hasn't gotten empty, yet. Why is that so? "I've heard of this show called Doctor Who and there's this mad-man in a big blue box who travels in time and space capable of regenerating up to thirteen times because-" Megatron puts me on the ledge of the square hole.

Where I saw, I believe,A Quintesson guard.

"In his ninth reincarnation was brought to the tenth due to the cellular respiration being severely damaged in Parting of Ways, his first episode by far where he notices he has big ears is 'Rose', which is the first episode where Rose Tyler aka The Bad Wolf makes her debut."

I saw the Quintessons guards staring at me.

"And I am unsure what happens in the later season." I continue, chewing on some popcorn. "I do know Riversong is definitely Amy Pond and Rory William's child, aka a relative of The Doctor." I swing my legs against the heavy dark material of the door. "And you know what...There's a fragging 'Letts kill Hitler' coming up in…SEVEN DAYS! SEVEN DAYS SEVEN DAYS DO YOU REALIZE WHAT'S HAPPENING IN SEVEN DAYS?"

The guards were startled, regardless of the loud sound from the room.

They were shaking, by god.

"W-w-wwhat?" One whispers.

To think, A GIRL can intimidate fully grown robots! Like seriously; John Connor and other science Fiction machine defeating heroes can do better than that! They are taking small steps away from me. Perhaps they may think I am losing my mind. Or I am just saying stuff that's intimidating is very fantastic for me; if you cannot tell.

"LETS KILL HITLER!" I held up my popocorn like I was swinging a chuck of beer. "WITH A SCREWDRIVER!"

They were backing away from the door.

"Scared, punks?" I say, feeling more braver. "Or," I tap my fingers together looking at them deviously. "Are ya afraid of: The Girl WHO GLOATED?"

They all shriek like little girls and ran away.

"...That is...impressive." I hear Starscream from the cell. "Megatron, why didn't you tell me to do THAT instead of getting rid of those idiotically protoform Decepticons?"

I turn around to see there's a big hole from the back of the room and the cage's bars has become a dark solid gray, meaning somehow Starscream moved from the cage with me in his claws then got into some excruciating pain to put me on the square door object. Wow. That sounds so ridiculous and insane; Bay's logic is so over-dumbed down.I mean, if Steven Spielberg produced the movie instead of being the Executive Producer, then Transformers would be re-branded AS TRANSFORMERS not just some stupid-dumb-for-teenagers-slap jokes or something! The Franchise is about aliens. N.o.t. humans.

"Because they all would come to me and they would have died at my cannon!" He points to the exit. "Now, I have a plan to execute-"

Oh boy, he can't do that right now.

"Not yet Mister!" I holler. "You'll get offl-"


I fall and land on the handle of the door by the outside.

"I'm okay!"

I hear a grumble from the room.

"Should have aimed for her abdomen." I guess either Starscream of Megatron said that.

I look down from the rather high area.

Now I know how my idea for my shattered glass persona must have felt. You know like being dropped from Sumdac's tower by one of the Autobots intentionally. She must have been feeling scared out of her mind while joping somecon or thing would swoop in and save in, but nope, she landed on a car. Her spine broke. She lived because of being half human, half cybertronian aka Techno-Organic. The movement to her legs became nothing but paralyzed and could only crawl when Sari snatched the wheelchair away from her.

I guess I'm cruel as the universe, who doesn't care. I planned for Elita-1 to shoot Optimus with a cannon right at his head for deserting her all those years ago on Arachna 7.

I made a fanfiction...and posted it on Deviantart. One of those immediate comments stated "Why don't you call it Shattered Dreams?" So I did continue making it. Did the series twice in one season...and gave up. I have given up on writing it due to the lack of imagination swirling in my brain; I assumed Sari had red hair, a black and red dress, black boots, Who do you think does NOT COMPLETE any of her stories? Me….Yes. Me. standing right on the door handle, shamefully for something so annoying and plenty of critique from left to right it may not be funny.

And the thing is, I assumed my Shattered Glass Animated persona to be paired up with Heroic Megatron.

How cruel is irony here.

However, I do hope Transformers: Making a Difference will be completed when I get back... I mean,. This is time redoing it? It's pretty long. No kidding.

"Hey Megs, AREN't you guys going to come get me?" The height is downright scary,and I heard silence. I didn't hear them coming. "Um.. . . .Guys?"

I still had on my light gray themed 3-D glasses that are rather small. So I attempted climbing up the wooden-like material. I slid back down on the lid.

. . .Face it. why would they come back for a human? They have an exit. You do too. It. . . just makes me feel like trash, like Russel spreading rumors that he would dump me two weeks after we got into a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. I thought for a minute he could be my own Optimus Prime. But no, he's a Sentinel Prime Animated. A Jerk and a bully. The only thing I got from him was the urge to draw the eyes first and get better at art...I wonder if he stole that picture from a , I'm glad I was told by this bullied kid that he was going to dump me.

I'm not really sure if I want to pursue any relationships right now.

Dabbling here has caught an unpredictable situation.

"It is only a human." A voice I'm not familiar with said. "Judgment is to be done on an organic."

In the hands of a Quittission soldier.

Who's been bayversed.

"Watch it mister!" I yell at him as he attempts touching . . . my arm? Maybe? I can't tell just that he only tried touching some part of me-I'm wearing 3D glasses! Without my trusty pair of glasses I am blind as a bat. I mean that my eyes can not see things from a great distance very well because it looks blurry such as heights and distance-okay. let's get off that. "I ain't called Speedy or YOUR WORST ORIGINAL NIGHTMARE for no reason!"

The soldier snarls.

"DECISION: Death by Sharkticons!"

Great . . .Scene is ending. . .

I wonder if those two cowards are actually going to pull their necks out! The cowards who I am referring to: Cowardly Megatron and I-do-everything Starscream. Or they would stand by as any average Decepticon who willingly watches humans be slaughtered or enslaved for the greater good . . .Just like Russel. Russel the boy who only lied to me saying he LIKED me. I shared things...about my Blue's Clues, my artwork, my fascination with Jack The Cat, Transformers Animated-the best Fandom ever-and singing.

He may have not understood me because I spoke so fast.

Been a long, long time since I saw the Sharkticons on TV; and from VCR.

So sooo I'm going to see . . . Sharkticons be Bayversed! Woohoo!

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