This is Crazy, but I'm in the Bayverse!

Oh the icecream twins!

A/N Lexi Lakeman does not belong to me, she belongs to Saigelakeman.

Starscream looks over his shoulder, hiding in the dark from the Autobot hunters. Never considered how right the girl is about Optimus. That's when Starscream realizes being in a 'group' of other Cybertronians and a lone organic considerably gave him a new perspective on the Autobots. He recalled how Ivy compared their war to Anglo-Saxonism where they were superior to others as Decepticons thought Autobots protected the weak-vulnerable organics. Organics who have epitheithiel tissues generally lacks blood vessels and classified according to their shapes, arrangements, and functions.

"I hate to tell you…Starscream." Ivy dangled her small long athletic legs over a cliff like edge in the cybertronian rocky mountains. "Bu—"

Starscream looks over to the girl, his attitude not really suited for a human.

"What?" He growls.

"Optimus is likely to kill you than just any other Autobot doing it." Ivy stood up on her feet as the handle and a couple of rocks are being juggled at one. She is seemingly multitasking two things at once. "He's blood thirsty, you know, not the wise prime you expected to be who prefer saving lives and leaving the action to his troops. Optimus Prime is basically his brother, as Transfans claim Micheal Bay portrayed a total out of character prime. A noble prime—who's really bloodthirsty."

Starscream bawked, almost like a chicken."…False."

"As a friend, and adversary, watch who you underestimate." Ivy accidently makes her intended objects hit Starscream right in his optics creating a good dent in the optic sensory.

That girl left him incredibly speechless.

"Starscream, I found something." Shockwave said, coming from the darkness holding a stocky looking unconscious figure in his servos. "The crazy thing is, it was stalking my pet."

Starscream gets scared. He recognized the girl even from afar. Only one girl alone would be stalking a cyertronian animal out of the millions of humans out there who are nutcases thinking aliens exist out in the open space, where indeed, aliens did roam. Killer aliens that is. As Loose connective Tissue is known to bind skin ton underline organs and fill spaces between the muscles, this is known others have researched it fairly well as Starscream knew her. More than adipose tissues found beneath skin and in the spaces between the muscles, which occurs around various organs and joints.

"Ditch her, in plain sight for the Autobots!" He tells Shockwave in a whisper. "…Did you batter her up with butter?" Some kind of substance is all over her body, so the seeker wiped his long claw like servo on the still remaining substance and then tasted It. He makes a fowl looking expression. "…Ack. Root beer? You dumped root beer on her?"

Reticular Connective Tissue is composed of thin, collegenous fibers arranged in a 3-Deminsional network that functions as a supporting tissue to the walls of the live, spleen, and various lymphatic organs. Cartilage provides framework and support for various body parts. It lacks a direct blood supply so this leads to slow healing following an injury, so this is why broken ankles take longer to heal unlike a bone. Cartilage cells, called chondrocytes, occupying small cambers in the intercellure matrix called lacunae Now if we look at Ivy's body through some kind of lenses it's safe to say, Asteon (or the haversian system), has been replaced by a different framework. Like tough, robotic out of this world framework.

Shockwave scratches his helmet, seemingly confused.

"No," The one and only one opticed Decepticon shook his head. "It had been beaten up before I found the little thing. Those bruises did not come from me, but if it did, she wouldn't be—"

"Shockwave, leave her in plain sight." Starscream interrupted, hearing the Autobots coming. Shockwave speaks so much it can take a whole hour for him to complete a single explanation, as if dominating the entire conversation with knowledge that hadn't been discovered at all. Like Fibrous connective tissue that is a dense tissue that contains closely packed collagenous fibers and a network of elastic fibers that have a few cells in that tissue but have a poor blood supply when it comes to healing it's injured.

Shockwave drops the girl.

As a fun fact in the embryo, many of the skeletal parts is first formed of hyaline cartilage and then later become bone tissue. Elastic cartilage is more flexible than hyaline cartilage because of its elastic fibers within its matrix, which provides the framework for the external ear and pars of the larynx. Hyaline cartilage is the most common type that has a clear matrix with almost no fibers found at the end of most bones, in the soft spot of the nose, and in the supporting rings of the respiratory passages. It's fun to know things that most ordinary people are not fully able to understand, when it's taught in a way that is doubtfully confusing towards other people.

Ivy's body hits the roof of some vehicle—A 2009 Honda Ford-creating a hard bump that could have only been made by the head of a tough-thick headed dinosaur. Or that of a superhero with a strong body could have made that damage on the roof. Anyone who may have been close to it may have heard a groan come out from the small teenager who has this physical appearance of a 19 and older individual. The Decepticons rush away from the scene deserting the supposed human. The marks on her body from being 'battered up' fade away.

"On the roof?" Starscream mutters to himself, "Enough is enough, Starscream, save your aft as a Decepticon with common sense!"

Fibroblast cartilage is a very tough tissue contains lots of collagenous fibers that often serve as a shock absorber for structures subject to stress like the disks between the vertebrae and in the knee. Connective Tissue is the most abundant tissue on the body by weight and by the number of different types that are used. They are usefully spaced farther apart than epithelia cells and the spaces are filed by an intercellure matrix. These basic types are not alone because of Major cell types such as wonder cells that temporally appear in tissues in response to injury or infection, they include WBCs(Not a text as in Welcome Back Charlie, sorry kids) and resident cells that are usually present in relatively stable numbers.

Why and how are we talking about these? Because we have a fairly good reason why. Starscream transforms into his jet mode; then he and Shockwave disappear into the night.

Microphages are usually attached to fibers, but can't become detached and are actively moving. So this make Microphages comparable to Animated Blurr and Generation 1 Blurr from the Transformers 1986 movie due to their constant movement Mast cells are large connective tissue cells thare are located by BS, which release heparin which prevents blood clothing and histamine, which is involve with inflammatory and allergic reactions, Collagenous fibers are thread like fiber compose of collagen the most major structural protein of the body arrange in long parrelell bundles and are flexible but only slightly elastic.

"A heepful of scrapin' cowards." Ironhide grumbles, lowering down his customized left arm that he, the weapon specialist, had created over the past few months being on planet Earth. He had his own share offlining the Decepticons who fought back. It had been years since he thought of Cybertron. Quite simply, Cybertron didn't come into his processor that often when a new planet that didn't have to share its fate loomed in the horizons. Serving as a temporally home until their planet could be restored to its former glory. He had gotten use to hunting those Decepticons down. They paid for their greatest mistake on Cybertron: killing it. What did they drop? He looks down from hearing a groan that's unordardinanry that sounded more like a dog yawning than something perfectly logical. This alarmed Ironhide activating his swirling weapon that's pedals are shown in obvious view kicking plates into gear from force attempting to crawl out of this rectangular object.

It was then that he recognized her.

The Crazy girl.

Ironhide groans, "Aw slag, not her again!" He rubbed his metal temple. "She must be affiliated with the Decepticons. Wild idea there, Hide, maybe sticking around Sam has done worse than good." He hears the tracks of a ambulance coming his way making it more apparent to any human who's out a night that strange alien cybertronian robots in disguise lurked on Earth. And that they were not alone. The clings and whirrs that came from the ambulance that became a gigantic robot.

"Did you get that seeker—" The Ambulence starts, but then, he saw a figure in Ironhide's servos. "A human caught you?" His see through optics realized something's really wrong. "That's not a human." He acknowledges, startling Ironhide very so slightly but not enough to scare him.

"Then….what is she?"

Ratchet's optics is filled in wonder.

"She's a Pretender."

It began as any other ordinary day for Lexi Lakeman, no not a Stan Lee character, but a Transformers fan watching the very first movie under the desk while the teacher is teaching-Mind this is the fifth time in a row she's—No, me- rewatching it-some subject. What little did I know, my mind, would have a little marvelous trip of illogical events and individuals humans would want to have remembered they had met.

I looked around warily to be sure I wasn't caught. I was getting to the best part of the movie and if Mr. Lib caught me I would have another Saturday detention which meant less fangirl time for me. And then something strange happens, as if, the screen had sucked me right in, except for the skidding vehicles that swirvled arounded me by pure accident And the Chevy truck stopped to a halt in front of her. It is incredibly shiny a few feet away from the shiny-spanking ambulance.

"Seriously, do humans really get in the driver's way!" The Chevy truck grumbles, not too loudly.

"H-Holy crap! Where am I?" I yelled and looked around. The truck laid on the horn and I, feeling as though my pride was at risk, glared at the truck. "And why don't you shove you complaints straight up your tailpipe!" I yelled crossing my arms.

"Oh she knows some transformers slang!" A hyper sounded woman immeatedly proclaimed, followed by:

"...Aw great, the "girl's" awake." The Chevy groaned. "And you are sitting smack dab in the middle of the street,"

"Ironide, you are freaking her out." The other voice sounding older than he adds from the ambulance.

I looked at the vehicles and it finally clicked. "ARE YOU GUYS AUTOBOTS?!" I asked completely out of my mind.

"Yes, we are. And who, exactly would you be?" Ratchet asked. I almost had a heart attack on the spot.

Ratchet was my absolute favorite. I pointed my thumb at myself. "I am Lexi Lakeman, official hard core teenager, as if you couldn't tell." I said motioning to my clothes. My scuffed leather jacket and boots, torn jeans, and a blue tank top. I had woven bracelets stacked on my wrists. I was tall with blonde messy hair and gray eyes. I looked around and noticed the young woman they were referring to before. "Who's the chick? I don't remember her from the movies." I said cocking my head to the side.

The woman came out from Ironhide, as soon as we were not in civilian sight. "I'm Ivy! A big, gigantic, die hard devoted Transfan," The young woman said, her eyes were not usual for most people they looked somewhat strange as if thin wires were connected to her pupils. Her grin is pretty wide. "I got here" She scratches her head. "I can't remember-OH Shanghi!" Her eyes brightened a faint red theme color not complementing her small blue short sleeved jacket, jeans, and pink shirt.

"A Pretender." Ratchet said, after he transformed into his robot mode. "Ironhide claimed to have seen her fall from the sky. Not from the...You sound crazy as she does."

"Pffft that doctor was a fraud! Besides, I'm the most sane person here." I said seeing at how big he was. I looked to Ivy curiously. "So your a...whatever I just did...too? I mean, I'll do anything to get out of algebra but this? It's a little extreme." I said sarcastically.

Ivy laughs. "I got here from watching the third movie with some-" She randomly takes out popcorn bag. "Popcorn!" The Autobots seem dumbstruck how she got Popcorn out of no where. "In 3-D. Don't know what happened to the 3-D glasses." She munched on some popcorn like it's a snack.

"Whoa! This is so cool! I can't belive I'm actually in the bayverse!" I said. "I was at the point where in the first movie Sam was being chased by Barricade. Dies that mean its happening now?!" I asked in a panic.

"...No." Ivy said.

"Bayverse?" Ratchet repeats, "What kind of human body terminology is that?"

"...You're in the 2nd movie, it's 2009." Ivy finished, as Ironhide looks stumped as ever.

"Epic! And FYI Hatchet, bayverse is the sucky way that the producer of the transformers movies portrayed you guys. Imma be honest, they needed wayyy more character development." I said shaking my head.

"Who's Hatchet?" Ratchet said, being confuseed. "...Is that what they call me in your universe?" Ivy is laughing with her face all red, while Ironhide seemingly couldn't believe what he is hearing.

"...I'm totally right about humans dissing us." Ironhide said, rolling his optics.

"Umm, if you've seen what they post, you may get sick." Ivy said, her voice sounded a bit strange for a moment like it had a cybertronian accent. "I totally agree with Lexi."

"Why thank you Ivy." I said laughing at the expressions of their faces. I wiped away a few tears. "Oh man this is rich." I looked to Ironhide. "And the humans aren't dissing you, this isn't the eight grade princess and the fate of 2009 bayverse isn't a popularity contest." I said smirking.

"A POPULARITY COMPETition?!" Ironhide shrieks, acting like he is having a spazz attack. "Is there competitions about us all of a sudden out there? great the universe is ending!"

Ratchet shot the mech a expression that seems to be 'that is absurd' in a way. "...We better take her with us, Optimus will want to question her too-"

"And hopefully remembers parts of the movie better than I do!" Ivy chippers, more like a child than an adult. As if her appearance gave the wrong physical age and impression about this brown jawline haired girl.

"I've only seen it about 20 times! Trust me, I'm a fact book on the bayverse." I said jabbing my thumb at myself. I looked to Ironhide. I'd always wanted to mess with a giant alien robot. "And don't shriek like that, you sound like that, you sound like a femme." I said laughing. I ran over to Ratchet excitedly. "I call shot gun!" I yelled grinning.

..Half an hour later...

"OH THE ICECREAM TWINS!" Ivy squeals, when in the preseance of Mudflap and Skids "I LOVE Those two!"

"..Her again?" Skids said, looking at her, "I thought she was sent-"

"Come on, icecreamtwins,really?" Mudflap reacts. "You can come up with something better than that!"

I put my hands on my hips. "We'll now it's two against two!" I said grinning, Ilooked to Ivy. "We could always call them the duo of dumbasses." I said laughing.

They looked down at me.

"Who the frag is the new chick?" He asked. I crossed my arms

. "I am Lexi Lakeman, official transfan from another universes." I held up a finger to silence them. "You hear that? That's the sound of your minds being blown." I said smirking. I couldn't help but make fun of them, it just came to naturally to me.

Ivy giggles. "So true," The large and tall leader comes from the hanger. Optimus raised a big metal eyebrow at Ratchet

"This is Lexi,another one like..." Ratchet started, but looks unsure of he should proceed with this

. "It's Ivy!" Ivy shouts her name. "And it sure ain't fun where MEN don't know ET Phone home. THEY WERE terrible!"

I laughed. "I can picture this sooooo perfectly right now." I said laughing even harder.

Optimus and Ratchet looked down at us and then to each other and then back to us.

"...and how did you get here exactly?" Optimus asked me.

"I don't know really, it just kind of...happened." I said shrugging. I looked around the hangar. "Damn, the movies and book really don't do this place any justice. Way to go Michael Bay, you win this round." I said to no one in particular. The bots stared at me like I was crazy and Ivy laughed.

Ivy's face becomes completely red. "Hahaohaaahahahaa, way better than ANYTHING I've heard!"

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