This is Crazy, but I'm in the Bayverse!

Theoretically this has a lot of

"So the movies...what happens in the one that's 'supposedly' happening right now?" Optimus asks.

I looked at Ivy unsure. "Uh, well... I don't know if I should tell you? What if it like, ends the world or something?"I looked to Ivy. "Should I?..."

Her eyes glowed a strange color but then fade back into their hazel color. "I saw the rocket ship explode," She said, randomly. "A second or two before I was 'transfered' into this universe. Something like the um...Energy um...Harvestor things,-something minor enough it won't affect the world into utter destruction or something that happened in that episode of TMNT- I may have been here longer than a week-"

"Does she have a job as a lecturer?" Mudflap asks, out of the blue.

"Nope, but your cameo appearances do."

I laughed at that one.

"That was amazing." I said wiping away a few tears and sighed. "Well back to business, I haven't watched the second movie for a while, in my opinion, it's the suckiest. But I remember the major stuff, uh... You die. The ah... Fallen? I think does something about blowing up the sun, you guys kick his ass, and ah you come back." I said.

They just stared. "I have not heard of that name in a long..long...long time." Optimus finally said. "Now we can be prepared for whaterver plan he has, with the Sun Harvestors," The leader of all Autobots shares a nod towards the duo twins.

"Sure, we'll keep an eye on him!" Skids announces, following his twin. "That witwicky boy is paranoid it's so easy to make him look humiliated."

Hearing Ivy crunching on some popcorn doesn't necessary make a naturally good scene. But it seems she's paused in it deliberately like she is recalling or remembering some other event she barely remembers. "Lexi, pinch me, now." Ivy said.

"Uhhhh...okay?" I said shrugging stepping forwards and pinched her arm.

Ivy groaned "Is...Sam walking and living, not dead-dead? You know as in dead where they can't become mortal again through time travel-"

The Autobots were silent.

"He's really severe condition since 2007, hasn't been off the hospital bed or awake." Ratchet finally said.

"OMG my presence has made Sam a vegetable!" She changes her direction. "I may sound confusing, excuse how difficult it can be to understand me."

"Oh no! What are we going to do?! With out him no one can revive Optimus, wheelie stays a Decepticon, and now the bayverse will be destroyed?! This is not fragging good! Everything on this solarsystem is going to die!" I yelled panicking. "But if he doesn't wake up than Optimus never finds the matrix which means the pillars never get activated in the third movie right? And Optimus won't die trying to save him which is kinda therapeutically just a huge time skip over his death" I started to pace back and fourth thinking. "But that also means that the all spark information is still trapped in SAMs mind which the decepticons need, so if they took him, and tried to extract his brain Optimus would die anyways! Theoretically of course." I said looking at Ivy now.

Optimus had left,perhaps a bit before the rambling.

"I got an idea, though," She, Ivy (The Crazy woman), frowns. "But if you, theoretically, got that transferred into you without- Hey Ratchet I heard Bumblebee's got a new voice box from the third movie."

Ratchet's optics grew big.



Ratchet left.

"So theoriettically, as I was saying," Ivy continued. "If we went there and stuff. Because the Allspark DATA is capable of transfering from a human to another living individual who's from another universe is very possible of happening. Then if we called Optimus about it as we walk the way back, thus, we get the entire chain events of the Matrix and so many things of happening,..Which I can't remember but it has to happen."

"That's...a really good idea." I said slowly grinning. "Maybe we can fix the bayverse! Make it less sucky, ya know. Less shitty romance more character development! So uh, if I'm gonna get the also ark data stored in me, that means I have get kidnapped by cons and almost have my brain cut out, doesn't it?" I asked grimly.

Ivy nods."Almost, but, that wouldn't get close to be sucessful on the brain part.." Ivy's eyes brighten. "Oh yeah, you might want to be careful if there's a blue,black,and greenwerewolf Cybertronian watching you-This will be epic. A BETTER FRAGGING bayveerse YESS!"

I fist pumped the air about to agree when her when my brows furrowed. "Hold up? A wolf? That wasn't in the movie... How'd you know about that?" I asked her confused.

Ivy scratched her head. "I kinda own characters into this universe, just a few. I heard a whole bunch of 'em died last year during the time where the Cons were being hunted down." For being a crazy woman, she really did have a sort of active imagination. "Lets sneak out to the hospital, and make Bayverse a better universe!" Ivy cheers, after her suggestion.

"This will be amazing!" I yelled jumping up and fist pumping the air. "Let's roll!" I whisper shouted and started running towards an exit.

Ivy followed, very quieltly since a peep didn't come out from her for the rest of the sneaking.

We entered the hospital room quietly. I looked into the dark room sadly at the pale thin boy that I had worshiped for so many years. I frowned. "Man...this, this ain't right." I whispered walking to the edge of the bed. There were dark circles under his eyes and he appeared to be barely alive. "Poor Bee." I mumbled. I looked to Ivy, away from the kid I had idolized. "How do we do this?"

"Put your hand on his hand." Ivy said, standing afar yet visibly creeped out. "Should work."

I nodded numbly and gripped his cold hand. I felt a rush and almost an electrifying feeling and billions of characters flashed before my eyelids. As fast as it was there it was gone. I looked to her. "It's done." I said solemnly. She nodded and walked out. I looked down at Sam."I'm gonna do you proud, I promise." I said walking away. Maybe it was my mind playing tricks on me but I thought I saw his lips twitch in the slightest of smiles. I shook my head and walked our mentally preparing myself for what had yet to come.

And then, once outside, there came a whole group of Decepticons. Perhaps aware the coordinates had been transferred from Sam to another person. "Oh dear primus," Ivy said, sounding scared. "RUN!"

I took off like a rocket Ivy close behind. My heart thundered in my ears and my combat boots pounded against the concrete in the dark of the night. We ran through the gates of a construction site and through som big concrete pipes trying to loss the cons.

"Come on fleshies! You can't hide forever!" One of them growled from the other end. I ran towards the other side not realizing it was being lifted through the air. I screamed as it was tilted and I fell into the open palm of a Decepticon. Bright blood red optics glared at me and I growled.

"Put me down you overgrown toaster!" I growled kicking his digits that curled around me. He laughed dangerously and I screamed as I was tossed through the air before being caught by the same con. I looked around for Ivy but couldn't find her. "Ivy?!" I called but got no answer, or at least none I could hear. I sighed. "Why did I agree to this?" I muttered to myself as I was carried through the night.

Ivy could see darkness. Pitch darkness. Wherever she was being taken it wasn't just because the captive didn't want her to see him or her, it could be mainly due to being in some gigantic container that didn't have shining light poking through. ...Lexi...I heard her...what's going on?..How did I get in here? She attempts rubbing her head, yet discovers there's not enough room for that. It's really an ideal room to hold a captive and prisoner from outsiders so they can be left to a undeniable fate until somebody learns of their situation.

Her head is pounding. Her 'heart' is beating unbelieve-ably fast. Ivy takes in a sigh, feeling her right arm aching. All these things are happening at once. One moment she lived in reality the next minute she had been thrown into a world that contained a lot of underestimated Bayverse logic. Where the moves entirely did not fit into the movie she wanted to see. The main center topic above else, with little to no dialogue to the characters who are major to the title and franchise.

"...Ivy what did you get yourself into?" She asks herself, groaning at once. Ivy struggles to keep consciousness. Must...not lose consciousness. Memories flashed in her head being extremely faint but noticeable through dark colors and shapes that seem blind as a bat. Her eyesight is better than when she came into this world. But the human consciousness overcomes the girl leading her into an unconscious state, alone, in the dark.

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