This is Crazy, but I'm in the Bayverse!

The worst thing possible

After what felt like forever, the night turned into day.

"Oh you caught the girl," A Decepticon greeted the same Decepticon.

"Easier than the butcherer." The other snorts. "Way too easy, why don't we start venturing into her brain...for those coordinates!"

"Megatron would be glad to hear we finally got them, " The same con's clutch grew, as he laughs rather dangerously. "And have him tell the Fallen that assignment for the elimination of the Butcher will begin quite shortly"

"Uh, first of all fat afts, I let you catch me. Obviously." I lied feeling my pride was at stake, but I also knew I had to get caught to have this work so it was a tiny lie. "And second of all, who the holy frag is the butcher?" I asked as I was squeezed. I squeaked and they growled.

The Decepticons who were around shuddered. "Unless you want to know that half of our troops were murdered by a Quintession," The other begins, but is interupted.

"Geeze, it was bad enough letting you watch the History channel documentries, but now using it to describe 'it' is absurd." Starscream's voice is heard, he comes into view. "And let me tell you, 'it' wasn't close to being close as a mutant than a quinession."

"It being?" I pushed on wanting answers.

Starscream looks to the others, "...Was 'it' with the code by any chance?" They slowly nodded. "Well human, you already know WHO this 'it is. Now get that procedure ready, The Doctor's finally here."

I pondered this for a moment. "Eww! That creepy little bug can stay away from me!" I yelled squirming around.

"It'll be over before you know it, you waste." The Decepticon swiftly held down both arms with another pressing down on the legs as 'The Doctor' came.

"oOOH, this one's diffferent from the other!" The Doctor squeaks, in his accent, "Brilliant."

I squirmed around until he was basically sitting on my face poking around.

"Hey! Quit it!" I growled at him. He ignored me and continued. At that moment I had a last thought. What about that little lizard thing they shove down Sams throat? I thrashed around harder. "LET ME GO YOU OLD RUSTY BUCKETS OF SCRAP METAL! What's your IQ anyways?! Three? You better get that thing away from me!" I yelled as it was dropped. It slithered up my chest and into my mouth. I should have never agreed to this. After that awful experience and the urge to throw up subdued I took in a deep breath. "The Autobots are going to kick your afts." I growled as I watched the symbols flash across the screen.

A chicken's loud, high pitched chuckle is heard. "Ah, he's here," Starscream acknowldges another Decepticon.

"Comes with the price, little human," The voice belongs to no other than Megatron, who recently may have arrived because of his smoked appearance,

"And my IQ is higher than your kind, organic!" The Doctor growls directly at the comment.

"So you just agreed that getting your afts kicks is the price of killing me?" I asked smirking.

The other Decepticon seems angered, "You are pu-" Then the Autobots ripped in through the hanger, The Decepticons seem completely offguard by the Autobots entrance. "Attack!" Megatron orders his troops. I took my chances and jumped up. The doctor bot latched onto me but I kicked him away screaming as he tried to slice through my skull. I ran towards a waiting Ratchet and hopped in.

"GO!" I yelled as the little bot clawed at the door trying to get in. He went as fast as he could and I was thrown into the backseat.

"You okay kid?" He grumbled speeding through the twisting roads towards the woods. I gulped remembering the next ten minutes and how hard I cried.

"For now." I squeaked.

"Now do you know the importance of staying at base and with your guardian at all times?" He asked.

I squealed.

"Who's my guardian? IS IT YOU?!" I asked.

He vented as we sped faster.,

"Unfortunately." He grumbled.

I smiled.

"We're gonna be best friends." I said crawling into the front seat. He was about to interject when a cannon blast hit the ground right next to us. He transformed and I flew through the air screaming.

"I've got you." He said catching me and setting me on the ground.

"Give us the human, Autobot," A Decepticon said, with a growl. "We may spare you rather than your 'leader',"

Ratchet takes out his buzzsaw. "I won't give you her, under any circumstance." Ratchet,m the gruff Autobot, retorted to the others. "You'll have to take me down in order to get her!"

I looked at Ratchet some what scared. Just then Optimus shot down one of the cons threatening us and they stood back to back weapons drawn.

"We'll take you all on!" He roared as he punched one of the cons in the face and ripped out his spark. Ratchet lunged at another and cut his arm clean off as he drew his weapon. The con screamed in pain and tried to swipe at ratchet with his good arm. He grabbed it and flipped him, cad using him to topple into another con. Optimus shoot both of them and turned around always staying back to back with his oldest friend. Optimus spin kicked one Decepticon and shot him in the chest killing him. More decepticons advanced on us. The others were battling the rest of Megatrons forces in various places around the forest.

"Ratchet! Take the human and go! There's to many!" Optimus ordered.

"We aren't leaving you Optimus." Ratchet said over the sound of a distant explosion.

"Old friend, the small femme needs to be kept safe. Now go!" He ordered. Ratched glanced back worriedly as we made out way to the edge unnoticed. He transformed quickly and sped away. I watched in the distance as Optimus was overpowered.

"No!" I cried out as I saw his optics flicker and die. I wiped away tears whimpering.

It's hard to see...The death of a iconic heroic character. Ratchet drove back to the base, probably faster than the average speed limit, it may not have seemed like it but it did have that affect over Optimus Prime's passing. Even though Decepticons were out of sight. The Autobots had no leader. Ratchet drove into the base.

I looked at all the soldiers and bots alike in mourning. It broke my heart. It also made me wonder. Was going with the timeline really the RIGHT decision? What if I couldn't do it? What if I wasn't worthy? Ratchet transformed and I was resting in his open palm. I looked up at him and thought I saw tears at the rims of his optics.

"Hatchet, I'm really sorry." I said sniffling. He looked down sorrowfully.

"Child, it's not as if you could have foreseen this." He said sadly. I started crying and he rubbed my back with one of his digits trying to calm me down.

The screen flickered and there, lo and behold, was The Fallen. "Who's that mummy dude?" A soldier asks, confused. "...Reminds me of burnt muffins and terrible steak having red sauce for eyes."

"We are calling for the human hive to give us important information, if you give it to us, we will gladly spare your kind selectively, and have the Autobots have no part in this exchange, your lives...or the carrier."

All attention turned to me and I gulped. Ratchet held onto me protectively as Galloway walked in. "Hand over the kid." He ordered.

Ratchet backed up a little glaring. I looked wide eyed at them.

"It'll be a cold day in hell before we trade a teenager to a Decepticon." Lennox said

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