This is Crazy, but I'm in the Bayverse!

Torture can be necassary or cruel

"Farmer, I am asking you, just this once…." Megatron's large inwardly crafted sword wedged in-between the shoulder's connection to the torso of the Farmer. "In the best way possible; why did the Fallen order a Decepticon take Ivy?" The exposed wires penetrating from The Farmer's body is obvious including clear day wounds. Henry, the large chicken, is kept in a gigantic cage built by a number of trees. "She's not in his interest any longer."

The Farmer knows all too well who Megatron is referring to. "…You don't'—t-t- get it, if she lives then it could be the apocalypse of the future and to the human who is not supposed to be near—" Anyone who listens to a word from him could consider this to be bull poop. When being held in a place that's likely to be a great interrogation room, it turns out to be the only way to get the truth out of him.

Megatron's sword dug in deeper just a tid bit between what connected the shoulder to the shoulder socket. Black and purple stains are seen on Megatron's sword. He apparently did not find what The Farmer is saying to be affirmative. "That's a lie, and you know it." Megatron growls. "Another lie and you won't have an arm to help you raise those freak shows."

The Farmers optics display pure horror.

""S-S-S-she's going to be your worst mistake." The Farmer trembles. "She..told me everything up to 2011….and The Fallen does not want her destroying this plan any more—"

Megatron's sword went right through the arm chipping it off from the Farmer's shoulder. The Farmer is engulfed into horrendous agony, yet he tries screaming but the only thing could be heard was a high pitched undetectable screech. It's the scream of a cybertronian in torture. It could be night or this could be a closed off hanger having huge robots and an alien chicken without light being on. Providing they can see due to a hanging lightbulb above The Farmer's head and Henry's very large sleek-sharp rooster metal head.

"You are very persistent." Megatron stands in front of The Farmer who is down to a gigantic set of boulders. "Tsk tsk tsk…It would be a shame your prized companion died to protect you and those other 'Chick-lings' die after it." Megatron taunts The Farmer. "With you no longer in operation. That is."

The Farmer's entire shell is shaking, when energon drips from his lips.

The Farmer's head droops.

"The Mind Traveler…never was meant to…" The Farmer struggles speaking. "Become involved in the Decepticons."

Megatron slices off the Farmer's remaining digitals.

"AHH!" The Farmer shrieks. "I-i—i-i- T-tt-told…what you wanted to-t—tto hear."

Megatron's reaction is vary not expected.

"You knew this too, about everything," Megatron said, with a deep growl. "You wouldn't have suggested that there be a basement if you never knew about it." Megatron squashes the fingers into flattened metal in a puddle of crude liquid among wires not creating electric sparks. "Starscream has told me that before we went to Veloctrin…you had been meeting The Fallen, more frequently than I."

The Farmer's face becomes much white than a human.

"You are mad," The Farmer sputters, "The Fallen promised you to—"

"Make me a prime." Megatron plucks out a large feather blade from Henry's wings. He looks back to the farmer, having to place his sword against several tree trunks making the cage around Henry. "The Fallen cannot accomplish all his promises. Let alone telling me what's actually going on." Megatron held the sharp razor blade away from the Farmer's pectoral. "Tell me, if she didn't do what 'he' knew was supposed to happen…what is the result?"

The Farmer has little to no choice, but to tell Megatron about Ivy's upcoming fate.

"Death," The Farmer bluntly said. "Her real body in reality would die with her, if the Fallen does not do the deed." This gave Megatron a clear baseball course that some Decepticon is doing the Fallen's dirty work.

Megatron, the wanna-be-prime, has a non-pleased reaction.

"And if the Fallen killed her?" Megatron presses the sharp blade on The Farmers pectoral.

Fear built up in the Farmer's processor. He didn't want to be the scrapegoat who would be offline by the one who made him promise that he'll be silent anything relating to Ivy. Thoughts raced in his mind. His energon level is getting lower and lower. Anyone can know this may lead to death or a near death experience. Rapid fear channels through him.

Consciousness is starting to overcome the gigantic-crazy-insane-impossible Decepticon being loyal to the first Decepticon. And it's apparent to Megatron without being in the Farmer's wires. "You will tell me where she is or you won't survive to live another solar cycle." Megatron threatens the Farmer, already to have read his expression. Megatron had enough experience with interrogation the answer just stood out blankly. "Nor would your little friends. Your choice, death or life. "

The Farmer lifted up his head towards Megatron.

"She's brought nothing but the clear opposite to the Decepticons," The Farmer snaps back. "I won't aid a butchere—"

Megatron jabs the sharp blade through The Farmer's cervical, barely missing his larynx.

"Tell me, or Henry is dead before you." Megatron threatens The Farmer.

' The Farmer did not want that to happen.

So he told Megatron.

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