This is Crazy, but I'm in the Bayverse!

On the run

Gallowway frowns.

"Unlike the Crazy woman," Others who were there share puzzled expressions, as if they did not know who this crazy woman is. "-She's not a Pyschopath who had been around the Decepticons for a long time and is the only way they won't kill everyone on this planet,-Nor is she a girl who can become an alien before our eyes at all-Our next to last hope."Asides to Galloway, the message had been quite clear to everyone."If you do not comply to do what we have, to do we have no choice but to force you."

Then, unbelievably, we were on the run.

we rode through a maze of old abandoned buildings and cracked roads until we found a place to settle fir the night. Bumblebee and the twins had come with us and Ratchet, Bee, and I sat around quietly. I stared at the flames growing in the fire pit.

"Hatchet?" I asked him.

"Hmm?" He grumbled.

"I'm really sorry about Optimus." I said sadly pulling my knees to my chest. I was siting on a shopping cart that laid on its side. I started fiddling with some of my ear piercings nervously.

"Child, it was not your fault. No need for you to beat yourself up about it." He said.

I nodded and watched the fire more.

"Come on Bee, it; not like the end of the world as you know it," Skids said, nudging Bumblebee's shoulder. The little bug's rearview mirrors aimed sideways like a puppy that had been left homeless. The gigantic yellow and black Autobot looks up from the flames holding what seems to be a camera in his gigantic servos.

"What's that Bee?" I asked looking at it curiously.

Mostly Bumblebee's voicebox is not often used on occasions but this occasion seemed to call for his voice to be used. "Recording of the organic who fell from the sky." He said, sounding older than he looks to be-somewhat nerdy high-pitched deep sounding. The twins look as if they were thinking about something else. "Like flying squirrels." Mudflap comments,chuckling.

" mean Ivy?" I asked him. He lowered himself down and I took the camera from his large servos. "Thanks Bee." I said smiling softly and walking back to my shopping cart. I turned it on and There she fell from the sky with a popcorn bag, black long sleeved shirt with a orange 'w' centered to the middle, and perhaps small 3-D glasses. She seemed zoned out. But she looked younger than I had met her. Things were definite different about her, and it wasn't just the scene. She screamed, then, arrived a the top where Megatron and Sam were. Her face was completely threw the allspark at Ivy.

Megatron slammed Witwick away from himself it may have been fatal for Sam."Give me the CUBE, HUMAN!" Ivy seemed to chuckle at him.

"You are funny, really funny!"

"Give it to me," Optimus added,

"He'll only use it against the planet." Ivy raised it up. "WHHOEVER WANTS IT JUST PUT IT IN YOUR SLAGGING SPARK AND DON;T ASK ME ABOUT THE SEVEN ANCIENT-FREAKING PRIMES!" Unbelieve-ably Megatron lunged for it unware of what statement meant because the allspark had been raised high enough it was well thrusted through his armor and into his spark. Ivy and the remaining Allspark were gone in a bright flash.

"Wait, so that's how Ivy got here?" I asked. Ratchet shook his head.

"That was the first time she came." He said. I nodded slowly. "Then where was she after that?" I asked him. I thought for a moment. That must have been how Sam got hurt so bad. I looked to bee sadly but soon turned my attention to ratchet.

"Nobody knows," Ratchet said, shrugging. "We didn't see her again until two weeks ago, back in Shang High."

"A stellar cycle" Bumblebee adds, his back doors droop. "For starters."

"That's strange." I mumbled but shook it off.

"So what's the plan? We're officially wanted fugitives across the world, your harboring all recorded knowledge and secret of our race, we can't seek government help, and the decepticons are hunting us right now, what do we do?" Ratchet asked sarcastically.

I shrugged.

"Easy, we go to the hub of data collected by humans of your race. We find Seymour Simmons."

"And I'm ready to get some cake!"

The Autobots look down to the small Decepticon.

"Did he really say cake?" Skids asks, sounding confused.

"l...meant as in the data!" The Decepticon corrects himself. "I'm Wheelie,"

I picked him up of the ground. "He's fragging adorable!" I squealed.

He squirmed around

. "Put me down and give the data fleshie!" He yelled.

I rolled my eyes

. "How about... NO." I said. He started clawing at me and I yelped. I saw an old metal case on the ground and tossed him in it ruffly and jumped onto it before he could bust it open. I looked up at the others trying not to lose grip. "Trust me" I sighed. "He will be of use to us." I said.

Ratchet chuckled at me, Bee grinned and the twins stared.

"Bitch is crazy." Skids mumbled and Ratchet sent a wrench flying into his face. I chuckled, and had Ratchet help me secure the lid before going to sleep on the grass.

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