This is Crazy, but I'm in the Bayverse!

Ther's a fine line between

An insane robot preparing to murder and a girl who's in the bad guy's clutch's because she's a Mind Traveler…wow. What a waste of words. "Are you going to kill me by sharpening that knife multiple times?" I ask. "You are wasting my time of being sick. Sick. Sick as in: I WANNA THROW UP!" The robot turns away from the fairly large blade lain on the table.

"Shut up." he growls, his voice is thick in some accent. But I couldn't tell. Who is he? Why does he sound like there's something big against me like a gigantic snowball hardened into a gigantic golem or enormous geodude. "Just shut up you piece of deathly scum." He cuts off one of his digitals without looking. Did he notice that a mistake had been done simultaneously? He must be having the good life of no pain. Actually I take it back. I've seen an NCIS episode where a dude tortured an innocent man and broke his stitches open so Doctor Mallard could fix him up again, for short; this dude didn't experience pain and lost one of his eyes in the war so he wanted to break Ducky. That apparently was not in Mallard's memo. Splits of fluid goosed out from his decapitated digital.

I've stood strong for far too long.

"Deathly scums…" I repeat, it rhymes with a word on the tip of my tongue. "Are you trying to do a Harry Potter on me?" I look at the robot, tied down to a table. My body is exceptionally small and shorty for an average teenager who has been bullied and outcasted for most her life. "I've heard worse. But you are terrible in threats and insults. There should be a secret group to assassinate you for saying grammar completely wrong in the sentence umpromptuly."

The gigantic robot looks down to me. His optics pierced death.

"Look at me optics; do I want to hear your crud?"

I had to force my eyes into full detail.

"No. but they look strained; you've cut your left thumb off though." I tell him, cocking my head. His armor is going out in a spiral-loopy design similar to goat horns, the glass wear is pretty obvious to some of his shoulder armor being gigantic enough it could have been a slide rather than robot sections, his gigantic monster truck wheels are extremely apparent including the guitar shape that's really sticking out from his back like a lion crossed with a chicken. "And dude. You are apparently stressed out. Get a back/shoulder message. I'm not a doctor. But I do know your body needs some rest—"

"Shut up, you butcher!"

Why is he calling me butcherer?...

"I will not die, In my time of dying,I will not die," I whisper a song my brain knew better than most music roaming the internet "My life is going across my eyes, I will not fall. I will not die. I will live. I will not die in this time of devastation. I feel alive in my time of dying."

His wormy-dark gray blade becomes similar to a kitchen knife. "Today is the day you die," His armor is probably a Cadillac some type with those gigantic wheels and front hood attached to his chest plating partially it can make anyone think he's got a chest burn problem within his spark chamber or it's overflowing some gigantic wires that protect his spark chamber without hard-metal plating doing the job. "And you're Day of Judgment."

Judgment day….No Independence Day! Will Smith was in that movie asides to Hancock. That wasn't good at all…I mean Hancock wasn't that good. Not at all. "Hey dude, is there anyone by the name Will Smith, Shia leboref, or Micheal Bay in this world?" I quizzically ask him. He stood upright startled by the question that averagely does not come up. If I was in a bank robbery and the robbers had their faces exposed, my first reaction would be "Shoot at the head you noobs! It's way easier to die than at the chest! AND PUT SOME FRAGGING MASKS ON! YOU ARE RUINING THE IMAGE OF BANK ROBBERS!"

"Why does it matter to you?" He sneers.

I pause, briefly.

"Because R2D2 has been in time and space throughout various movies, that's why." I said. "And that Screamers saga was pretty damn horrifying, I love the horror movies! Oh, Hostile brought my faith in Syfy back up that they can make better movies!"

He seems…what's the word. "Enough." He slams a blade but it only hit the metal that I am attached to, thank primus for my short and stocky-skinny like appearance! It's a pain to be a short person but it does come in handy when running through th hallway after school seemingly like a jungle. I can squeeze in-between two people sideways without making them aware. It's a great advantage to be a speedster who does everything fast. I guess other racers out there could relate to it.

"And I was right, Stonehedge apocalypse was awesome, I like the actor who dropped his phone at the scene where the city is falling. He's very good. And that other movie where the dude says "IT WAS A ROBOT HEAD"! weee that was good too! I can rewatch those movies numerous times." I continue. "Did you know Nickolus Cage is half German and half Italian? Each—almost-every woman he's been with in every movie he's seemingly gotten engaged with, no really, he's had one marriage that lasted up till a year or two months."

The Decepticon is covering his audios.

"'Zomboooaafooooo—are you scared of zombozo? Are you scared about what Power Rangers can do if they were in the SPD department? Did you know the Doctor sunk the Titanic? I like fezzes because they are cool. You can freeze a person in ice within a costume as learned from a Scooby doo episode where said person was brought back and had survived because they did it so if the future needed them they would be there in ice but needed to be heated. Electromagnets can send electrical sparks that reach over to what its target is and hold it in a ball shaped thing which is also handy to work with real electricity, so if you had a magnet and a thunderstorm going on it could make something bigger. I somewhat learned this from Transformers Animated and Science. Go figure."

"Oh my primus," The Decepticon shrieks. "Stop talking."

"There was also this musician lady who tapped three times on the dashboard before she died and there was an eyewitness who testified about it. Nobody knows who murdered her at all." I continue. "Wow, I still remember things from middle school. Cool!"

The Decepticon sent his big kitchen knife down. He tried aiming at me though it only hit a cybermouse that appears to have big ears, long tail, and slug like shape without eyes yet leaving a trail of slime.

"I will offline you in the worst way possible." He takes a spear shaped object out of nowhere. "If you do not stop being so annoying!"

"I'm annoying?" I repeat, surprised.

"You are annoying!"

"I am annoying? I never had been annoying except for my noob days on the internet with my grammar and stuff. I can overeact but not that man I can write an essay about this—"

He stabs through my arm. I just look at it. I hate bayverse logic right now. "Now this is annoying," I stab it right it into his servo without much hesitation. The giant robot waves his servo in the air frankly in pain. Whatever messed up my ability to experience pain? If this continues on, it can become a pain-feeling competition instead the murder doing his business. If I could lecture him about handling situations like this then I would really do that over his offline shell—or him tied up—like a boa constructor. No…like a substitute teacher.

This is the craziest universe ever, because there's…uh…energoil leaking down my arm?

"That's it; I'm using the laser beams!" The Decepticon's lasers come out. They look sharp and shiny enough it could have been useful for some military science fiction movie made for all audiences to enjoy and be fascinated, for sure there could be better movies than Transformers. Like Star Trek the 2009 movie. His gigantic laser blasters remind me of musical notes something similar to Blue's Clues.


I know this is Megatron. I know it. My heart and gut is screaming it: Megatron! Megatron Megatron Megatron Megatron! Geeze gut. I know that already. Can it take a break over something so breathtaking,fantastic, and immorally evil and gorgeous. Maybe that's plain old fangirl me ranting about a few things that lands and ensues. What I'm trying to saying is something drop dead diva-loveable has landed into the field.

"Dude, um, I hate to say this; but you've been busted!" I said, feeling hysterical. Then a gigantic claw hit me. Stinging pain came from my face. "Ow...that hurt." My face felt to have been broken into two but not that deadly enough to land into death. If there's one thing for sure as a writer, you must write as the character thinking about what the character could be experiencing through pain, emotions, and other stuff.

The Decepticon's blade enlarged.

"Megatron, this is my kill." He said, even without seeing him. "The Fallen promised me I could offline her back on Cybertron!" can't's...


"..No..." I remember everything that we did. Everything from when I showed him basic fighting skills and the modern day culture that exists today for all individuals on Earth. All the new Decepticons who are still online...from what may have happened on Cybertron...still contain skills that weren't easily gained as being lazy underground Cybertron. After all I've done for them…I don't think I may trust any newbies this much anymore not since Scout Five backstabbed me back on Pitch Black.

A big screech rattled through the room.

"So this is what he's been planning all this time?" Megatron's cannon is virtually able to be heard powering up, "To kill her, the solar cycle she came back…all those Dacacycles. Now I can see why Starscream didn't seem all in to tell me about this scheme going on!" Starscream told him? After what I've done…what would propel a seeker to do such a thing that can lead him to be offlined if the Fallen had been aware of this?


Porcupine's gigantic body hit the wall.

"You really care about her?" Porcupine freaks. "What happened to the leader who claimed to hate them and her especially?"

My eyesight is becoming bad. Way bad turning dimmer and dimmer darkness is starting to cloud it all together, why does this remind me of the movie where a scarecrow dude gets revenge for the death of his girlfriend and had been electrocuted but it turned out to be the police guy who got killed in the electric chair wearing that same hat thing. Whenever I remember the ending where the couple are kissing—the scare crow dude being dead now able to be with his girlfriend in the afterlife—it makes me feel sad and happy for both at once. One of the best syfy movies I've seen.

This dense overwhelming atmosphere is thickening the room.

"You will never understand," Megatron's voice made the room a tad bit lighter, dodging Porcupine's thrown weapon by ducking. He picks it up slicing it through both Porcupines' arms that made this metal sound not really comfortable for human ears. "You will never ever…. Will understand about what this boils down to: You dead and I in need of repairs," That's Megatron we all now in the movies. A ruthless-logical thinking-villain, who needs to be in charge instead letting others doing it for him, known as pure fear in several continuity's. Who is very much adored by fangirls out there in reality; who have not really met him in real life except for me.

Porcupine grabs a big metal slab then attacked Megatron with it.

Megatron shot him at the chest plating using his cannon.


"You've just gotten an unlucky bonus," Something yanked me from the table. "I'll finish what I've been sent t-t-t-t-o-do!" My blurry vision shows me a wounded Megatron covering his own gigantic shoulder. One can wonder how and why he decided to come for one-troubled girl with an ideally sappy background.

Gravity somehow kept me together, when force became an unlikely enemy. Chipped pieces of rock struck my face when he tore through the wall. "Pine!" Megatron's voice boomed through the forest that itself well known because of bear cries were echoing through, rustles of tree branches knocking against metal is identify-able. He screamed something in Cybertronian I couldn't really make out what it meant. Man…I feel sad. Everyone I knew in this universe is dying except for Megatron, Starscream, and Soundwave. Wait….Am I dying by any chance? Am I going to live? I'm scared. I'm so scared for my life. This must be what any Transfan could feel when in a dire situation in the Bayverse. Can I gulp? Will I feel more terrible pain if I open my mouth? I'm…scared. I'm frankly scared. "No can do, traitor!" Porcupine shouts back, as energoil stinging tears were going down my face. My arm felt as if it were splintering apart. It's actually horrifying to be me. Porcupine chuckled crashing down a gigantic tree by chance behind himself due to a gigantic c-c-c-c-raaaaaack that hinted easily than witnessing heard event occurring with eyesight.

A deep, intimidating growl came from behind.


Oh there's a waterfall. We are at a water fall. Is this wiseaft going to drop me into it?

"What are you doing?" Megatron's panting and cybertronian accented voice demands an answer from Porucpine.

"Doing what you should have done a stellar cycle ago," Porcupine sneers, his voice is drifting in some accent that could be Australian similar to Jetfire from the franchise where the Autobots had to get some Cyber planet keys to save Cybertron and met Vector Prime as a result of this. "Killing the organic."

Megatron's optics is shaking.

"Porcupine, No!" Megatron butts in.

And then I had been thrown straight down into the ocean followed by some heavy metal trying to catch me but it really didn't do any good. Kaboool. That's what I heard when my body fell in the water different than the movies, other than it's really happening. And I can't do a single thing about it just wait, watch, and hope to die quicker in the state of drowning instead of the world above. For years, I imagined myself going out without pain. But looks can be deceiving. A dark gray cloud from above appears as the entire darkness is swallowing up my light.

Little blue bubbles are perhaps the last I would ever see with color.


Darkness prevented me from seeing what had fallen into the water.

I'm gonna die. I'm gonnna die Will my face tear apart painfully? Water's going through my face painfully. It's not soothing or relaxing as it could have been for this entire trial where things are not expectedly logical. This bright red light pokes through darkness as if a fish from Finding Nemo had found me, except there are two pairs of the sources creating this bright light instead of it being one thing resembling a rod.

Then a gigantic hand grabs me. Could it….be Megatron? There was a time where I supported an Animated BumblebeeXMegatron pairing, which I still do support to this day, because I had been a fan of Bumblebee. Guess growing up may change my opinions on a few things in life. And the ironic thing is: I'm actually fallen for a bad, bad robot. A bright light blinded me temporally. I coughed having to been brought back to the surface. Sun landing on my face felt relieving, warm, and really…good.


"..Ack." My mouth burns, oddly. My entire skull is rattling in extreme pain. I can wonder various ways I can die from this extravenza—not sure if that is a word at all—of possible death from pain. Though, the very hard somewhat rest able surface summoned me awake that a sharp object is required to thoroughly kill me. My eyesight is completely blurry that whoever's up there hasn't a chance of recognition. "My mouth burns, who-ever up there should know it's not funny being me! Morgen Freeman has played god twice in film, and, tell me if you are not a god!"

Holy slag, my jaw's burning worse than before!

I can hear; a deep, male laughter. What the cruel situation has been put forward for me. A situation that no-one; suchlike me would ever want to be in facing a deadly robot about fears. "Ivy, you are a pretender." This explains so much about the events before, and the way Ironhide called me a Pretender in front of Lexi and those men saying 'Ivy could be a robot' when in reality I was. "Time for the robot shell is of some use."

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