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A night worth remembering

When it happened, it wasn't just what an average transfan would picture. I mean it's not usuall for a strange process to be done instead of what others would imagine at the word 'bonding'. Wait, I'm getting ahead of myself! Haven't explained what happened after Megatron got me from the water...Okay here's what happened:

Megatron chuckles.

Well that was a little later because, we may have been…having our little moment after he made me go into robot mode…Okay here's how it went.

My entire body is channeling in so much pain it ain't funny. Pain and suffering a human wouldn't want to be in; it took my optimism and courage to keep it at bay. If my teeth moved then it could fall out with no chance put back into its former location. My entire skull could have been fractured, or something worse could have taken its toll already. Didn't the men say "You spilled your guts." to me back some days ago? could have been longer.

"Megatron..." I whisper. "My skull hurts. I don't get are saying..."

Megatron lays me down.

A powerful sensation went through my body. This sensation feels healing; fixing and mending the wounds that had been inflicted. For a strange period of time there is something in my brain that's resurfacing something about haunting and Malbury Street. My entire body feels to be extending- the sounds coming from me are machinery-cybertronianish—no my eyesight's returning! This influx in body change has transitioned my eyesight to something people would see in Terminator, robot eyesight showing inferred-X-ray vision that went away to reveal the bright white sky. I feel like something died in this really strange change, but was it? Things went smaller. My neck got this hard-stiff pain that I had only experienced back when I was eleven one day. Knowledge stretching from the beginning of the Great War to the days where Seven Prime's existed zipped through my head for just a few seconds. Responsibility appeared in one of these images. I saw myself, standing on a hill, looking at a sun set. I believe that's me, that gigantic-scout sized femme who seems to have some regret and guilt on her faceplate.

How do I know these things?

Electrical sparks glowingly in string patterns—black in my eyesight—above my optics. They were gone in a flash more so in a black inkblotch shape. Then a signature registry appears on my dish tray. "..So weird." I finally said. "Woah. I just sounded wi-" I look at my hands. They are gigantic-cracked at some edges while relatively four inches wide. I have; Five digits, two legs, a head, two arms, and a torso. Megatron helps me up; my legs are incredibly wobbly unadjusted to this new change. Now that I look at the apprentice…My perspective's changed. It feels like I am 15,000 rather than merely fifteen human years of age. Megatron really, really looks good. Well to be precise: He looks straight-gorgeous hot. You know hot as in steaming hot attractive that could possibly lead to a whole group of femme's swarming around him if Cybertron was still alive.

"I didn't realize your armor is so shiny until now." I said, deadlocked on his rather sharp and gigantic armor that can outshine a unicorn at a contest at any given time. It's tempting to make snarky and sarcastic comments capable of being catapulted into comedian jokes in a situation like this. But all my invisible walls are down for him. The courage that's being used in here is extreme but for Megatron, courage is not needed nor is fear holding me down.

My admission is: Love is actually encompassed me. Not fear or courage as my entire outcasted-friendless-and numerously betrayed childhood restrained me from this very special moment. The past could not crawl up my shoulders as an unexpected frog. The apprentice smirks, we were hiding out from a pillar he had used to hide our little meeting. The only meeting we may ever have; because his face will be crippled by Optimus at the end, The Fallen will die, and I don't know what may happen to me….I may return to my world for all I know.

"For a Mind-Traveler, you've got a thing for villains." He caressed my cheek.

Blushing, it made my own spark beat a little fast.

"Dear primus. You are way better than the movies portray you!" I finally admit to Megatron, earning a smile from him. I couldn't help myself take his much bigger servo. It felt actually good, warm. Oh the feels. Now I know what these 'feels' so many fans mention. "

He seems accepting by wrapping his arm around me, drawing me closer to him.

"Is that so?"

"So true, even a person who's not known a truly iconic lover can't write you correctly,"

For those who are interested in what happens between two cybertronains; there is such thing as kissing and some making out. We had quality time that would have been needed so long ago. It's like the universe knew things had to go out this way. If I had arrived in this universe as a robot then things would have been different. A lot meaning different relationship wise between everyone, to be disgusted or treated. Megatron's a really good kisser and a fantastic lover- it's better than the movies—who you may never know could create a big difference. I may have…drum roll… lost my virginity to him.

We were in a big great big pasture; I am in Megatron's arms.

Mooo mooo

"Oh –h-h-h my primus." I pant, "That was…a-a-ah-a-h-mazing."

"May I kill the cows?" Megatron's optics looks over me directly at the black and white animals that are grazing the field. In some ways people can ignore cows and carry on with their lives, but no, Decepticons prefer getting rid of the problems.

I giggled.

"Go ahead," One time when I was a child, we went on a field trip to a farmer's house and drank some milk in what school usually serves milk in. The cows were making their mooing sound back then too. However, on the way back every kid fell asleep. I remember this since I had been the last child to be attempting to stay awake, fighting the urge to sleep proved difficult but it won at the end.

I get out his arms.

Megatron stands up then blasted his cannon at the large crowd. Man. Cows do run fast! They ran faster than the fast paced movies from the 1900's remarkably fast it can be something that no-one will ever conclude what's happened to them. This reminds of a scene in the scene of a massacre of some buffalo. No, actually in the past, it's a bit of a timesy wimey wickedness if my processor had been read. My mind is way more complex and thorough on matters relating to time-travel. Beast Wars in the version of Shattered Glass Animated—ah fraggit I just got the prehistoric idea for the Predacons and Maximals!

"That,was,epic," I clap amused of the animals. Feeling slightly sleepy for an odd reason. Maybe my body's not adjusted to this change at all. I shook this strange sleepy sansation from myself as I turn myself towards Megatron. His face is almost bright enough a human could use him as a flashlight through a dark corner or on a unknown planet. "Megatron..."

"Yes?" He turns away from the fleeing cows. His optics are glowing white in my perspective, however in a humans eye it could have been golden since the background is complete darkness except by white outline shaping Megatron's entire handsome body. The only thing keeping me together was thinking about whether it's not appropiate to laugh or not.

"You got an lightning bug in your helmet." I take out apparently a small group fo fireflies from his audios. I let them go so they make this unusual appeal of white lights swishing past Megatrons helmet similar to butterflies flying out of a direction that's not good.

Holy slag, this is fluffy.

"Remember Red scout five?" I ask,as we were hiding from some mountian goats.

You seriously don't want to underestiminate mountian goats and buffalos. Never ever do it!

"The Swindle clone, oh him," Megatron charges his canon at the mountian goats (that are not in the right habitat)but I stop raises his large optic brow at me. "What does he?..." I glare at Megatron. He is startled and shocked, quite the surprising reaction I have ever seen from the I-want-to-be-a-prime Decepticon.

He couldn't get himself to say it.

"" Megatron tries to say, without much sucess.

"Trusted him," I look down towards the grass and stones that made it similar to a scene from 'Dionosaur' only a little more better by gigantic robots and perspective. I sigh. "I did."

Megatron puts his hand on my shoulder armor.

"You should have said something about it," Megatron told me. "I didn't understand why you were different."


I almost twisted my neck looking up to his direction. Well...that could be a slight exaggeration, but it felt like it. He...actually knew me better than that? My spark feels as though it had been given some butterflies. Just like the movie where the son of the devil is sent to earth to retrieve his brother before his father (Devil) is dead completely. it was a pretty good movie, the best thing about it...The Devil and Angel had been responisible for said main character.

"...How...You..." I am speechless.

Not anyone can make me speechless.

"You weren't trusting the other Decepticons as you would have been." Megatron adds, his servo slid down from my shoulder.

We abuptly decided spending the remaining night at some large willow tree casting down it's gigantic leaves and branches downwards. It seems similar to a scene from Pocahontas. Who is one of my favorite princesses asides to Sleeping beauty, Belle, and Ariel. Maybe I should start it slow, Not fast; Romeo and Juliet did their love story in one day. Unlike many stories invovling Original Characters and Canon character love stories on the internet..I'm doing this different.

The Fallen's scout hid behind a gigantic tree being twice the size of an average plant on Earth. The Fallen strictly said to make sure Megatron did not go after the girl. The Scout recallls, his monster truck wheels are atached to his tarsal, his legs are made by engine parts belonging to a black Ford Mustang 1969 Ford Boss 557, his shoulder plating is remiscent to the trunk, window shield is seen folded to the side of his chest dimly revealed from moonlight, and leastly a creepy thing about it is chains around his right arm.

"Megatron,..." The unknown Femme,who's been having unexpected good time with Megatron, starts dabbling. "When two cybertronians emotion bond, what does that mean for them?"

They are talking about emotional bonding? Why?

"They are in a possible commitment to become engaged," Megatron's voice sounds highy aware about The unknown femme's question.

Why is Megatron interested in this femme?...

"So that's dating." The femme acknowleges, doing a servo gesture. She stops, then turns her gaze up to Megatron. "We should do this in the stages a relationship should go through, not jump right into it like Romeo and Juliet."

The Scout has no clue what Romeo and Juliet is.

"What happened to them?"

"As a result of having their love story in one day, they both die."

Note to self: Inform Fallen to have set me out earlier instead of later. I don't understand a single word they are saying. The scout complains mentally. A bunch of stray cats are seen in a pack strolling by this gigantic camoflaged cybertronian who has their signature masked. Cats rub against The Scout's feet. The scout rises his legs attempting to stirr them away. Though their constant meowing did more than good.

The scout missed a majority of the conversation when the cats finally left him.

"Are you sure about this?" Megatron sounds worried for the femme.

Wait. The Scout is more confused than ever in what those two were even considering. what are they doing?

"I'm positive." The femme nods.

The Scout witnesses the two standing cybertronians put their servos together. Then a light blue unusual strand shape similar to a spider web forms inbetween their digits wrapping around them in a clearly snake pattern. He's chosen this unknown femme? Tree's wave their branched leaves in his way. Scout watches the rarely seen light travel through their arms then instead of going to the went directly to their heads.

A bright ray blinds Scout.

In a minute the light is gone.

Why are they whispering? Scout watches Megatron touch the femme's shoulder and his voice is baraly hearable. The femme's head is droop down. Though it has a 'at ease' expresssion as if she finally let out somehing that has been building up for a very long time. Scout watched Megatron tip the femme's chin up up at his direction. Come on. It's not like they know they are being watched. He could tell they are sharing a moment that usually wouldn't be shared by two. Whatever the femme is saying. Scout couldn't hear.

The femme height is up to Megatron's shouder by two feet off. This unknown femme has a large cybertronian model body mass though stocky-like to describe phyiscally; This unknown has all the parts a Decepticon femme warrior would have to blend into Decepticon society or be dubbed 'the extra ugly femme'. Her helmet has an odd design similar to Bumblebee's yet different in some sinister-armor-placement. Others can 'daww' over her simplicity and sophisticated appearance. Cybertronians who did not know where she really came from would think wherever this femmehad been made at on Cybertron is likely to be not too good at making efficent-looking warirrors.

For short, Scout watched them talk out in a low voice. Then at the end of the conversation he saw Megatron do something that is not expected from him and be called an out of character moment. Megatron let the unknown femme cry on his shoulder. It's something that had been long overdue. The voices become hearable for The Scout to hear. The crying came to a stop.

" big is the sun Harvester in the-." A goat rubbed against Scout's leg catching his attention inbetween the converation the unknown femme and Megatron are sharing.

"It's shaped like a gigantic screw with two gigantic levelers similar to robot machinery arms and thee handles similar to a green lantern box-" Scout swats at the organic animal trying to peel off something attached to it's hornse likely. "-pulled my-Debbie out the door just so-" The goat is getting on Scout's nerves by percing through his leg. "-can see the movie but went to McDonalds because we still had enough time."

The Scout grumbles. "Shoo organic." He then kicks the goat out of his sight, then Scout returns his attention to the duo..

Megatron stood up rubbing his helmet.

"It's…much bigger than that."

Scout saw the unknown femme's jaw drop wide open.

"Tell me it doesn't resemble the shape of Sumdac tower with a platform attached to it that has a gigantic hole in the middle."

Sumdac tower? The scout scratches his barred helmet. What is Sumdac tower?

"It does." Megatron said, in a gentle way. He takes his servo off the unknown femme's shoulder. Scout could not see her optics expresssion but Megatron's optics very well said he saw something in the femme not one could identify. The scout is perplexed by this little scenario, it meant they were dating in another form.

The femme sits down on one of the tree roots, she yawns looking tired and in need of recharge.

"Megatron, when I wake up...will I remember this?"

The Scout could see Megatron has a difficult expression on his faceplate. He couldn't answer her question at all. What does she mean by that?...The scout could not believe what he had just seen between these two. Megatron actually had gotten into a relationship in unknown strings attached. And that he cares for the unknown femme is unbelieve-able. No 'Con knows her!

What's he saying? The Scout gets agitated unable to hear a word Megatron said to her because Bumblebee's are buzing around his helmet. He swatts at them here and there obivously just killing few. Some coldn't sting him so they left the gigantic bug-able cybertronian swatt at nothing. it then became incredibily apparent to Scout that he is not being bugged anymore.

"Megatron,-yaawwn." The femme sounds tired and exhausted from her long day. "Do remember I care about you." Not a peep came out from her but merely silence suggesting this femme has fallen asleep before Megatron could reply. Scout turns away from the scenery a little dubious on what the reporting should be for The Fallen.

Scout has no idea...whether Scout should tell the Fallen what he has seen or not.

Scout left the scene silently.

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