This is Crazy, but I'm in the Bayverse!

Sharkticons have been Bayversed!

Yes, and they look horrible.

They look like those sharks from Lavagirl and Sharkboy, except they have been made into a robot-version of themsevles. They still do have the shark appeal. Their armor almost blinded me at first. "GAH!" I put my head on the robot's large digit. "MY EYES ARE BLINDED FROM SOMETHING OTHER THEN SEX OR A SCENE FROM SOME 'KING OF THE HILL' WHERE THE CHARACTER GOT BLINDED!" Really, if Psych somehow pulls that stunt, it's getting really old for that scene to come up in the middle of unknowing, I don't know if that is a word...I may have made it up. Their fins and tails are larger than an average shark with small dark rounded holes serving as eyes.

"Let go of me you disgusting piece of-" I stick my tongue out at the soldier. He does not know who he is messing with. The genius of killing off characters cruelty in the mots horrific manner writing about them;my current victim is Redsiren a motorcycle mech with Prowl's mold but a siren on his helmet as his main armor color is red and his secondary armor color is black. He has dark gray skin and has a motorcycle mode for his disguise.

Redsiren is so on a deadly ride.

"Drop me, freak!" I retort. "They look so...ugly!"

He shook his arm.

"Fe-ell-iinng diizzzzy." I said. "T-h-isss is not worse th-aaa-hhhnnnn-n my Persona feeling the underbelly of Elitacharachia-1 whe-whee-iiiiin singing a Transormer's song aft-ftteeerr-uurrrr-er seeing the ending to DOTM." The Plot that had been posted on the DOTM wikipedia site went something like this: Optimus Prime is overthrown, Ironhide survives, Sentinel Prime leads The Autobots for 'what is the best' after he had been shortly discovered and plot was sure-then after changed to something else one day before it primered in theaters.

I look up at the Quittission.

"You are forcing me to do section 8 of the Killing Judgement act."


"I ain't good with the amendments, what's the right to bear arms or the arms bear to right section?" I ask hi, watching his optics connected to some wires and chips and screws rotate in some directions that only could be mimicked in the movies. "I'm not that good with the constitution, especially with how Congress is sort of/kind of limiting our rights. And dude, I can easily kill you with popcorn by shoving it down your mouth then rip your optics out by using my 3-D glasses. So of course, I'm BLIND as a bat right now for writing about details so ironic, I know, for example..."

I rant every detail:

The little lioness looks down beneath her foot, wandering around frightened and feeling a lot of uncertainty about where her parents went or what had happened to them was a big heavy question would be a large one hanging above her little ball sized head.A tall, bigger mech with black and amber-orange armor, even a lion mode, with a mane could be see. His optics were hazel just like his little sweet lioness. "照顾好自己LeoPride. (Take care of yourself LeoPride.)" The Chinese Lionbot drops in some food for her as blasts of explosions goes off behind him. His optics winced feeling a large tug on his spark. But without fail, he limps back to a small group consisting of a Mother Pretender and some two older offspring.

"Do you have a family like Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, Aunt, Uncle, Grandparent, Sister-in-law, Brother-in-law, or any one?" Sentinel tries to get a reasonable answer from a little, Chinese sparkling.

"李歐梵督察...(Lee... Leo...Pide..) LeoPride." Little Pride speaks in half English.

"What planet are you from?" Sentinel scratches his helm without a single clue in what language the femme just spoke out. "Oh so your name is Leopride? I will just call you Pride for short, and I am Sentinel."

"S-Sentinal?" Pride tilts her helm.

"There's no 'A' at the end of Sentinel." The snowplow shakes his helm laughing, amused of her misunderstand pronunciation of his name given to him when he began at the Autobot Academy.

"Sent? Senty?" The femme giggles in the palm of his servo looking up to the mech more grown up than her-not completely grown up but in such a way to have a code with his other Lance, this meant he was deep trouble.

"No Bot has ever called me 'Sent' or 'Senty' before." The snow plow tickles the little femme, smiling warmly, watching Pride break into a hysterical, sparkling laughter."You are so adorable." Sentinel adds on a good friendly manner.

"STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT WITH THAT FLUFFYNESS!" The Quittission solder yelps, shaking his large digit.

I gaze at him, seeing multiple numbers of this dude.

"It used to be One Heart, One Spark." I tell him, feeling a headache coming on. "I don't know why,but, when I used to know some jerk in real life and then did some research about a fictional jerk. some part of me screamed 'He's hiding it with his pride'. Now...STOP shaking your slagging servo!"

The Quittission soldier starts taking my fingers off his rather huge dark gray servo.

Guess I'm the Disel in distress instead of being the one writing the character in that scenario.

Irony has twisted me, badly.

The sharkticons are swimming underwater with crappy CGI, actually you can see through the water seeing how they moved their tails back and forth easier than a terrible Syfy movie. At least it is so different and horrible I don't need to compare it at tall to any terrible and some awesome movies. I'm using Cybertronian words instead of cusswords, I hardly say cuss words at all, was once called the opposite gender of a male dog by Russel. That brought birth to Maxine's creation, my Transformers Animated persona's evil side.

You may want to know my name...after all this time.

I want to live, badly.


The Quittission soldier snicker is loud.

"Decepticons won't help an organic." He snickers, I saw his entire facepplate change into a different shape just like the judging quittisions from the movie. He looks so different as a wacky dude having eccentric twissors sticking from his mouth and parts of some vehicle is in plain sight alomst building a mysterious-awe scenery. "And for all we care, Megatron can die, and so The Fallen will face his judgement."

Well that's a big sharp pain to the annoying-headache.

Guess gigantic robots make a lot of speeches. Not just Animated Optimus,go figure. Amanda,Robots in Disguise, and that continuity involving Kicker weren't all that good.. Actually the one's invovling; Cody,Bud, Lori,Jolt, Landmine,Override, and a Australian jetfire was pretty neat. Watched all three seasons like four or three times, Leobreaker is also my favorite. So is Jetfire. I remember the good Transformers continuitys because...they are so memorable. Just like that.

"MY NAME IS IVY BROOKE BELL AND I GO BY THE NICKNAME 'SPEEDY'" I yell at him. "I'm not just ORGANIC, THE GIRL, ANNOYING PEST, or whatever word you have to say so be it. Call me SPEEDY! You Beta-douche!" Tears are running down my face. Wow. I haven't cried in like..years. Several years. I...I recognize this as being hard for me to say this kind of stuff towards a gigantic robot...wouldn't a Transfan be heavily reactive and emotional after a day like this?

He simply didn't care, removing my last finger.

My eyes squeezed shut,plugged my ears, and expected to feel agony and what not.

"No-one calls me an GLITCHEAD!"

I snicker.

That is so Megatron.

"Wha-" Things happened rather fast. It wasn't Bay styled Explosions. It pertained to something like this; Megatron's trusty-silver cannon shot at the chest of this Quittision soldier sending out some tid bits of metal and rib-cage-being robotical to fly on out( Me,pn the other hand,had been put on the floor), Megatron ripped out the soldier's arm connected to the elbow the stabbed it right through the Soldier's mouth and finaly kicked him into the pit.

Those Sharkticons started eating him right away.

"Ewwww!" Starscream whines. "Digusting."

"...Says the Con who's got an annoying high pitched halirous voice in Animated." I point out. Can't help myself. Really. Who wants to see the reaction of Movie verse Starscream after hearing what his voice sounds like.

The seeker must have frowned.

"Animated?" He growls. "What is that impostery?"

Oh look, popcorn is still with me.

"Tell me, am I still the leader in that franchise?" Megatron impatinatly asks, he sounds irritated.

I nod.

"Transformers Animated; Megatron is stillt the leader, Starscream is in second command, Blitzwing is the dude with three personalities-"

"Blitzwing?" They both said at once.

"Yeaaaaah, Blackarachnia rebuilt him." I shrug. "After the Great War. He's not a quittission thank primus. Anyway Lugnut is the large flight vehicle. Optimus leads a rag-tag crew of Space bridge repairers made up by; Him,Ratchet, Bulkhead, Bumblebee, and...Prowl." I pause. "Bumblebee speaks in Animated. And the thing I have heard about TFP is that he just beeps."

One of those Sharkticons came from the water, dropping a piece of armor.

"Great, what is that beast called?"

Maybe I shouldn't explain. In the 1986 movie it was shown they could speak after the part where Kup and Hot Rod were escaping and the Quittisions were left to die or something, don't remember much about what happened to them. The Sharkticon transforms into a rather short-scout-sized Cybertronian having the hood of it's shark part at the back, the side armor servoes to be shoulders and arms connected to these cables and cybertronian parts. This Sharkticon is the updated bayversed version from the Generation 1 movie.

"We are not beasts,we, Sharkticons!"

My memory is a little fadey how they spoke, maybe something like the Dinobots.

"Sharkticon tear apart Decepticon!" It then transforms into a shark with chubby-realistical-dinosaur like legs. Since I am somewhat in it's direction, most people can do the math what will happen in close to a minute; several outcomes. The Sharkticon charges at the Decepticons' direction.


The Sharkticon fell to it's side having a deep gash like hole slicing almost it in half.

"Those are the worst subspecies ever." Starscream had been the shooter, pertaining to the Sharkticon being shot down. "Come on, who creates these monsterious things?"

"Humans," I add. "Who, I must agree on some levels, are complete idioits."

Megatron laughs.

"I cannot fathom the idea of humans calling themselves idioits, of all things."


One point to Transformerfan of three some years to slowly getting on his good side


Apparently, The Sharkticons combined.


The largely, vast-bulky combined Sharkticon twirled two large Samuri swords.

"Do we run or do we attack?" Starscream asks Megatron.

"I prefer taking it down." Comes Megatron's reply.

This is madness.

"Sharkticons destroy DECEPTICONS!"

Aren't they the sub-group to Decepticons?

"Sharkticons,com-biinneee!" The loud, indescive shriek that belonged to the three-headed quintession broke freely through the air. "KILL MEGATRON!"

I hide behind a big metal piece, when Starscream kicked his heel into the torso of the combined Sharkticons only for it to be chewed off spattering energon on mostly the floor. Wow. Energon looks so purpely. This is wayy better than the movies! I saw Starscream hit the wall of some building's wall making a hard and likely permanent 's here to expect some complaint from this, likewise-backstabbing decepticon?

"AH MY HEEL!" He screamed.

That makes me giggle.


Megatron shoots his cannon at the combination-ers.


A huge part of the leg is blasted off.

"S-s-s-so cooool!"

Now Megatron's getting some Brownie points from me; my favorite disney villians is Zufar,Scar from The Lion King, dat guy from Herculues the cartoon movie, and some other characters. I like Villians. They are so badass! The Quintessions soldier's last chunk of armor flew out of the rounded circlure hole from the ground.

"Before I dismantle this planet and it's inhabitants, do you have any last words?" Megatron's steaming hot, cannon weapon blew smoke at the exust-freely ejector object that has red glowing areas and the wiring keeping together by a simple long dark gray pipe-like material wrappedaround his waist helps move his vehicle parts when Megatron made motion. Reminds me of the scene where I wrote about Avenger's arrival where he freaks out Tony, Austin, and Dan after crash landing then chasing after them because they had some allspark fragments. I'll explain who exactly is Avenger, later.

"GUILTY!" All-three personalities cry. "GUILTY GUILTY."

Megatron's blazing cannon is more like accolades striking a large-box-like-immortalized-transformer breaking apart piece by piece Half of the Sharkticons remained reforming the gigantic combination forming their height taller and taller, almost as a monster than not. How did they accommodate for that sheer size? That is impossible. IMPLAUSIBLE! But oh my freaking primus Megatron is so badass with that cannon of his!

A slipperly-octopus like tentacle grabbed me.

"ACK!" I squirm. "This is so uncool! That's so like the scene where Sari Sumdac got lifted up by the monster from 'Transform and Roll out'"

Ewww it's so slippery!

"Stop squirming you ugly-fat-organic!"

I had gotten off the bus, wearing my usual pink big winter coat and my bookbag's shoulder straps were hanging on. i just got back from Science Club. Contemplating over the dream I had involving seeing Bumblebee and Sari in front of the door of a train and the rock that had the shape of Animated Bumblebee's helmet. It gave me hope Robots really existed.

"Hey it's Ivy,"

I have my drawings in my bookbag, just waiting to be scanned or something.

Unbothered, my feet continue going.

"The ugly girl!"

"No wait, the fat girl!"

I stopped.

"I'm not ugly, GLITCHHEADS!" I shouted back;I'm skinny somewhat having a stocky build and not really all that fat. I'm just the average girl who's just really short,picks her nose, draws a lot, and talks to herself telling a story under a low voice. Mostly it invovles the Autobots and what not. Who also has a cult behind her with these kids making fun of her and all that good slag. Heck. being a thirteen or twelve year old I can mimic Blackarachnia's voice. "YOU ARE UGLY!"

The boy's laugh, I marched towards the house feeling so mad.

People actually cheered when I got sick and didn't come, at least that's what my brother said that's what happened at breakfeast a few days ago...It's tough to be a Transfan with this incredible sense of imagination from The Oc's world, to having Animated Dreams that I cannot understand, creating these characters...Having a life on the internet...and gaining friends from all over the word.

I never cry

If I cry, I prevoke bullies to think I'm weak. but no. I have a better sense of their epic fail's; I take it with stride, like a letter I got from my locker for the first time. My counselor said it wasn't all that good, but boy, I was glad because I was acknowledged in middle school. People KNEW I was around. I wanted to be noticed. And that note brightened up my day a bit, even if it had bad intentions.

"I'm-not-ugly." I reassured myself as the two boy's left.

The rounded disk object is now around Starscream and Megatron...Just as it had been for Kup and Hot Rod. wow it's so strange to see them in this situation. Come on. these guys are Decepticons, what could have possibly happened to them being in this situation? Man. Things are wierd for me. So offbalanced.

"Starscream, you glitchhead, I meant to shoot at the spark!"

If a comment could rickosade in a heart beat, then, Megatron's comment would have done so.

"No, it's that slagging organic's fault!" Starscream complains, almost like his other counterpart without that sharp annoying voice.

...Yeaaaaaah I was...just moping around in a flashback.

"I...hate my trances." I mutter to myself, generally seeing the text and what not from the chair. I get so caught up thinking things just...blurr on by.

The Sharkticons aren't anywhere in sight. Woah. If they are not in sight...what's gonna happen to Starscream and Megatron? Come on the pit is steaming hot-heat how can the Sharkticons survive tremendous hot temperature! May need to rewatch the Transformers movie that was made in 1986. looks so...eerie,dark, and mysterious. It may be night. The Decepticon's glowing parts and optics were the only way I could see. They are the main antagonists alongside to The Fallen in the second movie! Something steams up from the pit-sized hole in the metal that protruded wiring and armory at certain area's around it, including a retractable plank.

I am somehow still wearing 3-D glassses, have my popcorn, and don't need the restroom.

"Organic will be assimilated-" The quintession starts, but, I interupted him.

Hold the horses there!

"Um excuse me? What does...Assimilated mean?"

The Decepticon's optics burgled.

May it be that it's impossible for an organic to be assimilated into a quintession?

Oooh booy sooo many question.

Then something wierd happens, more like, extremely wierd. Because the next hing I know is some film of light blue color all over my body similar to some anime cartoon or some chakara being displayed in Naruto,whatever is happening it sure summoned wind into the scene. My eyes feel heavy. Good grief, what's going on?

"How doomed you are, Autobots. You simply fail to understand, that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few."


"Why do the Decepticons always get the good shit?"

That was quoted by Robert Epps

"You have made a grave mistake..."

...Is Primus forewarning me about the consequences if I stay in this universe for...who knows how long?

"Years from now, they are gonna ask us: where were you when they took over the planet?"

"We are not alone after all, are we?"

"No, sir. We are not alone."

Que the X-Files themesong.

The event that was happening may have gone unnoticed, because basically Starscream's heel went noticed on the on the plank-actually on it's annoying sound that chipped me away from the vision or something that was drawing me away from this universe; could have been glowing a transparent color in the process, because all things, come to an end. But not right now. Because everyone in this group will live, just this once, every 'con lives.

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