This is Crazy, but I'm in the Bayverse!

Chapter 30: LENNOX

As if time had went fast-faster than congress bickering over Obamacare and not finding a resoution-hours had flown by, now, it became day two. Day two on the run. What things to find out on this day could be defined as extremely crazy. How crazy? Well we found out in some crazy moment that wouldn't never-ever-had been plotted in the history of Transformers. Quite literletly.

We pulled up to a very familiar meat store and I got out excitedly. Simmons was my favorite human character.

"Are you sure this is the right place?" Ratchet asked.

I nodded.

"This guy will tell us everything, trust me." I said pulling up my hood and putting on my sunglasses. Being in the eye of every government and media across the world wasnt exactly the best. I walked in.

"Take a number young lady." He said not looking up.

"Listen, I know who you are, what you've done, all about the Autobots and decepticons. And I need you help." I said quietly.

"OH SNAP!" I growled remembering something. "We need the shard, we need to go to Sams house!" I said jumping up and writing the name of the museum on my arm. I grabbed the dog cadge. "Come on guys! Gotta go tie up lose ends." I said as they followed me out of the house.

His head shot up. "Who sent you?" He asked.

I shook my head. "No one, Optimus Prime died in battle. I need your help." I said extremely serious.

He glared. "I don't believe it." He said.

I pulled down my hood and took off my glasses. "Please, it's your big chance to save this dimension from the decepticons."

Simmon's eyes brightened. "This Dimension?" He repeats, getting up from his chair. "Is it that bad?" He looks over his shoulder. Woof woof. "...Lennox, stop spoiling Luke," Simmons said, as the german sheperd comes out holding a big bone wagging his tail. "That dog can't even save a dimension unless given a treat, the world needs us!"

"Will?!" I asked turning the corner and seeing him looking through stacks of papers.

Lennox looks up, somewhat surprised."Surprised,eh?" Lennox said, shuffling the paper stack as if they are a pile of reports and valuable information. He laughs. "I would have been, if not for the seekers."

Luke is gorging on the big white bone.

"Will saw his first Transformer when he had been a kid, as his bicycle." Simmons adds.

"I wonder what Sara thinks of your fangirl side?" I asked smirking and looked at the pictures. I picked one up. "Really?" I asked. It was one I could tell he had 'secretly' taken with his phone as he walked next to iron hide. You couldn't even see his head at the angle it was taken.

"I'm collecting info." He mumbled.

I laughed.

"You see them everyday!" I said laughing.

"He's got a walk in-" Simmons but is cut off by Lennox

"Simmons,don't tell her, she can see it for herself. We've been tracking them for years!" Lennox adds.

"That part of what we have it in get it." Simmons laughs.

I looked at them scepticly. "Uhhhh... Okay then, but, I still need your help." I said crossing my arms.

the men look at my direction. "What kind of help you do need?"

"I need to know if you can translate these." I said pulling out a sheet of paper with symbols covering it. I technically didnt need their help but, we needed Jet fire and Simmons to help the plot line stay in the correct order. He took it and they looked it over.

"I have no clue." Simmons said handing it back.

I groaned.

"Maybe it's Decepticon?"

"...Simmons, remember that box we found?" Lennox asked.

"The one where we could understand a cat with, yes," Simmons said, his eyes had this 'I just remembered something' look. "Do you think it could read this?"

"It translated crop circles, it can translate that...Alien map paper."

"Whoa! Where is it?!" I asked excited.

"At my house." Lennox said, "In the research room."

Simmons combs through his own hair. "And I told you to leave it in the container, but noo," Simmons waves his hand in the air. "Little princess had to see it!" A glare from Lennox made him add "At least you will see her dad's inner fanchild."

I tried my hardest not to laugh but failed horribly. Will glared and got up. "Come on kid, time to save the world." He said ruffling my hair.

So we went, but I made sure to tell the Autobots that I was going to Lennox's house because he had some important material useful to this the biggest surprise was seeing Mudflap being really shiny, Lennox didn't even seem to notice. Though the people who were looking away from the meat shop are attempting to carry on ther lives without getting blinded.

"Fine," Ratchet grumbled, on the phone. "But what should we do with the container?..."


"I hate this job already." Skids complains, obviously being the one who's got the object that contained Wheelie.

"Ohhhh ya! I forgot little blue! Don't worry, I've got this." I said grabbing the case.

"YOU BITCH! LET ME OUTA HERE!" He growled. I shook the container and he rattled around inside. I didn't have to wonder if his digits got bent backwards like a jolly rancher or a big hook that's hard to make it unbent. Wheelie can take care of himself, despite his character insulting humans with harsh words.

"Listen little blue, I don't want to hurt you but you gotta calm down, got it?" I asked him, peering through a small crack in the container.

His big adorable optics lightened down without a single word being exchanged beetween up. A few seconds of silence passed. It actually could have been forever as his optics dissapered from view just a minute at all. Then I saw his optics reappear almost scaring the living life out of me. It didn't take a crocdile long to think there's a resolution coming up.

"If I promise to be good, can I get outa here?" He asked.

"After we leave Wills I promise to let you out, okay?" I asked.

"Fine." Wheelie growled, keeping his generally rather Decepticon attitude.

I'm guessing its going to be hard for him to be associated with the Autobots after the events of the second movie.I set him back in Skids backseat and climbed into Lennoxes mini van. I smirked."So this is you man-mobile?" I asked sarcastically. He rolled his eyes.

"Hide can't be here all the time." Lennox mumbled as I leaned into the front seat.

"More like he doesn't want him finding out about his stalking issues." Simmons mumbled making me laugh.

Then we drove to Lennox's house, which happened to be faster than I had thought. It felt wibbly wobbly getting out the Mini-van expecially since Lennox, The Fan, had drove past the speed limit with a siren on the top of the roof. Simmons is panting leaning on his knee's.

"God damnit Lennox, you could have gone the speed limit!"

Beep beep

"And who's the one who has a website up about Transformers?" Lennox asks back, putting his keys into his pocket. "Not me." He shook his head. Lennox's phone rings, so he answered it."Talk to me," Lennox said at first, sounding like the dad a kid would have wanted. "Wait. Are you sure?" He glances back at me, then he tilts down the phone. "Sam Witwicky's dead."

I gasped. "What?! How?!" I asked shocked.

Simmon's hands clenched. "The Decepticon's cut him open," Lennox explains. "And they found nothing, by what the eyewitneses heard."

I was shocked. This was horrible, this couldn't happen. "That's about bee? And Mikaela?! And Ron and Judy?! They all-this isn't right! He isn't supposed to die! He has so much more to do in this universe!" I said voice cracking. As sucky as the bayverse was Sam was still my hero, he was a good person.

Lennox has this look a man would have known expression that 'This invidivual looked up to him/her' "How about you make it different than what you had seen?" Lennox said, heading towards his door "But altering a few things that were meant to happen."

"But what if I mess up the timeline? I could never live knowing I caused a whole different dimension to perish at the hands of the cons." I said head hung low.

"We're still here, and I am not even dead." Simmons points out, probably refering to Lennox's fast speed. I heard Lennox laugh. "Safe to say, as people say, timeline's can get fixed by the slightest paradoxes."

"I suppose your right..." I said feeling slightly better.

We walked through the house to what appeared to be a little girls room. I looked around. "Uhhhhhhh...this is the hub of all information on the Autobots?" I asked skeptically.

Simmons snickers. "The most unobivous place in the house, your kids room." Simmons jokingly said, Annebella is playing with some big fluffy toys. "And she didn't even call it a toy shed."

"This isn't the hub," Lennox said, opening a closet door. A metal staircase unfolded from the ledge automatically, "This room is the hub."

"Wow, what does your wife think of this?" I asked. How could anyone in there right mind think that their own personal stalker room wasn't weird?

"She doesn't know." Lennox said, sharing a glance to his daughter. "We've been...improvising on that. Haven't we Annebella? Annebella looks right up.

"Whoa! Teaching your daughter the dirty business Lennox? What are you going to do when Annebella is 'improvising' about where she's been all night in a few years?" I asked sarcastically.

Simmons picks up a rather not-so-femilar object. It has this DVD insert hole with two handle bars to the side. The top of it has some rounded elevated attachment. He presses a button right on this rounded circlure material. The entire round part of the attachment glowed a neon green visiibily and jumpbooted online. Lennnox didn't appear to have an answer.

I took a step back. "That...that's not going to blow up in our faces is it?" I asked skeptically.

"Last time I checked, no." Simmons shook his head.

Annabella left holding a barbie doll.

"Does something blow up in our faces from wherever you are?" Lennox asks, sounding like a very overly interested fanboy. He is wary though. "Can Ironhide really freeze a dog into stone for leaving it's mark on him?"

I grinned evilly. "I shouldn't tell you this but," I stood on my toes and whispered. "In the third movie you piss him off and YOU get turned to stone, and as for the explosion question no, not yet." I said.

Lennox is speechless, but entirely processing how he could deal with a gigantic robot capable of making anyone into stone. And what that would mean for him on the other end "And the box won't blow up that strange map." Simmons adds, holding the activate-box. "I've tried it on paper."

"Good. Now what is it exactly your trying to show me?" I asked plopping down on a folding chair and resting my arms on a pile of Autobot pictures. I gave Lennox a 'really' but he didn't notice, to enwrapped in his own horror which made me stifle a laugh.

Simmons presses a button to the side; It automatically became one of those high tech scanners that could have came from the future but it didn't, It has the bottom similar to a scanner, a top similar to a big light-in-the-dark connected to some handle outstretched like a lamp. "It's not only a box, it transforms," Simmons said, "And it can speak english." Lennox is sitting in a chair too engrossed into what he is thinking. "Like that map you have." Simmons finishes.

"Whoa..." I said watching in amazement.

Lennox puts a flat pieced paper-rock thin material on it. "Maybe it can read that big discarded written rock I found as a kid..." Lennox, not slightly making the absolute sense. The lights begin glowing red and the scanners go a dangerous color.


"LENNOX!" Simmons screamed as we coughed up ash and dark thick smoke clouded the air.

"I thought it wouldn't explode?!" I asked as I opened up the door to get some fresh air.

"...Owwww!" Lennox whines, that sounds mostly as a yelp than a whine, when covering the side of his face. He looks over his shoulder then back to us. "Well...It probably had bomb translations. Maybe that...what'shisname can help us with that?"

"WHEELIE!" I yelled and ran out of the room to the yard as fast as I could to Ratchets alt mode, I crawled in back and grabbed the suitcase.

"What's going on in there?!" Ratchet demanded.

"Lennox made something explode, no biggie." I said running inside before he could reply. I bolted up the stairs and back inside where they were waiting. "Prepare yourself a gentlemen for the little chunk of hell itself about to come out of this very suitcase." I said building up the suspense.

Lennox got out a big pillow out as if to fend for his life.

"And, here, he, is!" I yelled and unzipped it. He jumped out screaming."I AM FREEE!" Wheelie snaps, waving through the room."I can-" Lennox drops a dog kennel on him. "What's with the cages!" Wheelie growls, not sounding pleased. The cage had locked into the kennel locks when he fell grumbles folding his arms. "First a case then a cage."

"Shhhhhhh! We'd like to keep your presence on the DL if you know what I mean." I whispered. He growled. "YOU BITCH! You locked me up like this!" He yelled trying to claw at my face. I just smiled. "You look like a sparkling!" I cooed making him madder.

"I'm gonna kill you." He muttered and sat down crossing his arms. "Now why am I hear?" He grumbled.

"We need you to tell us what you know of these." I said showing him the symbols I mapped out. He looked at them for a moment.

"This is the language of the primes! I can't read it, but uhhhh," he looked around and pointed to a picture on the wall. "They sure as hell can."

Simmon's eyes brightened. "The Seekers?" Simmons repeats, "You mean they?"

Lennox wrapps something around his burned face that I couldn't decide what it was.

"I knew that old mini-bug could transform!" Simmons said, "We've called the older ones 'Seekers' because they were seeking something or Lennox was um...seeking them."

"And I lost a tooth thanks to the two wheeler." Lennox grumbles, having to have lost something in his teenage years from searching the aliens. "He didn't even give back my tooth!"

"I'm sure that was on the top of his priority list at the time." I said sarcastically.

"And that map on the wall, that's why he is!" Wheelie waves his small servo at the map clearly part of the wall. "One of the last seekers I know; Jetfire."

"Good thing the Witwicky's are planning the funeral..." Simmons said. "And Lennox, now do you know not to mess with alien technolog-"

"Not with rocks that have code, but I will still investigate any other that I come across!" Lennox initially protests with Simmons..

I shot Simmons a dirty look and walked to ratchets alt mode where I set the cadge in the back. "Can you take us to Sams house please?" I asked. "

For what?" He asked gruffly.

"There's a shard of the allspark that we need there." I said urgently. I didn't want the decepticons getting there first, that would be bad news.

"Sure thing." He said and pulled out with the other three following.

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