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The Fallen messanger

A/N please have some tissues, for those who are big fans of Sam Witwicky. This is also in muletiple perspectives. I got this idea from attending a funeral, this idea was brought back into being made by having a conversation with SaigeLakeman. Yes,she writes as Lexi. This is just a flashforward into what happens after the events in Egypt and the whole funeral thing.

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I see a long line of vehicles, one precisely was a big blue truck with flames at the sides, the one behind it is a green ambulance vehicle, and there's a yellow camaro right behind the grave-limosine that's behind the sami-truck a great way. They were so shiny. Mommy parked to the side of the road. We were supposed to be going to Walmart so we can get Puppy some new play toys.

"Mommy, why are we parked to the side of the road?" I ask mommy.

"A person died, a very very important person died," Mommy softly said, her eyes watering, She wipes off her tears. My older brother Jacob died in a car crash last year.

"Mommy," I start, "Why is there nobody driving..."

There were several fancy and old-worn out cars going down the street. Hard to believe it's been several years since Sam Witwicky got unexplainably into the hospital, before his baseball accidently broke my glass window when he was twelve, and messing up my lawn when he had been at least ten years old. That boy had beeen the most remarkable man I've seen trying to get through his life when given ill-forcuned life.

"Tom." My wifey Alexia, comes out with some cookies. "Is the cars going by yet?"

"They are," I'm sitting on our big swing porch drinking some gatorade watching these unusually shiny vehicles pass on by. "Wifey, look at those brand new spanking vehicles. Don't you ever swear they came from a cheap shop?"

My wifey didn't have none of that.

"Tommy Lee Jones," She came out her eyes more like fancy daggers. "Shiny cars don't come cheap."

I laugh, looking back to the funeral vehicles.

"Remember when Sam claimed his car is an alien?" I ask my wifey, who sat on seat.

Wifey put the cookies on the table.

"He may have had ADHD for all we know, and he had 8 grams of radioactive on his body in 2007." Wifey tells me. "He's been living with some radioactive preseance for 4 years before he got that car. And we don't know what crazyiness lays in wait for the Witwicky family."

I saw a percession of vehicles driving through red lights. several of which did not have drivers. at all. It made me pause about the rumors going on in the news about Aliens living among us. All the blogs I've been following have been active; As in active by recently geting a lot of comments, spamming my inbox, my feeds crashing, and Facebook radioactive. It's true. I know a friend who knows a friend who knows a friend who knows a friend who's very much a UFO expert, by reading his posts online he found it 'Unbelieve-able.'

Some have said the aliens are our vehicles. I find that to be implausible.

"Hey Blake, did you hear about the cave that has a painting of a big blue box sarrounded by three black inked figures?" Davision Harley asks, as we were having coffee at a shop. "Blaaaakkeee are you theree?"

He waves his hand at me.

"I have ADHD, I'm still here, and the world is not ending in 2012." I said, bringing up an old conversation we had last week. "And Vehicles do not drive themselves. do you hear?

"...Blake Smellington, stop daredelving jumping me." Davision rubs his cheeks, that's his way showing he's annoyed. He puts both his wrinkly hands-He got it from birth-on the table. "Vehicles can drive themselves, scientists have been recently developing a vehicle for people to talk on the phone while the vehicle does all the driving."

Yes, my name is Blake Smellington.

"Um. well look behind you." I tell him.

Davision turns his head. His entire skin went whiter than a vampire and a ghost combined.

"Sweet mother of god..."

(No POV)

Bumblebee stays in his vehicle mode from afar with the other Autobots. Sam's coffin is put to rest in a hole. A hole that he wouldn't just come out. The first human Bumblebee had to protect, is now dead. All because of a human from another universe not just because of Lexi's arrival. If Ivy hadn't came Sam would have been alive and well. Sam's death affected Bumblebee more than anything in the entire universe or losing his voicebox. It hurt Bumblebee, emotionally. Bumblebee didn't know Sam but a sense that he did know this human had somehow came into his spark.

Sam's parents are weeping. He has a big family that sarrounded nearly the entire tent. The Autobots somehow still got a good view of the burial site. The Witwicky family had been told the Decepticons did this to their son, however, Sam's death had to be classified as a drunkdriver running him over. People would have been all over it if they had found out about this extrodinary war occuring on their home planet. And phones would be going off so fast it's possibly not easy to answer them all at once either at newstations,newspapers headquarters, or hotlines.

It turns into night faster than a speeding race-car.

Bumblebee stood at the grave as he careully held a cluster of roses. He got them from a bursh grown near some human's house. The deeply marked words on the gravestone "Samuel James Witwicky Brn: 1990, Death: 2009" told a human died before he could so much things on Earth. Bumblebee places the roses to the side. Then, Bumblebee adds something minor to the gravestone that might puzzle humans for time to come. Bumblebee wrote in his language.

Bumblebee finishes the entry.

"Bumblebee..." Optimus Prime calls out to the scout. "We can't stay here for long."

Bumblebee's doors tilted down, mellow. He turns away from the grave.

"I...won't fail next time." Bumblebee vows to himself,leaking oil from his optics. "There won't be a next time."

The Prime has a chat with Bumblebee as they leave the cemetary. He didn't want to see a promising Autobot become one who wouldn't let his gauridan out of sight. There are bounderies into Autobot ways expecially protecting humans. Partial light is emitting on the gravestone where the cybertronian symbols are seen to be glowing and gradually moving to different areas within the stone. These symbols are sarrounding Sam's name. Eventually the symbols stop emitting color and halt moving now sarround a name. A name that most wouldn't care about. Not unless they knew how important he would have been if death didn't claim him.

One of those Oil leaks from Bumblebee had landed on the tombstone...It slowly drips down over markings.

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