This is Crazy, but I'm in the Bayverse!

New Arrival is

The scout, who The Fallen had sent to spy on Megatron, is meddling up some system panel at his desk. Almost there… His tongue is somewhat stuck out as he is attempting to pick up a small flat material into a gear shape material. "We have a new Decepticon in our ranks." This literletly makes Scout's entire progress fall into nothing since it made him drop everything he was doing.

Scout looks over to see this new decepticon.

"This is Robustshell," Megatron introduces the rather 'new' femme. "A femme."

It makes Scout freeze. He had seen her a long time before.

"Where did she come from?" Canocopy asks, holding something in his arms.

"The Weeping Angel cave." Robustshell blurst, then she waves her hand in front of her face as if she just passed gas. "Ewww."

The Decepticons are not femilar to what she said.

"She came from a different planet, three planets away from Cybertron." Megatron said, at least chuckling.

But…she was….with him on Earth. Scout recalls, as Megatron got some Decepticons to give Robustshell a tour. She's not new. Robustshell had been there with Megatron…and I didn't tell the fallen! Could this femme be?...I should question her, after I'm done with the tinkering..Scout looks down to his mess that he started just a little after arriving in to the ship.

Forty-eight hours passed fast for Scout.

"Which way is the berthrooms?" Robustshell's voice startled Scout.

Berthrooms are bedrooms in the terminology for bedrooms. Berths are actually metal huge beds doubled the size of a human bed. It's quite easy knowing Berthrooms are not entirely empty but they have their share of furniture, decorations, and messiness. This terminology can be seen through diferent varaitions of the Transformers francise.

Scout turns to Robustshell's direction.

"It's been…two solar cycles and you get lost?" They are standing in the middle of a wide hallway where there are numerous holes in where doorways should really have been made at. He couldn't believe Robustshell.

RobustShell turns on her vehicle lights.

Her vehicle lights land on Scout's faceplate after he had been cleaning it up. The light blinds his optics so the mech. "AHH!"—covers his eyes— "Turn your lights off!" When it wasn't all that harmless to human when really it does mess up some optical machinery. Their optics is a bit like humans, they can't stare at lights for too long.

"Ooops!" Robustshell looks down to her armored optics skeptical how to operate lights using just a processor. It seems so much work for one communication. She frowns while making others blinded by accident. "I'm new at this…so bad."

She scratches the back of her helmet.

"Heh," She nervously laughs. "Just….." Robustshell looks to the ceiling. Her optics softened remembering something in her past or saying. Robustshell turns her attention back to Scout. "Never been in a spaceship before."

"Never been in a spaceship?" Scout repeats, he starts doing hand gestures. This femme has no clue how to operate her lights and doesn't know directions! Scout processes the interaction. Megatron should have given her a complete map of this dhip. "How could you never been in a spaceship when you were on Earth and somehow got onboard—"

"Doopleganger, probably." Robustshell corrects him. "And I had a holopad."

He gave her a blank stare.

Robustshell does a dramatic 'o' shape mouth.

"Oh you haven't been around Techy whatshisface." Robustshell waves something in the air as if she actually held it when actually she did not at all. A frown is still on Scout.

"It's Frezer." Scout corrects Robustshell. Not fond how she refered to others. "Row butch sell."

Robustshell mutters "This is going to be a long night", tapping her foot. "Just tell me where the berth quarters are."

"Go down. Turn left to the corner." Scout tells her. "Then it's just a matter of time finding your room without getting lost."

Robustshell punches Scout at his face.

"Ow." Scout rubs his cheekplating, "That hurts."

Robustshell storms off ticked from his statement that insulted her intelligence.

"...How can there be a doopleganger when…" Scout finds himself in a sticky confusing situation. "There has to be a logical explaination for this…" Scout goes out the ship then stands at the edge that still remains. He contemplates for a while at the marvelity of a dying sun currently in the process of a blackhole eating it.

Scout returns into the ship.

The scene transitions to Starscream.

"Hmm…The Black Lagoon." Starscream looks at the very peaceful imagery displaying a completely black planet. He taps his long claws possibly deciding suggesting the planet to Megatron that could be their greatest resource. Something nags his processor telling it's not time to choose it.

Starsscream shook his helmet.

"Starscream," Scout's voice causes Starscream to lose his focus.

The seeker turns arouind.

"What?" Starscream is a little impatient getting distracted finding a new natural resource.

Scout couldn't bring himself to speak.

"Spit it out ." Starscream raises his voice. "I'm losing valubable time here!"

Scout gulps.

"Starscream, whenever you do a full body sca—"

"Scout. I'm not a medic that is not in my skills!" Starscream informs him, snapping his claws. "Scientist, not medic."

Scout's knuckles crack.

"Well. If you do it, I suggest you pay more attention for any extra spark energy signatures in Robuztshell" Scout gets a rather strange look from Starscream. "I know it's an impossible idea Starscream. But you may want to have your optic out on Robustshell. She may not be as 'new' as Megatron said."

Starscream sighs.

"Fine," Starscream reluctedly agreed. Scout is not one any Decepticon will trust. "The Doctor is not the most reliable one anyway." He turns back towards the computer screen this time searching for something other than the Black lagoon planet that will be their last chance to get another planet conquered. Until they could return when the Autobots had been eliminated and Earth had been won.

"And start training some medics, too." Scout adds, walking away from the seeker.

Starscream grunts from Scout's remark.

Canocopy is seen having a chat with some of his dear friends in the training room. Some seem to ave this sinister vibe bouncing right off their armor while some are laid back in their ways; a good number of them are classy, just too flawed to be true. Notably a number of them are in a wrestling match to see who will win in one solar cycle without rest. Megatron is not present.

Scout did not expect a hunch could be right.

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