This is Crazy, but I'm in the Bayverse!

Return of the invisible snake

"It's not about being oblivious tto your sarroundings, it's about being obversent to a plot that you may need to foil."

Apparently Starscream woke up before anyone else. His legs made small crater marks along the floor. Now to get less obvious out from my processor…The Seeker takes a halt near to the door. He saw Robustshell sitting right on the edge dangling her feet in to the open space. Why is she up this early? A part of Starscream wanted to ask He found it safe to assume she's speculating about something in the past.

Starscream rolled her off his worries and continue his stroll through the hallway. When he did, Robustshell had looked over her shoulders having this tired-yet-glooming expression that has an upside down mouth. Not a smile. Merely a frown. She looks away from where the seeker and then towards what else is thought as open space almost to have been wondering about whatever bugs her processor. It's been at least four solar cycles since Robustshell came in the Decepticon force.

The rather short seeker walks right past her. Perhaps there's some other way to win over the Autobots…he stops short hearing something slithering right behind him. No….We had killed the serpent…unless….He remembers all too well how things went on underground Cybertron. One of those adventures clearly tested how reliable fans could be from different univereses. The seeker climbs on to a table shaking and lightly frightened.

Starscream killed it months ago.

How could it be alive?

"This is not possible." The seeker comments, seeing deep impression left on the floor. It became evident quickly as it drew on closer shaking the table side to side. It has been a long time since I offlined it underground…How is this even a possible event? The legs of the table are being pressed inwards by an impatient force. Tables seemed to be best way for staying out of possible lethal killers bound to the floor. Maybe watching ttoo much television is bad…

The table flips, throwing Starscream against some hard edged bulkhead.

"Owch." He yelps, feeling his vertebrae injured. His occipital bone, the underside of his helmet that's a rounded hole connected to the spinal cord, is roughly damaged slightly. Starscream's wings go stiff on him. He curses pain itself. And then; He is screwed. "Ah frag."

It may have been a good hour since the snake made itself present in the ship. Canocopy awoke feeling cold. Not warm or safe anymore. He feels insecure. As if he is being watched.It's not an army camp. Canocopy reaches out for his recently lightened jet carrier that had been squashed and flattened multiple times; specifically made by himself. A burn tingles on his index digit.

"Swerzdfright, please don't be playing that trick on me again," Canocopy complains, sitting upright holding his burning jeterrate in one of his digits. Something lunges at him but Canocopy ducked into a corner of his room. He smokes his jeterrate creating cigerrete clouds in this very occupied-furniture room. It has some gigantic music instrument only a cybertronian could use and some comfortable bean bag seats are seen beside some bars attached to the wall.

Canocopy can vaguely see the shape of a gigantic snake.

"Oh that's not Swerzdfright." Canocopy said out loud, realizing what is most obvious. "It's a gigantic snake!" Canocopy's optics glinted in a bright red. "That could have only come from the Trinasaiuroic era!" That era he spoke of involved gigantic snakes, football sized horses or gigantic horses, cat's probably different sizes, and frogs bigger.

Canocopy quickly crawls to the door.

The Invisible snake hit a wall right behind Canocopy over his right shoulder.

"I hate snakes!" Canocopy pushes the door down.


Canocopy gets upright, pressing the side of his helmet using two digits. A almost silent click is heard following that. A detectable holographic form of a visor graph similar to a police helmet accessor has slid down. Numerous lock on spheres is seen on screen identifying what Canocopy is visualizing. He couldn't leave without seeing how far it's gone being alive. It's trying to blend into the sarrroundings. How typical is that? Canocopy's teeth grint together as he saw it headed his way.

"Oh no, you don't!" Canocopy kicks the invisible yet hard snake right at the mouth using his foot. The snake shakes its head. He takes that spare time to get into the headquarter center. The doors shut smoothly behind him not hard enough to create a single echo. "Must activate the alert system…Holo-visor deactivate." The holographic visor went down instantly.

Just he and the invisible snake.

Not entirely invisible since it's making terrible sounds against the wall outside.

Canocopy knew that even snakes can't wake some sleeping Decepticons, but a high pitched alarm would do.BANG goes the closed door from behind Canocopy. The Decepticon signs into the computer. Come on, load, load, load. Canocopy hears the banging coming even louder from behind him. The screen comes up a bright blue startling Canocopy just a mere forty-three seconds. That is long enough for a piece of metal to be ripped from the door by the snake.

The readings said the program needed a password.

"Lovely. " Canocopy sarcastically remarks, hearing a bending in the metal behind him. "Scout and Trenchblast really have improved the security system." Without much hestitation Canocopy let his digits fly across the hovering holographic keyboard three times to confirm the same password to enter that program three times.


"You are really ugly, aren't you?" Canocopy has a smart-alec smile on his faceplate; he then presses the revealed small button from under the mouse pad.

Swerzdfright gets up from his berth. His armor seems unusual and strange as if he was covered in a blanket which is not the case. Swerzdfright stretches his arms made by various parts from his vehicle mode. Cracks are heard from his not really tight pipes mostly sounding like something to have been broken. Not in a horrid kind of cracking. The red alert high pitch alarm merely just woke him an hour early than what time he usually is up by.

He fell on the floor instead headfirst.

"Ow." Swerzdfright rubs his helmet, forcing himself up from what apparently had been planned wrongly. He is the only Decepticon who plans almost his every move by precise math that only a highly expert mathematic could coordinate and explain in clear English. It would be lunatic-vill speaking coordinates from him. "That was not calculated thoroughly." The screeching shrieks a good portion of Swerzdfright's audio's into sever damage. "I'm up already wailing-security-system whatever you are! This is why I hate security alarms!"

Swerzdfright manages to get out his room without making it such a storm.

"Who has activated the alarm?" Megatron complains out loud, sounding furious and crabby. He didn't seem the type to be awakened by such a cruel high pitch wail at all. Neither at night did it seem reasonable to be awakened by something very important at all. Not an average Decepticon may think he could be an ideal parent if there ever were a case where a hatchling came from Megatron and an unknown femme.

"I don't know." Scout adds, already out from his room. "But whoever was in the security headquarters know—"

The entire hall is lit up in redness as a loud noise can be heard from the room.

"That was Kenobi whatshisfaceplate." StoorageBait said, his vehicle mode is a simple small jet 500 Jetfira. He is not paired but quite simply does have a mustache similar to from Mary Poppins. He shrugs. "He's the only Decepticon I know to scream that loud."

"Did anyone hear a scream?..." Megatron asks, looking in all directions

Everyone but StoorageBait shook their heads.

"Uh…" Swerzdfright saw a hole in the door. "Canocopy has a very good reason to activate the security alarm."

Before their optics a gigant snake burst out from the room.

It's not quite invisible anymore.

"It's the snake from Cybertron!" Bugger cries out, hiding right behind Swerzdright.

Megatron blasts his fusion cannon riht at the snake that dodged with remarkable speed. It clashes against the wall sneering highly at the group. Swerzdfright shot his energy blaster at its eye. The snake dug underground making it a much unexpected move. The Decepticons all share a 'what the heck just happened?' kind of looks to each other.

"Is the snake gone?" Robustshell's voice is heard from above.

Megatron and the other Decepticons look up to see Robustshell hanging on to the ceiling.

"I haven't been able to get some decent recharge for an entire solar cycle because of it!" Robustshell didn't seem to sound sane at all really. "One moment it's just a bang from the wall next minute it's just a hallucination that it has returned."

"It's not a hallucination." Megatron said, looking up at Robustshell's direction. "It's real."

The ground rumbles under the Decepticons.

"I'm sticking up here until that snake is offline as a doornail!" Robustshell declares, "Don't think I'm letting go."

The giant snake burst from underneath StoorageBait,Mooregile, Slingfellow, and a few other Decepticons. The snake rises up from the ground revealing itself to have spike armor all around its head, a fine battle armored body,rows of differently designed parts sticking out rom th sides resembling the shapes of insects that became a common form it made this creature almost twice the fear it is. Its mouth is similar to the groundworms, the gigantic ones from the movies that go up and down in the sand around a single town, its so striking it may be really a menace to face.

Slingfellow, as his name easily hints, used his slingshot at the worm's eyes.

The snake screeches.

Large, huge crystal shape metal plates flew everywhere to the point Decepticons were protecting themselves.

"Just like the great massacre with the mutant Quintession!" Bugger complains, "We didn't even expect it."

Slingfellow has this rather shocked expression.

"You don't say." Slingshot said, hearing Megatron grumble from the conversation. There's a metal floorboard lifted up shielding them from getting the damage of these metal crystal shooters. It did not make sensethings could be shooting out from the gigantic alien beast. Really it didn't.

Megatron remembers the mutant Quintession killing spree better than anyone. On that solar cycle something had been lost; something too oblivious and capable to easily miss when around this missing part…This something is the easier thing to ever guess. His optics flinch when they alluded to an event that nearly devastated his troops, better yet….that event made Megatron realize something he wouldn't find himself doing.

"Shoot sausage at it!" Scout throws a heapful of sasuage at the worm. The other Decepticons though it too was a good idea. So mostly a good majority were throwing products made by humans at a really tricky opponnnet.

The snake screeches becoming invisible then slamming right into the walls.. Its wails can be heard clearly similar to the noise made by several aliens in the science fiction world of movies. Robustshell is still on the ceiling keeping her together. Some Decepticons had been misplaced and a few had bee harmed because they ahd been near this opponent.

The red lights go down.

"Where did it go?" Moorgile asks, his unusual armor shakes in rows similar to sea-whales in a activates his headlights afraid of the dark. It's not hot underneath their feet. Expecially everyone's gigantic feet that have veriety in formation similar to Pokemon Feet identified in a Mystery Dungeon game.

Megatron ignores that question.

"Starscream should have been out here already." Megatron acknowledges something that most Decepticons didn't bother to notice. He notices another odd material in the room. "The table's broken. Right behind you two."

Moorgile and Stooragebait look behind themselves to see a broken table.

"Who would stand on a table?..." Moorgile asks.

"MICE!" Stooragebait shrieks, being more over dramatic over the table. He is not the ordinary cybertronian among these Decepticons. His blades attached to the backside slightly spin. His metal teeth jitter togeher. "MICE MICE MICE! I hate mice! They are far less inferior to humans!"

Bugger takes out a metal detector.

"We can follow its energy signature." Bugger turns on the device and puts it on the floor. The floor slightly rumbles not significantly yet it is slight. "The snake is traveling into the…"

Starscream regains consciousness. Everything seems completely shady to him at first. He saw more darkness than just white in the room. He saw something big, thick, and hallow right beside him. Did I really use a table to?...Starscream became more aware of his surroundings. This is when he notices this is not a room belonging to a serpent.

It's a death chamber. It's the kind where a deadly creature could reside and feast on whatever enters. This room really can fit two classrooms inside without any problems whatsoever. Something about it made Starscream feel uneasy. This creature residing in this skeleton filled chamber could only be a serpent. Besides, what else can eat anything and leave bones behind? Starscream gets upright rubbing his helmet.

"Where am I?" Starscream asks himself, Starscream looks in all directions. His large sensor digits crushed some bone underneath it. He lifts up his servo. Underneath he saw what happened to be human skeletons.

Human skeletons.

"Wh-w-w-what?" Starscream raises his arms looking around himself. Starscream saw more than he needed to see. "This is not possible. It could not have been online for this long at all. It's not as if Ivy wasn't the first—"

Starscream finally came to a realization.

There are small papers styled glasses that appear to have been worn out or covered in some liquid. Starscream carefully lifts up one of these old 3-D glasses. Ivy's the first…she is the first technically. There is no record where others had arrived claming all these wild accusations about …Starscream found something that only could have been from the fallen. One of his shoulder armor parts.

"He knew." Starscream drops this thin material to the floor. "He knew Cybertron would die because of our war. And he didn't do a thing!" His servo's wrap up into a hard metal fist. For a long time he believed Autobots were in the way to find another source of energon. No. It was only The Fallen's greed to conquer the human race so they can use the sun harvesters.

A somewhat unfamiliar Christmas tree sized snake heads to Starscream' suggestion.

"Megatron, he shouldn't even know of this." Starscream accidentally activates his blaster as he rubs his forehead. His blaster sends a blast right into this alien designed snake which ended up into pieces. An energy signature pops up on his radar. He recognizes it so well it may not be a stranger to him.

Starscream follows the rubble energy signature.

Until, he tripped over some long part.


"Ow." Starscream gets upright. Starscream turns his helmet. He saw a poor in condition. The signature belongs to CanoCopy. Starscream couldn't help but say "Whaaat?" at really shredded armor.

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