This is Crazy, but I'm in the Bayverse!

The invisible snake is older

Starscream pulled Cancopy's out of shape shell from the pile. He blasts the little cybertronian snakes from the barely conscious Decepticon. Canocopy looks as if it he had been through hell. His spark is visibily in view just from a few parts remaining of his chestplating that once made up his spark chamber protective layer. Muletiple holes are on some points of Canocopy's body. Canocopy's body has only been badly chewed up.

"Stay away you rats!" Starscream blasts at the black wire creatures. "Stay back!"

Starscream flips some abandoned armor at their direction.

"That'll teach them." Starscream grumbles, looking back to Canocopy. The seeker can see life still beating from the younger Decepticon. The whole side of Canocopy's mouth seems to have been severely burnt similar to some character from The Last Avatar cartoon series. It's worse than human burns. "What in the name of unicron did you do to tick off the snake?"

He hears a faint sigh from Canocopy, almost as if he tried to laugh.

"Sh-s-she…is ugly." Canocopy's voice is not well. "I ca-c-called her 'ugly'."

Starscream didn't see Canocopy's jeterate anywhere.

"Ay, she broke it." Canocopy voice now mimics a broken radio. Part of his battlemask is up but the other half hasn't come down from where his mouth had been. Starscream scans Canocopy's body. He comes up on a not-so-great condition after all. "Ah, what do I have, doc?"

Starscream shook his digit at him.

"Don't call me 'Doc'!"


"Canocopy, I can make you dance like a ballerina into your system program files if you call me 'Doc' again." Starscream warns him. His voice indicating this is not a real joke at all. "Your hyoid needs to be reconnected to your tongue. And you are speaking through your radio."

"…Hyoid?" Canocopy repeats. "What is a hyoid?"

Starscreams shoulders sulk.

"Bad idea learning human anatomy…." Starscream notes to himself. "It's right above your larynx, right below the mandible. Your 'mental foreman' is what helps makes your chin plating."


"Part of your lower jaw and your upper jaw is a maxilla." Starscream just tells him, and then he covers his mouth briefly. He then rubs his metal cheekplating. The Decepticon who wanted to be a hero actually caught himself being a 'teacher' in human words. "What has research done to me?"

Megatron wanted answers. He wanted to know how a snake from some other world can just live in a battleship. It can't be possible nobody noticed others went missing. It didn't make sense at and Canocopy's weak energy signatuers are present onboard. But they can't find them.

"What do you mean their signatures are not locatable!" Megatron slams his fists on a large console. His optics has become hardened. He sounds mad. Megatron did not want to be outsmarted by a simple predator capable of killing humans unexpectedly.

The small Headquater managing Decepticons gather up into a group.

"It's strictly forbidden." A soft pitchedHeadquarter managing computer based Decepticon said. "The Fallen made sure of it." His wary multiple optics glares at the other Decepticons. "Who have been banging on the keyboard like manaics? It's been taking megacycles to repair the strains on these old things!"

Stooragebait and the other Decepticons back away from Megatron. Others like Bugger and Swerzdfright shrugged their shoulders acting to be innocent. It didn't seem all too well for whoever has been using the big computer. A computer that has a outrageous amount of information.

"This is insane." Megatron states the obivious, "I am the LEADER of the Decepticons. Nothing is forbidden to me!"

"We cannot—"

Megatron rips the main HQ manager machine.

"Tell me." Megatron is furious over how much The Fallen has really kept a tight shell over the things that would have mattered in the future. Counting this really untold creature. His breath makes metal chills go down Tthis main HQ manager's rather small delicate back attached to his occipital.

The little one is scared.

"Fine, I will tell you!" The little HQ manager shrieks, leaking oil from his body. "I will!"

Megatron let go of this minuture cybertronian.

Megatron may not be happy by what this little cybertronian has to say….

"How old is this….'snake'?" Canocopy asks Starscream, propped up against the wall.

"It's a killer, a predator, older than I." Starscream tells Canocopy. He knew better; skilled predators would be preying on their prey's vulernablilities rather than being silent than a dog. As an experienced warrior Starscream knows the ins and outs in psychological war fare. He messed up a few Autobots mentally.

"How do you know?"

Starscream lowers his helmet, slightly smiling.

"Experiance," Starscream said, looking to Canocopy. "You remind me of some fallen Decepticon…You are only a little more of a talking Con."

Canocopy's optics dims down.

"Why can't I move any part of my body?"

"The snake's fangs disconnected what kept your shoulders, legs,knee's, and elbows together." Starscream explains waving his index digit up and down. He seems to be enjoying the moment rather than hating it.

"Well…can you do something about that?"



"I can't do that kind of fixing." Starscream goes on, pacing back and forth. He shot down a creepy snake-spider that was hanging from the walls. It died in between the two Decepticons. "Stooragebait's the kind who doesn't mind what horror gets in his faceplate!"


"I'm shutting you down, temporttally." Starscream clicks a button on the side of Canocopy's neck.

It looks like Canocopy didn't get the last word.

"Ah, you're alive." Starscream acknowledges it. Starscream saw a big dent that much resembled a laserblast had done it's work on this snake's head. This dent nearly wrapps itself around its skull. He made that wound several months ago when the little girl had been around. Starscream got rid of some extra ability it had by doing his lucky move by using some torch that had been nearby in their first-initial fought. It had not died at all.

The gigantic snake hissed at him.

Starcream adjusted his laser blaster to a much larger size.

"Two can play at this game."

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