This is Crazy, but I'm in the Bayverse!

Trust: New cons

System activating…

Datalog accessed….

User: Canocopy…..

Besides finding Starscream going into lunaticvill obsessing over Robustshell's rather shady background…I find myself in a rather…strange situation. As in…Me being the one who's got sense and logic, and Starscream really just losing it. There's a planet ahead reading several energy signatures belong to femmes. I can't say it's a positive signature since last time we got chased by some strange dark creatures taller than humans.

I dared Scout to find my jeterrate.

Let's see how long it takes him to realize the obvious.

But really, I don't find myself trusting Robustshell that easily nor does she seem open to trust others. So much for being a newbie.

-Datalog end.

The cybertronian ship containing warriors belonging to Deceptions lands on a flat metal surface. There is a small group of femme's who gather around the staircase that retracted from the side. There are eight in this not-really-huge-group. The eighth one is relatively new. A rather unusual sky is seen displaying outer space and other planets somehow near to one another in a un-even line.

"I wonder who has come for us." The eighth femme, MarvelSpec, said aloud. She spoke in cybertronian just in a little bit of a different accent. Her legs have motorcycle wheels in between the section that connects foot to leg. This is a great revealing tell that MarvelsSpec has a motorcycle bike as her vehicle mode.

Behind these femmes we can see this planet has metal characteristtics version of Earth. Gigantic mountians are seen from a great distance but they are not made in metal, just simply by greatest compelling aspect is giant alien-like trees that do not have their earth counterpart natural color; trees's make up black-purple vast forests.

"Hopefully some group who can take us off this boring scenery." CliffClicker, the only dark green car based femme, said in big words.

Megatron is the first to come down the stairs, followed by four other Decepticons. Megatron is not wearing his cloak to cover the very grizzily wounded part of his face given by Optimus. A simple reminder that not also had he fought Optimus but he survived.

"Uh…" MarvelSpec rubs the back of her helmet. "Why's his faceplate impaired?"

Megatron is not pleased by her statement. But at the same time it seemed to e a rather good strategy to use it as a demeanor towards others that Autobots are not kind but brutal than Decepticons. From what he knew about Optimus Prime's characterization and who he really is supposed to be…It gave Megatron a double edge.

"My brother did this," Megaron's claws briefly separate. "The prime of all Autobots."

Cliffclicker is shocked.

"Autobots are brutal?" Cliffclicker fearfully repeats, her cardoors click together. "They don't really fight for peace?"

It had been stellar cycles since Megatron heard a cybertronian say that.

"That…was a long time ago." Starscream spoke for Megatron. "We don't fight for peace. We fight to restore our home. Autobots do not understand great sacrifices have to be made. Even if it hurts."

The femme's were unable to speak from this powering speech.

"Stand corrected, we don't fight for the allspark or the harvesters these solar cycles." Megatron makes it very clear. "And what in the name of unicron onlined you?"

The femme's were stuck together as two knits in a needle.

"We don't know…" The femme's said at once.

Robustshell comes forward.

"How about you join us?" Robustshell suggest, "It migh have it's difficult times. But, you should trust me when I say this….It's going to be the best decision you would ever make." A twinkle goes off in Robustshell's optics. Some of the mechs act strangely except for Megatron.

The femme's huddled into a group away from the duo to decide if they want to join.

"Should we join them?" Cliffclicker asks, sounding unsure.

The first femme, Arrowl, seems to be the oldest.

"We've been here longer than a rookie." Arrowl said, in a low voice.

"And it's not fun fighting without training." MarvelSpec chips in.

The femme's got engrossed in their miniature debate.

"WELL, HOW ABOUT WE VOTE?" Cliffclicker raises her voice above her loud bickering sisters. She may be the second youngest who knew her away around the group only vaguely. Her mind is almost simple, well; it's a developing teenage cybertronian.

MarvelSpec's optics briefly glow a dark shade.

"Fantastic," Marvelspec mumbled.

"As the oldest femme around here, I agree with Cliffclicker." Arrowl said, breaking the circle. "Say ay if we should join."

"Ay!" A good majority of the femme's said.

Well, things went quick. One moment they were on a really boring looking prototype version of Cybertron that has not gotten sustainable buildings or other resources to make a whole colony of cybertronians, next minute they were in the spaceship; in the training room. It's very unusual for these femmes to have time go fast: They are used to time going painstakenly slow like humans. Four megacycles had actually passed. Behind the femme's is a really strange maze.

"Um…." Cliffclicker stands there flabbergasted. "What are we supposed to do in a maze?"

There's a tap on the floor from behind the cybertronian sisters.

"Others thing mazes are just for getting lost." Robustshell comes from the doorway holding something over her shoulder. "Really they are meant to test—"

"Our memory?" Arrowl grunts, "No way. We don't do mazes!"

Robustshell slide her electrical frying arm from over her shoulder.

"That because it's meant to test you." Robustshell sends a jolt through the maze. The femme's look at Robustshell. "Disguises, fog, blindfolds, they don't help a thing in combat. They can make you attack the wrong target."

Marvelspec is tapping her armor's holographic monitor.

"My radar is not working!" MarvelSpec complains. "What—"

Robustshell laughs.

"This room has disabled any tracking systems you have on yourself; you face opponents in this trippy maze; at the end of this maze is Canocopy and Swerzdfright," Robustshell pauses. "But don't think you can zip through the mazes's walls."

Mountiany, the femme who has a tank vehicle mode, charges at Robustshell. Mountiany is the 4th femme who had been onlined. And is by far the most intimidating femme can face in combat. Robustshell dodges her attack fully aware of the surroundings and their potential combat efficiency.

"What do we get out of this if we get offlined?" Mountiany lashes out,her wheels are going steaming smoke from the burning metal. The parts hooked to the 'wheels' go on tightly around Mountiany's torso. "TELL US!"

Robustshell is grinning, as she taps on something attached to her wrist.

"Spoilers." Robustshell confidently remarks, and then flickers away similar to a hologram.

The femmes came into their huddle.

"Should we go into the maze?" Mountiany asks, looking at her rather short sisters. "And risk our lives?"

Cliffclicker has her optics staring at the floor.

"Who wouldn't?" Cliffclicker asks, sounding angered.

"And they already got those burning symbols on us." Marvelspec adds, her optics partially lover to her shoulder where a bronze Decepticon symbol gleams. It still has some heat left behind from being branded.

"Wh—w-awh-h-what'sn my name again?" A femme who is only white and gray stutters.

The femme's break their circle.

"Uh…" Mountiany has this dumbfounded expression. "Arrowl…Did we ever give her a name?"

Arrowl taps her chin.

"I don't think so." Arrowl said, raising an optic is puzzled. She looks to the other femmes. "Let's do a role count. Count ourselves and say our names!"

They nod.

"8th, MarvelSpec!" MarvelSpec puts her servo forward.

"7th,Cliffclicker!" Cliffclicker puts her servo on MarvelSpecs's servo.

"6th, Agel," Agel's rather small servo is placed on Clifclicker's.

"5th, WardSprint," WarSprint's 'u' shape digits are placed on Agels.

"4th, Mountainy!" Mountiany places one part of her digit onto the crowded servos.

3rd, I don't know." The White and gray femme said, earning glances from the others. She may have been the third to have been made and didn't get a name at all. In a very long time.

C." MarvelSpec suggests, her words are only initials. "You can work with it. Besides, after we get out here you won't have white armor anymore!"

"3rd, DC." DC's somewhat wide servo places her rather flat digits on Mountainy's.

"2nd, ArialSpace!" ArialSpace puts her servo on DC's, her forearm is made by a wheel belonging to her spyder mode. It's one of those rare kinds of scans since it's really efficient and sleek in appeal.

"1st, Arrowl!" Arrowl puts her servo on last. "Let's go kick some opponent afts!"

They cheer then head on into the maze.

"Femme's, go in pairs." Arrowl said, seeing four passage ways. "Something tells me it might not be pretty at the end."

Arrowl and Arialspace went in the middle passageway, DC and Mountiany went into the left passageway, Wardsprint and Agel went to the one inbetween the first pair's passageway. Cliffclicker and MarvelSpec are the last ones to really need go into the last passage.

"MarvelSpec," Cliffclicker is shaking. "Are you ready for this?"

Marvelspec grins, leaning her helmet downwards.

"Of course I am." MarvelSpec looks back to Cliffclicker. Her grin is wide and not superfluous. "Don't doubt your ability, little sister."

Cliffclicker smiles.

Arrowl and Arialspace were in a wide hall. The walls were not plant. They are hard steel dented inwards as if they were aching to go into the shape of a soccer ball that became hallow without one side present. The design is not natural. Not at all natural. Yet it is unique.

"What does she mean by not being blind?" ArialSpace asks her older sister Arrowl. "As in fog and blindfolds, what are blindfolds?"

"It's what we have to see not be unable to see." Arrowl remarks, her optics didn't seem ancient and wise. But they definitely belong to a young cybertronian femme; A femme who is grown and experienced. She may have been around longer than Arialspace and several other femmes'. "For all we know it could be something that blinds us by some folds."

Two opponents ran their way.

"Random attack him!" Arrowl shouts, taking out a swiftly charged blade that has pointy spikes at the edges standing fiercely, like gates from an old prison made by wood instead of granite. Her faceplate has some scars from animal based opponents. The planet they had been stranded on for centuries is named 'Correadeon'. A planet that by far is known to many as a planet with name that is unable to be properly pronounced.

The two Mech Decepticons, Deframe and PlayerSwitch, took out their weapons.

ArialSpace could be facing her first combat in a very long time. ArialSpace takes out her small pipe shape gun. ArialSpace shoots her gun at Deframe's almost thick seeker wings that had been wavered by metal wires it could be something else supporting those wings firmly attached to his back. Arrowl's weapon leaves a mark on Playerswitch's large volkswagon shoulder pins her opponent to the floor by high heeled calneal. Then Arrowl slammed her pistol's flat edge on Playswitch's buccal hard enough it made some hole that began to leak right away.

Playerswitch has a large flipswitch knife, he lunges at her armor chest plating but is flipped over by Arrowl. Arrowl puts her foot on the mech's chest-armor that has different texture not quite similar to jet parts.

"Nice try." Arrowl said, actually mocking his attempt. Arrowl puts her servo on her chestplatting. Her optics briefly closes as she begins speaking in an overly-dramatic-fighting-instructor voice. "You flatter your own training."

ArialSpace has her opponent pinned right down. She had grabbed both Deframe's legs with a strong grip. "I knew practicing my gripping skills on Cyber-bears would come in handy!" ArialSpace has this very wide grin on her faceplate. Even to have been the 2nd made femme in the group ArialSpace still has her prepared persona sticking around mentally.

"Now, you better help us out this maze or will be offline." Arrowl said, in a very serious manner.

ArialSpace wraps a four foot wide pipe around Deframe's legs.

"No fair!" Deframe struggles in his constraints. "My legs get stiff if I'm in the same position for three megacycles!"

"Too bad." Arrowl said, Arrowl's gaze is fixed on sharpening her digitnails skillfully using a small blade that had been hooked onto her wrist. Her foot dug deeper into PlaySwitches chestplating with little to no care how badly this is inflicting agony into him. Oil seeplets from under Arrowl's sharp heel digging into a unimagined part of PlayerSwitches torso,

Playerswitch yelps, in pain.

"Fine, we'll help you!" Deframe screeches, his legs were becoming stiff already. "My legs hurt. They already hurt. They already hurt!"

ArialSpace covers his mouth.

"Shut up." ArialSpace said, her voice is not-friendly towards this mech. "I don't like your voice."

PlayerSwitch is unable to move.

"Wonder if our sisters have gotten this far." ArialSpace tells Arrowl, as Deframe tells them the correct way to escape the maze.

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