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Trust: To attack or not

DC and Mountiany are walking through a passage-way. "Mountiany, why were you given a name that usually is asscociated with mountians?" DC asks her sister, as the floor beneath them trembles under their caclneals. Mountiany's reassuring-wide-smile comes out in the blink of an eye.

"Funny story, sis." Mountiany looks up towards the ceiling. "It was one of those solar cycles where we went cave exploring…"

A large metal piece struck the two at their chestplatings. Mountiany fell back first and her sister fell second. Thick dark smoke hovered in their way. The hallway is unpassable. A figure is seen in this midst taunting Mountiany, the femme who is upright, by using his index digit. Mountiany shields her optics, while coughing. It didn't feel so good to her sternum.

"No-one taunts me!" Mountinany gets on both feet then charged at it. But a long metal piping trips Mountiany over. Her mood turns into a cloudy agitated state. Each piece of Mountainy's armor indicates her vehicle mode is roughly an advanced tank best suited for war. Cables connected to her optic sensors create electrical sparks sizzling as a result of this optic movement.

DC is holding her rather long blade, which does not require any energon around it, consisting mostly spikes and rough edges to solid edges. "This is a foggy arena." DC comments. "He's making us attack thin air like fools." DC looks to her sister. "The question we should ask is, 'To attack or not attack a sillohete' in fog?"

Mountiany grumbles.

"Shakespear wording," Mountiany does not like reading Shakespear. "And you wonder why Agel doesn't want to talk about it,eh." Mountiany rubs the back of her cervical loosening some tight wires. "You make no sense at all, sister."

"Of course I do," DC reasonably waves a servo. "You just don't catch up."

DC takes a few feet to the shadowy sillohette.

DC rubs her chin plating using her right servo.

"He doesn't have two shadows." DC takes note. "Nor is he moving."

Mountiany folds her arms.

"So what?" Mountiany asks, not really pleased how vague DC is.

DC stops rubbing her chin plating. She points to the fog, her helmet turned towards Mountainy.

"Watch this." DC takes out a small rock from her side, and then she threw it.

The rock flew through the figure.

"But….But…" Mountiany gets up on both her legs, she startled how it went right through the figure. She looks towards DC. "He taunted me! How can he not be there at all?"

DC laughs.

"Easy," DC comes to the foggy figure, but, she hops over where they initially had been hit. DC waved the smoke away in replacement of a simple dummy. DC leans her armright on its hard-soft edged shoulder as if it were something simple to solve. "Our minds were playing tricks on us. Now walk forward...and don't walk on the—"

Mountiany did the exact oppossite her sister did.

"Ow!" Mountiany yelps, landing on the floor away from DC.

DC turns on her headlights that happened to be part of her front scene has lowered to the perspective of a human there's a easily spotted doorway bridge material in where the two femme's had been forced back. Right above there's a gigantic metal shaped pillar attached to the ceiling.

Anyone can argue they activated a trap when stepping on that ledge.

The scene lifts upwards.

"Watch where you step." DC said, giggling at her sister's predictament. "There could be more traps around here."

Mountiany gets upright, her optics full in anger.

"That is it, I'm charging my way through this wicked testing maze!" Mountiany charges through the hallway breakig through the metal log shape pipe leaving it in half. "I won't be tested by a cursed maze!"

DC is almost left behind.

"Wait for me!" DC squeaks, running after Mountiany. Now I know why she's called Mountiany. Nothing can stop her when she is really determined to do whatever she wants. DC concludes in her processor believing she has realizewd the reason her sister is named Mountiany.

They were in the 4th passageway when something or some-one shot at them

"ATTACK!" Mountiany schreeches, charging at the shooter with a large gun-blaster weapon with five green bars attached to the side. It's more than likely to be part of Mountiany's tank mode. BLAB-B-BKA-BLLM BLAM BLAM went her shots that likely hit her target.l

DC leaps dodging the blasts from the single blasting opponent then slams her legs on the shooter's helmet. There she knocked him down with Mountainy right behind DC. Mountainy sits down on some metalchair that happened to be sticking to the side of this confusing maze.

"Heh…" The Decepticon,Twister, grins at the two who knocked him down. "Nice try for your first shot.

Twister is projected from the femme's preseance.

"Does this really secretive Decepticon femme want us NOT to trust her?" Mountiany rubs her cheek plating. "Seriously, she's like orchestrating this entire maze. Playing tricks on us is not fair."

DC's optics slightly widens.

"Mind tricks." DC stands up; her face is filled in recogniziation. "She does it deliberity on us. Row bus hell….That can't be her name…"

"Robustshell." Mountiany corrects her. Mountiany has two arms out as both represented two things this femme is trying to rule out. "Robust means…strong and healthy, particilurely vigerous…." Mountiany lifts an arm up. "Shell is a usually hard outer covering that encases certain organisims. "

DC nods.

"So she's a strong and healthy organic in a cybertronian shell," DC sarcastically remarks. "What a surprise."

The two share an eerily pause.

"No, no no," The two shook their heads, agreeing that even it happening is not something realistic in Decepticon ways. Simply a Decepticon may not want to imagine an organic somehow becoming part of their lives. Some people find it hard to believe villain robots fall in love with organics. Sometimes, it's really possible under the right characteristics.

Some dismiss it as fanfiction ideas. As an organic becoming their race through a cybertronian shell, of course, making it really possible would involve a piece from the allspark to make this a pernament change. We can see the femme does not want to believe an absurd idea. DC and Mountiany did not know what may have happened before them.

"Let's get out of this maze, before we think more on a subject we shouldn't bother." Mountiany gets up from the large cybertronian chair that seemed to have been made by tree branches curling up together. The chair gets slightly flattened than it had been before Mountiany had sat on it.

DC and Mountiany continue through the confusing maze.


I have seen all three movies, Transformers movies. A Transformer, in the fandom of Transfans, means gigantic alien machines that can scan vehicles and become them, hence, becoming Robots in Disguise. They are not the powerboxes that you see on the poles. They have sparks, which generate their personality and life being extremely vital to living itself. And then there's the Allspark, the cube.

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