This is Crazy, but I'm in the Bayverse!

Trust: Out the maze we go

Agel and WardSprint tip-toe in the maze careful not to disturb whatever lay around them. The maze, in their section, is entirely made by organic-cybertronian plants that had overgrown from neglect. The sister's vehicle parts are not the best indicators to tell what they transform into. Simply put, their parts are strangely designed so they can be traveling without anyone hearing a sound from these two. The ceiling above has a ballroom ceiling design similarity with a circlure window.

One of Agel's optics gazes at the ceiling.

"Is it hard to believe we are the silent ninja duo of the group?" Wardsprint remarks, as they stop near a wall preoccupied by sharp thorns sticking out for the next innocent victim.

Two talking femme's dubbed the 'silent ninja duo' is contrary.

"Not so surprising." Agel shrugs her shoulders, her optic takes it's attention off the , Agel's attention is brought down to the floor where stonedust is seen in small piles. She changes her attention again. "After stellar cycles hiding from those gigantic aliens…It just kind of grew on us."

Wardsprint chuckles, then she looks over the corner.

"Sister," Wardsprint turns way from the corner. "We are not taking the side to walk through." Wardsprint acknowledges the change in their pathway. Agel gets a dreaded facial expression. Something about the floor made them feel queasy. And the answer may not be so easy to elaborate on.

Agel gulps.

"I hate having to do this." Agel reassures herself there would not be an unexpected death.

WardSprint giggles; amused by Agel's fear that radiated off without requiring looking at Agel's faceplate. Her gift is something solemn or cring worthy, capable of sensing other individuals feelings and really able to see aura's from different cybertronians. Her weapons are mainly a concept arm stingers hooked onto both arms underneath Agel's skinny digits.

"The fear of mazes," WardSprint chants in a sarcastic voice, widening her arms. "What an aaaamazing thing to have."

Agel shot WardSprint a glare.

"Not funny." Agel tells WardSprint, facing forward. Agel slightly raises an optic ridge upwards. "You have no idea how to do a murder spree on feeble minded metal."

WardSprint chuckles at this.

"I can show you." WardSprint walks fast in the middle of the hall, waving her index digit. "Just watch and learn—not my Metacarpals to hit your face!"

Agel is femilar to her sister's knowleddge in anatomy, even going as far using anatomy words of the general words applied to different body parts. For example; WardSprint refers to her shoulder as a humerus, her arm as the Radias and ulna, her wrist as the carpals, knuckles as the Metacarpals, and digits as the phalanges. It couldn't get more annoying after one thousand two hundred three years worth of learning and adapting; Hundreds of years on a lone planet did impact many of these femme's.

"You do know the femur is the heaviest bone in the body, even for cybertronians!" WardSprint added, in a matter of fact tone. "And the Patella is our kneecaps."

Agel folds her arms.

"How many bones do Humans have?" Agel straightforwardly asks WardSprint.


A small herd came in through through the maze straight at the sisters; they are tall, have wide ears about three inches long, their metal-organic bodies have round sphere shapes, tails that are remarkably shaped like lamps which partially show a sharp spike at the top, and a body structure of an ape. However, most importantly their heads are similar to mammoths just on the exception of their hideous teeth.

"The Wrenchesterpians!" Agel shrieks, beginning to flee. "Runnn!"

WardSprint grabs Agel's servo.

"No, old girl." WardSprint boldly said, her face is eerily similar to somebody who had gone mad or far worse. But simply to say WardSprint looked as if she had a great idea to not do something they usually turned to. "We make them flee!"

…19 minutes later….

…..Different confusing section of the Maze….

WardSprint's driving in her military vhicle mode; That is a Fuchs 1A8 with six wheels, A large snow-plow related part underneath the vehicle's front, two lightbulbs are seen emitting light at two parts of the front's sides, right on the top is Agel in her gun shooting weapon mode,and apparently armored correctly. WardSprint's bright lights shine darkness like a pool of water had been been erupted from a bottle.

"Did you know the mandible is the only moveable bone of the skull?" WardSprint's asks in a low voice, as little mouse-like metal creatures swarm past a door-way structure in the maze. WardSprint's wheel's take a hard stop.


"I didn't need to know that…" Agel's voice is heard from the top.

"Yes you do." WardSprint turns at a stop.

"All right, sister," Agel said. "Don't go overboard with me in tow."

"You know we are helping our future by regular walking." WardSprint remarks over their small driving distance. It's confusing to understand that statement; When they are not walking at all. Both are relying on their combination making one single vehicle mode just as combiners do. "Did you know bones of the ribcage are not considered to be long bones?"

There is a pause in their conversation

"I am officially insane!" Agel declares her voice echoes through the maze's individually-confusing passage. WardSprint has taken a stop in the tracks. Something scurries across the road, leaving little pebbles and metal straw. It does not make sense that a rat resides here.

WardSprint laughs at her sister's irritation.

s-s-scurry .

"Well somebody should know the Sphenoid bone is a cranial bone and when the midline of the vertebral column does not fully merge together is a Spina Bifida." WardSprint randomly said, shining her light on a little mutant creature with a piece of energoil sticking from it's mouth. The unsual-ratty creature darts from the light quick as it had been spotted.

"Spinda-what-dah-fugde?" Agel repeats, she does not understand half the things WardSprint tells her.

"Oh, the shaft of a long bone is called the diaphysis, and ethmoid bone isn't a facial bone." WardSprint rattles off. "Like ossification is bone formation. Your heel is the first part of the foot that strikes the ground when walking normally."

A huge pile of carpets appeared automatically in their path for obviously no reason at all. Razor sharp teeth, instead of thread, are notable to the strange a[ppearance of these carpets at both sides. What an unexpected event in their first day onboard. But, it's only a simple anominality in driving. The sisters transform into their robot modes separately. C-C-C-Clang. The sister's calcneals hit the floor hard similar to hard bone that's tougher than platinium and Titianum. Smoke blows away from their feet.

"I suspect you are a medical alien," Agel's rather shy, small voice is heard. Her voice is surprisinginly calm and collected, like she has a sociopath plan to murder her sister. Agel looks at Wardsprint in a funny clicks on Agel's helmet. A simple mechanical click that made a small ledge like clock hand fall on one word: 'mute'. "I would like a test to know if I'm actually related to you!"

WardSprint is laughing.

"…Haha—ahahaa good one, Agel!" WardSprint slaps her knee, sitting on a large mass of objects. WardSprint couldn't put herself to take Agel seriously. Every Cybertronian is strange in their own way, even for some Decepticons who never stop talking. Its part of life to find something that may be regretted in the future.

Agel takes out an old-rusty mirror from her back compactor.

"My helmet is not proper!" Agel freaks out, over the smallest change in her helmet. If optics could blink then that's what Agel's optics had done. Agel touches her cheek-plating. "My helmet is supposed to have two hooks not two rearview mirrors hooked on together—makes me look ugly!"

Agel touches her helmet saying 'yowch, owch,owwy' as it hurt.

WardSprint rips out a large clock from the wall; Then takes a torch blower from her back compartment.

"Magic carpet, prepare to be offlined." WardSprint conjoins the clock and the torchblower together. The femme eyes the unusual mountain determined to make it into then shoots it right at these carpets.


The carpets shriek and fly away, while some wilter away into black dust.

WardSprint turns off the time-torch.

Agel is utterly speechless.

WardSprint turns towards her sister, blowing the smoke off the time-torch.

"The medullary cavity does not contain red bone marrow; also, a strain is not more serious than a sprain." WardSprint then adds, "Arthritis is a form of reheumatisim, just another fact you don't understand out there." She earns a confused expression from Agel.

"How does this pertain to our situation?" Agel groans, her shoulders somewhat go then waves her arms above her helmet. "I do not see why spinous process, that's part of the vertrebrum, comes an inch to a maze!"

Agel freezes.

"I have been infected by your speaking anomly!" Agel freaks, both servos come on her helmet. Her optics twitch. It's not really easy to explain why Agel is experiencing pain out of the blue. "And we just burned flying objects to death!":

WardSprint explains to her sister, "You never know when a medic's trying to fix the largest and strongest of the vertebrae in the spinal column…and messes up the sacra vertebrae instead of fixing the lumbar." Agel looks at WardSprint like she had been given an essay rather than a short explaination.

"Okay,smarty armor," Agel folds her arms. Her left optic twitches, again. "For human bones…do they replace themselves continuously?"

WardSprint rubs her elbow.

"Of course," WardSprint pauses. "But it does backtrack when Osteoporosis comes in."

"Enlighten me what Osteoporosis is." Agel nudges WardSprint's shoulder.

"It's the decrease in bone mass." WardSprint tells Agel matter of factly.

The two sisters are walking through a foggy hall with many exits to different paths. They stopped in their tracks noticing these abundant exits in different areas in their section. WardSprint scratches her helmet apparently clueless which way to go. Then, WardSprint turns her direction towards Agel. Agel has the same expression WardSprint has on her faceplate.

Screec screech

"Sister, what's that?" WardSprint asks, her helmet is turned towards Agel's direction having a perplexed expression.

A small foggy group of figures are seen from afar in Agel's perspective.

"It's not birds,not falcons…" Agel's optics squint to see what is coming their direction.

Sreech –clang screech

The figures flying owards the sisters became apparent.

"It's Heavilands!"" Agel yelps, taking a step back. But that's impossible, they can't live in giant ships! Let alone live in an enviorment without their prey…

Four feet wide gigantic-metal organic like bats collided into the sisters, biting into their armor and deep scratches are left on their 'skin' under the armor protecting vulernable areas. Agel swashes a Heaviland—using her mirror- sending it smack down to the floor. T—teech. WardSprint smashes both creatures together. Instantously a small electrical discharge make a small burn on WardSprint's digits. -s-zram.

Heavilands are four feet wide dark gray and black with three claws, large ears, and big fangs. They have a body design similar to bats. Just really bigger than their earth counterparts and that Heaviland's fur is thick as a bears hide. Tall Transformers and odd creatures is an awe-struck concept.

Pieces of metal fall down from Agel's shoulder.

Heavilands are nasty and unpredictable.

"Ow my ribs—"

"The Cervical vertebra does not articulate with the ribs, Agel!" WardSprint takes the time to chastice Agel's comment. Agel's comment been made when they hid from those overwhelming, effiecient freaky animals. "The Thoracic vertrebra is what really articulate with the ribs. Blood protein production is not part of the skeletal system functions."

Agel covers her exposed damaged chest armor.

"You are making this up!" Agel shoves her mirror into the mouth of a Heaviland. "Too—" Agel blasts the alien bat away –zblastst. "Much topic changers!" Agel's rather bent and shattered mirror is not capable to be used in battle for much longer. Agel drops a smoke bomb.


The Tall sisters flee from the heavilands making unsual coughing noises.

"What a way to roll." Agel sarcastically remarks, waving her metal digits as they flee. "You should be a teacher rather than a warrior."

WardSprint takes a peak over her shoulder; seeing the floating figures engulfed in smoke.

"Maybe I should," WardSprint remarked, taking Agel's comment as a recommendation. The tall femme looks down to Agel. Light partially is shining on the wide-savy armored helmet. WardSprint's optics see a mirror stuck in Agel's little hold. "Don't tell me cupid struck his arrow at you."

Agel pouts, skidding to a halt in their path.

"No…." Agel looks to waves her small, almost cracked mirror back and forth. "Care to explain to me and mirror about this 'Cupid' you mention?"

WardSprint rests her left servo on her shiny rounded petalla, groaning.

"Look it up." WardSprint raises her right servo and closes her digits into a fist except for the index digit, signaling silence. It's interesting to know there are three sections to digits such the proximal, medial, and distal. Distal is small, even in humans in their bone stage. The medial is slightly and visibily larger. The Promixal is really the third bone shaped like a machine gear.

Sometimes learning new things is like a blurb of text.


"Hide!" Agel darts behind a hall corner.

A cybertronian mule comes forward, with Christmas tree lights and unusual armor resembling decorations that are two spikes shape like candy canes comes strolling through the maze. The sisters are speechless at this unusual animal. An animal that is not possible. Agel rubs her optics twice in a row while still holding her 'precious' 's mirror partially shows a red glowing nose belonging to the odd cybertronian mule.

The odd cybertronian mule halts in the wide hallway.

"W-w-ward." Agel stutters, her legs are crossed together in an 'x' shape as she hid behind the wall. "I'm scared."

WardSprint gulps.

"So am I." WardSprint takes a step 's weapon backtracks from her left wrist like it had been transported from back-compartment to above her metacarpals. "But that doesn't stop us!"

Canocopy and SwerzdFright are sipping energoil and sitting on curled seats at the exit of this creepy maze. The two are aving a nifty chat being bored waiting for femme's for hours on end. It's been at least one hour and thirty-four minutes in human time. There are two lights beaming on above these mechs. There isn't a sign of fog in sight at the exit's path.

"Man, femme's are slow!" Swerzdfright complains, dipping his helmet backwards. He groans.

"Slower than Scout," Canocopy pops an energoil ball into his mouth. He chews it.

SwerzdFright's optic dart at Canocopy.

"Let me guesss…" SwerzdFright taps his chin. "You played fetch with him."

Canocopy swallows.

"No." Canocopy denied, shaking his helmet. Canocopy's spare Jeterrate is in a cybertronian coffee mug with the burning top facing upward. Canocopy's mug rests on a elevated circlure surface on the arm of his chair. "It wasn't fetch,"

A small bowl with energoil balls (Similar to cheese balls) is on a counter inbetween the Decepticons.

"Then, why were you throwing a big Frisbee with Scout in the training room?" SwerzdFright indingeious asks a rational question, and his giant optic brows shot up simoutiainously.

Canocopy stammers, his face is slowly turning red. So red it could be compared to a small-water rose picked from a bursh straight out a fairytale. Except, this is not a fairtale, this is gigantic robots having a ridiclious conversation. Even a helicopter could shoot their windows to pieces.

"It's absolutely not relevant,"

Canocopy's right servo clenches and he cracks his knuckles.

"Yes, it is," SwerzdFright pesters him; both his servos are placed on the arm of his chair. He looks straight at Canocopy's direction.

"Not in the history of The Shaggy Dog—"

"You…like…animals?" SwerzdFright is taken back at Canocopy's statement. "But didn't you swear up and down that you hated animals—" Swerzdfright pauses, he recalls an earlier statement. "Oh wait, that was Torturer's most love-to-torture mech: Porcupine. I wonder what happened to the fellow."

Canocopy sighs, relieved Swerzdfright just got off topic.

"Relax." Canocopy said, eating another energoil ball. "Or else you'll go crazy mad."

Swerzdfright looks at Canocopy strangely.

"Did you just say chill out and going crazy?" Swerzdfright pesters Canocopy even more, as his cybertronian optic brows both shot up. His servos are placed on the arms of the chair.

Canocopy smokes his jetterate.

"I'm not lying, so no worries." The Austrialian mech, Canocopy, said rather cooly.


The two Decepticons leaned in to see which of the femme's had come out.


A tank with an attached laser shooter strolls right out the exit. It has bent in sides while some areas appear to have been chipped off. The tank unfolds and splits into two cybertronian individuals, mainly the lower half attached to the laser blaster,followed by clicks and gears shifting together. Agel and WardSprint are the result of this transformation.

"Who'se idea was it to bring in heavilands and cybertronian mules!" WardSprint puts her servos on the armor outlining her hips. Agel is using a broken mirror to see whether or not some part is out of place. Meaning; Agel is really self-absorbed to her own appearance.

Canocopy has not a clue.

"No one?..." Canocopy said, slightly raising an optic brow up as his austrialian accent is clear as day. Canocopy grabs the middle of his jetterate beingn careful not to burn his digits. He smokes his unusually still lighted jetterate.

Swerzdfright picks up the energoil bowl.

"I'm not really going to stick around for hours on end waiting for the others," Swerzdfright said, pressing the button on a panel to the looks towards the other Decepticons. "They'll be out, that's for sure. But I won't be there!"

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