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Starcream's eagerness to know if they are really in a relationship drew him into actually doing some spying. Five months have passed since her arrivial into the Decepticon force. That hatchling is developing…becoming ready and ready by the weeks to be born. He is not all femilar to how humans bring their children into the world. But in rare cases they had to remove the hatchling via C-section. Cybertronian bodies were thought not to ready for delievering a hatchling for very many centuries. CanoCopy had warned Starscream he may not like what he finds out.

So Starscream ended up listening to a private conversation without anyone noticing.

"We must tell them…" Robustshell's voice is heard attempting to bring up a problem that needed to be given a solution. Her lips quivered. Starscream could not see what they we redoing in reality but he can only visualize it by knowing them just so far. "It's been far too long that they don't really know…"

"We can't tell them!" Megatron's voice rose up, defensive. He turns his helmet towards a large crater window in the ship. He looks to Robustshell. Words that couldn't be said when one is being spied on by some other individual. "It's not—"

"Safe?" Robust interrupts him. Her optics are gleaming a high pitch red than usual. It weren't the cold-deathly red being darker all together rather different from lipstick. Her voice told Starscream this might not be the ideal conversation to listen in. "We are in the safest corner of the entire universe, Megatron!"

Starscream's attention grew, hearing this from Robustshell.

It became silent.

"I know you are protective of me since it happened…" Robustshell clears her throat.

Megatron is incredibily hestitant to tell her the current year. Starscream is left to assume it's something that should be left untold. Robustshell puts her hand on Megatron's gigantic widened shoulder blade conjoined up in some metal wires and parts from his rusty cybertronian truck vehicle mode. His rusty metal is seen partially scrapped off at some ends but not completely rusted since it does seem to be somewhat new.

"The year is 2010." Megatron said, bluntly. There's an atmosphere where they've come to the point that time may not be on their side much longer. It also signaled time couldn't be prevented to halting major events that should and will take place.

There's a pause in their conversation.

Starscream looks into the hole of the door to see what's going on.

The seeker witnessed a vibe come off them. The glow about them is unwordable and profoundly difficult to ever show as testimony at a hearing. The glow fades away within 43 seconds. Oil tears come down Robustshell's optics while her shoulders moved in a sadly mellowtone motion. Megatron whispers something into Robustshell's audio's.

It became apparent to Starscream they did indeed just unemotion bond.

Their voices became hushed.

"How did that happen so fast?" Starscream creeps away from the closed door as he asks himself a rather interesting question.

From behind Starscream; the doors flew open. Megatron is the first one to come out of the room. Then out came Robutshell wiping off an apparent oil tear that had been sliding down her cheekplating. Hearing and seeing the conversation roll out told Starscream that Megatron and Robustshell were in a romantic relationship. Is that why they are bickering? The Seeker stops in his tracks.

He shook his head.

Starscream recalls them redecoding a program that kept the ship locked. So happened they, the Decepticons, locked themselves out and only a few had memory of the unlocking code. They were in stage 3? Starscream finally came to a rather hypothises. That does make some sense...

They have been not around each other frequently this month.

So it became easy to know they were likely in their fourth stage; independence. It made complete sense for , the de-emotional bonding thing gave a different vibe as in ending the relationship in Starscream's processor. He can't be sure if they are in a relationship. Now the questions he had beyond that relationship ceased in his processor loosing a touch of eagerness to be asked.

For the sake of his sanity, and the interns who are supposedly shipping Megaburst, Starscream just had to get it out.

"I should really break the news to the interns." Starscream mutters to himself, walking down towards the rather occupied halls where Decepicons were playing some video games.

In other rooms a few Decepticons were doing target practice. Even recently found decepticon femme group were sharing gossip to some shady Decepticons in the lounge area. These femmes do not know a single thing about these two and why they are a thing to talk about in gossip. Starscream brought himself to the small group of interns. Who are defined to be rather skilled medics at this point.

"I have some news," Starscream begins, shuffling his feet. "I have to say your couple theory is not quite 'offical' anymore."

The interns, who now have some good medical skill, are horrified by this news.

"This ruins my bet pool!" One cried, JetStream, in a overdramatic reaction.

The other cybertronians around JetStream grumble, while a few were not so pleased by this news. It merely threw a stone into their day. A duo clipped a datapad in half as it had been given two simoutainous designs, one seemed to be curly and the other has sharp edges, that seemed to compliment each other without a dead end. It seemed to be a rather intricate design.

Starscream leaves the group, as they supposedly went to delete what else they had posted online for the Megaburst couple. However one pair had a totally unworldly idea; A rather, smooth, slow romantic dance at the Party planet.A planet inhabited by giant robots that lived prosperously and hold great partys at night that are pretty chaotic. The two Decepticons were drawn into the possible idea of getting the two back together.

We watch those individuals set coordinates to the next destination: Party.

"So how do you figure we'll get them back together?" Flipstick, a sea blue Decepticon who had a Honda 2014 model, leans his arms on the edge of the headquarters frame. His optics is intently awaiting a reply from his friend StoorageBait.

The mech,who is mostly Stooragebait, turns towards FlipStick.

StoorageBait is grinning from audio to audio.

"Not we," Stooragebait taps his chin plating. Stooragebait waves one of his elongigated digits in the air as his grin becomes wide as a watermelon. Something about him is different than most Decepticons who let nature take its course when leaving two types of ants together. "They will do it themselves."

Flipstick laughs.

"I do not see how you can rekindle a relationship in a megacycle." FlipStick remarks. He finds it not a possible scanerio that two decepicons such as Megatron and Robustshell could get together. Despite supporting Megabust it was merely a figment of imagination for Flipstick.

Stooragebait puts an arm around FlipStick's shoulder.

"Pal, anything is possible when we have something impossible already here." Stooragebait pokes at where Flipstick's 'nose' should be. He flips a rail on Flipstick's helmet that then shook sending an annoying signal towards his audios. Stooragebait unwraps his arms from FlipStick's shoulder.

Flipstick rubs where his audios are.

"How easy you get into a mess is rather predictable." FlipStick remarks, as MarvelSpec and Mountiany were redecorating a side of the hall leading up to the headquarters. There are other Decepticons doing the same. FlipStrick rubs where his Zygomatic bones are. He glares at Stooragebait. "Seriously!"

StoorageBait laughs at him.

"Plus...doesn't the Party planet have a faster time speed than earth?" FlipStick asks, rubbing his shoulder plating.

Stooragebait does a "l" shape using his digits pointing at Flipstick.

"Three megacycles is a couple years to the Party planet." StoorageBait gets up from his seat. His armor easily moves to different parts like a gear rolling off mechanical parts easily design similar to puzzle pieces. He may not have the smarts to operate a suicide booth or skill to carve. But, StoorageBait can get into trouble like a rebellious human teenager. "Not that much."

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