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The Big Computer: The Awakening

One Decepticon inadventurely awakens the real computer. It has been at least 6 months since Robustshell joined the crew. To be really accurate it's been sometime since the seven sisters joined the Decepticons. This unwillingly Decepticon can be squarely defined to be one unlikely individual who wouldn't consider at all. We back away to see Swerzdfright at least typing professionally in a quick manner, though not hard enough to break the keyboard he's pounding on.

Most Decepticons are in recharge.

"Girl, Astronuts, yolol, and that tick tock song…" Swerzdfright mutters,keeping his optics focused on the screen. He has this determination to find out the truth behind it. This girl must have a name, not just the Butcherer. "Something has to add up..."

He grumbles something about security videos.

The screen blinks green.

"Ah holy scrap." Swerzdfright cursed to himself. He looks down to the keyboard. "And to think it's assitent repair manager is on vacation!" Swerzdfright punches in a code into the keyboard.

Do you really want to activate computer programming?

"Of course I do!" Swerzdfright shook his fist at it. "I am digging for the absolute truth."

Enter the code for computer, again, or be deteriorated on spot.

Swerzdfright retypes the password, again.

Code has been accepted. Main HQ files have been activated…Computer powering up…

Swerzdfright sighs.

"Finally..." His long flat digits rest on the keyboard.

The screen fades to darkness. Up comes a cybertronian search browser that translates into English in visual perspective. Swerzdfright puts in the keywords, again. Digital files and folders are seen under the search bar. Everything that happened before he ever joined is available right in his reach. Everything from cybertron had been uploaded here.

Swerzdfright smiles.

"Ooooh," He types in the key words. "Baby, this is my lucky day."

The screen is then covered by videos and files. He takes the time to watch all the videos. Then after watching these videos Swerzdfright read the files. The cup in his left servo is shaking. A solar cycle where many Decepticons were offlined has it's entire event written. His gigantic, somewhat sharp digits lay still on the keyboard.

He nearly spills a cup of energoil across the keyboard. "How could…It…has…everything they did. But it only stops after she leaves…"

Computer cannot find any more

"End search." He sets the security system back to it's original condition.

Swerzdfright gets out from the chair.

"At least I know…" Swerzdfright grumbles to himself, walking away from the computer. "Feels like I am forgetting something...Eh...Been a looong night."

A digital neon-green smile is seen on the computer monitor and two big halloween pumpkin eyes.

….Short frightening event…

…..Five Megacycles later….

Scout got on the big computer grumbling, his optics squarely shift towards the big almost broken keyboard. He sighs. "Keyboard…broken in this rate?" He leans back in his spiraling seat apparently irritated by how his day is going. "First, Kenowhat'shisname made me search for an apparent not missing jeterrate,"

The Computer has unhooked cables and wires that are moving around this huge seat.

"Computers can have minds of their own," An unknown gendered Decepticon comments, a holographic visor down over their rather un-see-able faceplate. Their armor is a small tank merged to have been part of a machine gun by a large trigger seen on their left fore-arm.

Scout taps his helmet on the keyboard.

"Not possible." Scout groans, covering the side of his helmet on old key. He didn't find it worth anything to ever consider possible. "And then, I get an assignment on a broken-scrap-old computer," Scout complains even more. "That can't work right without falling apart!"

Two cables shot into his occipital bone then into his processor;

One minute Scout's visual was seeing the screen, next minute it had been changed to a very quick and odd paced situation. Well, in reality it is fast-paced not odd. At first he felt something hitting something with their forehead, then it broke, and the physical effect of sliding down from a from texture came into play. Next, he feels like the experience had fallen over a ledge.

Who then landed on something similar to a bush. The scenery changed dramatically after two figures looked on to see whoever experienced this was okay. Scout can hear a fearful scream as lights were zipping across his perspective. He can feel fear for this event. Oh my unicron. What is happening? Scout's adrenaline speeds up beating his spark.


What is going on? Scout thought, struggling to understand what he is seeing. He saw hands waving in the air being smaller than an don't they understand what's being said? Scout can understand this frightened individual in English better than he understood most humans. So many mixed emotions were going down this scenario as three other figures are seen wearing light blue-green mask covers.

A toy bear is put in perspective when something covers whoever is experiencing this terrifying event. It made it even more overwhelming instead of being reassured this is a friendly child comfort object. Scout, he too began screaming, now saw fear in a complete different view. His spark rate increased so did rate of sweating oil from his leaky sensor pits. Can they not see the obvious? They are scaring this individual! Scout did not feel internal pain from this individual.

Who's being terrified by the hospitality.


A gas mouth cover is put on the experiancee's mouth as this circlure white light is seen from afar in the shape of a dryer's interior. He saw fog. What is this? Scout's mind begins to wonder off whose memory he had been is fleeting shown a frightened four year old, a child. It was as if he and the child had shared a long-dark-distant stare that carried onwards for fourty-six seconds. The Childs eyes came to a close during the time to have been speaking in some other language. Other than English; as in Japanese or Chinese speaking the 'I'M OKAY' exclamination.

In a snap that reality is gone.

Scout is at the corner of the room where several Decepticons had taken the liberty to break all the wires that fixed into him. Scout is trembling and sweating oil. He could not speak at this time as they ask, "What did the computer show you?". "Are you okay?", "Scout, stop acting like you saw a Screamer."

"T-t-the…computer…it's alive!" Scout stutters, being helped up by a few Decepticons.He stumples back landing squarely back on the floor, and points at the computer once more using his index digit. He gulps.

The Decepticons around him laugh it off.

"How can a computer be alive?" One of them ask. "It probably went crazy that's all."

"You are funny, Scout." Another Decepicon being shorter than Scout told him as he slaps his knees. "Cut yourself some slack."

Scout stared at them.

"It's...real." He said again. Scout is more than horrified about what he saw. The computer is developing a conscious.

Scout is in a group with his unsorted - some of which are not-likely to be named—friends towards this gigantic living computer. There's something about their expression that tells it's not a good time to be in this very room. The monitor glows ever-so-slightly as did the keyboard. PlayerSwitch is among these Decepticons.

"Geee, Scout." Playerswitch said,his spanish accent is perhaps obivoious to everyone. "You got some ghost in here?"

Scout shook his head.

"No." Scout said, his optics are full of fear. He gulps while shaking standing before the computer.

The mechs exchange concerned looks.

"If this turns out to be our worst late-night time ever," Playeswitch grunts, then uses his trademark slang. "I will come after you"

Scout rubs the back of his neck, laughing shyly.

"Well.." Cucomber, A Decepticon with a mechete attached to his right scapula and Clerical, commented. He still has the strength to go out and kill nasty organics. "Better be worth our time not slugging some Orcs!"

Cucomber clicks the trigger to his machete.

A large force-field prevents the bullets from striking the screen.

Tsk tsk tsk

"I told you so!" Scout waves his left servo. "It is alive!"

Very wimpy of attempt destroying your most presidented AI.

"Tt-t-hat cannot be possible," PlayerSwitch stutters, holding his weapon like a precious lifesaver. He is gaping at the computer screen with a creppy green, digital generated face.

I am possible-Ohhh I see what you know...Nasty secret you have there.

The mechs share unsure looks,not really understanding the Big Computer.

An old Seeker, well..Cucomber,

"How can it know my name?" Cucomber's old, somewhat rusty armor is starting to become loose.

Cucomber is younger than Jetfire (Pretty obvious by his voice and how well he's aged) by two million years.

I know everyone's names.

Scout's optics rotate and make off steam which is slightly apparent

"Run!" PlayerSwitch shouts, running away with Scout's other so called 'friends'.

Scout stood his place, as Cucomber rushes on by.

'I do not trust something that we use every solar cycle.' Scout shoots at the cables using a laser blaster.

Then we have a hostage situation.

Scout stands there stunned and speechless,as gigantic cables forced him on the wall beside the computer frame. He can see the computer create it's own face. It's the face that can scare a demon right off it's tyranny inflicting terror and pain onto face can dispel Megatron from opposing it. Scout wiggles attempting to get himself free.

You want to die? Struggle only makes you get squeezed.

The ship lands on it's side on a desert like planet. Creature are similar to earth organics roam on it's ground. However they look wild and parts of them bare metal and some do not have feathers. Decepticons, who were not near the computer room, were thrown off guard. And Megatron didn't expect this landing. It was quite impromptu among the Decepticons.

A cable crawls into Scout's helmet and struck some part of his processor.

Scout went temporally limp.

The doors to the computer room slams shut.

"Hey!" Cucomber skids to a sudden halt.

You old Seeker...I should have offlined you when I had the chance...

Cucomber gets a frown on his nearly wrinkly, rugged old faceplate followed by a growl.

"Can't be offlined, yet." Cucomber transforms into is two-wheeled only version of a motorcycle without a front wheel. The armor seems to be directly suited for jets-as there is a rocket blaster hooked to the back-and an engine that hadn't been used so often. He knew an exit in this unkept room. Not a computer could get him down. He would go down in combat rather than in a ship.

He kicked his engine on and drove through the wall.

Cucomber literately disappeared through the wall.

Everything that is used to activate the doors are given to the computer's control even the passwords have been reset. No one knows the passwords to the computer or the systems. Now this Computer has complete control over the ship including security systems. Decepticon rooms locked down with a couple still in recharge.

...A few hours pass...

"There is something off about this." Megatron said out loud, walking down the stairs.

The scenery is deserted with many skeletons,that once belonged to living organisms,sprawled around.

'Thank uunicron far-distance calls went out! I never thought that call from Earth would end," Starscream adds, being really happy this entire scenario is in motion. "It was another one of those 'Can you help out please' kind."

"What calls?" Agel snaps out her bored-state.

RobustShell looks uneasy; she knew what those calls really are.

"Your mother." Megatron makes a snarky comment toward Agel.

"What is a mother?..." Agel repeats, actually confused about the word. She scratches her helmet.

The Decepticons are in a pickle about explaining family units.

"The kind that brings you into this world," Starscream bluntly explains. "You refer to each other as sisters. But, you do not have a good clue what the term "mother" means?" The seeker notices some of the femme's are not in the crowd except for Agel,WardSprint,DC, and Mountiany.

Megatron and RobustShell share a giggle.

The other sisters have been eerily quiet ever since Arrowl's death.

"No." The four femme's reply, at once.

A mech came rolling down from the long wide platform. He stops right behind WardSprint's heel. Wardsprint looks over her shoulder to see a dead, lifeless Decepticon with a horrified opened mouth. WardSprint struggles to speak. What is coming out her mouth are squeaks like a kitten. The mechs and femme's look over their shoulders to see his badly wrecked up shell.

There are holes all over the mech's body. Indents that were suitable for cables are all over his neck. His legs are crippled beyond repair (really flattened, exception is the bumps in the armor) or be replaced. Energon that had been running through his body is smeared on the platform. However his wounds d not show a trace of any liquid. His symbol has a scar right across it

"That..that...that was Twister." Canocopy shook his helmet, trying to make himself believe what he just saw hadn't happened.

"Who could have done this?" Megatron asks, out loud. "It's not as if it's hunting season."

The femme's glare at Megatron.

"I didn't do it." WardSprint denies right away,shaking her servo in front herself. "I knew him. But I hadn't done it."

RobustShell presses a button on Twister's forehelm.

"He'll tell us who had done this." RobustShell ztood up, as a holographic diamond shaped object floated from his forehelmet connected to a thin blue line. "Just watch."

The diamond shaped object dispersed and became a wide screen.


Starscream rubs his chin plating.

"I would have heard him yell." Starscream claims. "Those walls are not sound proof."

"Apparently they are." Megatron turns his attention back to the hologram.

A panel on the wall changes from it's simple size to a wide television screen from 2014.

I did. I am the computer and I control the ship. Do you have any thing to...

"I can twist your writing into pieces if you do not turn my game back on."

You must be joking. You are a gamer. Not a fighter.

"There's a reason why they call me 'Twister the maniac'." The Decepticon said, with a intimidating growl. He has been playing the game about 2 months straight. He really got into the game by making remarks at the screen and lashing his fury out whenever his character got killed. He was fond of this 'german sheperd dog' and didn't want to end his game with the animal dead.

He restarted the game mid-way four days ago and has actually gotten to the near completion point.

You are tempermental.

PlayerSwitch drove on by the soon-to-be-grizzily scene.

"THE SHIP IS BEING TAKEN OVER!" Playerswitch cried out, his vehicle mode reflects light from the windows. "ESCAAPPPEEE!"

Playerswitch left dirt and some dust balls.

"Wrong move." Twister rips off the panel. "Disconnecting entire room in one move: Sore loser."

Twister yanks out wires from the panel. Those wires turned on against him. They basically killed him in the worst way possible by squeezing his chest plating and sending a death-kill virus into his body via hooked into his neck. Longer, flat sized cables crushes his legs riddling him a less chance of moving to escape. If Twister ever moved he would surely get squashed...and his optics lost life.

RobustShell held Megatron's large servo,apparently scared by what this intelligent computer had done. Megatron did not show any sign of annoyance towards this move. But he is deeply disturbed to the shell's condition. Starscream is in the other Decepticons way preventing them from even seeing this moment.

"Megatron," RobustShell said in a low voice, her voice sounds as scared anyone can get. Never mind the knowledge she knew unlike many Decepticons abroad this Decepticons who are merely trapped in it. "There's another thing I forgot to tell you. I watched this show called Generation 1 transformed into a gun."

Megatron and Starscream share a laugh, amused at this depiction of him.

The other Decepticons did not get it, but Megatron surely did understand.

Starscream, on the other hand, had known that girl with a plant name tell him about...franchises.

"Maybe, I will make some adjustments to my weapon systems." Megatron jokingly comments, doing something that is out of the ordinary. But it is relieving the tension in the atmosphere. "Just not in this age."

"Kenobi-whats-your-name," Starscream begins, failing on saying the right name.

"It's Canocopy!" Canocopy stresses his name. "One simple word: Canoe. Copy."

"Where is PlayerSwitch?" Starscream asks Canocopy, ignoring how he persisted on his own name.

Canocopy looks at him, dumbfounded.

"How would I know." Canocopy folds his arms, his Austriallian accent is purposely evident. He didn't ask. It's implied he didn't know at all. "He hangs around Deframe most the time."

A not-so-catchy version of a bicycle-motorcy8cle came through the ship then made round skid marks on the ground.

"Cucomber," Megatron is surprised to see an nearly rusty, but still working seeker in his transportation mode. He didn't often see him in this. It came as a rare moment. Most seekers didn't transform into their vehicle modes otherwise they would sort of 'die' in-mode and need to be stirred awake by a fragment.

The Motorcycle transforms into Cucomber.

"Surprised, ey?" Cucomber laughs, tapping his knee pads. His optics nearly glint. But then he noticed the other Decepticons in a rather small group. It has been that long? Cucomber shook his helm. Pheeshaaah. Time does fly by quickly in invisibility mode. "That machine is insane. INSANE, I tell you!"

WardSprint looks towards the wide open doorway into the ship.

"So..." WardSprint starts, turning her direction towards the entrance. "This means the others are stuck onboard..."

RobustShell looks towards the doorway. Her optic show RobustShell is making a rather difficult decision...

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