This is Crazy, but I'm in the Bayverse!

The Big Computer: LIFE is not a game

"We believe our problems can be fixed by using technology, but. in reality there are some sacrifices that are meant to be done. As a wise individual had once said "Life is not a game, but,gambling is...Gambling lives and on chances,"which hurt more then it was meant to be," -Quote of the chapter.

It seemed as though he had been stuck frozen in a time-loop for enternity.

Playerswitch cursed to himself, as he got to a dead end. He is in vehicle mode. The shining car hood rattles as the engine underneath revves can see the wheek inside the vehicle has pink, leather covering. Two red dice hang from the rearview mirror inbetween the driver side and passenger side. The Decepticon symbol is on the driver wheel.

"Drat that freaking computer!" Playerswitch complains out loud.

The gas from his exhaust pipe comes out in the form of smoke.


"Who's there?" PlayerSwitch's car lights beam on,slightly turning himself left towards the source.

"Just me." Deframe's femilar voice sounds close. "I'm hiding."

"Then...Uh..." PlayerSwitch transforms into his robot mode. His parts moved,unfolded, and retracted. He takes a few steps forward. He aims his car lights at the cieling."What did I hear?"

Deframe is latched on the cieling digging all his digits into the structure.

"Me..." Deframe shyly said.

PlayerSwitch covers his mouth, being the first to know laughing at Deframe is not a good idea, pratically covering the sight of him laughing.

"And my teeth jittering together." Deframe adds. He is a full made coward.

Playerswitch uncovers his mouth.

"Dude." Playerswitch said, shaking his index digit back and forth. "Let go of the cieling."

A small, little "Why?" comes back from Deframe.

PlayerSwitch takes out two energy blasters on silent mode. He aims both at Deframe's servos.

"Player.." Deframe gets a little ancy hearing nothing from Playerswitch. "What are you-"

Four blasts struck Deframe's servos each painful than the last. Deframe lets go of the cieling and fell down like a bird shot by a hunter. His yelp is loud as a girls. Deframe lands sqaurely on his face. PlayerSwitch, is the mech who reads dirty comics online, lowers down his energy blasters.

"The computer turned off the lights." PlayerSwitch puts his energy blaster away.

You don't say

"...Plauurrrr!"Deframe pouts, getting right up. "You shouldn't have shot me down."

Playerswitch grunts.

"He could have offlined you by electrocution." PlayerSwitch takes out his energy blasters.

Do you want to live?

Deframe and PlayerSwitch exchange glances.

"I...I am a Decepticon." Deframe said, pointing out the obvious. "Decepticons do not make treatys with their own ships."

"Another question," PlayerSwitch asks,tapping his digits together. "Are you a boy or a girl?"

Computers with AI's do not have genders.

Deframe scratches below his lip.

I am not a ship.

PlayerSwitch kept back some laughter, ressiting the dirty thought of 'A ship'.

"Um...The Little Toaster that could." Deframe rubs his jaw plating. He seemingly and blissfully ignores PlayerSwitch's chuckling. "You are an AI. AI's do have their own genders. So, if you claim not to have a gender as Most Ai's do have genders...Then what are you? Are you a software that is operating by commands-"

The floor underneath Deframe suddenly popped up and made him flip over landing on his back.

Playerswitch frowns.

"You don't like being told on." PlayerSwitch taps his index digit on the palm of his servo.

Those are lies!

"But..." Playerswitch looks down towards the floor waving both servos like a piano instructor. "You are a computer, how can you control the entire ship without being part of it?" PlayerSwitch's spanish accent comes through his voice. Nobody has a real clue how he got onlined. But he knew 100% of his origin and no-one should know.

PlayerSwitch hesitates.

"Unless..." He looks up towards he camera. We see through the blue screen of this camera that is not showing this camera. "You are the ship."

The floor beneath the duo gave out.


The two mechs fell into the basement. A cloud of smoke sarrounds the two Decepticons almost like a fog in a misty maze. There is some coyghing heard coming from both Decepticons. Machinery sounds is prominent around these mechs. Their gigantic servos act as large treebranches providing shed to the most disgusting floor. Objects from the upper floor landed on the mechs. Deframe and Playerswitch groan.

Playerswitch coughs.

Deframe groans.

"So dusty." Deframe complains, getting up. He dusts himself off. Deframe looks at his servos. "Eww , and dirty!"

"Deframe!" Playerswitch said, . "Great. Just great. we are in the basement!"

Deframe shot him a look.

"I am not the one who made a Captain obvious remark!" Deframe chided Playerswitch. He notices a large cybertronian twig dug into his leg.

Deframe wiggles his leg, quickly.

Playerswitch looks around the room ignoring his friend's rather odd behavior.

"Why would 'it' ditch us here?" PlayerSwitch asks, slighltly shifting himself left.

Deframe shrugs.

"Perhaps to save us off for a slow, and painful death." Deframe visibily shudders, rubbing his shoulders. "With...GERMS!"

Playerswitch paces back and forth, making a circulure motion on the side of his helm.

RobustShell had persuaded Megatron to let her go back into the ship. Just to savage what hope she could get shutting down the computer and replace it. She would have to eliminate the entire computer's faulty wiring, the programs, the system files, and everything keeping it connected to the ship. The sisters followed RobustShell in their Vehicle modes.

"Are we getting close?" ArialSpace asks, sounding slightly scared from her vehicle mode.

"Not yet," Mountainy reports back through her comnlink.

"And everyone apparently forgets me." A Cybertronian dark green car is behind Mountainy. That's CliffClicker.

Who dares drive through my halls!

"Girls," RobustShell speaks through their comnlink. "He's locked on us."

Oh. It's you.

The femmes then speed up.

"Not your hall!" Agel loudly declares. "It's the mirror hall!"

A mirror retracts from the lid of Agel's disguise which then blinds the cameras.

You gigantic brats!

Laser blasts are seen coming from the cieling aim directly at the femmes, all of which attempt driving out the shooting-range except for a few sisters. One by one the Computer's handy-dandy laser blasters offline the first five or four femme's. They really didn't stand a chance against a computer that controls the entire ship.

Agel is the first to go.

"Shoot the blasters!" ArialSpace yells, dodging the quick-well paced blast.

"Mountainy, get me in the shooting range," Agel tells her sister. "I want to make it less easier."

"If you get killed on me," Mountainy grumbless. "There must be room for two of us,"

"So you can whack my helm." Agel said, delighted to hear Mountainy make a threat.

Mountainy's back section of two wheels skid as the slipperyness on the floor made her loose some balancce. The other two wheel sets help Mountainy's Fuchs 1A8 go back into a straight drive. The middle section of her vehicle mode has wheels to help in changing direction. Agel shoots off into the cieling.


"Girls." RobustShell's voice comes through. "Do not overdue this!"


Five individual energy-engulfed shots struck Agel. She tumbles off Mountainy schreeching in cybertronian that wouldn't be understand. It is a different type of cybertronian. Agel's shoulder flies off as the last two strikes pierce through her chest. A big, gaping hole is seen in her chest. There's not an area for a sparkchamber to exist. It's been completely destroyed.

"AGEL!" ArialSpace shrieks as Agel's lifeless shell lands on the floor.

Think you can defeat me?

ArialSpace pulls on her gas, speeding ahead her sisters and RobustShell.

"Space!" Mountainy and RobustShell shout after ArialSpace.

Their plan didn't require others sacrificing their sparks or going out to avenge. Nothing that happens next was not expected to happen

"RobustShell,make this worth our sparks!" ArialSpace shouts off, as DC follows close behind her.

RobustShell knows how to shut the computer down; She has used it many times before.

No one thinks when they are fighting, it's fact. You cannot plan moves ahead of time unless you are Sherlock Holmes. The Sherlock Holmes from the american movie starring Robert Downy Jr. A gigantic arm slides down from the cieling then big, wide axe like weapons appeared from the sides of cabinet shaped clubs. These weapons are dangerous and can be utterly terrifying when used for flogging.

Romans did it. So did the Italians.

So why not now?

The sisters lost a few of their own in circumstances that should not be told.

"DRIVE!" Marvelspec shouts, as they drove into high speed.

CliffClicker is close to the group. But their speeding was by far too fast for clifclicker. The ground trembles and moves somewhat splitting apart. The femme's ahead Clifflicker change their direction to a different hallway protecting RobustShell like the Presidents security team. They zip and zoom across the sliding floor strongly similar to puzzle pieces. Wide, flat walls start slide down the remaining hallways. The sisters and RobustShell skid through a hallway before it became unexessable.

Except for Cliffclicker.

"Mount, Marvel,Ward!" Cliffclicker shouts off her sisters nicknames. "Wait up!"

She drove into the wrong hall.

The doors slid behind Cliflclicker as her wheels begin burning and made electrical sparks.

Why need sisters, when you have a brilliant chance of death?

Cliffclicker's entire processor clicks: Oh slag, I'm doomed.

MarvelSpec comes to a screeching halt. They had entered a part of the ship where technology has not been integrated. One would think a spaceship has systems to control the lights, doors, and cameras everywhere. There are holes in the walls that look incomplete and empty. They then transform into their robot modes.

"This…Computer won't find us here." WardSprint said, panting as she has both servos on her knees.

RobustShell takes out a big datapad, her optics focus on an image.

"Where is Cliffclicker?.." MarvelSpec asks, pretty worried as she looks in both directions.

Wardsprint lifts her helm up at the mention of Cliffclicker.

Mountainy looks down to the radar attached to her right forearm.

"She's in a different hallway." Mountainy said, but then she noticed Cliffclicker's energy signature is blinking.

WardSprint and MarvelSpec come to Mountainy's side.

"Why is her energy signature blinking?" MarvelSpec asks.

Mountainy is unable to speak. RobustShell looks up from her datapad.

"It means she has a weak energy signature." Robustshell said, in a matter of fact tone.

The sisters return their optics on the blinking signature

"She's sick?" WardSprint tilts her helm.

"No." RobustShell shakes her helm. Not all the sisters learned about energy signatures on the radar, she motions to Mountainy. "Mountainy knows."

"What is happening to Cliffclicker, Mountainy?" MarvelSpec questions her rather tall sister.

Mountainy's optics briefly power down, then return to their usual red theme.

"Clicker is dying." Mountainy tells her two sisters.

MarvelSpec is about to zip to the door but Mountainy stopped her.

"We must stop it!" MarvelSpec tries breaking out Mountainy's grip.

WardSprint is standing still. But her optics is focused on the energy signature.

"Marvel," Mountainy said, grabbing both of MarvelSpec's shoulders in a hard grip. "Clifflclicker wouldn't—"

"Precious time is ticking away!" MarvelSpec snaps. "And we are letting one of our own skilled Ninja-femme's DIE."

Cliffclicker's energy signature is becoming smaller and smaller.

"You do not have a chance." RobustShell spoke up.

MarvelSpec's attention is then turned towards RobustShell. Her fury is erupting. Everything that had happened before the computer's awakening just clicked. The things that were quite recent. It clicked for a wrath to be released.

"And you treat life as a game!" MarvelSpec lashes out at RobustShell. "

"Life is not a game..." RobustShell said, briefly offlining her optics. "And I understand this."

RobustShell looks towards Mountainy, with a face of dread. WardSprint saw her sister's energy signature disappear on the radar.

"Do you understand?" Robustshell asks, her voice full of authority

"She's...gone." Marvelspec had seen CliffClicker's energy signature fade from screen.

Mountainy lets go of MarvelSpec.

"You do not understand a thing about it!" MarvelSpec grabs the datapad. She is very upset. "I can break into the machine and get this monster offline. Unlike you who just stand around and goes by without being noticed! I KNOW what who you really are."

MarvelSpec marches off down the other hallway, while WardSpprint went after her.

"Now…we lost many on this trip," Mountainy shifts towards RobustShell. "This isn't the first time you have opposed an AI." This gigantic femme wasn't asking. She is simply stating what is apparently obvious. Not everything could be hidden from Decepticons.

Robustshell's mood and her reactions towards this computer at the beginning tattle-tailed on h

RobustShell clears her throat.

"Not the first time." RobustShell said, followed by a sigh. She clenches her servos.

A smirk forms on Mountainy's faceplate.

"Go on." Mountainy beckonded her. "Tell me if this..AI is from somewhere,"

RobustShell flexes her digits.

"It is the same AI from Cybertron." She broke. "It… tried killing Megatron last time."

Mountainy can feel her jaw drop.

"It's from Cybertron?" MOuntainy repeats, nearly squealing. "CYBERTRON IS ALIVE?!"

Robustshell paces back and forth.

"No." RobustShell said. "It was being kept on check by this AI thing Soundwave had informed me about—yes I don't know if he speaks or not, he just replies using texts—this thing I supposedly had..."

RobustShell rubs the side of her helmet.

"It's been so long—" She nearly froze, seeing something something in the corner when there was not. Robustshell takes a sigh, reassuring herself t's only her imagination. "The weakness to it…We so need Soundwave for this."

Mountainy put s her jaw back up.

"Who is this….Wave?"

RobustShell smiles, pleased to hear a fandom in-joke.

"Depends on which one you are talking about." RobustShell tells her, cracking up on Sound's last name being referred to. "There are two waves in this Faction; Soundwave and Shockwave." RobustShell takes a different direction than what MarvelSpec had taken with WardSprint.

Mountainy follows her.

"What are the differences between them?"

RobustShell laughs.

"In Transformers Animated (Megatron referred it to me), Soundwave was created by Megatron. Isaac Sumdac gave Soundwave to his daughter Sari Sumdac for her 8th or 9th birthday (Without knowing this) as a boombox." RobustShell rattles off. "Shockwave, in Transformers Animated, is able to change his appearance and has one optic. Our Soundwave is able to hack into ANYTHING. Shockwave on the other hand…He owns a pet worm named Driller."

A large, loose metal shaped (similar to a booby trap) is sticking almost to the hall right across from them.

"He has a worm?..." Mountainy said in disgust. "Ewww.'

RobustShell laughs.

"No," RobusttShell began explaining, shaking her helm. "It's a cybertronian killing machine that was used in the Great War…One of many."

RobustShell shows her a hologram of the Great War. It's something that Megatron had saved in the vaults. The first time she was using holograms was...It ended up into a prank basically. A very and really long time ago where most Decepticons did not really like her. Things may have changed over a long cycle. She activates it by pressing the underside.

Mountiany gawks at the hologram.

"" She couldn't speak correctly.

"Looks as though it's actually happening…" RobustShell finishes for her. "That's how it felt when he showed it to me.""


"BOOBY Trap!" RobustShell shouts, pointing at the oncoming metal piece. She couldn't move.

Mountiany picks up Robustshell, then dodged the gigantic metal piece.

"Why did you shield me?" Robustshell asks Mountainy, being quite shaky in her arm.

Mountiany puts down Robustshell.

"My sister sacrificed herself to save you from being surprised by a dead decepticon," Mountiany explains to then gets a blank expression from RobustShell. "You don't remember…which is good for one thing."

Robustshell looks down.

"It wasn't supposed to be like this," Robustshell regretfully said. She sighs, lowering her helmet down to her servos.

She did remember, but not after what happened after Posessed Starscream encountered her and a knocked out Megatron.

"What is?" Mountiany asks, lifting a big metal flat floor-title up in defense.

"Decepticons…dying because of me!" Robustshell covers her face, weeping."Ii-i-i-i-I didn't want it to happen again."

Mountiany's optics almost click.

"Are you?..." Mountiany asks, but is interrupted by Robustshell.

Robustshell waves her servo.

"Don't you say that," Robustshell wipes an oil tear looking up to Mountiany. She sniffles. "I've been hearing human voices…I saw a human back there." Robustshell points to the corner of the hallway. Her optics almost glows white when she saw something that wasn't there. It worries Mountainy to see her this way.

"You must be delusional!"

It wasn't quite usual to see her acting this way.

"I wish I were." RobustShell replied, looking down to her knee armor. "Then my entire presence here feels like a cliché story."


"I hate Cyber-Wasps." Mountainy complains, earning a giggle from RobustShell.

"You love destruction." RobustShell notes. Mountiany has a cybertronian bug crushed in apparently a machine radio module part of her massive servo. "And very loyal to your sisters."

Mountiany rubs her cervical.

"I don't see how this connects to you." Mouuntainy looks down towards RobustShell

Robustshell laughs.

"It's not meant to be, little girl." Robustshell used the words of an adult, not of a younger made a marking point as her time branded as a Decepticon. RobustShell's words are perhaps a little bit stronger than when she joined. "A bulkhead-Lugnut individual squashed into one cybertronian…you would gain quite a following in time."

Mountiany's fore-head armor crinkled together.

"Boy, you must be really unlucky."

RobustShell shares a weak smile towards Mountainy.

"Yes…I am unlucky." RobustShell shook her helm. "Now…We should get to the basement. There's a cord down there keeping The Big Computer online."

…28 minutes pass…

Deframe looks around. "Uh…Player?" He didn't see the mech who did not go away silently. The room feels creepy. The kind of creepiness where there is horror and you know something is going to be happening. He hears metal make their eerily cracking sound. His fear is not that easy to be played on but whoever is doing this is doing one hell of a job.

"Player, stop it—" Deframe turns around, then he shrieks seeing who it is. "AHHH!"

Deframe takes several feet back.

"Oh my unicron. Oh my unicron. Oh my unicron." Deframe repeats, over and over again.

He can see small, spider creatures with glowing parts and legs coming towards him.

"Ah slag. They are gonna zombie-computerfy me."

Our scene briefly transitions to the desert like planet, where the Decepticons are hiding out in a big rocky cave. It's actually most of them who are in it. Some of the Decepticons are out there making complete chaos among the planet's residents. And could be very much causing destruction. Megatron did not have any interest on this planet. Not even the slightest.

"Megatron, tell me," Starscream starts, "How can RobustShell lead a bunch of femmes?"

Megatron shares a glance towards Starscream.

"I trust her."

Starscream gets really quizzical as Morgile and Flipstick are ambushing some 'undeveloped' inhabitants.

"You…trust her?" Starscream asks him. He trusts her? I thought they broke up. He raises two digits from his servos. He points them at Megatron like he is shooting two guns at once. "Or you looooveee her."

Megatron snaps Starscream's left servo in half.

"OW!" Starscream yelps, taking back his left leaking servo.

"I trust her." Megatron repeats, with a grumble. His words meant something else. He trusts her in a deeper way. His optics turns their direction down to a handle device. He has been holding on to it for a long time. "Nothing more."

Starscream takes the pain to repair his own servo.

Megatron taps his audio (He wore his dark gray cloak because of the dust falling down).

"Megatron to RobustShell, have you gotten further?"

There is a sizzle on the other end.

"Oh for Pete's sake; I must have forgotten something." Megatron complains, he rubs his still-complete forehead. He had been given numerous 'proof' something is wrong with RobustShell. But he could not come to terms with this: That she was pregnant.

The hatchling's energy signature had been blinking off and on the screen.

"Megatron to I—RobustShell." He corrects himself, earning a quick look from Starscream.

Cucomber is making sculptures on the wall.

"…Mountaiiinny that is not the right part—" RobustShell is heard over his comnlink.

Megatron sighs in relief, glad to hear her voice.

"Megatron, we've…kind of landed...Um…" RobustShell's weary voice came through. "There's a smallllllllll problem."

"How small?" Megatron asks, with the best 'calm' voice he could use.

One does not make the informer worry about threats.

"The size of your—…Um, Megs—"

Cucomber chuckles as he hears this

"And the lady calls you megs, Nice trust there." Cucomber bravely points out. He has a good laugh over it.

Megatron gives Cucomber an intimidating glare.

"I can easily have you killed for that," Megatron sneers. "Worse than Starscream's wimpy servo, Now…RobustShell-"

"Houston, we have a problem." RobustShell interrupts Megatron.

Megatron could not understand this.

"If you have a problem, go fix it!" Megatron told her.

Cucomber makes a few more touches on his sculpture, humming to himself.



"Remember The Journey To The Centre of Cybertron?" RobustShelll asks.

Megatron has some hesitation, recalling all the Decepticons had gone through.

"Yes." Megatron said, tapping his claw-like digits on the floor.. "What does it have to do…"

How could he have forgotten nearly being killed by Cybertron's programming?

"The centre's programming."

Megatron rolled his optics, leaning on a close by boulder beside him as he complains about interns. He may not be an open book or a good guy, but he did have the spark for his home planet. If anything else got in his way then it wouldn't be so pretty what may happen next. He may look ugly with this impaired helm. But, the cloak just prevents anything small get into his wound.

"You…Um…kind of downloaded it into the ship." RobustShell said, almost shyly. "It's baaack!"

The line went dead.

"You must be joking." Megatron said, as Starscream is tidying up some more wires to his digits.

He didn't get a response.

"RobustShell?..." Megatron is slightly puzzled by this, ending the call at once. You can trust her on this. Megatron tells himself, taking a big breath. She did it once, she can do it again. Nothing can make her give up on one thing.

Starscream raises an optic ridge.

"She hung up on you?" Starscream asks, looking curious as ever.

Megatron folded his arms on top his chest.

"No." Megatron denies, shaking his helm. "I did it first."

Mountiany and RobustShell were cornered by two-zombie like cybertronians. RobustShell covers her stomach in fear. Mountainy just takes out a big malice-styled wrecking ball. RobustShell gasps at the weapon. She simply could not believe Mountainy just pulled a Bulkhead. Pulling a Bulkhead means taking out a wrecking ball when you really could have a different weapon of choice, but, Mountainy is not one of t hoe femme's who obey logic.

"What are these guys?" Moutainy asks as she prepares to defend herself.

RobustShell looks forwards, squinting her eyes at them.

"It's…" RobustShell recognizes certain features of these individuals. "Deframe and PlayerSwitch!"

The computer-zombies groan and try clawing at them.

"Don't attack them, Mountainy," RobustShell puts her servo on her hand.

Mountainy's optics look down, right towards the shorter femme.

"Why?" Mountainy questions her.

RobustShell shook her helm.

"I have a feeling in my gut…" RobustShell faces towards the zombiefied computer Decepticons. "Bring me your leader!"

Mountainy has this dumbfounded face.

RobustShell looks over her shoulder, with a smile.

"I have always wanted to say that." RobustShell said, as the ground above shook.

Mountany grabs her friend to keep her standing upright.

"He's a'coming." The Zombiefied Computer Deframe said, in a different voice. He now sounded similar to the villain who became this snake in a GI-Joe cartoon movie.

Cables and wires helped down a figure.

"…Scout?" RobustShell is startled, she moves her arm towards him and spread out her digits slightly. "Why is there a paranoid extra Hitler dude leading?"

Scout's optics power on.

"You have not changed, at all. I am the AI." He spoke in a voice that didn't belong to him. "We met before, shorty. The Crazy chick that could be given a thousand names while still be feared for it; the girl who gloated!"

RobustShell is shaking, but she gulps it down.

"…You do know you sound insane, right?" RobustShell asks him. "Because I've been on here for…several months. Not a year. Not close to that. We visited you before leaving Cybertron, You must be mistaken. I am a Rookie. You got the wrong gal, dude!"

Mountainy is holding her weapon, prepared for the worst.

"Are you stalling the enemy for Ward?" Mountainy asks RobustShell.

"No she isn't." The AI said, gaining a smile on Scout's wrapped face. "I have them."

The AI snaps his digits and the wall unfolded to reveal the two surviving sisters.

"Ward!" Mountainy takes a step forward. "Marvel!"

RobustShell can see Marvel is wide awake, while grinding her teeth together.

"I really hate you, RobustShell!"

RobustShell has a laugh at that.

"No you don't." RobustShell said, shaking her helm.

Marvel frowns.

"It's been so long since I saw you." The Ai possessed Scout walks around RobustShell. "I like this new shell. Did Megatron approve of it? Or did the Fallen…" He snickers at the blush forming on her faceplate. "I'm right about this."

AI possessed Scout slightly waves his left servo, letting MarvelSpec free.

"Oh by the way…" The AI controlled Scout adds. "RobustShell is not actually here."

Mountainy did one of her superb punches sending him straight into the wall.

"LIER!" Mountainy yells at his direction. "She's a rookie and Robustshell is solid!"

MarvelSpec takes out a weapon of hers and RobustShell has out a large gun with a knife designed as the handle. Things may not get as better than anyone could have thought in this scenario. Decepticons may not ever know what happened in this room, except for RobustShell and Mountainy.

The AI controlled Scout gets up, wiping his mouth.

"Kill the overly-gentle, giant." The AI controlled Scout orders. "NOW!"

Mountainy strikes the ceiling with her spikey wrecking ball and made a massive collapse. She picks up RobustsShell then runs from the potentially bad situation that could unfold for her. MarvelSpec has no choice but to follow them. Besides, they are dealing with a living AI. This AI is actually bigger than anything they have ever faced.

"Do you have a thing against insane AI's?" MarvelSpec questions her sister as they got a few paces away from the room.

Mountiany snorts.

"He should read The Help." Mountainy said, taking a stop at the deepest part of the basement.

Mountainy puts down RobustShell.

"Don't tell me that you've watched Jack and the Beanstalk movies." RobustShell rubs her forehelm.

Mountainy and MarvelSpec share puzzled reactions.

"…What?" The sisters ask.

RobustShell shook her helm.

"…Nevermind." RobustShell looks towards the dark hall. "This is it."

Mountainy turns on her headlights.

"Are you sure the cords in there?" MarvelSpec asks, hiding behind Mountainy's right arm.

RobustShell's chest lights turn on and she walks into the hall.

"I am 100% sure." RobustShell indirectly answers her. "Come on before you get scared of pitch black."

MarvelSpec looks up to Mountainy.

"I don't think we should ask who Pitch Black is." MarvelSpec said.

Mountainy nods.

"Marvel, you shouldn't be scared of the dark." Mountainy drags her sister into the hallway. "I do not know what happened to the femme who had been mad over Cliffclicker's death. It's almost as if you became a totally different person!"

MarvelSpec's left optics shines a different color.

"Maybe I am." Her voice sounds strange and different. "Maybe she's dead already."

RobustShell is far ahead of Mountainy when she hears something.

"Do not be scared of the dark." RobustShell tells herself, repeatedly. "You are a giant robot. You are a Cybertronian. You are a Decepticon. You cannot let the fear of the dark…" She looks over her shoulder. But there wasn't a light coming behind her. It didn't feel safe.

RobustShell gulps.

"You must get that cord unplugged and then manually disable any chances of an AI." RobustShell whispers to herself.

The short femme forces herself onwards through the dark hall where furniture and parts were relatively common. This hall used to be the place where spare armor was put aside. The ground slightly shook as RobustShell walks on it. Some of the floorboards are broke. She can hear creepy, odd sounds alone in this hall.

Sudenly, the lights turn on, when she is at the door to the cord connection room.

"I know…you are here." RobustShell said, with a slight growl in her voice.

The AI Controlled scout snickers.

"When did you figure that out?" The AI controlled Scout asks, as RobustShell shifts herself towards him.

RobustShell's optics shows fury.

"When Mountainy's lights went out." RobustShell holds her weapon. "Don't even think about killing her."

The AI controlled scout takes a step back.

"I already offlined that 'MarvelSpec' sister of hers." He said. "And she's next. You can't do a thing about that. WardSprint was easy to knock out. MarvelSpec was a more worthy apponnet than her sister.

RobustShell lunges at him.

The AI controlled Scout dodges her attack.

"And you aren't even here, just a body of water." He adds. "All those mechs in those rooms are going to be a master plan."

RobustShell taps her audio.

"You do realize 70% or 50% of the human body is made up of water," RobustShell points out, as much as she likes to brag. "And Hey Megatron, what's the best way to startle a opponent?"

A reply came through her audios.

"..What!" The AI controlled Scout is startled. "I disabled communications forty three minutes ago."

RobustShell grins, then she punch him out without it expected.

"Bluffing is key." She waves her right servo back and forth in front of him.

RobustShell opens the door to the cord room and takes a step inside.

A little while later...

The Decepticons were glad the AI is the systems on the ship(And coding section) were made clearly impossible to let an AI develop. The chances for it to ever happen again is slim to none. A few Decepticons clearly decided it was time for a party without high grade energon but by using different party related games. Cruel games that could kill odd, undeveloped residents of a desert planet.

"I know your real name." Playerswitch tells RobustShell. He had to tell her. He just couldn't keep secrets back too long. "And you need to stop keeping secrets!"

RobustShell looks at he mech who came to her straight out the blue.

"I don't know what you are talking about." RobustShell denies to him.

PlayerSwitch whispers something into her audio.

RobustShell looks as though she had been given a new paintjob being white.

"Secrets are what keep us safe." RobustShell argues back, her optics narrow at him. "This is not possible. How can I have told you?"

"You were very drunk." PlayerSwitch told her, then he starts walking past her leaving a warning not to be taken lightly. "You tell them the truth or I will."

The scene transfers to SwerzdFright sitting in his chair reading a barely lighted datapad. This Datapad has some stored records what happened previously with the Decepticons and this crazy girl. SwerzdFright servos clasp over his mouth.

"...Torturer." He mutters, holding the barely lighted datapad. "You were an idiot."

He bites into his left thumb.

"And so was the Fallen." Swerzdfright takes his mouth off his digit. He has developed the tendency to bite his own digits when something angers him. Or just for petes sake makes him outraged. He mostly does this in private without being seen.

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