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Chapter 45: A con dies

"Who..dunnit?"-Quote of the Chapter

The lights went out, again. It had been doing this for the past forty-eight hours. None of the Decepticons knew why it's happening recently. Canocopy theorized it is the direct result of going through a worm-hole by accident. Scout had a strong theory that RobustShell is causing this. Mountiany protests it's just old wiring. And others get in a mangle of bad theories.

"I will go to the generator room!" PlayerSwitch said, without being ordered to do so.

Canocopy laughs at the willing Decepticon.

"Do not tell me that Starscream has rubbed off on you." Canocopy makes a sarcastic joke. He gets a shoulder punch in response to PlayerSwitch. Canocopy rubs his shoulder. "Okay, mate, I need to get better comprehanding these 'jokes' a little better."

"That's an insult," PlayerSwitch said, leaving the room. His voice is distinctive among Decepticons because he sounds like a young man who has a high pitched voice. He waves his index digit in the air. "And do not use sarcasm comparing me to him!"

Canocopy laughs, shaking his head.

"He is sooo new." Canocopy notes to himself. He looks down towards a spare energy pad that he had charged earlier that evening. His Austrialian accent is fluent, but light."Hmm...What chapter was I on The Da Vin Ci Code?"

Mountiany leans back in her specifically redisigned seat, nearly breaking the lower half in two.

"Chapter 45." Mountiany said straight out, jokingly.

The light from this spare energy pad is able to show what Canocopy is doing. It is acting as a bright computer screen would be doing at night when a human is watching youtube videos or reading a book online.

Canocopy's face gradually becomes a bright red.

"Stop flirting with me," He shook his fist at Mountiany. His fist punched a Decepticon by accident making them fall on the floor with a big dent in their optic. The steam from his audios are apparent. "I am on chapter 8. That was a rhetorical question!"

Some mechs in the dark are heard laughing in the still dark room.


Deframe is busy (mentally planning to himself how to clean the hallways of it's filth) in his chair mumbling to himself. He is the Decepticon who pratically cleaned the dinning hall in his spare time. Not only did he not; follow the mechs into meddling with unwordly creatures from different planets their ship landed on...Deframe shared cleaning advice with said creatures.

It's strange to think Decepticons are not prepared to move around in the dark.

And that some of their OCD-ey warriors have unusual hobbies.

Besides, the dark is their greatest asset in surprising soon-to-be-dead targets.

...15 minutes after the power went out...

Deframe is walking alongside the walls. He is very much afrad of the dark. And the chances that he could be killed in a dark, unknowingly hall. WardSprint had pressured him to find out why the power has not come back on. Except, Deframe is usiing a large cleaned rag to help him along the walls. His optics have a clear sign of panic.

"PlayerSwitch?..." Deframe saw a figure slumped on the wall. He is shaking visibily. "Speak now or forever hold your bacteria-riddled breath."

There is silence.

"Grrr...Playerswwiittch!" Deframe hurries up to his friend. "You can't be that tired!"

Deframe sighs, standing right above the mech.

" ." Deframe shakes Playerswitch, only hearing a rattle from his armor. "Don't be playing a prank on me."

Deframe hesitatively backs his servo away from PlayerSwitch.

He felt worried for his unresponsive friend.


The lights turned on.


Deframe fell back, then helped himself back up nearly tripping over his own feet.

Playerswitch's shell is found decapitated with a severely damaged torso revealing wires and cables, among of all things. A big dent is seen inwards as if somebody had used their elbow to hurt him. His arms are spread wide open showing numerious removed cybertronian material laying around on the floor. It seems to have been done precisely using tools that a surgeon would use.

The arms wide open part done maticilous could just have been a coincedence.

Deframe staggers a few feet runs down the hallway scared as though he saw an Autobot.


Deframe couldn't hold himself together. WardSprint is being the breathing guide to him. Some Decepticons are not that prepared to have seen a good friend...killed in this way. They had different ways of punishing those who commited murder,matter in fact they took justice into their own servos. It varies on the severety of the crime and who is the victim.

They didn't have that many murders onboard, well...there was one last month.

"Breaaath." WardSprint instructs him,both her servos are on his shoulders.

Deframe takes a sigh.

"He's...He is...offline." Deframe contemplates the situation, as two other Decepticons pick up the lifeless shell.

WardSprint has this 'Enlighten-me-please' expression on her faceplate.

"Hey, maybe Cucomber done it." Scout suggests, earning glrares from the Decepticons around the Crime scene.

If a cricket had been in there then it would have been certianly on time.

"How could Cucomber have done it?" Canocopy eyes Scout.

Scout shrugs.

"He has a planthora of time." Scout tells him, "Besides, he does so many things under our..."

Canocopy and Mountainy both lean slightly forward.

"But, He couldn't have done it." Moorgile adds, getting blank expressions from everyone. A frown appears on his faceplate. "Who do you think has been fixing up the broken weapons? Well, that one million credit question is: ME!"

"RobustShell has a planthora of time-" Scout begins saying.

"SCOUT!" Stooragebait and Moorgile nterupt him. "Quit obessing over RobustShell! "

However Mountainy would side with Scout. As she knew the complete truth by being the one on gaurd watching the security cameras. Some one among the Decepticons had asked for a favor to voluntary make camera's part of the online system. With Mountiany being a loyal friend she decided to do. It meant the camera's were no longer being totally reliant on the one observing. The one who made sure the camera's were active or in check.

Even keeping the lie at bay made Mountiany feel...glad.

Mountainy enjoys keeping secrets.

Here's what happened...

"Nothing personal..." RobustShell pins Megatron's sword into Playerswitches chest plating and forces him to the gear shaped wall texture.

"Ah!" PlayerSwitch yelps. "Why..are you so determined keeping it a secret?"

Her optics flashed.

"You work with the humans." RobustShell's voice is hissing in betrayal, the hurt kind of betrayal.

RobustShell's servo gently touches her bumpy abdnomen.

The rails attached to the side of her antebrachial had straight on deepend a wound on his chest.

PlayerSwitch struggled, but RobustShell made the wound perhaps a bit more harsher than it had been before. She touched her abdnomen...why am I panicking over that! It's not like her stomach can become a cannon. His optics size slightly changed in diameter and circumference. A shot of pain traveled from his spark to his processor.

"Do...not." PlayerSwitch denied. "I...know...your name. I am...good with sea..krets."

RobustShell saw something in the corner, when there really wasn't.

"Heh..." RobustShell stabs into PlayerSwitches's left arm, using her left arm to cover his mouth preventig his screams from being two parts connected to RobustShell's top half make a shimmer come off the headlights when an electrical spark is created. Red glowing lights emit from her body.

RobustShell's digits look rather...male-ish., Playerswitch notices as energon drips from his mouth.

"Now, you are not." Her optics glow a perfect, red blood color clicking in optic directions.

PlayerSwitch's fear became reality as she takes her servo off his mouth.

"Have mercy on me!" He pleads with RobustShell. "I know yo-"

RobustShell twisted of his helmet and used a flat large object to destroy his spark-chamber. It became incredibly smashed up to where it could not be restored. RobustShell then twisted off the top parts belonging to his helmet.

"Decepticons have no mercy." RobustShell spat at the lifeless shell,then she wipes off the energon from the rails aligned to the arm (Antebrachial) that now seem to be tools of self defense. Her optics are focused on the dead target. AndwWhat else had to be done before anyone noticed this grizzily scene.

All she had to do was take the evidence away;specifically Megatron's sword and give it back to him unsuspectingly. She had planned ahead for this day. RobustShell had told PlayerSwitch her name when she had been really drunk. That was only 3 weeks ago. It's only when he reminded her about this knowledge did she panic.

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