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Chapter 46: Three words

A/N There is two songs that may suit this chapter, but I chose "I love you" By Avril Lavigne for this chapter only...For reasons. And then there is "Your Gaurdian Angel" By The Red Jummpsuit Apparatus which means,...Dark of The moon year is coming...soon. Get some cleanex.

"Megatron, I love you." The femme's shoulders sulk. She looks back to the mirror. "And I really am concerned about—Oh hello, Starscream." Her smile is not the ordinary smile a cybertronian would make. Starscream didn't notice this smile from her in a real long time, as in seven months exactly. It seems to be really new and nice to see for once.

Starscream knows only one individual whose smile is like this.

"Ivy?" Starscream finally came to realizing, sounding generally shocked himself. "Is this who you really are, Robustshell? The reason why Megatron has been so…" Starscream couldn't believe what he is even thinking. He looks at her more closely. "You are a human, not a cybertronian. This is impossible!"

I laugh.

"Anything's possible." I said, rubbing my helmet. "When you have The Great Megatron around."

Starscream frowns.

"So you've been keeping this a secret?" Starscream repeats what basically I've been doing for the past time around them. "And Megatron has known this?"

I nod.

"Come on. I know you cannot keep secrets longer than a week!" Starscream said, actually complimenting my secrecy skills. That is quite flattering coming from Starscream. It's at least a good thing coming from him. "What happened back there? And why do I get a sudden energy signature inside you but it's gone in the next second."


"Ah man…." My optics briefly flicker off then back on. I've just realized something. Something that is so dark and twisted,decepticons may not understand why…a choice like this has to be made. Those words he said only reminded me of an story arch from a television show back in reality. These oil tears justs started rolling down; I have no choice.

The Big Computer was right.

"Th-t-tha-that explains everything I've been experiencing." I power down my optics briefly, then flick off a energon tear.

For the first time in many years Starscream didn't have a thing to say.

Until a second later.

"What…do you mean?" Starscream asks, being more confused than I first met him. My entire life could make this gigantic robot even far more confused if everything had been spilled out right then and there.

Sounds of machines that could have been made for earth just comes by my ears

I slightly smile.

"Starscream, turn on the dehydrationfyer when I'm at the edge at the cliff" I tell him, and then clear my throat. I sounded shaky telling Starscream to do it. The girl ,who had a dirty mind as a child, is now facing life. I'm not running away from this. I'm not ignoring this as some arrogant cybertronian. " here physically; Starscream."

The look in Starscreams optics are worry.

He simply did not understand. I can't blame him for that. I know why it seems this way.

"I was never here in the first place." I add.

Starscream looks to the floor, hesitating about some thought.

"What cliff?" Starscream asks, looking back at me with an even more stupidier facial expression.

Good unicron...Starscream must have really lost some processor Cells.

"The one that's like the rocky mountains and somewhat like Mou-t-tnt- R-r-rushmore." The tears were already forcing themselves out. I clear my throat to do a casual good bye. The kind where you will see the other person soon. Like going to work kind of goodbye. "See you later,Starscream."

I walk out my room leaving Starscream behind.

"Arrowl...You were so right about those figures I seen…" Leaving behind many things can be very tough. Arrowl used her life to save mine, to send the jealous femme back to hell. Expeically when it's something so scary and unthinkable to even happen. Just to the ordinary indidivdual who wasn't that all important so long ago.

Now it's a life-lesson that Ignoring Decepticons (who need answers) is a blissful gift to have.

Arrowl went out of her way to help Megatron and end StuntViel to the pits.

The exit is only a few feet away.

Arrowl didn't know who she was sacrificing her life for.

"Hey,Robustshell, can you—" Oh good grief, it's Scout and his friends. They just really came out from no-where. They have this 'eager','ecstatic',and 'nerdy' atmosphere just around them. Scout is the one asking me a question that may not be answered for a long time.

"Stop." I interrupt him, my servo raised in a stop sign gesture. "I've got something to say."

Scout's much wide jeep styled friend, who takes up a good deal of space between the others, has a not really approved facial expression on him. That is is well rounded and digs chicks. No joke. Their armor seems to be Star Wars craft style. The only way to know they were actually jets and vehicles is by their torsos. To them it is a tuesday. But to me it is a monday.

"How important is it?" Rounddig spoke up, his arms folded.

"Is it more important than getting you to tell the space-jets that Decepticons are better?" Scout added, holding a large blue electricial datapad in his right servo. His other friends joined in saying 'Yeah' and 'what's it got to do?'.

"Scout, I'm her." I stop Scout and his friend's rude questions. And now that I am strong, I've figured out how this world turns cold. How everything becomes upside is entirely confused.

I wave at them.

"Hello." I said, in a soft voice.. "I am the mutant slaughterer, by the way, those other two mechs you've been wondering who murdered them..."

RoundDig takes a step back.

"I did it." I pointed to myself, at every single deep word. I didn't kill just were more victims.

Scout takes a step back.

However, his friends are much more understanding who I am.

"Y-y-y-you killed..." Scout stutters, his optics are in mixed emotions. His digits are really shaky. Not only have I done something terrible in the past, but I have done things behind their backs these months as a Decepticon. "So many I kn—e-enew. You are a monster!"

That's who I have become among their tales: A monster.

Being around these Decepticons, I turned an blind-optic to them telling stories to one another.

"I have to go." As a monster would say, when the ones who around in this part of the ship took notice. These Decepticons are frightened backing away from my presence as a whole.

It makes this a much more…touchy moment for me. Can a monster be trusted after all it's done? I speeded away from the Deceptions…away…just away by exiting through the ships exit wants to be devaporized in a ship, leaving a pool of water behind? A better sendoff would be outside for me. My wheels scratched the surface of the rocky-mountain planet's wide-wheel trails behind that could not have been from a space rover.

I transformed into a ferrari leaving more dust and rocks flying away; easily seen by my rear view mirror.

All this time….I figured seeing human figures were just my imagination: Well, they were not. There is a cliff up ahead. An ideal place to be devaporized from a safe distance—restt assured the devaporizer has been tested—secure enough not a soul may notice. Now I hear other voices close by. I know there isn't a human around here. Small, unnoticed-able machinery noises oddly came into my hearing. They were not from me or from another cybertronian.

Those were machinery.

I transform back into my robot mode merely just retracting and armor unfolding.

Just to think I had thought it was all a real deal...In the beginning. I arrive close to the edge's cliff. Are you ready Ivy? I took a step forward toward the cliff's edge. The pebbles and rocks are avalible in different sizes. Water can really flow in a large rill breaking through tumble weeds. I am ready.


"Don't do this!" Megatron's voice pleads, sounding to be right behind me. He assumes that I am going to be committing suicide. Well, he's got it all wrong. Too bad he has not gotten to season 6 of Doctor Who (New Who) on Netflix. He didn't really like Eleven. "You're making a big mistake!"

I power down my optics briefly. Oh Megs, this will break his spark.I reactivate my optics feeling some tears developing at the corners. And then I turn around towards Megatron's direction. It's harder than it looks to actually tell the truth to someone who possibly 'cares' about 's not just a prime wannabe. He's not just a villain; He's got spark.

I feel attracted to him. No...Not the right words. I've fallen in love with him. Just Megatron.

And it's all that we've been through.

It is not just for the bonus things part of the love ordeal package.

"I have to." I tell Megatron. This is the end of this chapter in my life.

"No, you do not!" Megatron really doesn't want to lose me—twice. He didn't actually get me back from Earth. Megatron has not been around the real 'Ivy' at all. He's only losing a copy. "I'll tell them you are not part Quintession, that was months ago, things have changed for the better. You are completely part of our species; Ivy, don't listen to what they say you are."

Aw frag…I have to tell him.

"Now come—"

"Megatron, I'm not here!" I interrupt him. "I'm on Earth. I'm a genger." My servos touch my chestplate. These oil tears were coming down faster than expected. "I'm not really here. They got me, Megs. The humans have me. That's why I must do this…I can't be in two places at once."

Megatron looks as if he had been struck at his spark.

This is breaking my spark harder than it is supposed to be. I guess some have shattered lives in this world. Megatron's spark could be shattered into many pieces from this instant. Some people out there like me claim they don't cry when it comes to moments in their lives, which if they had been in this world for so long they can cry even when forced to leave. This scenario in my life is only bigger, better, and tragic…It's time for Megatron knew.

"I'm made of whatever makes those creeps on Doctor Who," I said, putting my servos down.

"There could be another way," Megatron protests, stepping forward. "We can get you back—"

My large servo rises up stopping Megatron in his tracks. I grab one of his large claws. I'm going to miss the opportunities I've had being with the Decepticons. Good to know there are others out there who do care about me that my tears aren't for nothing. And that I'm not left to waste. The warmth and protection, which it stood for in my mind couldn't be brainwashed from my memory, from Megatron's own large digits is one of those I will miss greatly. The great Tyrant is one of those figures who I will miss. And the friend,Starscream, who didn't know who I was until today.

"Megatron, I'm expecting a hatchling." I get the news off my chest. I don't know if I can say these last four words. The words that may mean a world to the leader filled in mixed emotions by the look of his optics.

I let go of Megatron's large servo.

It dawned on him.

"If it's a boy, his human name will be Cody B. Icon and that's final." I forced myself to say this. "If we have a girl, it's your choice for her name." All and all, this 'child' not in this body could be a cybertronian. Megatron can decide the hatchling's 'cybertronian' name.

His first name, Cody, is named after the boy who was friends with Landmine. B stands for Bud; the boy who befriended Jolt. Icon stands for Decepticon. I guess it may take a bit longer for Starscream to activate the devaporizer. From Megatron's optics; he has glee and dismay. The news is mixed for Megatron to say the least.

"Ivy…." I saw the pain in his optics. "I love you."

Guess there's enough time after all.

But most of all, I felt the thrill of happiness. Somebody actually loves me.

"I've been waiting to say this for a long time…." I said, experiancing this wonderful feeling. "Megatron, I—"



In the instant I had been devaportated into liquid; I foresaw Megatron speeding into the ship then slam Starscream into the wall demanding an answer from him what really happened. There isn't time to explain how the switch had been done taking my real body and allowing my copy to leave. I didn't get a chance to finish those last two words.

Awakening, I found my real body been frozen by machines keeping it down on a flat wall. Part of my lower body is frozen, and then my optics notices something from below; there's a wide unfrozen area where my stomach has become big and rounded. There's only one thing that this could mean through these oil tears just forcing them out: I'm pregnant.

That cannot be possible we didn't even bond using our sparks! I know what Amy Pond felt when something similar to this had happened. Wait…There's only one time that it could have been possible! It was the night we shared when my body had been cybertronian…This could mean that: My human body is permanently inaccessible so my ganger had taken up the form that mostly is something my mind thought I would have return into.

When thinking it that way, it does make sense.

Megatron used a allspark shard on a body of water..What a waste.

"The alien's online, move it!" A loud speaker voice rang in my audios. "Sedate it!"

"But, her armors changed from whatever car to a ferrari!" A man shouts, sounding concerned and worried over such a minor change.

"Do it anyway!" That loud speaker broadly orders. "Do not make a flaw in this or else..."

All the whirrs and clicks machines were making forced me to observe this room is the one where Megatron had been frozen in the first movie. I'm scared. I'm really scared about this place. No wonder characters that have been experimented on have fear of machines and flat surfaced tables. I have to…stay awake…Since my stomach is large it's probably been 7 months since 2009. That means I'm on the brink from 2011 where Dark of the Moon takes place.

Small voices were making it a crazy event as everything turned into darkness.

I hope this goes by quickly…

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