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Chapter 47: things still go on

Megatron has a key. He dangles it inbetween his large flat digits, that seemingly have a few dents from hitting the wall. Megatron is in a locked room with a group of Decepticons who firmly believed they shouldn't go back for a monster. A monster that has stabbed behind their backs. Some even knew Robustshell offlined a fellow Decepticon in training. Starscream, on the other hand, is not locked in the room at all.

"Why this?" Scout asks, "Why should we go back to a lethal planet for that monster!"

Megatron growls.

"She is not a Monster," Megatron hard-evil red optics glare at the scout. "She's changed. Since you all were….relatively new. We decided to lie were she came from…because of exactly how you reacted to her!"

A unconvinced Decepticon,Deframe, leans back in his chair, his selective digital optics shrunk in size to a crystal shape.

"And you love her," Deframe points not over the loss of his big buddy PlayerSwitch "That makes you incompetent to even LET her onboard. Remember what she did with the snake? She mutalited it using her own bare servos. The monster has not even changed."

The femmes who remained in the room, agreed with Deframe/

Megatron slams his fist on a table.

"That is over." Megatron makes it clear. "Ivy..." He clears his throat, having to not say that name for a really long time. He has almost forgotten how much he did like the name. "Ivy has a cybertronian body. She does not have Quintession programming anymore."

He gives a glare to Deframe and Scout.

"Of course I've told her."

The mechs in the room became silent.


"Told her…."


The Decepticons couldn't wrap their processors around this revealment. The interns who supposedly shipped Megabust have reconsidered their own position and a few haven't budged from their hard shipping. The opinions among the Decepticons certinally have become solid.

"You said the 'I love you' line." An Decepticon intern waves his servo in the air. "Did she say it back?"

From behind the door we see Starscream possibly regretting not using the devaporizer when Robustshell had been at the cliff's edge. His optics briefly gaze to the floor then to the blue-holographic lit screen. After all, Starscream had been the one to tell Megatron who had her in the first place on Earth. And who was assigned to kill her. He could rethink everything but nothing can be rewritten.

"She almost said it." Megatron said in a low voice. He looks towards the group who all 'Robustshell' is a definite threat to them as a monster. "She's expecting our first hatchling."

The mechs are taken back. So are the femme's.


"My primus."

"Our OTP is official!" A Decepticon waves both arms in the air. "Yes!"

"Lets...just call her by the cybertronian name."

Some grumbled not truly into the idea a monster could be changed. You can't tame what is beyond the limits.

"Megatron, how can we even be sure she will not kill us?"StoorageBait asks, his arms folded onto another. He takes one out doing a swipe motion. "How can we trust her after all she's done?"

Megatron draws his claw along a board sending a long hard screech in the room.

"Because she is needed, not just to prevent the Autobots from being aware of the future,…." Megatron nearly gets lost in thought. He looks straight back to the Decepticons who await an answer that needs to be said.

Megatron draws a breath then pointed at Stooragebait first.

"She trained nearly ALL of you!" He points at partially nearly all but half since they have been working together. A good skill that wouldn't have been learnt without Robustshell coming into this universe. "Even though she is a bigger monster than YOU, you need to show that even being scared of what you want to be won't intimidating."

"We don't get intimidated!" A intern shrieks. "We just hate her."

Megatron comes face to face to this rather unexperianced intern.

"A decepticon does not get intidimated or stopped to their destination by fear." Megatron comes back to the gigantic table. "You have a choice; remain here without victory…or get victory yourself."

Megatron hopes this could work by what she told him what led up to the rocket ship hadn't been on board when the entire choas happened. She was cooping with the many losses that had came around four weeks ago. The solar cycle where most of her sisters were killed. Megatron knew this too, as RobustShell explained to him the day before...the day before the truth was forcibily told.

And thankfully his persuasion towards the other Decepticons worked.

But he missed Robustshell, genuinely.

The Leader of Decepticons leans against a wall. I'm expecting my own…hachling. Megatron looks towards the edge of the ships interior. He saw something that seems to be so small and unnoticeable. But he did notice it. He noticed it by a long shot.

Megatron saw it; an image that Starscream sent him.

This image showed a young girl in a snow white costume with a mech who Starscream who claimed not to be him and a helicopter flying above them. "Those eyes…They could only belong to her." Megatron saw a slim dark figure dash by his doorway. It's night in this image because it is so bright in his cybertronian view it only means darkness. Behind three disinctive figures is a city-street.

He remembers a question, a simple question, which Robustshell asked so long ago; "Why don't we go trick or treating on a planet similar to cybertron?" The image had the seeker dressed up as Frankenstine by strange markings dotting around his armor, a gigantic blue helicopter, and a younger girl in a snow white costume. Megatron smiles, recalling his usual response;"Because I do not associate myself to human holiday traditions!"

And he assumed it was the Candy Planet.

That planet is full of bad memories.

Megatron feels pain.

"What is this?" The Leader sits upwards, clenching his chest armor. He struggles to understand what he is not meant to be experiencing. I do not understand. Megatron looks to his left, contemplating what this may be coming from. He has not a single wound on him. Then it struck him right at the spark; It's Robustshell. And she's partially awake.

And in Labor.

It's so painful being in labor. I don't know why. But, it is. Who knew delievering a child is harmful? That's a hypothetical question. The delivery channel knows probably. It all feels wibboly wobbly and hazey. Did we actually un-emotional bond back in my ganger body? I'm delievering the son of a Decepticon, not just an ordinary decepticon, but a leader. A leader.

"The machine is online!" A frantic voice made it more obvivous than it had to be.

"What the hell were you thinking,Jason Amback!"

"I don't know," I heard this man. "Just dirtbikes and my wife."

I can just see big lights and humans saying things my audio's didn't catch.

"Get it!"

My left optic powered on and then I saw it all; regardless of the near-blackouts that partially made my right optic still shut off. There are humans operating on my stomach being completely open. It's….cybertronianish, not just a bit alien, but most definetly robot by those thick-hollow wires similar to an empty log from a tree. Their voices are panicked. My baby. That is the only thing that is in my thoughts.

Cody. B. Icon.

It became blurry, minutes went by. Several minutes just went by fast within the pain going in my torso. It feels as though something is forcefibly being removed from my uterus. Eh, never had that before…well humans won't have that happen to them as teenagers. I don't think it should happen to teenagers so they can lose their kids at birth. No way, hoozay!

What do they want with a baby? I couldn't wrap my processor around it. It's a boy. One of the humans came out the hole holding something in a blue bundle. He drops something behind into this hole. Oh primus. It hurts so bad. It's burning. Cody isn't wailing. He's silent. He's not crying. What's wrong with my hatchling? Tears were forcing themselves down from my active optic. He started wailing when they took him away.

"M…my.." I stutter in cybertronian, seeing the bundle but not the head.

The unbare-able pain couldn't stop me from speaking.

"Shut the machine down!" The loud mouthed human said,waving a small object in his hand. "Kill it!"

They drop a couple pills into the hole.

No…No…I can't…I must stay awake.

"Part 1 of Operation... has been successful."

…I didn't see my child, even when I fell into unconcisness. My hatchling…

Megatron hoisted himself up from the berth. He pants. "What…." Megatron feels his spark plummets. A good deal of pain came from his stomach. His optics briefly deactivates then turn on. Megatron couldn't feel her. It's like she went off the map. All the feelings were coming from Robustshell. And it just ended 20 minutes after realizing she had undergone labor.

Starscream is seen with two mechs right beside the large berth.

"Has it stopped?" A couple interns ask, peaking from the corner of the wall. Their cybertronian teeth, kept together by a joint known as articulation between the rooth of their teeth and jaw,are seen to be visibily shaking.

Megatron is experiancing burning pain from his chest armor.

"This is not natural." Megatron forces himself to speak; his voice rather horse and in clear pain.

'Not losing a rib...aren't you?' Starscream scans Megatron using a projector. Megatron frowns at the seeker's comment. 'I take it as a "no", old friend.' He looks away from the projector to the war-lord. "You still feel her.'

Megatron's left servo is trembling.

'I don't feel her...' Megatron's optic look down to his shaking servos. He clenches his digits into a big fist. 'I just feel the pain!'

Megatron's teeth grit together, his optics momentarily power down.

'We must return to Earth,' Starscream tells another seeker; He can see what pain Megatron may go through if their current traveling rate is slower than what an average speed train could compete again. It may take years to even return back to Earth.

Since this ship is in the bent forward motion, like a foot in it's dorsiflexion state, the ship is in a breeze.

SwerzdFright responded with, "We can not have a leader bent out of shape."

Starscream almost went white, he had forgotten about him.

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