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Chapter 48: Pieces in my spark

Months have passed since Starscream finally learned about Robustshell's true background and her dissaperance. Simply to put the year is 2011. Decepticons had empty results finding the femme's energy signature to pinpoint where her real body is. The scene transitions to a late night concert booming in life and lights. A band named "Avril Ripoffs" are playing a concert using some questionably advanced technology and instruments. Microphones have been made from the same material and intertwined into it as well.

We needed time of our own,

Never thought I'll be there when you cried,

The stellar cycles feel like solar cycles

"The pieces in my spark,"

The Singer's manager is seen to be distraught telling them to end the music. He did not expect these lyrics instead of the usual famous song that actually brought out the fans more than ever. However, the audience is roaring. The crowd is yelling in cheers believing this is not a rip off. When indeed it is by the original standereds. The crowd threw anything as the girls who were flowing deeply into the verse.

"Pieces of my spark,

They tear apart,

Everyday I'm gone,

Without you knowing I'm online,"

The Decepticons had finally found the last remaining pieces of Megatron's supposed love interest. "Target locked on." One oddly French sounding Decepticon announces through comnlink. "I correct myself; targets have been locked on." Starscream and several jets hover above the concert.

"I miss you,You know it's tough."

The main singer, Andrebeth Howards, made her vocal singing voice go soft grabbing the microphone to her lips. Her voice is so unigue it could have never have came from a human. But had been adjusted by some unknown technological advancements to this black and silver microhphone bearing an unusual texture. That is really, actually cybertronian products that had been found then used by these rip offs..The microhphone itself dimmed down to a golden-dark yellow.

"We are from two different worlds,

These pieces tear me apart,

Everyday, it's an impossibility to ever really settle in this universe,"

Men in the crowd whistle, some people are raising their charged up phones in the air waving it back in forth like a wave. Blue lights are seen from above radiating from multiple screens from small to big and rounded. This could be a Virgil instead of a concert all together.

The Seekers knew better than not to interrupt a stellar moment like this since it's rare in their culture and something that may not be seen in human culture again. The singers behind her are repeating "When I'm gone" in such an amazing way it's not really noticeable. It could have been recorded then put out on youtube to be heard.

"I miss you,

But I know it's tough for you."

The background players strum their guitars as the muletiple lights are activated.

"Sleeping on the berth,

Remembering you are out there,

It's tough to be out therewithout you,"

"When I'm gone,

The pieces of my spark are missing,

The face you came to know is missing too,"

The singers jumped into a loud beutyful chorus perfected seekers above transfer into their camouflaged forms making them invisible in this nightly dark sky. People did not notice what is going on from above in the sky. They were too busy listening and cheering for the music that not even their manager had expected—who is trying to end the concert right—in this event.

"The momements that we should have shared,

Are just at the edge of my digits,

Are what brings me through the solar cycles that pass…"

Starscream's intercomn sizzled to life with the other Decepticons. "On my order, we shoot." Quick responses from the other jet crafts come through the channels. Starscream's jet blasters are powering up. This could be a deadly concert in the history of wars and deaths combined. The windows to their cockpits are sealed shut just enough for a very dark screen.

"I miss you…"

Starscream orders the Decepticons to shoot down into the crowd. BALS-BLAS- BLAS echoes through the massacre where humans died and many fled the fearsome scene as did the ripoff's. They may not live to see another day nor face the charges police may have on their hands. The crippled torn bodies are seen all everywhere below the stadium. The Decepticons transform into their robot modes as humans were fleeing. People can wonder how gigantic robots can find what they want, even if their target had an identicle twin. That question might not ever be answered in logial-simple English words.

Crumbeler, A decepticon who breaks anything he holds, slams down his spikey arm. A large ground ripple sends most humans flying then landing at various places either dead or wounded. All five members drop their music instruments then quickly run as fast their legs can carry them. Starscream puts his foot in their way. Canocopy blocks the other side. And two other Decepticons are blocking points corning these probably greedy singers.

Laser shots strike fleeing civilian.

"We have you surrounded, humans," Starscream's high pitch voice created chills down the band's spine. It becdame incredibily clear it's not a joke. The seeker's deadly red optics spill out from the invisibility enough to frighten humans, same can be spoken for the other Decepticons. "You will tell us who gave supplies from only a higher race machinery to you."

The band is holding on to each other.

"We-w-we-we-we don't know." Andrebeth stutteres, fearing for her life. Every blast made her more frightened when others were being slaid just a few feet from the stage by something in the dark making deep impressions all over the place.

Ashton Curcher, the guitarist, said "I-I-I-I-I do." He gulps. "A technology specialist."

The scene transitions to Megatron.

"How did I never notice this?" He is looking back on spare copy Scout had gave him about the very and really last time Ivy had actually been with him. Megatron's optics focus on the background trying to figure out what could have made him forget what happened to her.

He remembered what Starscream told him.

"Megatron, I get readings she's sparking a hatchling, but she's not….at all."

It could not be possible he made her pregnant.

Cybertronians did not neccasarily reproduce like humans. Or so they thought.

But, that pain from earlier had told him...She is no longer pregnant.

"There are far more mysterious things in this universe." Megatron note to himself; his rusty radio is turned on. He had been given numerious sugestions to use his spare time this way. He had been told it would actually benifet him.

"Sleeping on the berth..."

Megatron's attention is grabbed by this music. Cybertronian terminology was being used.

"Remembering you are out there..."

It's tough to be out there...Without you,"

"RobustShell..." Megatron mutters to himself. That almost, void-like empty feeling bothered him. That connection to her has been...gone for quite some time. "When I'm gone,

The pieces of my spark are missing,

The face you came to know is missing too,"

Some-one has gotten their hands on Cybertronian Tech. Tech that came from RobustShell. Things that came from her body is left behind in the technology built from it. The lyrics and the tone to the singers voice had been meticlously...changed.

::Megatron, we got a possible lead!::

::Starscream, use your brain::

::But my master, we could need your help on this one! Something's changed about you...You would have jumped in on it!::

Megatron's spark feels as though RobustShell may not be where their lead could say.

::Starscream, You are not my slave::


::do not call me master!::

Megatron ends the comnlink. He knew they would find her Just without needing human help or human leads. The music in the lyrics reminded him greatly of RobustShell. The things that she would normally say when needing to express herself in music.

"I miss you..."

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