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Chapter 49: Habits die hard

"Some people believe Habits are not noticeable. Some believe habits are far more notice-able when there is an observant person around."-Quote of the chapter.



The rocket ship designed by the humans proved a advantage. It's long and big,being gray-white with rounded windows at the sides and some features easily screamed Cybertronian tech had been used to make this shuttle. We've really underestimated the humans. Ironhide thought, in his vehicle mode. Prior to this; Ratcet's friend Que (Also called Wheeljack) somehow detected an Autobot ship on the moon. A long, lost Autobot ship. Two Astronauts had discovered this 50 years ago and it wasn't until that day when it was finally revealed.

The Humans had then been forced to open up what they took and found on the moon. They didn't take any robot parts, but merely technology to advance their did finish production on this rocketship four months rocket ship is big enough to bring back robot parts. But now it is being used to bring two Autobots on the moon.

"Are you sure about not landing?" The young man, Custner,asks Ironhide.

"I've jumped off ships before." Ironhide said, confidently. "I am positive."

Custner looks up to the computer-screen attached to a lever-device at the corner.

"We are getting close..." Custner said, slightly shaking his head. "Johnny, make sure we have the music barriers up."

"Right," Johnny's voice comes afar somewhere in the shuttle.

A sliding, cybertronian sound is emitted as a light blue shield appears around the ship.

"What is a Music barrier?" Optimus asks Custner.

"It's a system-shield-barrier that prevent music on repeat from different ships being sent here." Custner toys with a red ball (that's weightless at this point in space) that has some string poking from the sides. It's not that completely solid.

The humans had more secrets what they used cybertronian technology.

"Sounds like something Jazz would have been interested in..." Ironhide adds.

Custner changes his direction to Optimus.

"Ever since the Yolo-Tick Tock incident, we've been making improvements on our systems. You haven't been willing to give the...higher ups tech willingly. They are just using their resources." Custner explains, setting a few buttons in different directions on the walls gadgets. He lets the red string ball float in the air. "It's been..forever since we had that code red with dead astronauts."

He shudders.

"It was the most disturbing day in my entire career."

"We've seen worse." Optimus Prime added. "Who were they?""

"Bill Hardes and Rob." Custner shook his head. "Terrible how they went. Claimed there was a song stuck on repeat."

"So is there a good reason why you are the only one on board..." Ironhide starts, as the ship drew closer to the moon.

Optimus is alarmed by this.

"There's a computer operating the entire shuttle, Jonny is the AI, and Custner is making up for the flying solo part." Ironhide points out as Custner turns towards a computer keypad. There is several rounded windows showing the moon and far off planets.

"He's the only human who's been around us for the past three earth hours." Ironhide adds. "Not all humans look alike."

"I may be an AI," Johnny said. "but some one has to make sure Custner does not go insane."

Custner has a small laugh to himself.

"Since when did humans go insane from outerspace?" Optimus asks, sounding surprised.

"Since Apollo 18." Jonny said. "We have gotten close to the moon, close as we can get."

"I'll go behind the glass door." Custnersaid, floating towards the other side of the hall. He presses a button on the panel beside the doorway. A see-through present wall slides into place."We use it as a air barrier."

"The humans are smarter than we give credit them." Ironhide said, as the wall slides away.

Optimus drove out the ship

"We'll be back." Ironhide starts his engine. "Don't think about ditching us."

Custner frowns.

"Then I would be out of a job if I did!" Custner retorts towards the departing conversion

Ironhide drives out the ship, going after Optimus.

"I wonder if he was quoting a movie.." Custner wonders aloud, then he notices his red string ball fly towards the moon. "Damnit."

Optimus lands first on the moon, the moon dirt didn't stir complete but it did settle around his gigantic leg. His gigantic foot print is depressed into the ground alongside the two human astronaut shoe energy signature of a Decepticon is nearby. Ironhide's cannons activate prepared to blast a Decepticon into smithereens (If necessary) or hinder them.

"Radar must be getting old." Ironhide said. "Or I am the one getting it."

"Cucomber." Optimus states, he is familiar to the name all too well.

The Autobots walk towards the craft, alert for any Decepticons to come out and attack them.


A large, but visibly torn and rusty aircraft carrier shot at the Autobots. Ironhide shot his cannon at old aircraft carrier did not have a chance as the other blasts from Ironhide's cannon quickly takes care of Cucomber by several shots. The Small, but still relatively huge aircraft cybertronian carrier crashes into the moon. Pieces of metal float in outer space.

"Let's get Sentinel."

Sentinel comes to a dark alley. It has been several hours since he had been awaken by his former apprentice Optimus, and his comrade Ironhide. A dark cat is curled up beside a garbage can. There is cardboard boxes and crates to the sides of this alley. It is dark at this time. This is where he and Megatron had choose to meet four hours ago. This place suits the criteria to meet in secret and private.

Soon, undomesticated feline, you won't be around to see Cybertron rise again. Sentinel thought, turning his direction towards a dark corner where it could be mistaken for deadly shadows cover a unpleasant sight. But Sentinel knew better. The darkness no longer bugged him as it did before back home. Sentinel Prime knows who is in the dark.

"Sorry for being so late." Sentinel Prime shook his helm as he walked. Their entire plan had been on the back burner for a really long time. "The ship landed on the moon...Megatron?"

There's a growl from the darkness.

"Late?" Megatron's deep, furious voice is heard. Megatron takes a step out the dark wearing his cloak over his helmet. His optics are burning pure, fueled hatred. His digits together not hard or too tight. "Talk about being late;I lost the Fallen and a femme very dear to me last year."

Sentinel's jaw almost went slack, as Megatron grumbles , "Technically I lost her the year before that,but it doesn't count."

"You...what?" Sentinel Prime repeats, not expecting to hear anything about a femme from him.

Megatron turns away from from the Traitor of the Autobots.

"I lost the fallen to my brother." Megatron repeats, kicking over a trash can.

The Dark cat yowls then runs away from the gigantic robots.

"I never pictured you as the romantic type." Sentinel Prime comments, rubbing his jaw.

A blast struck the neighboring wall.

"Ooooh." Sentinel Prime takes a step side. In Sentinel Prime's many of life, he knew the signs of a cybertronian in love. "You love her."

"That's between me and her." Megatron sneers, slightly turning away from the wall. "I need you to do a favor."

"After or before we use the pillars?"

"Before," Megatron looks down to the cracked and aged ground. He turns his attention back to Sentinel Prime. "You have the trust of the humans and Autobots..."


Megatron steps on a crate, smashing it to pieces.

"The humans have the femme." Megatron tells Sentinel Prime.

Megatron then took out one wooden piece from his foot, like it were a tooth pick.

"You lead the Decepticons," Sentinel Prime's leg gently pushes aside a rolling mirror. "Surely you could have found her."

"Starscream's leads all came empty." Megatron touches a part of his chest. "The humans have been using her parts to advance their own technology. We have gone nearly everywhere around this sorry-rugged..."

"Her body is not in America." Sentinel Prime could tell Megatron made a connection with this femme.

Megatron nods.

"This femme must have a name." Sentinel folds his arms; he didn't want to go after a nameless femme. Isn't it what initiated Decepticons into war with the Autobots many eons ago; To be referred by name, not only for conquering Cybertron and ruling a trade system.

Megatron knew Sentinel Prime is doing what is best for Cybertron, both had a common goal, but different interests in what they seeked in this leader briefly looks away from Sentinel, hesitating on telling him this femme's name. He remembered what they last agreed on about her name; only refer to her as RobustShell around others.

She's told me many times to stop using the name 'Ivy'. Megatron recalls the numerous times. It seemed to be her pushing out any relations to human ties. Still,not calling her 'Ivy' prooved to be a hard task.

"Her name is RobustShell." Megatron told Sentinel Prime. "...find her, then we begin our deal."

"Is that all?"

Sounds from Megatron's truck engine is loud and clear, Megatron's digit's tap each other in front of his mouth.

"Check for a hatchling,"

The word 'Hatchling' raised alarms in Sentinel Prime's processor.

"...Hachling?" Sentinel Prime repeats; He did not expect Megatron to mention a hatchling.

"Yes, hatchling" Megatron sounds irritated by Sentinel's intelligence.

"You have hatchlings-""

"This is different."

"How so?"

Megatron shot down a human (who had been spying on them) from the roof of the neighboring building.

"I am the father." Megatron tells him. "And RobustShell is the mother."

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