This is Crazy, but I'm in the Bayverse!

Chapter 50: Auto mobile needs its Spring

Someone activated me, literletly taking out the darkness that was so...I can't bare to think about it.

This person is a man.

A man who looked like he is in his what I understood, this man's wife, Martha could not get pregnant. He kept going back and forth talking about pregnancy. It didn't take me long to realize they had...sterlized me. It hit like a bucket load of bricks. This realization made my entire body tremble. I can feel oil tears coming down my cheek.

"Your kind is different." He admits. "I not seen...replace-able damage like yours for...god knows how long."

Another man came in.

You shouldn't be crying over those dirty humans. You shouldn't.


I wil make them pay.

"But...Operation Auto isn't just a lifeless machine!" The man, who I understood to be Larry, argued with the man. "You can't just make a spring automatically without water-"

"It is a Decepticon," The man (Head man of this operation) cut him off, waving his left hand across a desk knocking over some tools. He did not seem to care about breaking them as each shattered. It made the floor made a big mess.

This 'Larry' rubs his temples.

"Elex, You just broke four million dollars worth..."

Elex shot him a look.

" you understand that awaking a Decepticon is not affordable."

"Not affordable my ass!" Larry fumes. "This machine is not dead. She is a-live. Not all bad things are soulless and are minions. This Decepticon is not made from Money. you know that!" He shook his index finger at him.

Elex waves his hand.

"I am sorry,"

What kind of horrible human taunts someone like dat?

"For what?"

"What will come next," Elex finishes, stepping over the glass. "In fact..." He walks past Larry with his hands folded behind his back. "Meet me outside... ."

The last name Underwood rings like a charm.

"Fine," Larry said, grumbling something else out of earshot from the man in charge.

I can simply imagine ripping this human from limb to limb finishing him off by cutting him into pieces.

"Look," He looks at my active optic. "I know you hate humans. but listen up...You need a plan. Don't look at me. I just got the Autobots a key in here, albiet old...I won't be standing here for hours on end, I'll be six feet under when this happens! Whoever you are..."

Did he really consider me to be...Uh no. I do not like humans. I will not accept the fact to have been one many months ago. It feels like it had been years not months since I had been human. That drunk planet may have screwed up my biological time clock, timer thing. His eyes looks so convincing. He shakes his index finger.

"Just do not screw up your only chance...That Optimus owes humanity more than he bargins for..."

Larry mumbled off, turning off something on the most nearby machine.

The world returned to it's murky state.

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