This is Crazy, but I'm in the Bayverse!

Chapter 51: Bonus Chapter: will you

Recalling this solar cycle is the best thing a Decepticon can ever captivity. Like recalling an event most transfan would say "He's out of character, What the slag?" I am sure recalling events in an boring room is a crappy way of passing time being stuck in a room. Oh yes, RoundDig (And other Decepticons) were making rumors about me and Megs as a couple. I often wondered how they found out. Even the smallest and littlest question that matters more to one's spark; Will you be my Valentine? The Decepticons were busy making terror on some planet we had docked; leaving me and Megatron- maybe a few others were onboard-in one room. "Ivvvyyyy," Megatron calls out, as he is coming closer. I was, on the other hand, learning how to transform my left hand into a weapon. "Megs, don't call me that." I chide him, hearing him come into the room. Well...What else can a cybertronian call a decepticon called 'RobustShell'? "You do know that ya can call me 'Rob' not Ivy!" I told him. People tell me that I sound British, Canadian, or that I don't have an accent. I can't say my "R"s correctly. I remember back at South Christain where I fondly remember prouncing 'Star', 'Scare','scarred'. By the way, I pronounce 'scarred' as 'Skared'. So maybe it's not just the 'r' but the 'c' I have trouble with. The very thought of being discovered by those who hate and fear me is terrifying. Would a bear be terrified by hunters discovering it? I have a safe bet it will defend itself. Guess it's another way to say Dracula may fear the modern world for his cultural icon. Another eason to hide under the alias RobustShell. It had a nice ring to it. Megatron puts his left servo on my shoulder. "There is not a rookie on this side of the ship," Megatron said, sitting down in the cybertronian seat beside me. He shook his helm. "..Ivy...Isn't Rob a boy's name?" I shrug. "My aunt Shannon had a child with a man named Rob," I said. "I remember a woman from a Television series that had a boy's name as a nickname ." I look towards Megatron, the leader who has part of his face missing (but he is still living and breathing). Megatron slid a giant seat beside me. "Do you know what month it is..." Megatron asks. Anyone could tell by his facial muscles and optics that he is going to try use the word 'Rob'. "...Uh..." I actually do not have a biological calender. Go figure. "I do not know; enlighten me." I see a smile appear on the remaining side of his faceplate; Faceplate means face. Learned this off fanfictions as a kid. "It's the rose-ey month, Rob ." Megatron takes out a shiny metal. He is holding a rose completely made from cybertronian tech. Then it came to me; It is Valentines day. "Will you be my valentine?" So of course. My reply is a no brainer: Yes. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The other Decepticons almost (and barely) did not catch on what today is. Scout, the most vulnerabe Decepticon abroad,is really not the best type to be paranoid over one femme. The one and ONLY femme he's been obivousily suspicous over: Me.I swear if this is from some draft Micheal Bay's writers are making and the man himself inserting dirty jokes, then there would be consquences. That's another reason why I regard Micheal Bay in a different view: You don't know if the movie is actually Transformers or something else. "I know you are following me,dork." I said, stopped in the hallway. The mech scoots from the hallway. "Don't call me that." Scout said, in a really agitated voice. I turn around. "Nah nah nah." I wave my index digit back and forth. "Never." I know that I have become the bully. But...this Decepticon here... He needs to be teased. "Says the femme who's got a Earth accent!" Scout spoke up. No surprise there...Oh frag my 'R' prouncaination is making it seem like I have one. I should have had that fixed. "Do not." "Ever heard yourself lately?" Scout asks. "I hear you say 'Purrson', 'Ya', 'Dat','Dah'.Are you Irish or Scandevian? Where on Earth are you from?" He gets closer to me. "I don't like mysteries staring at my face." I tip him back. "Does the term 'Three planets away' ever come to mind that some planets have mutt accents?" I ask. I might be smiling at this point. He grunts. "Yours sounds like it rubbed off from Earth." Scout insisted. "I want your mystery to be spilled. Now." "Not time for you ta know." I growl, shoving him into some chairs. Scout trips over some vacant chairs. "The only tme ya would ever know is when it's time for ya to die." I clear my throat. Scout didn't have the 'appreciative' on his faceplate. I tap my chin. "Or getting close to it. Perhaps. So I ain't giving ya any spoilers!" I walk away from the mech. And when I think about it; I could have an accent with this terrible tongue of mine.
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