This is Crazy, but I'm in the Bayverse!

Chapter 52: DOTM-How long has it

Everything became brighter in just a sudden. That kind of brightens when you are waking up from a deep sleep. No wait. That's actually the wrong comparison. Being a picky viewer has it's perks and downfalls. It's when the movie has ended in the theatre and lights become partially bright again. It's like wibbily-wobbly finding your way out the room. My perspective is a bit fuzzy. This is when I lock on a signature.

An Autobot signature.

"...Megatron? Falling in love?" The old, denying voice is mumbling in a low tone. I didn't need to see him but the faint image of a cybertronian shaking his head certianly gave me a good idea who this...'voice' is. "This idea sounds far more silly than Optimus protecting earth instead of Cybertron."

Oh! That voice...It's been years since I heard it! But I hadn't forgotten it, unlike some Character voices from Transformers Animated.

Hadn't I just been watching Dark of The Moon and gotten transported into this universe mentally?

I really could use somebody to pinch me right now.

"Time for you to give me answers." That voice is real and solid. Solid as Megatron's voice but aged like Optimus Prime's voice.

My optics power up, lo and behold I see Sentinel Prime.

Oh primus it's too bright!

"...Eleven." I said, lowering the power for my optics.

I couldn't tell if Sentinel is stunnned or unimpressed with my reply.

"Eleven is not an answer."

"42 is."


"42 means life and death." I tell him. My joints feel rigid and pretty stiff. It feels like I hadn't moved from this positition in months or years. Well for starters Sentinel is here so it must be 2011 where Dark of the Moon is supposed to be taking place-WAIT. Dark of the Moon is happening! Why would Humans want my hatchling? Why me out of everyone?

Well..I'm physically still a human in reality.

"Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy," I add. "And do some research on 4 and 2. Ya should know Mr.-I-betrayed-the-Autobots-to-save-Cybertron-and-crash-landed-on-the-moon."

"Did not." Sentinel Prime denies right away.

I have a laugh at this Sentinel Prime.

He's doing a Captain Stottleyemeyer act from Mr Monk and the Canidate Part 1. I have ta wait for it...waaaaaaiiit fooorrr itttt!

"How do you know?" Sentinel Prime asks, in a oddly curious voice as he walks around me.

"You are talking to a Decepticon." I said. "Most Autobots would kill the Decepticon they meet. You turned me on...Literletly."

Sentinel puts his large, wide servos on a rail aligned to the thing I am in.

"And what does Megatron see in a femme that talks like a human?" Sentinel finishes standing in front of my feet.

"Oh," Ah crap he just figured out a small piece of the truth. So lets tell the truth about why my voice sounds like it has an accent. "I have a terrible tongue, or as studies have suggested I got mah accent from writing on the internet or watching television so much I picked up an accent."

Oh wait Ivy ARE YOU INSANE? Ya just told him point blank that maybe Television mighta be why.

Cybertronians don't watch Human cultured television. This isn't a Galaxy Quest movieIvy!

Remember Ivs, humans watch too much television. Not Cybertronians.

"That is a long, long story." I said, wanting to shake my helm. Ya know that trying to shake a helm in some form of paralyses is difficult. There's no way I could describe this in one sentence without making it a paragraph. "If you wanted to climb a mountain in one day, ya wouldn't make if ya are a gigantic robot. Ya still wouldn't get through the terrible, arctic weather."

Sentinel has a grim look on his faceplate.

"Why are you avoiding the answer?"

"I am not." I glare at him. "If you are here then ya should help me!"

Sentinel looks to the left, taking his servos off the rail.

"Give me a reason." Sentinel said, in a low and soft voice. I could barely hear what he was trying to say.

I really don't get what he's saying.


"Helping you."


He's taking the role of a big jerk who does not help someone in need.

"I KNOW Megatron sent you," I chide him. "If that isn't a good reason. I dunno what is, ya big lousy Traitor!"

I can hear a humm from his engine.

It became still in the room.

Except for my terrible rigid joints (Awful, just awful I say)that've been stuck for so long.

"What I did was the right choice." Sentinel Prime shifts towards my direction. "You have no idea what sacrifices we had to make during the great war."

Oh boy. That's rubbing salt in my gears.

"I know." A sudden calm overtook me. I smile. This is...weird. Maybe I've been around war veterans in my genger form for so long that I understand...I don't know how but it just happened. "I have been there before."

Sentinel Prime's optic change from their untrusting gaze to a relatable,calm size.

From that moment on I saw a different cybertronian in there; not a wise leader who betrayed his men, but as a...It's kind of like looking at the mirror after someone slapped you and seeing the other side of the coin. I may understand Sentinel Prime just a little better than his jerk organic-hating counterpart. I see him in a different light Sheesh, no wonder Optimus looked up to him as his mentor!

You can't judge everyone by their titles and what they did.

Ya havta know 'em.

"You been in a war?"

I sigh.

"This is a war." I tell him. I sigh,feeling not in tense. It's hard to believe...I feel glad. "It's like World War 2. It never ended."

Sentinel slightly smiles. I am not sure if that's...In-character or out of character. I just ain't sure ya know.

There's a long silence.

"I am afraid whatever you may be expecting to come fast is only coming slow." Sentinel finally said, ending the long silence. "Optimus has many places he wants me to visit and..." He did not sound comfortable what he is going to say next. "Tell the leaders of every human nation that I..."

Sentinel Prime's optics briefly power down for a minute, and then power up.

"...can be trusted." Sentinel finishes. I could hear the regret carried in his voice.

I guess a transformer can be broken and hurt morally.

Autobots are different from Decepticons; not just because they worry about stepping on a squishy human or protecting them. We all have morals, sometimes we don't consider in the movies that everyone including the villains have morals, These moralls are not explored entirely. I wish Micheal Bay did some regret and remorse that Sentinel Prime is showing. It doensn't count not seeing the last half of Dark of the Moon.

"And, brace yourself for this." Sentinel slightly raises his voice at the word 'Brace'.

"Whaaaat?" I ask

"You are not in The United States."


"Then where dah hell am I?!" I yell.

Sentinel turns on something, while these small voices came from the door.

"Sentinel, what was that?" A male voice from the other side of the door demands an answer.

Sentinel pats some machinery that I...can't see.

"Just the Teglomenter." Sentinel lied, in a rest-assuring tone of voice.

Heck I wouldn't have known he had been lying, if I hadn't been in here. It's strange to wonder about parrallel stuff. Speaking of which; what would have happened if I stuck around the Autobots instead of the Decepticons? Maybe things would be a little bit different situation wise...Scratch that. It would be 100% different cause somebody else would have been in the room. AND I might become friends with somebot.

"...I am not going to ask what that is." Maaan,I got some good hearing. Seesh.

WAIT. THat's...that's...Lennox's voice!

"Sentinel,where-am-I?" I lip snyce.

"Take your best guess." Sentinel lip snyced to me.

I frown.

Lennox's footsteps trail away from the door.


Sentinel shook his helm.


Sentinel laughs,shaking his large servo.


Sentinel waves it off.

"Um..." Where could I possibly be?. "Italy?

Sentinel nods


Sentinel rubs his forehelm.

"I was joking." Sentinel said, with a laugh.

Oh my primus. Sentinel is terrible at joking.

"You are in Ireland." Sentinel tells me.

Oh, IRELAND IS..wait..what. I am where again? I am in Ireland? I recall Ireland only because of these small burrowing like people who were green. I believe they were called leprachauns. This old man got one and had one drink some whiskey. It was quite a show. Because at the end the old man supposedly died then was taken in a black carriage and the grim reaper makes a nice chat...Or the old man makes the conversation rather than The grim reaper.

But The Old man was returned to his body.

"I swear," I start, clearing my throat. "Get me out or someone's gonna die."

I can see his shoulders rolling up and down.

"Not at all possible." Sentinel said. "I..." He sighs. "It's a bit of a..."

"Exxplaaaanneee!" I continued 'plaine' into 'plane'.

So, with time on our hands...Sentinel went on to explain why he could not turn my movements on.

Sentinel managed to convince some ireland man to stop keeping me in confinement. What people don't know is that listening in to conversations! There's were these two men having this odd conversation. I pretended to be in recharge. Reality is that I am not in recharge. Soon I didn't have a problem understanding them (As in mentioned two men) speaking in Irish accents. They act so relaxed and friendly It didn't come to me they were enrolled in the army.

One of the dudes is named Sean Harvey.

"Honey, he didn't write the letter to Tom." Sean corrects this other man. "He wrote it to Miss Watson."

The man who was called 'Honey' raises an eyebrow.

"I am still not convinced." Honey said. "Why would you write a letter to an old lady and then rip it up? He could have written it for Tom." Honey shrugs his broad shoulders. "Then ripped it up because he figured Tom would make it bigger getting Jim back to Miss Watson."

I wonder if that man's name is really Honey.

"Huck's maturing." Sean said. "He's seeing that African Americans are not property. But as people through Jim. And...Honey, Huck is not a time-traveler. He does not know the futureeee!"

They are, so, gay. Seriously it's not that oblivous.

Time went by and eventually these other men who I dub 'science-tizt' were poking at visual programming. Ya know the one from Transformers Cybertron and Transformers Energon when the Autobots had these screen-savers up when talking through comnlink. I figure that's what they are doing. But I am about to do will make them think otherwise.

I smile.

"!" I focus on the biggest and darkest doorway in my memories; letting them see what I saw when my account had been hacked on DA, the images from Hostile, Predator vs Alien, CSI crimescenes, and this ghost movie that will always make me sad. That family scene is one that will always bring tears to my eyes.

The dad, the wife, the son, the daughter, all hugging together, and then their dead dog Spot (I don't remember it's name when I think of it) comes running down the the grassy-swampy area that has a solid ground. The dog is then brought into the family reunion, which this dog died in life from being hit by a car (Or truck).Right after the sad, happy scene it is switches to the father and mother reincarnated. They are reincarnated as toddlers playing together at a dock and the father shares a toy with the reincarnated mother.

One of the men is crying like a baby.

I don't remember the name of the movie. But I do remember how well it. I enjoy seeing the man in charge look disturbed. In addition there's a big chance these soldiers may get freaked by me. How? Well speaking in Cybertronian. I want them to be really freaked out. Here comes more scenes; The ending from Hocus Pocus, The scene where the main character in "Ghost" goes to Heaven,that Chip scene from Home Alone 2 lost in New York, loosing my best cat friend Nala,and so on.

" .OFF."

I heard a light-switch sound from somewhere in the room.

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