This is Crazy, but I'm in the Bayverse!

Chapter 53: How is this possible

Early this morning, a secret message came in my system cybertronian. It was from Soundwave asking me to visit some part of the base (where I have been kept for months) when convenient; If not right away. He had hacked into the base's security systems. He could only hold this on for a limited time. They couldn't find me,but,Soundwave can hack. Isn't that nifty?

"I can speak." Soundwave wrote back in my files.

So Soundwave could speak, and he just told me.

"..Your comnlink is unavailable," Soundwave's block of text comes rolling through my screen. "just nod. There's a holographic message for you from..."

I am standing a few feet away from the hanger, rumored to have bad viruses, that does not get visitors.

"You...must be kidding." I mutter, catching one of the soldiers looking at me strangely. I lean in, eyeing at the soldier.

The man in lead may have became white.

"Don't you speak to yourself?" I sneer,locking in on his name tag. "Officer Nick Strokes."

The man in lead, Officer Nick Strokes, gulps.

"Stop following me into dead ends." I snap at Nick, literately snapping my digits in front of the officers following him like a row of ants. Well..they all seem like ants when being tall and all. "Or next time I will lead you into radioactive generators!"

"5 minutes." Officer Nick Strokes said,holding up all five fingers. "And no funny business."

He was supposed to be my watch out.

For any possible chances that I "may" contact the is a flat chance that'll ever happen. Jeeze. Humans are so stupid to realize my comnlink is actually broken, they actually broke it transporting me here several months ago. They didn't seem to remember. My Audios are able to hear, yet there are some non-repairable dents in them.

I snort at him, folding my arms.

"You do funny business when your wife is out of town." I kick over a barrel.

Officer Nick Strokes didn't seem to like my statement.

"Don't push your buttons." I knew he wanted to say it; or else we'll have to put you in the freezer.

The pretty wimpy, nervous soldier with a really good name skidded away directly out the room...With his officers.

There would be no mercy for them if my defensive and attacking protocols were not disabled.

I walk into the hanger, that reminds me a bit of Stargate SG1's landing area. (without the Stargate)

"All right..." I stop on a elevated-like surface,, tapping my foot on the floor.

Click click goes my heels..

"I am here!" I said, looking around the room.

The room became dark.

The large, garage like doors closed behind me.


"I know what they are hunting down." That man, who's name escapes my mind, told Optimus. "They are hunting down Autobots. They are driving you to extinction. There's only one reason why they remain on this planet..."

That was a recording...

"Fate is not done calling upon you." The familiar, crackly deep and creepy voice sent chills down my spine. If Transformers have spines then what are they called? Sensory vertebrae? Guess it must be.

That...was...the Fallen doing a parallel to what Optimus said to Sam.

I gasp, unable to process this motion picture.

"Yy-y-you-you are dead!" I stutter, pointing my digit at the sizzling hologram.

The Fallen rubs his faceplate.

"You don't need to be queen obvious." The Fallen sarcastically said. It's almost as if he knew I was going to point at him."As expected...Fate has some other business."

I remember Revenge of The Fallen. I am remembering a very old movie!

My optics shift towards the holographic Fallen, putting my arm down.

"We...may be pushed to extinction." The Fallen said, tapping his digits together as he walked around.

"Why are you telling me this..." I manage to say, narrowing my optics at a sizzling-blue hologram (It has to be blue, ain't all holograms that way?) projected just feet away. I put both servos on my hips "You are giving me rusty-aft spoilers!"

The Fallen turns towards me.

Scary as it seems in my shell, I can't shake off this feeling he is pulling a Houdini.

"I made this before Egypt." The Fallen lowers his gigantic, menacing helmet right at me. It's been years since seeing that helmet. No, it has been months. Precious months that I have not been spending at all. Months not spent physically. His helmet is golden and blue. A bit similar to a paroah's golden mask attached to his coffin. "You.."

"Yes, I am me." I said,folding my arms. why did I just notice color?

"You are not going to like this." The Fallen said, making the second most obvious statement in history.

I grimace.

A man is shooting at the Fallen.

Oh boy, there was some resistance when they tried taking over Earth. This man just prooves it.

"Spill it." I said, as he grabbed the annoying and pesky human.

"This is only a hologram." The Fallen said, snapping the human in half.

I feel so glad he did that.

"You will be there." The Fallen said, followed by a indecisive optic motion. There are voices from behind him distinctively being hushed. He stops in the middle of that odd optic motion. "For the annihilation of our faction."

The Fallen paces back and fourth.

"I do have to wonder...when you came into our universe..." The Fallen looks away from the dead body he had dropped. "How come you never dropped your popcorn?"


"Good question," I rub my helmet. "I just...have a really strong hold. I'm a blabber mouth...go figure."

The Fallen laughs.

"You remember how I killed you?" The Fallen asks, then he leans against a large building. He is looking at something from so long ago in his servo. I guess it could be something from Cybertron. He waves his right servo as if shaking off a thought. He smirks. "Or how I will kill you... I have already done it since you are watching it. I am having Soundwave send this to you in some point in time."

"It's...done.." Lexi pants, looking up at my direction. She had this odd smile. Something that a hero would have done when everything has been settled. "I saw... them...Hey...Don't get...yourself killed. Big Prime's a-coming!

Lexi had disappeared. Almost like a shimmer.

"YOU ARE ANNOYING ME!" The gigantic, pretzel machine slams his fist on the floor.

That giant pretzel,machine is The Fallen. If you don't understand the comparison,.

The rails to the structure shook.

"HEIGHTS!" I take a step back, grabbing on the rails as the floor is trembling.

Let's just say...I have a fear of heights. And I mostly try to beat that fear by being bold.

There's something up with you when you look at a terrifying beast and all you can think of is a insult. It isn't just an act of desperation. It's an act of stalling, now. I look up at this gigantic,now free-reign I were to be killed here and now, I should go out with a bang. My kind of bang kind of departure.

The child in me isn't just going to stand around. Or be yelled at by a giant jerk aft.

Funny how Science-Fiction can change reactions and gigantic robots appeal.

"Ain't I supposed to be?" I tell him, in a confident-reassured boy, I had been waiting to say this for...a really long time. I grin, defying what kind of dangerous situation this is. I guess you can say a prankster part of me stuck out. "You giant A-hole!"

The Fallen growled,deeply.

" it, vermin!"

I look at him,gawking at his own mistake.

"no,no,no," I shook my index finger at him. "You do not simply call a Pretender a "vermin';THAT IS A RATTRAP KIND OF INSULT. YOU JUST INSULTED YOUR ENTIRE RACE INCLUDING, ALICE THE PRETENDER! SO FOR THE HELL OF IT,go ahead and kill"

The Fallen stood upright.

I smirk at how annoyed and humiliated he is.

"B.i.g. C.o.w.a.r.d."

This is a suicidal-death-insult. Yes. behind me is the one and only Optimus Prime with Jetfire's parts attached to him. Lexi had...actually done the inevitable. That's what I want to believe. Heh, I wonder how the Prime's reacted to her? Meeting a girl instead of the boy, Sam Witwicky. Never got to met the Primes in person. Lexi died and came back; then she was called back to her universe.

Lexi told me that she came from the future...And this movie had come out: Age of Exinction.

She told me one name: GRIMLOCK.

"Lexi also gave him the matrix." I added, grinning so devilishly it couldn't be possible. "See 'ya in hell!"

That's when a big blast struck me and it didn't feel so bad.

I saw my entire body (kind of) separate, but in a opposite version of Transforming. It's best to say my parts scattered similar to how Micheal Bay destroys Autobots and Decepticons. This is very so "simple". It's either by vehicles or a punch to the gut. Punch to the gut is followed by a head being ripped off. It makes Cybertronians look really fragile when looking at it this way. Micheal Bay likes too much explosions.

"I saved this video, whenever it's made." The Fallen said, with much pride in his voice. His strange, blue armor moves like one of those windmills spinning things. "Something to remind you...Your roots. Not your humanoid roots, girl. I am leaving you this message because it must be heard..."

The Fallen looked down to his claws.

He looked back at my direction as I go back and forth taking this in.

"You are not human."

I pause, sharing a glare to a non-living hologram.

"Don't tell me you are watching this via a line-ear thing in timey wimey, humany-wumany." I complain, rubbing my forehelmet.

The Fallen sighs, almost as if he is struggling to explain what he made this for.

I look down to my servos and then turn my attention towards my feet seeing they were all in all cybertronian. There's a little possibility I may become parting of this universe. But not at all permanent, because...I am a mind Traveler. So it has to be some logical answer the Fallen knows another chunk to this legend.

"You are a cybertronian."

"PHYSICALLY, no." I shrug my shoulders, my chest armor is somewhat like Knock Outs. "My real body is technically in reality where time is (sort of and kind of) frozen. My mind is not in my human body at the moment."

That is when he showed me a trailer.

A 44 second trailer.

I just saw the future to this world. I just saw...I just saw...Was that Prime hanging upside down? And who is that Decepticon who slices a car in half. That Decepticon looks as if he had been ripped out Transformers Prime. And...Is that Grimlock? Is that weapon transforming thing Megatron or some other character I don't know yet?

I force myself to ask one question.

" that dragon with two heads?"

It sure screams dragon to me.

The Fallen smiles. That smile reminded many things...When the Decepticons did not want to be around me during the flu season. They mostly did things I refer to as "Monkish". Even the Fallen kept me away. The only times I had seen The Fallen smile were...eerrrr. Let's just say silly things did not happen all the time on Cybertron.

He's probably not going to give me a straight answer.

"Do not believe it is over." The Fallen told me. "It is not over."

Uh...Is he really determined to make me confused?

"Uh..what's not over?" I ask the hologram.

Dragon+Dinosaur+Decepticon+gunchanginghelmet=Decepticon hunter.

It makes sense.

It all makes hell sense.

"They are being hunted down in the next movie..." I play with my digits. If Swindle did actually exist as himself in this universe. This universe would have been ten times better! I can feel the femilarity and excitement going through my mind. How excited would you get if a childhood character from a cartoon is going to appear? Very, very excited. "...By a bounty hunter; Lockdown."

This is becoming slightly understandable.

The holographic Fallen sighs turning his direction towards the left.

"You have to wait and see," The Fallen tells me. He is not here. But he is talking to me as if he were here. He must know me too well. This big aft-hole can be a pain in in the mind...But he has some really good ideas. "Goodbye, RobustShell."

Everything must have became slow, as questions and thoughts were going through.

How does he know my current Decepticon name?

"That is the name that came with your shell." He adds, matter in factly. The Fallen waves his left hand sending a group of tanks crashing into each other. There were lot of explosions coming from behind him. And this is only...Wait..He was making this as we were climbing up that energon harvestor!


"The quintession event," He was being more specific. "You did a good thing; it brought Megatron closer to his full potential with his second in command. Thank you. Hologram end."

The hologram sizzles into nothing.

The hanger's doors and lights turn back on.

A monster just thanked me for doing something...quite bad.

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