This is Crazy, but I'm in the Bayverse!

Chapter 56: The ending

About a month we had control over Chicago; Now getting Cybertron to Earth was easier said than done. Megatron claims that 'Cybertron will be working after we are done with called City'. I had taken the liberty to explain what cities are meant for in human culture. Megatron saw it as another zone to create casualties. However, we didn't expect the Autobots to come back full force. That's what the Autobots did...they did something bold and smart. They caught us by surprise.

I didn't expect it.

Neither did Starscream.

"...What was the other girls name?" Starscream asks, sitting on a big-pile of cars. I never seen him so worried before. No one from my world could believe their eyes if they were here too. Knowing Starscream isn't just a piece of cake it's like knowing a rattle snake that ya know will kill you...If it wanted to, that is.

A couple of seekers were preparing for another round of Autobots.

"Lexi." I take out a wide and light gray handle from my back compartment.

He looks at my direction.

"Did she say anything about this?" The Seeker asks, leaning forward on the car-pile that must have a rounded top by now.

I can't really say if she did.


A couple years ago we were not...'So-so' That's what I'll say. Because as a human, Starscream and I had some issues. Ya know those kinds where a villain despises a certian thing has to get that things trust. It wasn't easy for him. That's what I will say about that. The Fallen could have had a part in this, but he didn't. If I could go back in time to see how annoyed Starscream would get from me or how I stormed off from him, then I would.

So I'm doing something entirely different...Let's see how far things have changed between him and I.


...I guess a couple years ago...

Who wouldn't forget running through a part of Cybertron that hadn't been torn apart, yet? Well, I for certian would not forget. I can hear them coming after me. They were loud, beastly-cybertronian things. One of them was 100% Cybertronian and could become a robot. I just got my other pair of clothes dry cleaned. One of those 'cons who like making clothing needs ta start making armor.

That 'ta' was intentional if you were busy there thinking '...Is that a grammar mistake?'

"Stop running, little brat!" I heard Chiverlary shout. Yes that is his name: Chiverlary. He's not a knight, he can be a smart Decepticon and knew his way around this planet...But he wasn't the brightest among them.

I skid into an alley, and watch them run past me.

"...Starscream is not on my 'favorite-Decepticon' list." I sigh, sliding down the wall.

I can feel these hot, burning tears coming from my eyes.

What did Starscream do? Considering most men don't know what they did wrong; it can be a million things.

I wipe off these tears from my eyes.


"You can't hide from me." Chiverlary's sudden voice makes me jump out of my skin.

Oh screw it.

"Oh em gee stop with dah creepy comments!" I yell at him, taking a few steps back. "It's not like I am not in Illinois anymore...and I have nothing to LIVE for; now watch me run. While ya take a few seconds to compute WHAT. .SAID!"

Indeed, he didn't understand what I said. So that was easier to do.

I just called a Decepticon an 'Idioit' for short. Oh joy.

"Why you brat!" I heard Chiverlary come after me.

Tears were blinding my eyes. Crap I really don't like crying that much right now. The pain and hurt of being betrayed is worse than getting impaled by some sharp object. Or by a airplane perpeller, A sharp wire, or something else that could kill ya. The tall, gigantic towering Cybertronian got in my way. I fell back. I landed on my wrist.

Owch, that really hurt.

"Your watcher is not around."

I fell over a boulder, then scrabble up.

:"I know what you are," Chiverlary comes closer as his chain saw sends chills down my spine. He is close enough Chiverlary puts my chin up towards him. "You are not safe around Decepticons."

For primus sakes, stop crying ya big baby! Ya not a kid. YA NOT A SLAGGING KID.

"S-s-s-stay away from me." I push his digit away,

I saw this jet fly above Chiverlary's head.

"Uh...ya gonna die." I said to Chiverlary. "Kiss your c-c-creat-t-tor's behind when ya see 'im,"

Chiverlary raises an metal 'eye brow''.

" What is this...'im?"

"Him." I point right above his helmet. At least the tears weren't so bad right now.


Starscream transforms into his robot mode, landing on Chiverlary's collasped body.. Yes, he was so casual that it didn't seem to bother him. A Transfan can reason he had shot down others the same way so long it didn't seem to bother him. It didn't bother Starscream ta walk on top dead bodys like they are trash.

"You shouldn't be up here." Starscream folds his arms. "It's not safe."

I walk around Chiverlary's unresponsive shell.

"...Ivy, stop ignoring me." Starscream immeatedly caught what I was doing.

I kept on going.

"What did I do?" Starscream asks.

I turn around.

"YOU KNOW WHAT YA DID!" I scream at him.

You wouldn't know if Starscream didn't have a thing to say.

"Ya w-e-w-wewentt over the line."

"Humans are confusing; you don't set what is right and wrong for your expectations, What do you want?"

Honest to god, I feel so much emotions.

I don't know what ta do.

"I...can't...I don't know..:" I shook my head.

Maybe I shouldn't have Starscream as a watcher in the first place. Watcher is another label for 'Gaurdian', just really what Bee is to Sam. I dunno but 'Watcher' sounds like this movie where a girl who hunted down vampires in high school and there was this man in a dark suit who came in voluntaarily to help her.Sometimes a person may hate being me. So do I.

"Says the human who knows the future!"

"I ain't a Psychic, nor a fraud."

"We normally kill frauds."

Oh god Starscream. That is the straw.

"I wish I was STUCK with the Autobots," I turn away from the seeker. I wave my hands in the air (Or at least that's what it should be). Maybe it had hurt Starscream. But I don't know for sure; Starscream and Bumblebee could be their own opposites; Bee cannot speak, Star can speak. Bee is the role model. Starscream is the ideal, villain sidekick.

It's hard to admit something you don't wanna admit.

"AT LEAST they don't stab me in the back!" I shout, storming off from the seeker.

Sometimes I wonder how I got over what Starscream did. Perhaps, I got over it because time went by.

And then our 'strained friendship' went to this...I believe it was before the Candy planet.

"I'm...I'm..." Starscream is having a tough time trying to say what he wants to say.

"Spit it out!" I slap his gigantic knee using my electrical saber.

Starscream yelps, holding up his leg.


"That didn't even make a scratch on ya!"


I smile and then say, "Now,what were ya trying ta say?"

Starscream sat on a rough edge (That could be painfully hiting his back). I hadn't seen him do that before; Sittting onthe edge of the wall while tapping his chin. Ya know Starscream's helmet reminds me of a turtle's helmet for some reason. I can hear him clear his large or small throat. His oxygen intake could be different from humans need to survive on air.

"I am.." Starscream exhales. "I am sorry."

"For what?"

He gives me the 'you know what' optic look,

"I seriously do not know what ya talking about!" I wave my hands, shaking my head. "An average purrson might not remember as ya guys do. But whatever ya sorry for; it's okay."

...Present day...

...The Battle of Chicago..

We totally forgot someone. Not just a person. Not just an Autobot. But one, long forgotten Decepticon way back from Cybertron. The place where my adventures with the Decepticons usually were. I don't need to guess who he is. Because when the Autobots were coming; there was the sound of a giant chicken that made us freeze. Only one Decepticon is crazy enough to raise a gigantic cybertronian chicken.

He's baaack.

"Don't say what you going to say." Starscream warns me.

I smile.


The side of Chicago that we dared not go in stirred, and in came a herd of cybertroian chickens about Bumblebee's height. A gigantic, tall and prominent Cybertronian with a Decepticon ridding it came into our group. He held reigns on this creature. That cybertronian chicken is no other than Henressia. Why is he called Henressia in the first place instead of Henry? I'll explain..later.

"Long time, no see." Farmer said, he is so cool and unstirred. The wounds he had before were completely gone.

Starscream is gaping.

"You should be offline." Starscream started taking a step forward but I stopped him.

Starscream and He have...a strong rivilary.

"Bumblebee's my target." I claim dips. "And hey Mountainy,"

That tall, tank-like Decepticon who was providing man power to machete's looks at my direction.

"Friend, do me a favour and don't die on me." I said.

Yes, we became 'friends'. Ya make friends in the most unlikeliest people. But she is strongly like Bulkhead and Lugnut put together, seriously! I mean she has some incredible strength. She is smart. she is intellegent...Oh I already said that. She is well skilled for balance. She's the only 8th sister remaining.


Because of me.

Mountainy nods, and then I turn back towards the two mechs.

"They are a-coming."

Starscream look at me.

"You saw the episode."


As anyone should know being around me; I am a Doctor Who Fan. Don't underestimate me.

"The last one with Eleven," then he points to me and says, "She hasn't changed, don't expect her to be in The Mob Doctor...Nor Twilight. They are both awful."

"I HAVEN'T SEEN IT!" I flail my arms. "NO SPOILERS!" I take a few deep breaths. "This is our last battle ta-gether...And the last time ya might see me."

Then we went into battle with the Autobots; Farmer's gigantic cybertronian Bred chickens kick the hell out of the Autobots. While some Cybertronian Chickens speeded away from combat like cowards. Mountainy lifted the road up sending the Autobots rolling down. I mean it! SHE DID IT. And then I heard helicopters followed by men shouting.



I turn around, ripping of a Autobot helmet.

Ya know what I saw?

I saw Starscream's head explode. His optics were first by popping out. I don't want to say how it happened furthermore but it was disgusting.-C-CPClang His dead shell fell to the ground. Bumblebee's energy signature is coming close. We all die in the end. Sometimes we cling to hope that we go out painless. Starscream on the other end didn't go out that way. And that just makes an average Transfan sad when they knew him.

"RobustShell!" Mountainy shouts, "They are coming in bigger numbers...Should we stop doing the defensive?"

I grab a street light. No I am using pistols or guns, those are old in Generation 1. I'm using ninja style.

"Nice knowing ya!" So I ran into combat.

And what do ya know?

I hit Bumblebee using a really, wide light pole.

"I'm not a kid anymore, ya know." I said, everything that orchestrated this entire battle just finally came into motion. This fight is what I have been waiting to have for some time. Fighting against an Autobot. I pant. "Ya aren't my hero, Bee."

The Autobot gets back up.

"Hold your horses!" Bumblebee blasted his canon at me.

Wow. That hurt a bit, kind of lost some armor on my shoulder.

"Still using dat radio? Ya do realize dat voicebox of your's is all fixed!" I noted, taking a swing at his legs.

The Autobot snaps it in two.

"You...made me lose a human."

Bumblebee shot at (Which to no avial couldn't hit me) me and I ducked.

"So what?" I taunt, taking out my small electrical whip from my sides. I raise an metal optic ridge. Ya know the kinds that are metal versions of eyebrows. Seen that used in fanfictions back in the day. on DeviantArt. "Humans are unexpected, cruel, mean, and worthy to negotiate. I can hate them all I ..."

I shook my helm.

"That boy, Sam, " I sneer at his name. "He was dah worst of 'em all. Ya would have gotten a paranoid, Sketchophrania, losing-his-mind screaming. Isn't dat bad for your health?"

There's a couple Autobots in the sky destroying the arks containing butt loads of Decepticons. One of them is green shooting what I can say is cybertronian machine gun dropping bullet shells...I can see color now...It's happening. I hear Mountainy's painful screams; Her energy signature went off the radar. My time is coming to a close. I don't have much time left in this universe, Oh slag, it's that time already?, I thought watching the humans take down Decepticons on their own.

"That boy was MY DUTY!" Bumblebee slams into me.

We collided through a building sending glass and wall material everywhere. One didn't need ta be out my perspective ta know about this. It's a matter of fact kind of thing, ya see. Sometimes ya just need ta be out there. And throw yourself right into what ya'ar writing or better yet write as the character in their point of view.

"Get off me!" I kick him off, sending him straight into an elevator. It's hurts more than it is supposed to be. I cover a stinging wound on my that does hurt more than a fanfiction writer can ever imagine! No. I can't understand how I could writing my own characters in their most vulnerable state...Then kill them off the bat in the next paragraph.

The Autobot groaned.

I idlolized this Autobot as a hero, I thought as my electrical whips became charged sending some sparks in either direction. I don't need ta be watching this from outside my body. I have a gut feeling that some scene in my future is going to be written from my calluses (Aka fingertips), that day I will feel adrenaline running through. That day I will sit there and think 'I just finished...woah'. when I was a kid, now as a supposed teenager... I fancy Megatron. Oh the days when childhood did not make sense.

"Pity the ones who live, Autobot." I sneer. "And watch humans use you for their own greed."

I then use my own weapon against him and watch the Autobot lose conscious.

Yes, Lose consciousness Autobot, I thought turning around towards the disaster ridden city, and Forget about me. I walk through that shattered entrance walking on dead human bodies. They used to bother me but now they don't. That's what everyone should do. Now it's inevitable. How everything comes to a close. as a Wise Man once said 'If nothing came to an end, nothing would get started' no matter how heartbreaking it is.

It's time to go.

The view In the city seems to be in a devastating-tragic form in its prime. There lay vehicles flipped upside down to the side of the streets and shattered windows are seen from afar. A massive body count is practically seen from the far off this time in a more extinct way. The one who could have and should have restored Cybertron without one- single Autobot warrior is leaning against the wall.

Apparently, he is not amused of the outcome.


The crippled, dirty decepticon looks over his left shoulder armor where a short figure is seen from the ally.

"An Autobot, you want to finish me off?" He growls, just not threatening as he had been. "You must want revenge for your voice-box."

Must he think that I share a mold with Bumblebee?...That is insane!

In a cliche way the view reveals a femme who sits on the floor clenching her waist. Well that's me. You know who; that girl with Autism, and comes from the Transformers Animated Generation, the girl who slaughtered Decepticons, the girl who became a Cybertronian,the girl who was bulled but stayed headstrong, the girl who fell in love with a Decepticon, and the girl who is a mind traveler. Yellow transparent floating bubbles are coming off from my body. It's obvious something is happening mattering my existence and life in this world.

It also means I'm leaving.

I don't know if anyone doesn't have a lemonade to refresh themselves or just forgotten what has happen in four years; 2008,2009,2010,2011. Actually that's...yes that is FOUR years. Anyway, Megatron's reaction softens recognizing the optics to the femme, who is short and has a stocky-like figure.

"Why are you here?..." Megatron asks, seeing how weak and bbarely able to walk where, I, RobustShell is.

My glowing, still operational optics glare at him.

"To remind ya…" I softly said, clenching a wound on my waist. "Ya know...I never told ya that I sometimes typed 'You' as 'ya' on the internet or spelled it as 'Yah' when saying 'How are yah? :D' Yes. That is an emote, Megs."

He laughs.

Sometimes I think hearing Jar Jar Binks made this impression on me; because after watching the star wars movie with him saying those words 'Mesah'. Those words just stuck to me. I actually could understand what he said when listening in to the movie. It's like the brain translating accent into words that anyone can understand.

"That's my Ivy," I hear Megatron say as he shook his helm, and then Megatron said. "And about this terrible idea?" He is more joking on this than negotiating. "I've had more plans foiled by the Autobots than this!"

I shook my helm.

"Then what?"

RobustShell's optics develops a sense of slight warmth.

A slight smile developed on her almost cracked, cybertronian faceplate.

"That ya aren't Sentinel's bitch." I tell him; but I can see in his crimeson-red optics that he has heard this before.

I know that there isn't much time left.

"Heh…looks as it's….Goodbye," I said, leaning my back on the wall. "You know…this was the best adventure I ever had."

I look at Megatron, who's partially in my vision.

"No…Goodbye's aren't just the end, it's merely another Transformation." Megatron told me, helping himself up from his crippled condition. "Another doorway, like you said, leaving's just another story where ends meets each other again…Like Dragonheart, Drago met The human again…right?"

We've made so much leaps and bounds together, that lying to him is so…harsh.

"..R.-r-r-Right." I leak.

I know I'm leaving... because, the main character in Pokemon Mystery dungeon left the same way.

I'm a mind traveler…I don't belong here.

Lets look how far I've gone…with him at least…

I somehow had landed in Megatron's hand.

"It's The Girl!"

He swiped me off his overly gigantic wired-servo. I landed on the floor, on my side. Great. I just got a side ache. If that even is a word. I didn't know. I heard Megatron's loud, deadly growl come from above me. He's much better than his Prime Counterpart, design wise, I say. His armor was so shiny, especially his helmet being so gladiator like and robotic.

" this girl?" The Fallen asked

Megatron's growl softened.

"She chipped off a part of the Allspark,master." He said, sounding not pleased. "And made me..." Megatron is acting humiliated. I had not seen this look in all the movies combined. "…have the impromptu absence in the Ocean."

And then there was this other time when we didn't get along.

"Meggss!" I waved my arms, rather excited.


"Megs, Henry has laid an egg, so this means Henry should be Henressia!" I giggled. "Look-at-this-egg!" I held up the gigantic dark gray egg that has light blue glowing areas marking cybertronian symbols, shapes, and a strange texture that's more hollow than a plausible Dinosaur egg. It could have made a rattling noise.

"Eggs are nothing," Megatron shoots at it breaking it into pieces. Well there was more where that came from! "That's just a bunch of dead organisms that are not living anymore, how can human even eat the dead is disgusting to even fathom about."

"I-love-egg—EWWW!" There, right in front of me, lay a dead dinosaur-like chick covered in what seemingly is mucus and slob from the shell that had been broken immaturely.

Strange to see what life has given me.

So many wonderful things, that comes with dark costs.

"..Ivy.." Megatron said something directly to me; something about seven days, Cybertron, The Fallen , and my popcorn bag.

I can tell it's becoming harder and harder just to see him. It's become a pitch black, lonely as it can get when light is no longer in sight. Just voices. My entire soul feels as if it had been yanked forcefully out off the plug. I'mma miss this Decepticon. And the time I never spent with our child...Cody B. Icon. Who I may not ever met in this lifetime, or the lifetime after that. Oh my primus, so much pain! I feel my link to Megatron has been severed…

And finally I hear one last thing from him, as I returned."Goodbye, my little rose."

The tired feeling quickly left as it had come. It seems so boring now watching it. What's it called again? Oh yeah "Transformers: Sam Witwicky's breakdown" this is fragging awful. Awful. AWFUL. It set itself so well and then trashed itself down into the climax. This makes me generally wonder what the hell I was watching when seeing human scenes more common than Transformers. I thought for a while completely empty of anything that set into my head until nothing is flowing in my head. It's as if I lost all my intelligence that had been frightened off the massive explosion where the 'Bots were killed.

"…This…is…awful." I thought.

The only way I knew it's a movie is by the excessive detail for the noses. What is this movie called again?... I suddenly regained thought. Can't put my finger on it….What's it called again? Not Dark of The Moon. Something else…what was it? It could have been me or my imagination, but, somehow my inner fangirl screamed "Wrong title, wrong movie!" like crazy, Am I crazy? Maybe indeed, this person watching the most sloppiest terrible movie is watching a Transformers action movie in the cinema.

Each time I watch Transformers the first movie, I skip the part where Bumblebee is tortured. As a child, there was no problem for me after watching it five our three times. Growing older it became a real problem. It bugged me. No really, it bugged a girl who's slowly growing up. A girl, who is among those kids who had seen Transformers Animated from Cartoon network; I'm a TFA generation kid. I learned about Doctor Who in 2009(or remembered about it) , then looked it up on the Internet to find out it had been canceled. I then decided to hold off watching it. How did this topic jump from Transformers to Doctor Who?... Oh look! The Autobots are back. Now obnoxious Witwicky and his girlfriend "what-ever-the-hell-her-confusing-hardly-mentioned-name is" are in the middle of the battle.

…..What just like that the Autobots are losing? Did Bumblebee just say:… "Goodbye old friend" as if expecting Sam in the vehicle? The first episode of Doctor Who, present day, started with a blonde with fresh pair of clothes…Like who-ever-the-hell-her-name-is who looked like she didn't get dirty at all, despite the previous frame where her clothes looked dirty; but the next it looked completely clean!

Damnit Prime get yourself fragging untangled! Bumblebee's about to be executed? Oh really? Ah, about time, wow. I just thought that. Wow. Wow Ivy, your entire preteen hood was spent writing about his animated counterpart and this is what you give his Bayverse? Never could understand why I liked him so much. He spoke in the first movie, just two lines or as my memory serves; one line, "I wish to stay". I have seen ET phone home, maybe…that's why I liked him so much. He reminded me of ET. Is Prime coming yet? Is he coming yet? Witwicky do something you attention needy man!

Who-ever-the-hell's her name is ranting a speech to Megatron…Where have I heard that before? Hahahahah she just said 'bitch'! I never thought Micheal Bay could get anymore worse by injecting a word that is not kid friendly. Tsk tsk tsk. This is so not The Franchise I believed in…anymore. Sentinel's skating. Hahhaaa! …Do we really need human confrontation? Come on; give some more Transformers that we came to watch. Nooo Sentinel looks as if he's crawling; no, skating; crawling, no; he is really skating. Great. This is confusing.


Did he really have to slay BOTH Megatron and Sentinel? He could have negotiated with Megatron. Oh my primus Oh my primus. That is not Optimus Prime. Optimus is…gawwh. He's not the wise-noble leader from the first movie…He's blood/energon thirsty. I get that he's irritated and frustrated. But it doesn't have to end this fragging way! Not like this, just this once, let some Decepticon live! Something about the TARDIS is coming in my head, I wonder why. Maybe it's because this is so unfair. Terrible. This was way too easy. I'll be expecting Sentinel resurrected. Now it's on to the 'perfect couple' duo that's been reunited, finally.



Then confusingly Sam backs up as if there's something that's supposed to happen. Why did he say ROSE? Why why why why OUT OF EVERYTHING IN THE ENTIRE GALAXY?! Was Sam supposed to say something else? Bumblebee took out a rounded shaped gear from his chest and…Urgh…that just made the movie entirely horrible with all the appearances of more humans than Autobots or Decepticons. That word "Rose" has torn down everything. Invisible walls, respect for the Bayverse, The director's reputation for me has fallen tremendously. The ending just went over my head. All the Decepticons are dead? Earth is now the home of the Autobots? No more wars?

Getting up from the seat, I knew, for certain…I am never going to see the next movie in theaters.

Despite the ending scene where Simmons jumps into the lady's arms, that didn't help.

Bayverse may have lost a fan right now.

We zoom out from Ivy's perspective into the Bayverse four years later. A gigantic head seen in some room is shed light upon. A couple of scientists are seen to be extracting silver metal being wide, long, and in various sizes of objects from this gigantic head ripped half. They turn away briefly when the right optic shines a bright red. The brief scenes of gigantic dinosaur-transformers are seen scanning dinosaurs, including one taking on the form of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. They transform into Dinosaurs themselves.

The Tyrannasosuarus Rex lets out a roar.

The scene returns to this robotic moving optic.

"I will live."

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