This is Crazy, but I'm in the Bayverse!

Short chapter: Message to my future

Sitting on the gigantic control panel with an array of letters and other numbers, including things that would be useful for punctuation, is an event I never could have fathomed to me. How to start a letter to my future a difficult thing. Because… if I did start writing it would sound more like song instead of a genuine message. Like that song a musician made and is on youtube about writing a letter to his past teenager self.

"What feature presentation?" The streaming letters from Soundwave beam in.

"RUSH HOAAARRR!" I flail my arms. "THAT IS THE MOST HILARIOUS movie! And and and and Annie, Men who stare at goats, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, and Star wars!" Truthfully it's hard to decide which movie for Decepticons to learn aiming and some other ways of combat, perhaps it's best to say: humanity's cinemas are not the best go-to training source. Specifically this goes towards Megatron, Starscream, and who knows what lies ahead from this galaxy.

He didn't reply.

"...How to start..." I tap my fingers on the keyboard, looking at the ugly looking ceiling that does have extroidinary resemblance to tree roots hovering right above my head. This is creepy, yet, fascinating. It did little to my temptation of writing a letter to the future. A letter that had to be worded carefully."This is...difficult."

"Which one?" Soundwave's message comes through.

Oh fraggit. He just stuck me into the most difficult situation ever.

Which is the best; Star Wars, Indannia Jones, or Harry Potter? Star Wars features these gigantic ships, Indiana Jones features a professor with a whip getting back artifacts, and Harry Potter is about a kid with a wand. Figuring the Decepticons would think sticks can be wands and try using it against each other proves a take-down on that subject. Indiana Jones would only provoke using whips. Sooo; that's a No-go. Alright...STAR WARS!

"Star Wars!" I said. "ALL OF THEM!"

"'Them'?" His message repeats.

" 'Con, Lucas Film's went on a spree on The Dark Side," I tell him. "…Of the force. As Kenobi put it "The Dark Side is a terrible place" or something close to that. It's bad because it wipes out all the Jedi. Oops spoilers alert!"

The screen beeps. "Transferring all Fanon Star Wars and movie Star Wars to computer."

Ah frag.

I turn my attention to the screen.

Dear Futah me,

Please try not to be a Gramar Nazi reading this letter…

Perhaps you've just not finished a fanfiction. Or you are still stuck as a 'Transformers Animated' fan since you came from the generation who watched it. If things get tough...'.remember all the desperation and frusration and let it gooo' as Iridiscent has clearly said it. If you get sad, just remember, Starscream got upset when you dislocated his digit into some crevice of Cybertron and had to wonder for primus knows how long to find it! Don't you forget what makes !

I eat some popcorn, continuing on the message.

Maybe there is a new Transformers Movie out there. That you probably like. Maybe you are twenty six or twenty one, nineteen, or twenty. Yet, you are still a little girl by the inside. A girl who was outcasted, who wanted to have friends, and initially wanted to be a cheerleader until realizing the risk. Who started as a noob for everything on the internet; There's a possibility there is a new Transformers Cartoon that your eyes will say "Me likey" or "WRITEFANFICTION FOR' when it debuts or is already airing. You may become some-well-known artist or writer in some community in the fanon world. Who never completes anything! Jokes aside., may not remember this adventure in the Bayverse since all good things come to an end.

I paused.

What if I don't remember, Anything? And this is the only message that can jog up my memory?

You may not understand the writing in this Email. Nor anything you have seen. If Dark of The Moon has a blooper you hear alone and remember it, yet no-one heard it, and it..may have affected you. Try and try getting over it. I know you, me. Remember about Megatron's cowardly personality when you arrived and nearly got eaten by the Sharkticons! Yes, that's right, SHARKTICONS! Those sharks from the Generation 1 movie you've watched the crap out of! …Asides to Bumblebee, Sari, and Prowl going camping episode. Speaking of which, you helped bring other Decepticons to life. You did. Yes, me, you did. Currently as I write this, the shot I got some megacycles ago is still affecting my right Arm. but not my left. Your left, ding dong! Not you're left foot. Remember...The Heel Blaster. You should know...Not all villains die in movie three.

"Ivy, are you done yet? Starscream whines, he has some meeting arranged to do with another Cybertronian on another plane as far as I have been told.

"Wait a nanoklick," I calmly said, typing the last few words.

Ivy, never ever give up. Follow those motto words on Bumblebee's patrol version. Don't you give up hope for the Bayverse.

Starscream whines, so I rose up a finger.

You will return.

"Done!" I finish, pressing the send button to my Email address. It's designated for the future. There's only one universe where my account exists, literally. I hop off the large console. Soundwave may have hung up on me due to the lag that terminated my previous rough draft to my future self. Just thinking my message could have made something awesome possibly happen for the future made my skin tingle. "Crabby-head!"

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