This is Crazy, but I'm in the Bayverse!

Just a Dream Nelly: Centre of Cybertron

"Megatron, do you really want the high popular music—"

The leader, actually, the apprentice currently, is a little bit snappy.

"Of course!" He snaps through the comnlink. "She keeps mentioning 'music' that I don't even know of. It's just…so….Un…" He stifled a fake cough actually to having picked up a human 'word'. It's hard to imagine Megatron saying this. But for those who worship him it's not that hard to do so. "Cool."

The message board blinks

"Anything that begins with J?" The board read.

"Just one." Megatron corrects Soundwave.

Honestly, The Satellite hadn't done so much music transferring in stellar cycles; Ivy's repeatedly asking to 'broadcast' an episode from some serials to entertain the others certainly strained his connection to Cybertron. However, it did show an increased fighting skill for some of the newer onlined Decepticons (thanks to the allspark) ,who demonstrated this improvement during training practice when Soundwave had been ordered to record it just in case this could be useful to train the next generation. When there is not the internet from the humans lying around. They were living due to the use-age of some other food source similar to Energon and Oil: Energoil.

The board blinks a hesitating light blue.

"Will transmit in a few solar cycles—"

"Do not test my patience!" He roars at nothing. "What's with the lag?"

"Entertaining the troops is no easy task." The Message transmits from Soundwave

He feels glad The Other Decepticons were being tutored by Starscream on the above ground floor…and Ivy somewhere safe from his hearing this unlikely conversation. Megatron rolls his optics. Great. I'm having a competition with a fleshing. This is so absurd. Yet, on the other hand to show he knows more than meets the eye…he is deadlocked on competition.

Megatron couldn't touch what he thought about this unusual human. Nor the vibe she gave off. And… an energy signature that has been somehow coming from Ivy. It's not like she's turning into an Autobot or-He opens his clutch seeing a formerly cracked pair of 3-D paper glasses. A different human had come in to his world just that last year claiming to have been watching a Spy Kids movie before getting shot dead by him. It's just a pair of strangely made spawned paper. He crushes it into pieces.

Megatron terminates the comnlink,

He lets go of the cracked 3-D glasses.

The view reclines from the outside of Cybertron showing it glow a light blue through cracks and crevices in the planet's spikey out-terrior. The light dies down. Though the Decepticons, who were roaming under the ground are capable feeling the movement that struck shortly sending heavy tremors throughout the dead planet. A best reasonable guess is something happened down inside the dead, alien planet that has bodies stacked through the sharp-pointy areas picking away from Cybertron's formally flat surface. The ground trembles beneath Megatron's large feet.

"Weeee!" The girl is heard gleefully shouting, being sent flying down the hall waving her arms. "This is so much cooler than riding Gavatron!"

Megatron shook his helmet.

Fleshinglings cannot fly!

"Did every'con feel Cybertron move?" A really anxious, paranoid newbie spoke rapid, his legs trembled and so did his teeth. "This-s—t-t-this planet could –b-b-b-be Pr-" The paranoid one is clearly not ….mentally stable in a matter of speaking. His optics are incredibly smaller than most Decepticons, he has this spike-ball mode like a porcupine, and a nose similar to a skunk.

The Anxious One could be have a utility device or vehicle as a disguise; because of the worried expression can be a vivid reminder to how worrisome it could be for animals nesting on transformer poles. His legs are constructed by Cybertronian wires and material all at once, though not reaching Megatron's beastly height. Comparing Megatron and Optimus it's easy to say Optimus has a big brother who led the bad-evil group.

"Shut up about Primus being Cybertron!" A really genuinely, and very annoyed Decepticon wacks the anxious one down on his butt by hitting the 'Con on the helmet. The Anxious one looks like a fallen foal from Bambi.

They just got back from the ground floor right when the unusual event had unfolded.

"You two are wack-heads," Starscream facepalms himself, shaking his helmet back an fourth.

The floor underneath the Decepticons glows.

"What in the name of Unicron is stirring?" Megatron looks under his feet as many of the Decepticons in turn do to their feet. Ivy on the other hand pops some popcorn into her mouth as if anticipating something like this happen, but, all in all drawn into the scene at once regardless of wearing 3-D glasses still. She has not really taken them off at all. Not for the time she has spent on this planet.

Ivy hangs from the ceiling.

"Journey to the center of Cybertron!" She squeals, clasping her hands together in an eager fashion. "Yay! THIS IS TWICE AS AWESOME AS WATCHING THE movies depicting journeys to the center of Earth where there is prehistoric animals and time-being so different. EEEEee!"

She squealed loudly some Decepticons covered their audios; Megatron got the bad-advantage for big near her. His Audios were nearly busted from her pitched squeals. I cannot wait to offline this organic. He regretted believing in ghosts, hence being told they can control bodies/shells and let themselves be seen by other individuals. A ghost helped closed a case a very long time ago and the witness's story didn't sway when cross-examined.

"….To the what?" Starscream repeats, not blinking his optics as did his counterpart in several franchises had done so before being shocked, confused, or stunned. Unlike his counterparts; Starscream survived the first movie without getting offlined, leaving Megatron dead, and the allspark shattered. Almost like Transformers animated with it all being in modern day, just not in the far future. "That is not likely."

The ground trembles.

"We are going to the core to see what is going on...We cannot be sure if Cybertron is becoming….alive." Megatron quietly finishes off the rest of his statement in Cybertronian. Ivy did not understand Cybertronian nor did a few other humans on earth and in the fandom Trasfans lying in wait for the arrivals of Decepticons and Autobots. Ivy's version of Earth would be in utter chaos if Transformers arrived realistically from a spaceship, Space Bridge, or crash landed on Earth in their protoform modes.

"WOOOOHOOO!" Ivy cheers, after climbing down. "Who's awesome? Give me a D-E-C-E-P-T-I-C-O-N-S!" She takes out two big cheerleading objects used when there was a game going on in a stadium and cheerleading practice.

"Do we really have to take the organic?" The annoyed Decepticonn asks in his native language, not really noticing her cheering.

"And, an M-E-G-A-T-R-O-N!"

Megatron can see how they disliked Ivy.

"Ditch her with the Fallen."

Starscream snorted, amused of this concept of Ivy boring the pits out of The Fallen with her personality. It's more of a laugh than a conversation. Generally she wasn't all that bubbly when around the true leader of all Decepticons, it's almost like some-con flips a switch in her brain and turned her into a totally different person. It's as if she saw something else towards the Fallen, as if….he needed to be taken seriously.

They all nodded.

"Who are you going to call?" She parodies a famous song that has been recently put onto YouTube and the minds of viewers who watch the movie that has the composed-singed melody music. "CORE-BUSTAHS!"

The Fallen's optics shifted open. What he did see is Ivy sitting there-at the edge of his chair-making two of the constructing new engineer's making a simple object balanced and pretty even, when it's meant to be strangely placed. What is she doing? The Fallen questions himself. If my apprentice has any part of interfering—

"Naaah, move it up a bit!" Ivy shook her hand.

The two wary engineers' lifted the massive pipe up.

"More to the right!" She waves her hand the opposite direction. "Almoooost!"

The small group shifted to the left.

"You two are morons for direction!" She laughs; shaking her head. The girl's half-way full popcorn bag is seated right beside her. Ivy did not break a sweat speaking to such scout-sized Decepticons who are capable of building and engineering "My right! Heck, I thought you 'Cons are geniuses!"

The engineer's grumble didn't bypass the Fallen's audios, "Not for your taste, your royal pain on the tailpipe." Ahh, she's much worse than I am towards those engineers? That's a . . .when pigs fly moment. Hearing the movies going on from the hall gave The Fallen a better chance to increase his knowledge in English.

She's…got a bad sense of decoration. The Fallen notes. "

Who left you here?" He startles the girl whose skin turns purely white. She must have not been expecting him. As any human, who took a liking into their current task-in-hand. Her skin that once seemed so human is gaining a metal-like shadow getting smoother and somewhat rough without hair growing from anywhere, at all.

"Um….your apprentice," She somewhat had to pause for a moment. "They were speaking in a language I didn't understand and plop, next thing I know…I'm here with these 'so-called-geniuses' in this room!"

Her hazel eyes didn't imitate a depressive girl, but, they visually represented a changing organic in somewhat control. Her eyes are joyful to be quite honest. More-over her bangs almost shadowed those orbitals.

"We are geniuses of our class!" One of the experts proclaims.

As much as he hated organics, The Fallen had to interact with this one.

"My apprentice?"

"Um yeah."

He laughs.

"What makes you say, the last prime's brother left you off in here?"

Ivy pouts, standing up on both feet. Her eyes are now serving to be daggers at the dangerous Decepticon leader. Knowing what he did in the second movie made her want to be wary, since he nearly succeeded getting the sun harvester and ordered Megatron to offline the last Prime. Who succeeded.

"'Cause he did!" She retorts, her hands bubbled into fists as if expecting to throw a punch at his royal faceplate. Her eyes burned a reddish glow that alone should have come from a gigantic robot rather than a human. "You sit in a chair, are you a king or are you a mighty coward trapped by his own repeatable mistakes?"

The Fallen frowns at this stubborn, irritating human.

"I am neither." The Fallen croaks.

"Then what the slag are you?" Ivy asks, putting forward a trick question.

The Fallen has a disapproval expression towards humanity and quintessions. The Girl's somewhat shaky body reassured him the nature of humans would remain being quite monstrous and hideous, weak and vulnerable. Those 3-D Glasses have been on the girl's head for weeks. He wondered where a human could sleep inside a dead planet. However it's safe to assume she gets a pile of wires and cable being larger than her body and wraps them all around her when sleeping in fetal position. Those wires would keep her warm, at the same, Ivy's little bed is cluster of dead Cybertronian material .

"Creator of the Decepticons." The Fallen said.

Ivy stuck her tongue at him making a thhpp sound at once.

"Then what are you…becoming?" He questions Ivy, wanting to see her reaction.

Ivy raises an eyebrow at him.

"I dunno; the comedy gag of the year, sheesh." Ivy jumps off the edge of the chair with her bag of popcorn. "Your 'student' is a big baby and so are the new recruits; seesh. If they continue this streak they'lll be scared of humans like me FOREEVAAAA!"

"What do you mean by that?" The Fallen questions her.

"There's more people like me who can mock ya guys like it's their job." Ivy explains. "That's the comedians job, and, so is the fans who make wonderful stories out of those that fail in the franchise and write in their words. Then I have go in and somewhat crush these ideas inta my words."

"Go on." The Fallen said.

"My words bring messed up 'Cons like Rackshock and Nucklehead ta life." Ivy said. "RackShock's similar to Blackarachnia because of her skin. She has one optic like Shockwave. Her main armor color is black. Her secondary color is a blue-ish green. Her helmet is shaped like Blackarachnia's too,her helmet has a teal blue-green bandanna that has a rounded hole cut for her optic."

The Fallen is somewhat surprised by her creativity.

"You . . .made her up?"'

"My little sister Rachel made her name up for me."


Ivy sighs.

"Don't tell me you have no idea what family units are." Ivy complains.

"I do not." The Fallen said.

Ivy kicks a helmet straight into The Fallen's optics.

"WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING FOR THE PAST MILLENIA? SITTING THERE?" Ivy yells at him. Her face is a hot red as her voice became unusually high pitched. "MOM and MOTHER stands for the female parent, DAD AND FATHER stands for the male parent, UNCLE is for the male related to MOM OR DAD, AUNT is a female related to Mom, Grandparents are . . ."

The girl rubs her chin.

"Parents of a child's parents." Ivy said after thinking for a while.

The Fallen shook his head sending the helmet down about his saxaphone side-armor.

Ivy pauses.

"Wait . . . " Ivy goes through her hair. "I make Rackshock up on July. Darn it. I hate this breaking logic by seeing into the slagging creating-characters-future. So frustrating."

"Why does Family units matter to you?" The Fallen asks.

"Daughter stands for girl, son stands for boy." Ivy adds. "Family was . . . In a way promoted by Transformers Animated. The sad thing about that friendship was also promoted; why is it sad? Because it touches so much bases for bullied kids like me; I may be 15 but sometimes ya can't shake off damage to your childhood."

"You didn't answer me." The Fallen said.

Ivy has a smile that didn't look happy, it was like a damaged girl had decided to come out.

"I can't answer that." Ivy clears her throat. "So to spare ya being bored outta ya mind. I'mma go the center of Cybertroooon!"

Ivy skips away.

"I will not be left without a answer!" The Fallen roars.

Ivy stops in her tracks.

"Because family scenes are cute and they are important to society." Ivy said, looking over her shoulder. Her eyes has this uncanny glare that only Megatron could send. "You of all Decepticons should know that."

And then she leaves.

The Decepticons had gone through corridors and corridors of underground-dead-decomposing surface. What Megatron and Starscream had grown up to know on this planet had become totally the opposite; from branches glowing a colorful light blue in symbols and as markers on the plant-plant like technological home-world. Starscream pauses, when looking at the ceiling briefly.

"Just to think it had been alive…before our dirty work." Starscream mutters, glancing away from the ceiling towards the endless-pathway. It's been at least two hours since the ground moved and Cybetron somehow-briefly flickered to life. The Quakes weren't that tremoerous, but the walls began losing some material off and on.

Starscream continues the long-walk.

Sticks and large trunks stood out from the ground holding Autobot body parts. The remaining of the Allspark isn't useful to restore it right now at its melted-like state; it could only restore and replenty the protoforms that had been developing in the sacs. Some of the protruding sticks have fallen Decepticon armory. They needed more energy to restore their home. It required humans to play a role carrying objects to Cybertron and from Earth through what seemingly can be imagined as stairs. There are such things that humans should not get interfered, when especially when it comes to their freedoms and lives.

"Who wants to bet the Earthling is on our tracks?" One of the newbies asks.

Most of the Decepticons look over their shoulders making sure if the girl hadn't decided to follow them, they never really knew if she did the ninja-silent-treatment. When Ivy is silent they didn't notice her at all. As if she is a ninja. Often times it's because she had been left alone to think in her head about life and stuff, mostly, those silent periods were because of monthly shots. Ivy fell into trances much easily. When she spoke, they were startled if not aware about her presence.

"Don't see the earthling at all." The Anxious Decepticon concludes. "At least she won't catch us off-guard, this time."

Megatron laughs.

"This time?" He repeats, chuckling. "Since when did she catch you all off-guard?"

Really, Megatron thinks, how can adult Decepticons get scared of earthlings? He watches them shuffle their feet on the floor acting quite shy and sheepish. He gives them a 'tell me right now' pierce glare that may have shredded insects if it was indeed a weapon; A weapon to terrorize small organics.

"Not all Organics are scared of us." The Shorter Decepticon points out. "She has this extra pair of orbitals that know when to scare us." He makes the shape of optics. "She doesn't have an extra facial, extra cranium, or-"

"What's a cranium?" Another Decepticon asks.

"The Skull." The Anxious Decepticon response.

"What's a scapular?" Another, shorter Decepticon joins in. "I've heard it from the movies and don't have a single clue what it means!"

Starscream's optic-ridges rose up, "Those are shoulder blades."

Tremble teebmbblee

The Decepticons held on to the side of the wall until the quake lasted.


A large light fixture fell from the ceiling sending spikes and glass everywhere. The Decepticons were startled. Some took a step back which made others fall back down. It was like a huge Decepticon domino effect.

"Phew…that was loud." The Anxious Decepticon acknowledges, wiping off a sweat from his optic ridge. "Could have been worse…"

Megatron's feet were twice as big as any of the Decepticons.

"Get your tarsal out my shoulder-armor!" Megatron roars at a Decepticon who is obviously skittish and rather shy. His tall, beast like height can be imitating. But it makes others wonder how in the name of primus a Decepticon can reach up there in Megatrons shoulder, the Acromial, and stick his ankle in.

"Tarsal…as in…Ankle?"

Pieces of the wall right beside them fell one by one clumped in hay-stack styles. The Skittish Decepticon lifted his crural (Leg) out from Megatron's shoulder armor acting pretty sheepish. Decepticon have thoracic—which means the chest-, attached to long flat or pointy armor that could have the cockpit of their vehicle mode in the front. Decepticon's spinal column is mentioned sometimes referred as 'vertebral' while the hollow area behind the knee is called the Popiteal, the sole is referred to plantar, and the heel is known to be calcaneal. Calcaneal can be associated to Cacnea, as in the Pokemon, because they sound alike in pronunciation.

"This is not a class, got it?" Megatron tells them.

They nod, so Megatron turns around.

"What's the hand referred to?" The Anxious Decepticon whispers in Cybertronian to another, when they ducked under a large Cybertronian-dead branch.

"Manual." Came the other's reply.

The Ceiling above the Decepticons broke away releasing a clutter of ancient relics and armor that have fatal pointy edges. Megatron's height enabled him to just get hit at the helmet, while The Decepticons got the planet's fury injured through their helmets and cervicals identified as necks. Groans are heard when hurt Cybertrionians reconciled with the suffering they got from Cybertron.

"Things can't possibly get worse!" Starscream complains. "As if the dead planet can spring up to life and kill us at will," He pauses. "But then again….That organic does have a way to make things worse fearfully!"

"Come on, she's not that frightening!" Megatron finally comments. "Humans do not make us fear them. We make them scared of us!"

"She is frightening," The other Decepticons joined in, shuddering at once.

"She's almost like a slain ninja-bot who came back from the grave!" The taller Decepticon adds, standing upright.

"I'll believe that when I see it." Megatron mutters to himself in Cybertronian.

And then, the most unexpected event in the history of Transformers and organics went into motion.

"Weeeeeeeeeeeee!" A high pitch squeal is heard. "So this is what Leopride experienced when swinging on the tree ropes on the beast Planet! Ivy,Ivy,Ivy of the jungleeee!" The squeal let alone revealed he had gotten away from the Fallen's Room and has been following close behind the group for more than two megacycles. "Friend of you and meeeeeee!"

Megatron looks to the others, thinking: One how did she get away from The Fallen and those building engineers? Second, humans can swing on dead planets! "Transform and fly to the core!" He ordered the Decepticons. They nod, then transform into their flight modes and flew through the hall.

"Hey, wait up!" They hear the frightening human.

The entire planet grumbles, moving the floor and ceiling now emitting a bright red color from about everywhere. It shines brightly through a few optics along with a few crevices—Ivy glances down at the floor briefly before returning her gaze forwards not downwards—incredibly frightening.

"THIS IS EPICC!" Ivy yells.

The Decepticons flew through hallways.

"Oooh, I'm so getting better at climbing!" She lands on the wall now cut off from the cables that were no longer hanging down away of the ceiling. Ivy pouts at the ceiling shaking her fist at it, while saying something along the lines of "FRAG YOU, UNANIMATED PIECE OF DEATH!" with a few more added subtexts.

They (Decepticons) had to ditch her, the 'frightening-unexpected earthling'

They ended up, sooner than later, in the center of Cybertron: As in twenty-four minutes had passed.

"This is…the core." Starscream walks into the large room with wide floor shaped in a circular pattern similar to 'The Hobbit'. The patterns are extravagant and swirly having discarded weapons and armory here and there. It seems to be the rich area of new armor or a new shell for a spark to inhabit. A shell is easily repaired and reformatted than not.

Weaponry and Cybertronian symbols are seen all over the room, more so for the Cybertronian symbols are on the walls glowing their faint light blue former color –predating several other cybertronians existence. It seems to be a written testament to what The Great War had been. Megatron goes over towards a discarded helmet. It bore resemblance to a Cybertronian he knew all those stellar cycles ago. So much, so little of what had been luxurious, Megatron thinks. His vastly large digitals outline the rough draft version of The Decepticon symbol resembling The Fallen than not, until it had been made simpler. The view zooms in halfway, seeing a slight smile grow on his faceplate remembering the state he found The Fallen in when spelunking in the caves with Optimus…all those stellar cycles ago.

"Woah." The Skittish Decepticon gazes to the generator "Is it supposed to be flickering energy off and on?"

The others did not have an insult to throw. The beam is a magnetic red sizzling from the center. It changes color to light blue instantly sending electronically sparks away from itself. The Autobot symbol is seen bronzed on the wall glowing a bright red light. The Decepticons shield their optics. This hinted, its hidden Autobot programming had finally kicked in. Large and wide spikes grew from the wall stabbing clear through the vertebral area. A gasp came from the mangy Decepticon whose glowing red optics faded away into the abysses.

"Decepticons, destroy the core!" Megatron demands, while rising up his plasma-fusion cannon.

They did not hesitate to shoot.


Steam settles after the shooting ended. The projector holding up the power source for Cybertron flickers on briefly…and then settles down. An eerie feeling is felt throughout the room, it feels dry and uneasy. Not even the moisture from their mouths could take away the disgust. The Decepticons glance at each other, feeling as if it wasn't really over yet. Popular belief is when the target is down; The Target is not down, not at all, and still has some fight remaining; it is still up for game. If anyone could understand it would be a miracle.

"Is it…down?" A high Pitched Decepticon asks, sounding confused.

Megatron seems certain, but, a little unsure himself.

"Hope so." Megatron said, the clad-melting iron from the center didn't reflect hope of being stopped. "The threat is eliminated, the program, not the actual planet." It's easy a planet had some integral programs that defended its residence from invaders when times have become too desperate; however, in this case it came up too late. He sneers. What a complete waste of coding to bring Cybertron's defense systems online.

They turn around from the center.

"Something tells me otherwise." The Skittish Decepticon mumbles.

They all come out the room.

"Um, Megs, why is the ceiling and walls emitting a red sound at the same time there's a creepy noise?" Ivy asks, sitting on the cliff-like edge of the wall. Her eyes seem strange almost translucent like a fake eye. This is not fake encounter in this world alone. It's a genuine mutating eye becoming replaced by some different version of 'optics' her neck is aching. Anyone can notice the fighting and struggle between her body debating which form to settle on. Despite looking human, Ivy is undergoing changes.

The other mechs scream and skaddaddle, leaving only; Megatron, Starscream, Skittish Mech,Anxious Mech, and an Engineer who sneaked with the group. The wall vibrates shakes violently sending material flying in the hallway as if a sandstorm had whipped up under Cybertron's dead surface.


Doors behind the Decepticons slam shut.

"Oooh cree—hheeepppyy." Ivy said, swinging her feet upwards and downwards.

"Now, who's the most frightening being in here?" Starscream sarcastically asks, lifting down his digitals on his waist.



And The Decepticons who were seekers flew through the halls, Megatron prefers running on his feet rather than flight because he is s massive he could collide against the wall then, the apprentice would become totaled. His wings would have nearly got broken off, chipped to shreds, and scarred all over the place. Just a completely beaten up Megatron could result if he flew. Ivy ran after them.

"Why so scared about this planet?" Ivy asks, "Is it really a killer sealed off by Uniciron after their battle for centuries or it has some…important…stuff…that really comes in handy for battle or wars?" She pants.

"You know what, stop talking!" Starscream flew faster through the halls ditching the others.

"See you!" The Skittish Decepticon waves, flying after the seeker.

Megatron grumbles in Cybertronian.

"Me three!" The other Decepticon goes after the two.

The gas left behind makes both cough.

"Do—cough—I really sound-cough—annoying?" Ivy asks, over the smoke.

I should not respond to that, Megatron thinks.

"Megs, look out!"

If she calls me Megs one more time I'm going to off—


Megatron's pinned against the wall by a heavy material that fell from the wall itself. Pain is going throughout his body. He might not make it. The small, short organic girl slid down from the peak of the cliff-like edge from the wall towards his crashed position. He is half-way dug into the wall….Too heavy. He attempts pushing it off but the sharp-peaked edge dug more into him as he tried. His armor feels as if something is tearing right through it. His feet could be twisted back from this sheer force flatting it downright hard.

"Come on, you can do it!" Ivy tells him. "You've got the height of a monster; anyone with that sheer power can lift up this dead wall!"

Does she know it weighs more than I do?

"You are so wrong." Megatron growls, being snappy as he usually is with humans. "Even with a mold like this. A single Con can't—" he coughs. "Lift that amount of weight up from their chest-armor!" He did find that amusing of Ivy's reasoning a monster-sized Decepticon can pull up a gigantic dead piece of earth twice their weight and size from their shells.

Ivy is not swayed by his statement. She starts ripping out sections of the object.

"Why do you care so much?" He asks, seeing her hands getting dirty and covered in little cybertronian ruminants of Cybertron washing up on her hands.

"Because-" She rips out a big pipe object. "You-" Ivy gets a large clump out. "Are…really important." She stops in her tracks. Ivy's eyes seemingly recall something that she has been experiencing recently towards him, as in feelings, not memories from a fanfiction she wore. "F-f-f-Ff-for, to, and wha-w-w-wha-whatever's useful to explain in more words; the history of Cybertron and Earth. Not to mention getting two simple humans together. So they probably won't be in the fourth movie… And not every war-lord can earn brownie points from a fangirl who hardly experiences emotion from Movies. Unless…" Ivy pauses. "The fangirl has gone to know the character so much!"

…She doesn't experience emotion? It startled him. All humans' experience emotion!

Megatron coughs.

"-Impossible." Energon leaks from his mouth that has sharp teeth more sharper than the average shark, perhaps the size of the Megaladon.

"I do wish I EXPERIENCE it from the Transformers movies," She shook her head. "But no, the heavy atmosphere and the less screen time prevent that from happening nor the repetition of names and characters seen." She rants, tugging a large handle-like object similar to the board from "Jumanji" starring Tim Allen and other people.

Why is she….so….kept to herself? Ivy reminded him of one Autobot, who didn't let a thing get to him. Or it could be because she has something else that prevents her from having such things to take what any fangirl would feel. She could have a disorder. …Possibility. He acknowledges.

"Stop." She has caused more grief than helping him. "You won't get it." No matter what she tries, He thinks, She doesn't have the power of a gigantic planet—urgh. A sharp pain stabs through his spark. Some local object from the wall had seemingly hit the inevitable area: His spark. Right through his Sparkchamber it seems. Ivy jump's an inch or two from the floor, her popcorn had suddenly become a miniature version of an electrical whip. However, it is in a non-active mode similar to Star Sabers not on. He groans in pain.

The Material shows blueness appearing in ancient Cybertronian symbols.

Ivy has this determined face.

"Never." Are the only words she could say; He could tell, with his helmet lie down, that she actually started to cry. The pain coming from his pectoral is unbearable as he lost consciousness, Megatron could have swear he saw her eyes become robotic like when his visual turned to darkness.

My arms, legs, joints, they are tearing in pain. Asides to the probable-loss of a major character, things couldn't get any more worse. It's as if my arms are becoming twisted or turning into pillars. "…Don't stop." Experiencing this, just to lift some weight off the gigantic-Decepticon is worthwhile. It's a gift and curse to have OCD/Austim, as Adrian Monk from the Hit Show 'Monk' explicitly stated. Because, well, there are some disadvantages to being me: Not really good motor skills.

"He's not going to die; he's not going to die!" I yank out a large quality of wires, tears streaming down. "This isn't animated, dear, this is Bayverse. Megatron obviously lives. You've seen all the iterations of Transformers—almost." No offense, but I don't like Transformer's Prime's CGI. It looks so eye-straining and depressing. Definetly not what I had grown up to watch with the passing franchises... It's worse than any I had seen, five minutes into the episode Cliffjumper dies (I learned that's what his name later) thanks to Starscream, I think. And Jack's design reminds me of Kevin from Ben 10 and June reminds me of Gwen, Was Hasbro influenced by Ben 10 by any chance?

I can't stop, I can't stop, "This is for Megatron, the future, and everyone else." I remind myself, pulling a chunk of metal and dead-parts from the large part that fell from the wall. The ground trembles. My hands instinctively grab the handle that had been my popcorn bag. My body is entirely shaky.

"YOU WORTHLESS PIECE OF SCAPULAR!" I scream. "Get your dead part out of Megatron or I will desecrate you by making you the worst planet in fanon existence within any fanfiction I write and do not complete! You, Cybertron-thingy, hands off the bad guy. Because he cannot die here, not now, fate has chosen him for something more…bigger than ME." Those tears were falling down on my star-saber thing.

I gulp, standing my ground.

"Please, we can find a way." I softly said. "To restore you….I promise, I keep my words, dude."

The Ancient symbols somehow…floated around me? They scanned me.

Will not answer to a mere weak organic.

"ANSWER ME!" I scream, loudly at the Star-Wars like camera thingy being rounded like a football sticking from the wall. The pain from my entire body is just twice as bad. My knees could have buckled sending me downfallen to the floor where I could possibly die. There are a lot of possibilities to think about when in agony. "He can't die yet."

The radar like thing blinks.

He is the reason why Cybertron is dead.

"I'm the reason why you are getting busted," I growl; getting ticked and ticked, just as Optimus had gotten mad at Prowl in animated and in the Movieverse where he wasn't told about the findings on the moon. "Get off him!" I yank the soccer object and threw it on the floor. His spark could be severely damaged, as human hearts are fragile and so are Sparks. They could be crushed, exterminated, and ripped out. One piece of the stinging wires stung my hands. It feels more hurtful.

Programming decapitated.

I feel as if my breathing is slowing…what's happening?

The metal falls one by one from Megatron, just like…Oh great. My brain can't handle the pain I'm encountering. So there, I fall, unconscious to a stream of darkness that really comes handy at night….Wonder how long I've been here…

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