This is Crazy, but I'm in the Bayverse!

Just a Dream Nelly: Injection

It started out oddly. In a city that seems to be in a devastating-tragic form in its prime. There lay vehicles flipped upside down to the side of the streets and shattered windows are seen from afar. A massive body count is practically seen from the far off this time in a more extinct way. The one who could have and should have restored Cybertron without one- single Autobot warrior is leaning against the wall.

Apparently, he is not amused of the outcome.


The crippled, dirty decepticon looks over his left shoulder armor where a short figure is seen from the ally.

"An Autobot, you want to finish me off?" He growls, just not threatening as he had been. "You must want revenge for your voice-box."

The view reveals a femme who sits on the floor clenching her waist. Yellow transparent floating bubbles are coming off from her body. It's obvious something is happening mattering her existence and life in this world. The Leader's reaction softens recognizing the optics to the femme who is short and has a stocky-like figure.

"…Why are you here?"

Her glowing and still operational optics glared at him.

"To remind you…"

He laughs.

"About this terrible idea?" He is more joking on this than negotiating. "I've had more than that!"

The femme's optics develops a sense of slight warmth.

A slight smile developed on her now, cybertronian faceplate.

"That you aren't Sentinel's bitch."

Megatron awoke from his recharge. He hadn't had this kind of dream in ever. "Only just a dream." He tells himself, getting upright from the recharge. He didn't quite understand what his dream meant. Althought from the blabbering he had heard last night about the mere notion of dreams from the organic had filled in The new Decepticons about what a bridge, fish, and dropped objects meant even words that were said could signal the future in a 'dream' again, he didn't see the point in analyzing daily dreams.

He didn't believe in that frag.

"So there's a lot of terminology and uses of the word 'Rose'" Ivy's voice is heard from afar, explaining to a Decepticon what exactly is a rose. "A rose has red petals, like the flower from Beauty and The Beast. I love that movie!" She clasped her hands together against her cheeks. 'Rose' is also the first episode of a serial. Rose is also used as a name for many people though it has different varieties like Roseanne, Rosie, Rosetta, Rosemary and so on."

Megatron comes out from his room to see a Decepticon is looking at a cybertronian flower. Ivy hands are no longer against her cheeks.

"So…what do humans call the rose if it is Cybertronian?"

Ivy thought for a moment.

"A Cybo-rose." Then she paused again. "No. An alien rose."

Megatron laughs at the simplicity. Yet, it symbolized nothing to the soon-to-be leader who wanted to help his master get what he wanted. He had been helping The Fallen for a long, long, long time. Time would only show if it did bother to become something worthwhile to even note about. For Megatron, it required a greater meaning to be valued as a 'rose'; for love and so many things.

The First Injection…

"Sit your arse down!" Starscream puts his claws on Ivy's back. "And stand still you earthling!" He has a large needle that Doctors use to inject vaccines, important medical medicine, and/or take blood out. He is clearly annoyed at Ivy who is only trying to get herself out of this situation. "It takes only a nanoklick!"

Ivy claws on his digitals.

"No." She has a white face. "I'm scared. I'm scared. I'm scared. I'm scared of needles."

For a girl whose brave enough to face the Decepticons. She totally fears shots and needles. Starscream rolls his optics annoyed by her irrational fear. "How many times in your life have you ever gotten a shot?"

Ivy stopped clawing and thought.

"Um…The shot at this hospital, the shot to help my bones grow—which didn't work—the shot for virus's vaccines, shot for detecting any dangerous diseases…" Ivy counts her fingers. "That is four shots in my life."

"…What about surgery?" Starscream is looking at her in disbelief. It's strange to know a courageous girl is scared of needles. That did not make sense. Unless in a previous life Ivy had got injected by a needle containing something probably bad or died as a result of needles. He figures the fear of needles is just as natural as the fear of heights.

"Two, one for the bead in my ear," Ivy rises up two fingers. "The other was for my lazy eye."

Starscream clasped the girl down using his claws restraining Ivy from moving. "No more squirming, insect," Ivy sweats watching the needle injected into her arm; Shooting, throbbing pain came next. The pain is worse than getting a Shot from the Doctor or a nurse who's really not good at doing shots.

A large and probably bigger needle goes through her skin then injects some CNA that bumped against the red blood cells and floated freely through the arm. Some of these CNA's merged into blood cells making small and slowly changing the type that resembled Quintession DNA. The now metal-plated skeleton is attacked by these Cybertronian CNA which attaches itself to the bone in some way that the metal becomes somewhat-Cybertronain detailed- Bayverse appearance. Body Cells are seen to react, and, gang up on it using their necessary white blood cell warriors.

That is the first shot.

"My apprentice," The Fallen's voice stops Megatron in his tracks. "Don't grow too attached…. to the mutant."


"What did you do?" It's the first thing that came into his processor. The Fallen may have seen some potential/use for this girl who knew too much. This is not a good idea, whatever The Fallen has , He acknowledges in his processor. Human DNA is not capable of being adapted to Cybertronian.

The Fallen laughs.

"I didn't do anything," He sounded so cocky. "They did."

Megatron turns himself halfway towards The Fallen's direction, "What are you talking about?" He raised one of his metal optic ridge confused about this 'mutant' that his mentor talked of. "I do not fully understand about 'They'—"

"She's becoming a quintession." Those words hit him like a stone wall thrashed into his faceplate extremely hard. It explains why she has been developing an energy signature, her sudden understanding to Cybertronian writing, and somehow learning how to speak Cybertronian when not aware she is speaking it.

"This is why I've arranged shots, to configure Ivy's DNA sequence into Cybertronian CNA instead, monthly." The Fallen explains. It also explained why Starscream has been giving her shots that leave her staring into space and having some trances, which were a godsend to the other Decepticons who didn't want to be scared by her. "They inputted The Turtle-Quintessons into her right arm. In the chair you probably found the girl in and ripped her out of, of course-" The look on Megatron's faceplate told him he did. "Her mind's not right…Not insane….But soon won't be so-cooperative to us and tell those fools I'm online. She needs to be around for two more months before 'letting go' of her."

This means, Ivy has been around the Decepticons since July or August. This month could be September; last month Cybertron had acted strangely sending the Decepticons to the core just to find out what in the world is happening. Turned out a faulty-inactive program had been re-activated by accident during one of Soundwave's cinematic transmission for the Decepticons. Time has flown by so quickly that whoever's keeping track of time won't know exactly day is it today on Cybertron.

He sounded so confusing to Megatron.

"...So the Autobots know what we are doing?" Megatron repeats. "I see a 'no' to this—"

The Fallen cackles.

"She will not remember a single thing we do in the movies." The Fallen reassures his apprentice. "When we are present, she will remember. She is only capable of remembering what the Autobots will do and have done. The plus side is Ivy pursuing to help things go in what they should be going."

Megatron could tell he is getting on-to something.

"You wouldn't be here if she wasn't there." He finally finishes.

The forgetting and remembering, Megatron contemplates, Sounds….funny. He looks to his master. "You seriously are not copying over the clapping lamp invention…are you?" He had to make sure The Leader is really still sane and never becoming a comedian type lunatic. The Fallen had Starscream give her an extra shot last month after finding her unconscious.

"Clapping lamp?" The Fallen repeats, confused.

So far, so good.

The Fallen could have mentally shrug off the confusing question,

"She knows so much, but notices so little." He interrupted the younger Decepticons. ".If the Quintession side keeps fighting forwards eliminating her organic half…Plan B will be initiated; hopefully before her last shot." His optics lower towards the nearly completed protoform shell left off to the side of his chair that restrains him from doing anything else. Megatron does not notice his optics gazing to the incomplete shell. The Fallen's optics returns to Megatron. "When she has to go—"

"To those Autobots." Megatron grumbles, a little on the side that it might not really work.

"Then when she has come to no-use, she will be discharged to her life." His optics glow a light red color powering down a little bit. Joy went through Megatron's shell so gleefully it may be a halayuyah moment for the Decepticon. This is best to be described as if he had been bestowed the greatest accomplishment in the entire universe. In a way, he's got an eager vibe coming off.

"I can finally kill the pesky human?" The apprentice asks, a little trigger-happy. He earns a snort from The Fallen.

"No, as in; return to her reality." The Fallen tells Megatron, his voice rose a little being ancient and crackly. "There's a clear chance she won't remember anything, let alone the last word muttered by anyone she's interacting with; Just a word. This is why you should not grow too attached to Ivy; she will depart one solar cycle in orange-like bubbles coming from her body…until she's no longer there. Ivy may never, ever come back to this universe."

If a stone could hit an optic, it may have been useful to knock out The Fallen's optics. Ivy getting out the picture did seem worthwhile and to anticipate when the time has come. He did not like Organics. Nor would he want to make a friendship with one, however, for Ivy it's a little confusing defining what she is. "….So if she's not an earthling….what is she?" Megatron asks his teacher.

"A mutant-mind-traveler;" The Fallen answers. "Who cannot tell what is supposed to be not balanced evenly," Megatron looks over his shoulder to see an animal skeleton is on top of a boulder-carving as if it's a bird. The Skeleton is not a bird. It is that of a dinosaur-based Cybertronian. "And Land-based dinosaur Din—Decepticons cannot fly!"

Injection Two

Starscream hates doing shots, on humans. No, girls, to be specific. Ivy's reactions to the Needle made him want to recoil and eliminate every single organic standing in his sight. However, since The Fallen instructed him if her body looks…metal-like, Starscream would have given another shot: In the same month. It didn't make things much easier due to how fragile her human body if held too tightly.

"This is worse than getting a flight mode on Earth." The Seeker grumbles, his energy-blaster has been given another form; Needles. Just for the purpose when the skin did not look human, rather than Cybertronian. "Do you know how hard it is to make her sit down and not shake?"

The Decepticon, beside Starscream, shook his helmet.

"Pity you." The Seeker puts his face into his claws "For being so…skittish."

This is the same Skitish Decepticon, hinting it's just a few minutes after they had gotten out of the Core of Cybertron."I just….go with the breeze, like this!" The Skittish one held up a chicken-cybertronian animal.

Starscream is staring at it with his jaw dropped, it had metallic feathers, its beak is constructed by mirrors, feet preferably formed by window-wipers, and tail of a hen just so hard/lifelike it couldn't a dream. The Seeker rubs his optics wanting to make sure he did not accidently shut them off on the wrong setting.

"I found it when we were running from the center of Cybertron." The Skittish Decepticon grins widely.

Starscream's optic-cable connectors sizzled electrical sparks from the sides when impulses of realization had kicked into the Seeker's memory bank. Those few words spoken by the Skittish Decepticon jogged up something almost entirely forgotten. "Aw frag." Starscream swears. "I just remembered!"

The Skittish Decepticon holds the noisy animal asking, "What?"

Megatron's currently recuperating from the injuries Cybertron gave him in the med bay, he's likely to wake up after two solar cycles of some spark repair and chest plating had healed itself. The Seeker's optics is easily said than done to be frantic. He just realized one important, minor thing.

"We totally forgot all about her!"

Starscream ditched the blank-looking Skittish Decepticon.

The girl's skin is rather metal looking than having the qualities of human flesh. Some metal that fell from Megatron shielded her from eyesight. The Star-saber handle object is horiziontal from her body. Strange, cybertronian like mechanical noises are heard coming from the body. The scene rotates from the body outside to the clutter of metal and body parts that are spread out across the hallway the only way to know where she is….Is unthinkable.

Starscream comes to the hall.

"No wonder we didn't notice her." The Seeker grumbled, his large-flat wings are a somewhat- visible reminder to some triangle-shape of a flight mode he took on Earth. His toes, the claws, shaped like talons tapped on some wide material. It sunk into some liquid left over from the Great War. "Eww."

The seeker is disgusted

"Find the girl. She's probably unconscious." He tells himself, he raises his foot up. "Lazy but necessary," Starscream kicked up the pile of junk that is sent from the middle of the hall to another side of it. He lowered his foot back on the floor. His optics survey the floor until his optics comes across the rather small body. "Ah there she is."

He walks forward to the body with a handle object right beside it. Starscream notices her fingers are merging together. "Come on, this has to be a trick." He groaned, lowering himself down to the small organic. Her legs look like they are becoming utterly useless not useful for moving on foot. Honestly, the Seeker did not know what is happening to Ivy. For all Starscream knew The Fallen ordered him to give her shots.

His laser blaster becomes a needle then injects it into her right arm. Her fingers return to normal. Her legs do not look flattened as they had been before. The Seeker sighs. Whatever's happening to her body is something the Fallen know. Maybe this is happening from the adventure at The Quintession planet and is….turning her into a robot? The Seeker shook his helmet.

"Impossible, humans can't become Cybertronians." He said, as the girl re-awakens.

Megatron walks from the room that held The Fallen. So many questions are going through his process. Why did this girl get thrown into his world? His world is very much of a old Decepticon who wants to use the Sun Harvester, and that, of a Decepticon who hates organics. Seeing them as ; vulnerable and feeble organsics, for tasks required to be done by Cybertronians.

"So that movie is about…turtles that are teenagers?" Megatron hears a conversation going on.

"Yep. One of them nearly gets clocked out though, and The Rat who found them gets taken by the-..SPOILERS!" Ivy's voice is heard. "Trained by a rat, who lost his master thanks to a person, can't remember his name now."

He hears groans.

"Comeee ooonn, tell us the ending!"

Megatron comes to the large room where a movie is being shown.

"Dudes," Ivy held up a finger. "If you keep asking, I'm leaving you with the movie going on so you won't know a single fragging thing about the ending. This movie is on pause. And my suggestion is to watch the fictional handling of weapons-not just the hot chick you pervert!"

She directed her comment to one of the somewhat tall Decepticons.

"….Um…" The Pervert Decepticon rubbed the back of its helmet.

Megatron got a real eye opener, hearing that from a human.

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