This is Crazy, but I'm in the Bayverse!

Over and over again: Sick Day

"The human has bronchitis," The Decepticon holding Henry, The cybertronian chicken, comments. Ivy has a big cable wrapped around her like a blanket. A Thermometer sticks out from the side of her mouth. Her eye glares at the Chicken-holding Decepticon as if he had given her the bad cold in the first place. "It only affects humans from what I have learned."

Megatron and Starscream had taken several feet back.

"And when is she going to get better?" Starscream asks from afar.

Ivy takes out a notebook and an inked pen.

"Ummm…My knowledge hadn't been that advanced, yet."

Ivy held out the paper.

Let's call the Chicken holding Decepticon, the Farmer, for now.

The Farmer looks to the notebook.

"Ohhhh…" His right optic retracts forwards at the paper. Then it retracts back into his helmet. "...I can't read that." His optics squeeze attempting to read another word which he can't. He didn't expect what would happen next: Ivy's pen hit his left optic dead on at the center critically breaking a few jointed wires.

A string of black oily substance flew straight out form the optic that had been insufficiently damaged from something so sharp and small—though the shape of a pencil—is proven to be a Decepticonss worst weakness. "Ow!" The Farmer staggers back, his chicken bawked and flapped its sharp razor wings sending metal completely everywhere. Megatron and Starscream hide behind two big control panels. "Henry,you don't need to send your razors everywhere yet,"

Ivy's runny red nose did not share pity that most Decepticons would rather hide from in dangerous times. Her eyes look tired. She's had this cold at least two weeks. The Fallen strongly considered Starscream treating her using Cybertronian antibiotics, but Starscream was not completely sure it could work without killing her slowly and painfully in front of his optics-Starscream prefers killing the humans right then and there ending their misery-that's not really fun itself.

"My thro-hat feuls baa-hed..." Her speaking is groggy and slurbish. "it he-urts wehen I tahelk,Like the Du-hide frumm Monk,who die-ed en 'Mr Monk end tee Magician.' e-hend Monk tehold Nate-liie tahet he ke-ept tahaleking for two hours abiut tee pain he wa-hes having from a sor-hure tathroat."

Megatron and Starscream share a glance to each other. The Farmer walks away petting down the neck of his pet,Henry, speaking in a soft and low voice to the cybertronian animal. In a way the two Decepticons were ditched as most of the other Decepticons were doing their best not to be around the sick Ivy;fearing they can get a cold, Supposedly Cybertronians can get diseases and colds as humans, who are not aware of this at all.

"Then stop speaking!" Megatron said, coming from his hiding place.

The human quickly takes another piece of tissue out.

"A-a-ah-" She sneezes into it. "Nuuu."

Megatron and Starscream turnaround from the girl; The Fallen's ideas were ideally absurd and not a really good idea. They, Starscream and Megatron, supposed they could have a better idea so the virus won't spread throughout the troops. "I got an idea, though it'll involve some music and some antibotic-tissue I've been developing." Starscream whispers to Megatron.

The apprentice raises an optic ridge. "Anndd?" Megatron knew Starscream better, if he had one idea it would involve something along the lines of being the Decepticon giving the treatment or doing it. Besides, he did everything to initiate Megatron's plans during the war and retrieving the Allspark on Earth. His late timing is what made him exceptionally

"You have to um..." Starscream's foot fiddles on the floor. He looks both ways as he taps two of his long clawed digits together almost like a shy child who has some startling news to tell. News that would likely anger the parent or confuse them silly-willy of their claims. "We have to be out from her hearing range."

Megatron grumbles, yet, he complies.

From outer space...

A good distance away from Cybertron...

There's some planet collector-cybertronian like individuals watching the dead Cybertron from their space ship. Their foreheads is thick and wide similar to a bull, qualities belonging to parasites are seen on their armor being spiral, clumped in circular shapes, small armor makes up their arms and small digital (Fingers as humans call them), their optics are designed strangely than normal Autobots and Decepticons. Their pupils shines light landing on whatever it is as a flashlight. They could be repurposed for capture by hardening/soliding around the target.

" the planet." An alien-like voice not similar to any alien movies is heard. "The home planet of the Autobots. It looks deserted."

Tab bars come up showing the thornish lands having dead cybertronians on top and armor seen on the ground floor makes the room almost eerily and silent. A lick disturbs this scenery belonging to a serpent/lizard based parasite. A hologram replaces it showing the previous historical animals roaming the planet, eventually evolving into humanoid like individuals being robots ditching the grassy area for a beautiful technological planet. That eventually died down as they declared war to each other, as different groups.

"This will be out greatest feast." Another comments. "The Autobots and Decepticons have not been trying at all to restore it."

"How can we be sure there's not any living Decepticons?" Another puts in a question, a unlikely question.

"We'll send in our Detectors, they go through the underground to up."

These Detectors are vastly large like Buffalo having multiple optics, a tail with another eye for surveillance, and parts that belonged to a spy camera is seen all over. This is a other indicator it's model is pretty big. Snarl and drool whine down form their mouths, They are not gods as humans may think. Life can affect almost every alien in it's own unique way. Their armor seem thick, hardened, and strong.

The questioner seems satisfied.

"Send them in."

Outer space...

Close to Earth...

Soundwave didn't expect one song to take more than a month or two to get uploaded. Mission is irritating.The Satelite acknowledges. He receives a transmission from Cybertron implicating a song capable of luring a sick person to sleep should be sent, to Starscream. Megatron's music cue had been taken up since his request really is lengthy for one long transmission band. "Request: affirmative."

This song wouldn't take long transmitting to Starscream, that's what Soundwave knew for sure.

Scene transition to...

Cybertron...below ground...23 minutes later...

Ivy carries a box of cleanex, sniffling. She feels cold despite having a rather warm blanket-sized cybertronian cable. The Decepticons who were in the room climbed up on the ceiling trying their best to stay from the contagious little human. Little did they know her skin is somehow slippery and metal under all the Caucasian skin-color, the hair that used to be on her hair neck is gone leaving two rounded neck shapes at different areas around her neck.

"Wehe'ures eveury one?" She looks around.


The Farmer closed Henry's beak.

Ivy looks around.

"...Zu zeprezzing." Her eyes become gloomy. "Ooh Ie zound zerman zurweet!" Her mood brightens instnatly. "Zheiz iz auzurme. Nuw everyizon wun;t un-dur-zand a zingle whurod e'm zaying!" It's rather hard to understand her, but those who have gotten sick and experianced this terrible-awful cold can possibly understand her. Even her strange pickedd up german accent.

Ivy darts through the hall.

"Hay, ztra-nnge veceptecon vude!" Ivy caught the Deceticon who had produced clones of himself.

This Decepticon had been trying out a stick, shouting things that may have only came from one movie franchise. ."...Why are you speaking German...and why are you sniffling?" He asks, taken back by her voice. His optics were stunned by her rather pale skin and her nose that seems to be making a rather unusual color. She appears to have been sneezing a lot.

Ivy sneezes into some tissue, and said, "I gehut Bronchotiz."

And then Ivy coughs.

"This stick can make magic." The Decepticon said, holding a large and gigantic piece of Cybertronian wood being wide as a truck for a tree on planet Earth. His elbow armor slid back connected as a paper clip is to holding a stack of papers together, his rocket missiles shooters make up his shoulders while his forearm-armor is constructed large parts from his massive flight mode and land mode. His digits are flat probably making a stair-case resemblance than average metal claws/digits. "Just like the Harry Pooter kid's wand."

Ivy's eyes flare.

"Et's Hairy Potter nut Pooter!" Ivy flails her arms. "Seticks canu't make majehic, du yehu heer me?"

The Decepticon has a sly smile on his faceplate. His feet's rather large talons that's part of some extra wind blade tap on the floor drawing a straight scar a little bit away from Ivy. She didn't react to the screech created by his wing-bladed thorns. Ivy sniffles, blowing her nose into another tissue, her eyes look as if they are begging for rest.

"EXPECTO PATRONUUUM!" The Decepticon creates the hand movement of a tail using the stick that summons out, what is probably the most unbelieve-able thing in Bayverse fan-fiction history: He summoned a red glowing apparition of a Cybertronian unicorn (As in a horse with a horn)standing tall and upright. Until the Unicorn rose up it's right hoof.

Ivy's eyes become small. And, then she spazzes running around declaring untranslated-able subjects that hard to even understand. Ivy ends up running past the apparition coming from the stick itself. The Decepticon laughs, ending the spell when Ivy was no longer in sight. He enjoys torturing Ivy by doing things that are deemed impossible, even though it made things less and less believable for an average moviegoer/reader.

Detector's perspective...

Organic is sniffling...Organic is riding on Detector...Organic is not an organic. Organic is a mutant. The black and spheria color tone shows the sick girl leading the duo to what appears to be a rather unusual Playroom. It seems to have gigantic slides, play tables, toy boxes, and a carpet. It's apparent this room had been a daycare long ago when Cybertron had been alive. Mutant is speaking...cannot understand a single word. Mutant's holding out crumbled up scrapmetal.

The sick girl sneezes on one of the Detector's.


Data tables, volume level, and unknown letters appear all over the camera's perspective that changed from the normal black and white color to a bright-flashing dangerous red theme blinking on and off. The sick mutant wipes her nose, apparently drowsy nor feeling well to talk a lot. Scan complete. Mutant is becoming Quintession. Mutant's energy signature is weak. Mutant is in the progress of mutating, this is sick stage. must return to ship. Abort mission abort mission!

The Sick girl draggs in Starscream as her eyes were bright. Starscream has a pokerface. The sick girl is pointing at us energetically. Energy level is detected to be low for the mutant. Sick girl must be using emergency energy levels from back up body system taking over human organs. Seeker is backing away from the sick girl. Lightsaber handle is poking out from her pocket. The Sick girl could have flown if she flapped her arms fast. View spins as Detectors want to ditch the planet and get rid of the cold's germs.

Mutant is speaking unbelievably fast. Groggy. tired. Cannot keep up.

The First detector stops in it's tracks while the other continues escaping. This one has been infected and has passed the germs to the other Detector. Systems are shutting down. Sending report to not feast on planet...Starscream is replacing cleanex box with a different box, it seems to be moving back and fourth as what Clownfish hide in, sick girl sneezes in replaced type of tissue.. Energy Signiture is recovering,. Energy levels are improving. Must shut are being attackeded. Detector must shut down.

"What is-A Detector?" Megatron asks, coming over to the completely shut down cybetronian. "Impossible. I killed the last one!" He seems in utter disbelief. Joined by two somewhat shorter seekers looking over his elbow to see this rare species. Detectors were seen as a valuable searching tool, so the The Fallen sent his men to find these animals capable of being useful to help them find more suns and be the checkers if the planet was inhabited.

When the Detectors did not cooperate working for the Fallen. A choice was struck: Send them into extinction. They were hunted down until there wasn't anymore. As far as Autobots and Decepticons had known, Detectors were dead completely wiped out. Megatron witnessed first hand the last one be killed. He had to witness that one so the Fallen would be sure all lose ends won't come back to bite them in the tailpipe in their own plans. The best example is the Detectors be used against the Decepticons to find them in places anyone wouldn't have thought of.

"Apparently they were brought back." Starscream said, his arms folded as Ivy's speech is slowly recovering-She's slowly talking nonstop-visibly. Although, her eyes still look exhausted and in need of getting sleep-Despite sleeping normally last night-to recuperate from this cold. Her nose seems to be fading from it's red color, not completely, but it's likely to take time returning to it's Caucasian skin color.

"They look much massive than the holograms." A curious Decepticon seeker comments.

The smaller seeker gets through to the Detector.

"Get it into the tubes,this must be preserved to let others know what happens if they come back." Megatron orders the seekers. Seekers didn't necessarily show it but they could lift, in a whole group, a gigantic body using all their strength at once. He looks towards Starscream who seems eager than not to put his idea together. "Fine Starscream, I'll do it this time. Next cycle it's your turn."

Ivy babbles looking at Starscream and Megatron, speaking slowly.

"Yhuurr turrrn fwuerrr whaaet?" She asks, blinking her eyes slowy.

A electronic red string of data goes from Starscream to Megatron, this time it's pretty fast.

"Ivy where do you usually..." Megatron gives Starscream and the seekers a 'get-going' expression. Starscream helps the seekers drag the Detector from the room. It feels much comfortable without being seen by others, because what he will do is something most Decepticon would laugh at. "...Recharge?"

The girl is rather hesitant at first. Then she replied, "Umm...evurywhuuree." Every where? Is she kidding me? Megatron lets the flow events go through his helmet. It will be humiliating if everyone see's me doing...He relaxes his servos. He knows fully well what this room used to be. And not a single con is around, surprisingly It seems this room is the best place to 'play' a certain song. A useful song. "Whie?"

Megatron's flight mode thankfully has a radio.

"You may need to sit down." He tells her, oblivious to anything but her tired eyes,

"E am zittingdowun." Ivy said, already sitting down on a big playbox's lid. "Whiee-"

Megatron plays 'over and Over again'.

"Nevur heard of. this..os..sung..." Ivy starts to say;She didn't finish because the song lured her to sleep about two minutes and four seconds into it.

The apprentice stops the radio.

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