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The cold Hard truth


Connor is a boy that loves music and staying home. But that all changes when his Brother AKA his boss makes him dress up as Callie again to do a commercial. Austin is that famous actor who you would expect to have a girlfriend. But he has been crushing on Callie since they were young. How does Austin finding out that his crush is a guy change him?

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1


I am waiting for my mom and dad to finish with their photo shoot. They are famous actors. The boss AKA my brother is already making plans for the next shoot. Yay me. More boredom. I go outside and look around at the busy streets. There are pictures of Austin everywhere. Girls are saying

“ I love you, Austin” Or “ will you marry me Austin”.

...Okay maybe they didn’t exactly say that, but they were definitely drooling.

“ Connor I have great news for you.” Jake says running out. I just stare at him.

“ I know how we can start your show business.” He adds really excited.

If he wanted to be an actor he should go be an actor. I honestly prefer writing music. I own my own guitar. Anyway, Back to what Jake is saying.

“So.” he started. “ You know how you dressed up a girl for that one show you did when you were 5? Anyway you and Austin are gonna do a commercial together for 12 years later.” Noo I mentally slap myself.

“And I said yes you would be happy to do it.”

I grabbed his shirt.

“I only did it because The girl wasn’t there.” I spit in his face.

You know that moment in your life when your brother forgets that you aren’t actually a girl but a boy. I can’t wait for this to be over. Imma try get myself out of this. Yeah, I’m going to do that.

My brother stands back up and says.

“ Also, you can’t say no because we are leaving first thing tomorrow.”


I started having a panic attack. Then I can't remember what all what happened next.

The next thing I know I am in my bed sleeping happily. But I've woken up.

I go to get dressed I put on a pair of blue slim jeans with a white torso. Then I put on a gray sweatshirt. Then I put on a pair on black Vans.

I go downstairs to see my mom and dad kissing.

"Turn away. Retreat. MY INNOCENT EYES!!!" I say pretending to faint.

My mom giggles a blush forming on her cheeks, and my dad just rolls his eyes at my behavior. I giggle. My brother walks in. Uggh.

"What an excellent performance." My brothers says.

" Shut up." I respond.

" But you could be come famous."

" I thought I told you-"

" I know what you told me but you are doing a great Job you should become an actor that mom and dad. You've already got the skill. But you need to try."

" I'll make a deal with you."

" I'm listening."

"If I do a great job on this performance I'll try out for that show you want me to audition for. -"


"Nah I'm just kidding there is no deal I just wanted to shut you up."

He looks furious with me. Then grabs me by my arm pulling me.

"Where are we going." I ask. I hate surprises.

He pushes me into the car where my mom and dad are waiting for me. I turn to look out the window. I drift off to sleep. When I wake up, I look out the window and I am NOT happy with what I see.

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