Chapter 3

Warning: This chapter is purely fluff. It's to show you the interaction between Rin and her family and it's building up Shiro's and Yukio's character.

3rd person POV

Shiro didn't know what to think. Of course he was concerned about his daughter, she was being held in his arms and on the verge of tears for god's sake! What was really concerning, however, is that Shiro knew Rin was a tough girl. She stood up for herself and others, and (often to his chagrin) got into fistfights protecting people who couldn't protect themselves.

So, for his daughter out of everybody in the entire world to be on the verge of tears, that was scary for him. Whatever had nearly happened to his little girl must have been terrible if it has her reacting like this.

"Rin, do you think you can tell us what happened?" Yukio gently asked her.

Yukio's thoughts were along the same lines as Shiro's. If his precious nee-san, who always protected him, was an the verge of tears, he knew that something had to be wrong.

"O-Okay..." Rin mumbled, swallowing hard.

The night before, the overall impact of what could have happened to her didn't register properly. But now that she'd had time to think about it, it was crashing against her in waves. She choked back tears the threatened to spill out of her eyes and began quietly.

"Yesterday wasn't a very good day for me. All kinds of things went wrong, including being nailed in the face with a basketball, which is how I met that boy from earlier. Anyway, after you let me go, I went to the store to buy some of the noodles I'd be needing for today, remember?"

Shiro remembered letting Rin bike a couple miles out at a little past midnight to go to the store. He had been reluctant, and now he wished he'd just made Rin stay home.

"I met the guy, Ryuji as I learned was his name, at the store. We chatted for a little while and I paid for the noodles and left. Apparently the time I spent talking was enough time for someone to steal my bike, and the nearest bus stop was a mile away so I started walking the mile. That's when it happened. Someone grabbed me from behind and pulled me in the alley way I was passing."

Shiro paled. His daughter could have been kidnapped!

"I disarmed who ever it was and knocked them over and I think I might of broken both their knee-caps. I knocked them out and I had to staggered out of the alley with this big ass cut on my leg." She said, gesturing to her leg.

"I made it to the bus stop, where I proceeded to pass out like a little bitch in front of Ryuji and his two friends, I woke up in his dorm, just kinda chilled, and now I'm back home."

Without even noticing, Rin had started to cry. Shiro pulled her not-so fragile small body a little closer to his.

"Since my stupid phone was dead I couldn't call anyone to let you know I was safe. Sorry for making you worry." Rin mumbled ashamedly.

"Who fixed up your leg?" Yukio suddenly asked.

"Shiemi Moriyama. That blonde girl you have a crush on." Rin answered, smirking a bit at the end.

"Nee-San!" Yukio blushed.

"Well, it was a good thing that Ryuji had his friend patch you up. I'd like to thank Shiemi next time she comes over." Shiro said.

He was unbelievably relieved that Rin was going to be okay. He didn't know what he'd do if he lost his adorable daughter. Hell, he didn't know what he'd do if he lost either of the twins. Not only would he never be able to forgive himself, the other twin would be absolutely crushed. Shiro didn't care if these children weren't related to him by blood. As far as he was concerned, they were his own adorable children and they always would be, no matter what.

He didn't even care if either one of them killed someone! (Rin probably would be more likely to commit genocide then Yukio if someone hurt the other... Shiro idly thought.) Sure, he might be a little pissed off, but he'd still love whoever brutally killed someone. He'd love these two children to the ends of the earth. He'd love these children more then any parent had loved their child! He'd love these childr- okay, he might be going a little overboard with this, but he really does love these two!

"I think it's due time you rested a bit. You don't have to go to school tomorrow." Shiro said, still holding the light weight girl in his arms princess style.

Rin wanted to protest, but she was feeling a bit woozy ('Most likely because of the effects of blood loss.'She thought'). So, Rin complied and allowed her dad to carry her up to her room. Shiro carried her upstairs and opened the door to Rin's bedroom. He laid her softly onto her bed, taking off her white sneakers. He tucked her in and kissed her forehead.

"I love you, dad." He heard Rin's quiet voice sound from her bead as he turned to leave her room.

"And I love you, Rin." He whispered in reply, closing the door behind him with a soft thump and click.

Rin closed her eyes and curled up like a cat in her soft blanket. She felt a soft dip in her bed and she opened one eye to see her cat, Kuro, looking at her. He seemed almost relieved to see her.

"I'm still mad at you, you know." She muttered, poking the black cat.

Kuro's ears flattened against his head and his tail drooped. His eyes practically screamed he was sorry for scratching her. A soft smile tugged at the corners of Rin's mouth.

"Aw, I can't stay mad at you forever, now can I? That wouldn't accomplish anything." She said, a fond smile gracing her lips.

She patted the cats head and Kuro gave a happy meow and purred. She giggled a bit and patted at the space her curled up belly made. Kuro, taking the offer, jumped over her and curled up in that spot. She stroked his silky smooth ears and his reassuring purrs lulled Rin to sleep.

A few minutes after Rin had entered dreamland, a quiet knock sounded from her bedroom door. After a moment of silence, the door creaked open a little and Yukio's face peered into the room.

"Nee-san? Are you still awake?" He whispered.

His eyes traveled around the room before stopping at the bed. His eyes softened at the sight of her sleeping face. Slowly opening the door, he padded into the room, his socked feet barely making a sound on the plush gray carpet. He drop to his knees by the side of her bed and gazed with a sense of wonder at his older sister's face. He propped his head up with his fist and scrutinized Rin's content expression silently.

It was rare that he was able to see her looking so peaceful nowadays. But, he supposed, it was the same case with anyone else. Absentmindedly, he brushed her bangs out of her face and chuckled softly as her nose scrunched up cutely. Even in her sleep, his sister was alert. Rolling his eyes at that thought, he pulled the chair from her desk over to the side of her bed and grabbed a book. He sat in that chair, silently reading the book ('Which was really good, Rin has better taste then I thought.' He idly noted)

About halfway through the book Rin started to shift a bit in her sleep. At first Yukio passed this off as regular movement in your sleep, but when he looked up and saw her face, he knew something was wrong. Her face was twisted into an expression of distress. It dawned on Yukio his sister was having a nightmare. Marking his page in the book, he slammed it shut and stood from his seat.

He shook her, trying to wake the sleeping girl up. That only seemed to make it worse. Kuro woke up and purred at Rin out of distress but nothing was working. Wringing his hands, Yukio wracked his brain to try and figure out how to calm his sleeping sister down. It suddenly hit him, and he nearly smacked himself for not thinking of it earlier. He lifted the upper half of his sisters body up as high as he could and dropped her. Her eyes shot open and she gasped for air, tears making their ways down her cheeks.

Yukio breathed a sigh of relief. He'd read somewhere that the sensation of falling can wake someone up immediately. Thankful that tactic had worked, he climbed into Rin's bed and drew his twin closer to his body with his arms, soothingly rubbing small circles up and down her back. Rin's shoulders relaxed and she leaned into the comforting warmth of her twins body.

Kuro jumped back onto the bed and laid on top of Rin's back. He started to purr in a relaxing way that made Rin's eyes droop again, but she didn't want to back to sleep. Sh edidn't want to go back into that horrible night.

"Shhhh... You can go back to sleep. I'll be right here, I promise." Yukio shushed her, noticing her losing battle.

Hearing that was the only confirmation Rin needed. She snuggled into her brothers chest, listening to his reassuring heart beat. She gave into the side of her screaming to rest and let sleep consume her body. Yukio looked down at the once again peaceful expression on his twin's face, and a small smile tugged at his lips. He squeezed Rin just a little bit tighter and closed his eyes.

'I'll be the big brother for now'

was his last thought.

Shiro poked his head in the rooms of the house.

He furrowed his brow and scratched his head. Here he was, the best detective around, and even he couldn't figure out where Rin or Yukio would be, assuming they were even together in the first place. Poking his head in Yukio's room, there was still nobody there. Where hadn't he looked already...?

Oh. OH. Shiro nearly face palmed at his own stupidity. Rin must've still been asleep, and usually where one twin was, you could always find the other nearby. Shaking his head, he rolled his eyes at himself for not thinking of this earlier and quietly opened Rin's bedroom door. He peered inside, and stepped in, his feet barely making a thump on Rin's carpet.

Looking around, he saw a very endearing sight. It would make the strongest of men melt on the spot. Shiro smiled softly and put his hands on his hips like a teasing momma (Shiro thinks some weird things sometimes...).

"So this is where you two have been." He said quietly, a fond smile playing on his lips.

He walked over to the snoozing twins and brushed the hair out of their faces, planting a kiss on both of their foreheads. Kuro gave a small meow of question, put he just patted Kuro's little head. Shiro shook his head at the twins.

"I swear, you two are conjoined at the hip. I can't keep you guys away from each other."

He chuckled lowly. Tucking the two of them in, he tip toed out of the room. Turning to them one last time, he said this before closing the door behind him.

"Sweet dreams you two. I love you."

Rin, who'd been awake the whole time, smiled and faced the closed door.

"I love you too dad." She whispered.

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