Chapter 6

3 months after the Karaoke night...

Ah, Saturday,

A day to relax and do absolutely nothing except lay in bed all day and play on your electronics or read manga or something while sobbing your heart out for the whole neighborhood to hear.

Well, at least in Rin's case.

She hadn't left her bed all day and it was a little bit past noon.


"Ughhh." Rin moaned.

She laid in her bed for a moment debating whether or not to stand up before she decided she would rather just roll down the stairs then walk. She flopped her body limply onto the carpet and began rolling down the hallways and to the staircase.

"UH UH UH UH UH." She grunted repetitively as she rolled her body uselessly down each step.

"Can yo- Rin what are you doing?" Shiro bit his lip, holding in laughter at his daughter's behavior.

"I refused to stand up and payed for it." She grumbled, a bit muffled considering her face was pressed in the carpet.

"Where are your pants?!" Shiro shouted, realizing for the first time her absence of bottoms.

"I'm not wearing them?" She raised an eyebrow.

"I can see that, but why?!" Shiro said, his face clearly showing 'What the hell?!'

"Because pants are for losers." She rolled her eyes as though Shiro could see her do it (Her face is still pressed in the carpet)

"But I'm wearing pants." Shiro said.

"Exactly." Rin muttered.

Rin lifted her head up from the ground and smirked at Shiro.

"I walked right into that one didn't I?" Shiro face-palmed.

"Yep." Rin nodded in agreement.

Meanwhile, Yukio was trying not to choke on his orange juice in the background.

Just an average Saturday morning in the Okumura house-hold.

Rin had a problem.

Oh, who am I kidding, Rin always had some sort of problem, but this was serious! Spread across her desk were three new mangas she'd bought.



"AARRRRGH THIS IS HOPELESS!" She shrieked, kicking her desk chair across the room.

Downstairs, Shiro looked up from his newspaper and stared at Yukio in question.

"She's trying to choose what manga to read again." Yukio muttered exasperatedly.

Shiro looked back down at his newspaper.

Both men knew it wasn't a good idea to bother Rin when she's trying to choose manga to read.

Half an hour later, Rin had finally settled on "Your lie in april" after one of her internet friends skyped her and told her to do so.


The neighbors continued their daily routine, already used to the teenagers daily Saturday screaming.

Yukio, however, was actually a bit concerned. Rin's screaming had seemed, I don't know, different then usual? Yeah, different. Yukio walked upstairs and cautiously opened her door and saw Rin in a little ball in the far corner of her room covered in a blanket and shaking.

"Nee-san, are you okay?" He warily asked.

He tentatively reached out and patted her shaking shoulder. Rin slowly lifted her head out of the blanket and Yukio was surprised to see legit tears streaming down her face.

"What's the matter?" Yukio asked, concerned.

Rin ducked her head back inside the blanket and stuffed her head inside her knees. Just what manga had she been reading that caused her to act like this?! Yukio looked around the room and saw an open manga book on her bed. He looked at the illustrations and he visibly paled.

"No way... You didn't read that one did you?!" Yukio said, running over to her bed.

He closed the book and looked at the name on the cover.



"Oh nee-san!" He cried.

He hugged her tight. He knew just how sad that manga was because of Ryuji. He'd found Ryuji of all people reading it and crying. If Ryuji had cried, there was no telling what it had done to Rin! Ryuji. He'd know what to do! He'd dealt with this trauma before! He could help Rin go back to normal. Quickly I ran out of Rin's room and grabbed my phone, dialling Ryuji's number at lightning speed. After a couple rings he picked up.


I wasted no time. I turned on speaker phone.


"Yukio, calm down. Speak in english and speak slowly."

"Ryuji. Help. Rin. Read. Your. Lie. In. April. And. Oh. God. I. Need. Your. Help." I said slowly so he could understand me.

The other line was silent and suddenly I heard his phone hit the ground. In the background I heard quick footsteps and Ryuji screaming "KONEKO SHIMA THIS IS CODE 144 GET THE CHOCOLATE, FLUFFY BLANKETS, ICE CREAM, AND ROMANTIC COMEDIES I REPEAT THIS IS CODE 144!"






There were more screams and suddenly the phone was picked up again.

"We'll be right there!" Ryuji shouted and the line went dead.

Calmly, I walked over to father who was staring at me in shock, having heard the entire conversation (The phone was in speaker phone mode)

"What was that about?!" He exclaimed, waiting for an answer.

"Rin needs emotional support after reading a certain manga so I got it. Right now she's currently curled up in a ball with a blanket in the corner of her room sobbing quietly."

Shiro looked alarmed at this but shook his head. "You know? I'm just not even going to ask. I probably won't understand it. Even though I'm the greatest detective around, even I will never understand the ways of a fangirl, nor a woman.

"No one ever will. Not even Rin understands herself sometimes."

"YUKIO SPEAKS THE TRUTH!" A watery voice shouted from upstairs.

"See?" Yukio pointed.

A couple minutes later there was a loud knock on the front door. Yukio ran and opened it and Ryuji burst in.

"WHERE'S RIN?!" He yelled, gripping Yukio's shoulders.

"In her room upstairs. Her room is the one with the dark blue doo-" Yukio didn't finish his sentence because Ryuji had bolted up stairs.

Rin's bedroom door could be heard slamming open from downstairs.


Ryuji wasted no time getting the stuff he'd need to help out Rin. He knew how badly that manga and anime could emotionally fuck you up. He had first hand experience after all! He bursted into Rin's room, taking a second to admire how non-girly it looked. If there's one thing Ryuji hated, he hated girls who loved pink and all that girly stuff. He, however, loved girls just like Rin.

He glanced around the room and almost immediately noticed a Rin-shaped ball in the corner covered in a blanket. He pressed his lips together and walked over to her. He knelt by the slightly shaking form on the floor.

"Hey, Rin?" He asked gently, knowing the pain in the heart she was going through.

"Rin's away right now. She's in blankettown" Rin muttered from beneath the blanket.

"Oh really? Do you think there's room for two in blankettown?"


Ryuji's brow twitched, but he kept a cool demeanor.

"Aw, that's too bad. I wanted to give Rin something to make her happy. Are you sure there isn't any room in blankettown?"

"...Maybe. It depends upon what you present her with."

"I bring gifts from the heavens. I bring you something from the gods themselves. I bring you chocolate."

He could tell this caught her attention when he saw the lump he assumed with her head tilt up.

" What kind of chocolate?"

Ryuji grinned, knowing he was winning this one.

"Hershey's kisses, your favorite."

"...Permission is granted. You may enter blankettown."

Rin smiled in success. He lifted the corner of the large blanket and crawled under.

"Payment?" Rin asked.

Ryuji pulled the bag from out of his coat. Though e couldn't see it from how dark it was, she pumped her fist. All he knew is that she had hissed "YISSSS".

A couple minutes passed, the two of them sharing the bag of chocolate, when Ryuji got an idea.

"Hey, do you have any more large blankets like this one?" He suddenly asked.

"Yeah, why?" Though he couldn't see it, she raised an eyebrow.

"Do you want to expand blankettown and make a fort?" He suggested.

She paused a minute, debating, before she replied.


The two crawled out of the blanket, and Ryuji caught sight of Rin's tear-streaked face.

"God, that manga fuck you up too huh?" He commented.

"Hell yeah. I was like KAORI NOOOO. And after her note I just went to the corner and I've been staring at nothing at all ever since."

"I did the same thing. Me, of all people, lost it. Shima had to slap me multiple to bring me out of it."


Rin walked back inside of her room carrying a bunch of blankets from the closet right next to her room. She tossed them on her bed.

"Alright, now where should we build our fort?" She asked, clapping her hands together.

Ryuji was about to speak when Shima came in.

"Fort? Can me and Konekomaru help?"

Ryuji looked to Rin for an answer.

"I don't see why not. Now, team, where do we build this fort of ours?"

"In the living room?" Konekomaru suggested.

After some debate, they all agreed with Konekomaru's idea.

For the next half hour, the four of them (and eventually Yukio) constructed the fort until it was big enough for the five teenagers to sit in comfortably.

"Alright, so what now?" Rin asked, admiring their work.

"Well, we brought over a lot of candy, ice cream, and some movies, so do you want to do movie night?"

"Hell yeah I do!" Rin agreed, holding a thumbs up.

Shima crawled in the fort, exclaiming how awesome it looked, and they watched him break a hole through the blankets so the five could see the TV. Rin followed Ryuji into the kitchen to grab spoons and snacks, and Konekomaru and Yukio went upstairs to grab some extra pillows for everyone. After Rin had put in the dvd and everyone had grabbed what they needed, they filed into the fort and smiled at the glorious sight before them. Shima was right, the fort they'd all pitched in to make sure did look damn fine.

The flopped into their respective spots, from left to right, Yukio, Rin, Ryuji, Shima, and Konekomaru. Rin grabbed the remote and began to play the movie. They laughed and awwed and even cried a bit through the movie. They got halfway through the 3rd movie when Rin suddenly spoke up.

"I literally just realized..." She trailed off.

"What?" Shima asked.

"I'm the only girl here and now that I've realized this I feel weird that I never noticed until now."

"Huh, she's right. That's funny."

They all laughed a bit.

"Do you guys want to invite over everyone else?" Yukio asked.

"Sounds like fun. I'll ask dad, hold on..."

Rin stood up and poked her head from out of a hole in the "Roof" of the fort.


"WHAT?!" HE shouted right back.







Rin poked her head back inside.

"He says we can." She said like she hadn't just been screaming a lung out.

"Yeah, I think we already knew that..." Yukio shook his head, doing his anime style glasses magic-thingy-that-the-author-and-even-Rin-herself-has-no-word-for.

For a couple minutes, they all debated whether or not to call up Paku, Izumo, and Shiemi to try and get them to come over. In the end, they decided, yes, they will call the girls. After all, they did still have a lot of candy and ice cream to spare anyway.

So they rang up the other three girls and all of them said they could come over. Shiemi and Paku would be carpooling with Izumo and her mother.

About half an hour later there was a knock on the door. Rin stood up and skipped to the door and opened it, and there stood Izumo, Paku, and Shiemi.

"Hey Rin!" Shiemi said, hugging the girl (and shocking her because Rin was NOT expecting that.)

Rin stiffened and froze with a "What the fuck!?" Look on her face. Realizing she was being hug, she hesisitately returned the hug.

"Hey, heard there was ice cream. Can't pass that up." Izumo commented.

"Hello Rin! Thanks for inviting us over!" Paku said with a smile.

"No problem. By the way, we made a fort because we needed to earlier and we're about to expand it. I dubbed it blankettown just so you know." Rin said, tailing behind the three girls.

"Ooh! Sounds like fun!" Shiemi laughed.

Izumo didn't comment.

Paku simply smiled and agreed to helping build the fort.

Almost an hour later, they all somehow managed to construct a fort that fit the eight of them. They broke the roof and made the opening so they could see the TV and they all tried to figure out a movie to watch. After much debate, Rin just put in "Idiocracy" and called it a day. About halfway through the movie, Ryuji spoke up.

"If this is the fate of humanity, I don't want to live on this planet anymore." He dead-panned.

"I can't say I disagree." A new voice entered the room.

"Oh, hi dad." Rin said, standing up and poking her head out of a hole in the roof.

"Rin, didn't I just tell you an hour ago to not make a huge mess?" Shiro's eyebrows raised at the large fort before him.

"Sorry old man, but chill, we'll clean it up." Rin waved him off.

"Old man? I'm not that old am I?" Shiro said, self conciously running a hand through his silver hair.

"No offence, but she's right. You could be our grandpa." Yukio popped up beside Rin.

"Oh, you wound me Yuki."

"That's the second time you've been wounded today then. "


"Remember this morning?"

"Oh yeah, when I was like "Pants are for losers!" and he was wearing pants?" Rin chimed in.

"Yeah. That was brutal, but he walked right into it." Yukio nodded.

"Are we missing something here?" Konekomaru piped up.

"This morning I refused to wear pants, claiming Pants are for losers! and my dad said he was wearing pants and I had replied with "Exactly." Meanwhile, Yukio was off to the side trying not to burst into laughter." Rin explained.

"How could I not?" Yukio smiled at the memory.

"You children are going to kill me one of these days..." Shiro muttered, walking into the kitchen.

"You guys, is it just me, or did that sound like Shiro Fujimoto?" Shima said, raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah, he's our dad." The twins said casually.


"WHAT?!" Came the simultaneous shriek from everyone (except Shiemi and Ryuji because they already knew)

"Oh so they figured it out? Hello children, I'm the almighty Shiro, hear me roar! ROAA-"

Rin threw a pillow at him.

He merely deflected it and took a sip of his glass of sake as though a pillow had not narrowly missed nailing him in the head.


"WHAT?! I didn't even know he was a detective in the first place!" Izumo gave her the"What the fuck?!" look.

"You should really tell us these things!" Konekomaru whined.

"Well sorry, I don't really think it's all that important who my father is. I mean, I don't see him as "Shiro Fujimoto" I see him as my dad." Rin shrugged.

"Wha-" Shima began, but Ryuji cut him off.

"Don't try and understand her, you never will. She thinks like a weirdo." He said, simply shrugging.

"Hey! I just think differently then most people!" Rin said hotly.

"So basically, you think like a weirdo." Ryuji raised his eyebrows and smiled, poking her nose (which, though he'll never admit it, scrunched up adorably whenever she was mad.)

She slugged him on the shoulder as hard as she could. He was knocked over onto Koenkomaru and Shima.

"OW! Man screw elbows of steel! You have fists of steel woman!"

"Do you want to see something else made of steel?" She asked in a warning tone.

"N-No, I think I'm good, thanks." He gulped.

"That's what I thought..." She muttered.

Everyone just stared at her before Yukio spoke up.

"Nee-san, you're scaring them."

"Oh! Sorry."

"Yukio, I think you and I both know this. Rin is always scary. All woman are." Shiro commented from his armchair outside of the fort.

None of the men seemed to disagree.

"He's right you know." Paku commented.

"We may act nice, but a week of the month is a week you must never mess with us." Izumo agreed.

"I know that all too well..." Yukio shivered at the memories.

"What are you guys talking about?" Shiemi asked

Everyone fell into an awkward silence.

Shiemi blushed at all the stares being sent her way.

"W-What?" She asked uncertainly.

Rin just shook her head and patted Shiemi gently on the top of her head.

"It's nothing. You're just so innocent it hurts." She said sweetly.

"Still, what are you all talking about?"

"You'll find out one day. You'll know what we're talking about when it happens. When it does, call me." Rin said.

"Okay then..." Shiemi said, raising her eyebrow.

Everyone chatted among themselves when Shima spoke up.

"Hey, am I the only one who's hungry?" He said.

"We have candy, would that help?" Yukio replied.

"Nah, I've been eating it all day."

"Do you want me to make something for everybody?" Rin asked.

"You can cook?"

"Duh, why would I offer to cook if I couldn't?" She replied indignantly.

"Well, I'm up for something hot, what about you guys?" Ryuji said.

Everybody gave simultaneous nods of agreement. Rin nodded and popped her head up from the hole in the roof.

"Oh no, brace yourselves!" Ryuji said.

"Why?" Izumo asked.

"She's about to yell and she's got quite a set of lungs." Yukio explained quickly.

He said not a moment too soon because at the moment he finished Rin yelled.





"That cool with you guys?" Rin said, looking down.

"Yeah, sounds good." They all agreed.


"YISSSSS!" Shiro hissed.

Rin crawled out through the "door" of the fort and made her way to the kitchen, grabbing her IPod from the counter on her way. She pocketed the device and stuck the headphones in her ears, turning it on. Scrolling through the songs, she settled on "Hello sleepwalkers", and without even realizing it was singing the lyrics (which is impressive, considering how fast paced the song is!) while she cooked. Meanwhile, everybody else was listening from behind the wall.

They'd heard her singing the night before and hey, she was good! You couldn't blame them for wanting to listen to more! They listened as she sang "Hello sleepwalkers", "Smile spell", "Unravel", "Resonance", "Glitter", and a lot more they couldn't name.

In the kitchen, Rin danced as she sang, not caring that she had guests over. Finally, everything was done!

"Alright!" She cheered.

Using oven mitts, she brought the dishes to the table and set out plates for everyone, drawing some extra chairs from out of the closet. Setting the table, she placed down the last knife and wiping the sweat from her forehead, she washed her hands.


Everyone filed in, sitting at random seats.

"Thank you Rin!" Shiemi said with a smile.

"No problem. I love to cook anyway, so it's no big deal."

"Still, you didn't have to, so thank you!"

"Alright, well, you guys ready to eat? Good. Dig in!"

Everyone at the table froze (except for Shiro and Yukio) when they ate the first bite. Ryuji was first to speak.

"Rin, you said you could cook right?"


"Well, you didn't tell us you were a fREAKING MASTER CHEF!"

"Oh come on, I can't be that good..." She blushed.

"He's not joking, this is awesome!" Shima said.

"They're right, you're an amazing chef Rin!"

"T-Thank you I guess..." Rin trailed off.

After dinner, Rin hummed softly as she cleaned the dishes, ignoring the clock that read it was past 12 o'clock am. She pressed her lips together. Everyone should probably go home soon unless they were sleeping over. Glancing into the other room (where the fort no longer existed because they'd disassembled it after dinner), she could already see a couple of her friends starting to doze off.

"Too late..." She murmured.

She supposed it was a sleepover now then.

Drying the last of the dishes, she quietly put them away without alarming everyone else, and a few moments later she softly closed the cabinets. Grabbing her cup from dinner, she poured herself some water and quietly crept into the living room. She sat on the couch next to her dad and a sleeping Ryuji.

"You sure got yourself some great friends, you know that?" Shiro whispered, looking at all the now sleeping teenagers.

"I know." She smiled.

"It seems like it was only yesterday that you didn't even have any friends. But look at you now. Honestly, I was starting to get worried." Shiro commented, his mouth pressed in a line.

"What do you mean?" Rin asked, tilting her head.

"I knew, even though you hid it well, you were lonely. I know you may be fine being lonely, but no one can stand solitude."

"Damn, you saw right through me didn't you? Well, I supposed there's no hiding anything from the world's greatest detective huh?" Rin bit her lip.

"Oh you flatter me." Shiro joked.

"Well, you are a great detective. Everyone else is always freaking out over you, so you must be. Personally, I see you only as my dad and nothing more. Apparently that's 'weird'". Rin shrugged.

"Well, they aren't wrong."


"You are weird, but you're the good kind of weird."

"Thanks...I guess?"

Shiro suddenly yawned really big.

"You should probably head to bed soon. You might have another case tomorrow."

"You're right. Goodnight sweetheart."

Shiro then stood up from his chair and began walking away.

"Hey...Dad?" Rin said.

"Yeah?" Shiro said, stopping and turning around.

"I...I love you."

Shiro smiled.

"And I love you."

and with those final words, Shiro turned into the night.

Rin sat in the dark room, staring at nothing with a soft smile on her face. Closing her eyes and shaking her head, she stood up to go get blankets for every pair of people. Yes, everyone was in pairs. Rin had planned it. She set Yukio next to Shiemi, Shima next to Izumo, Paku next to Koneko, and since she had no one for Ryuji yet, he just sat on the couch. In order from left to right, It was Yukio and Shiemi, Konekomaru and Paku, and Izumo and Shima.

"It was the master plot. Mwahahahaha!" She cackled very quietly to herself.

Smiling to herself at her silly thoughts, she crept out of the living room and shortly back in with 4 big blankets. Spreading one blanket across each of her real-life OTPs she held one blanket. Looking over at Ryuji, she shrugged.

"Might as well keep him company..." She muttered to herself.

She sat next to Ryuji and leaned her head against the soft top of the couch, her legs criss-crossed. This was her last thought for the night.

'I'm almost glad I read 'Your lie in april'... almost.'

And she let sleep consume her.

Meanwhile, Ryuji opened one eye and poked Rin to see if she really was asleep. Sure enough, she was out like a light with a small smile playing on her lips. He'd been awake to hear her conversation between her and her dad. He had heard about how she had been lonely before the two of them met, and she hadn't had any friends. That meant he'd been her first friend.

He'd really come to care about her since they became friends. Sure, they were rivals, but no one deserves to live completely in solitude, especially not Rin.

"I'm almost glad you almost got kidnapped." He muttered, chuckling at that thought.

"You really are a weird one. Hell, you cleaned my dorm for me even though you had no clue where you were!" He shook his head at the memory.

"But, I like you. Stay around a while, okay?" He asked, as though she'd answer him.

He draped and arm around her and pulled her sleeping form against his shoulder. He closed his eyes and let his head fall onto a pillow.

"If you do stick around, I'll make sure you're never lonely again."

Before he fell asleep, he said just one more thing.

"I promise."

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