Chapter 7

Rin's POV

I slowly drifted into consciousness. Inwardly, I was hoping I could fall back asleep because of how comfortable I was but apparently my body had other plans. Begrudgingly I opened my eyes and willed myself to stay swaddled in my blanket on the couch. Meanwhile, I studied the living room. I glanced at the clock, which read...6:42?! Why the fuck was I up this early on a Sunday?! Oh well, not like there's anything I can do about it.

I looked down at the floor to see if my "master plan" had worked, and sure enough, it had in flying colors. Shiemi was cuddled up against Yukio, Izumo was using Shima as a pillow, and Konekomaru and Paku where facing each other in close proximity. But wait, someone's missing... Where's Ryuji? I went to sit up to go look for him when I realized that I couldn't.

Looking around for the source of my problem, I found I didn't need to get up in the first place, because RYUJI WAS RIGHT FUCKING THERE. AND HE WAS CUDDLING ME. CUDDLING. I made some kind of weird strangled sound and covered my mouth and blushed. Seriously, how had I not even noticed his arm was around my waist until now?! What kind of bullshit is that?!

'Well, I guess this explains why I was warm and comfortable. Heh, it's like I love him or somet-'

'No stop it brain! Don't even go there!'

'Well sorry I was just thinking about it and it's actually quite possible.'

'Shut up! I don't want to hear it!'

'You do realize you're arguing with yourself right?'

'...What is wrong with me?'

'You mean "What is wrong with us" righ-'


I smacked myself hard in the head and winced as I did that and silently cursed.

Okay, so in retrospect, that was probably not one of my smarter ideas...

'No kidding'

'I thought I told you to scram.'

'Well, fine, be that way then.'

I rolled my eyes at my silly thoughts and pushed them out of my head.

"I do not love Ryuji brain..." I muttered to myself quietly.

I shook my head. I need to go cook food or something...

I brought my hand outside of it's blanket home and gently plucked Ryuji's arm from around my waist and I crawled off the couch, and carefully replaced myself with a pillow. I draped my blanket over him and, careful not to step on anyone, I made my way towards the kitchen.

"What to make, what to make..." I muttered to myself quietly.

How about Sunday breakfast? Oh! American style! But does everybody like that?! What about Ryuji?! Oh my fuck I've got to stop thinking! I am in serious need of a crazy waffle right about now...

So, for the next hour, I cooked and baked and chopped and all that fun stuff. In the end, I came out with Coffee, orange juice, milk, cereal, bacon, eggs, toast, cinnamon buns, fruit salad, waffles, pancakes and last but not least I was going to begin making a crazy waffle. Yes, a crazy waffle. You see, a "crazy waffle" is no ordinary waffle. It's a waffle, yes, but it has a crazy amount of random things on it that in the still make it taste good. I gathered my supplies.

First, I made the waffle (obviously). I set it on a plate, and now the real fun begins. I dropped strawberries, chocolate chips, marshmallows, small pretzels (not those soft ones, those crunchy ones you get in chex mix or something) all over the waffle. Then I took out the sprinkles, powdered sugar, and a little bit of cinnamon, and sprinkled that everywhere. Finally, I drizzled generous amounts of chocolate syrup and maple syrup on the waffle, put of some butter and whipped cream. As a finishing touch, I sprinkled some of my "magic" on the waffle (no, I will not tell you what the magic was so :P)

It was finished.

I set down everything and placed down plates. Then, I bounded outside of the kitchen and first, into Dad's room. I smiled at the sight of him cuddling a pillow, but nothing lasts forever. Taking a running start, I hopped onto the bed and started jumping. Due to the jostling of the bed he woke up.

"Rin, what are you doing?!"

"Waking you up." I replied simply, ceasing my jumping.

He rolled his eyes and glanced towards his alarm clock. His eyes widened.

"Why are you even up?! It's almost 8 in the morning and it's Sunday!"

"Hey, I can't control when I wake up, so don't ask me, ask my over-active brain." I shrugged, jumping off the bed.

"Well then, Rin's over-active brain, can you please explain to me why my daughter is up before noon on a Sunday?"

"Well, I felt the need to wake her up so she could come to terms with a couple things, so I woke her up. Hooray!" I playfully replied with hints of sarcasm.

"What did she need to come to terms with?"

"Girly things you wouldn't care about."


"Come on, I need to wake up everyone else and I made coffee for you!" I said quickly, already halfway out of the door."

I could tell he knew I was hiding something, but he'll find out eventually. I made my way to the living room and went to each individual and woke them up, until it was only Ryuji left asleep.

I poked him on the cheek.

Not a twitch.

"dude, it's time to wake up." I muttered.

no reaction.

I huffed.

"I made a lot of food?"


"I will smack you awake."

Not even close.

"JUST WAKE THE FUCK UP ALREADY!" I shrieked while everyone looked at me in amusement.

I calmed myself down, then promptly slapped him full in the face.

"AUGGH! WHAT THE HELL WOMAN?!" He shouted, having been smacked awake.

"YES! FINALLY!" I shouted, ignoring him.

"I'm not your personal punching bag!" He complained.

"Do you want to be?" I glared at him, my expression morphing into one that would make a grown man run away.

"N-No..." Ryuji stammered.

"Then shut up. Now get up, I made an F ton of food!" I said, my expression turning from dark to cheerful within a moment.

Ryuji just sweat-dropped, mumbling "scary"

"what was that?" I said menacingly.

"N-Nothing at all!" He stammered back.

"That's what I thought." I cheerfully replied, skipping into the kitchen.

I caught Shima saying "Woman are scary creatures" and I stopped and glared at him, shutting him right up while everyone else sweat-dropped at my behavior. I knew I was acting like a psychopathic sadist, but my stress levels were high enough as they were, thank you very much. I don't need anymore, and I need a lot less. From behind me, everyone including dad filed in and I heard jaws hit the floor.

"You said you made food, you didn't say you made a feast!" Ryuji exclaimed.

"This could feed the freaking army!" Izumo commented.

"Nee-san, just what were you thinking about that made you cook this much?!" Yukio asked, his eyes wide.

"Thinking?" Shiemi tilted her head.

"She cooks a lot when she's either really hungry or thinking about somethin- oh GOD SHE MADE A CRAZY WAFFLE!"

"Crazy waffle?! Rin what were you thinking about?!" Dad snapped his head towards me.

"Like I said, Girly problems that you wouldn't care much about." I flatly replied.

"Wait, Crazy waffle? I'm not following you here, why are crazy waffles so serious?" Shima raised an eyebrow.

Yukio and Dad looked at him like he'd just said something so stupid it hurt.

"Rin only makes a crazy waffle when she's thinking about something really serious. Remember when her leg was all bandaged up when you all first met her? She ate like 3 of them after she told us why her leg was cut open."

"Why was her leg cut anyway?" Konekomaru questioned.

"THAT'S a story for another day. Continue, dad." I chimed in.

What can I say? That information Konekomaru needed was personal!

"Anyway, after she ate the waffles, long story short she ran an entire 20 miles without stopping on the injured leg and she didn't sleep for 2 days."

Yeah, my leg hurt like a bitch after that...

"Wow. Daaaamn. What the fuck do you put in the waffles?!" Ryuji looked at me incredulously.

"Magic" I made a woOoOoO sound and did that "I~mag~I~nation" thing spongebob did with my hands.

"She won't tell you. I am literally the best detective around and even I don't know what she does to the waffles, and because of this I don't think I want to know either." Dad shook his head.

Meheheheheh, they'll never find out... (and neither will you!)

It was silent for a while after that until I broke it.

"Well, what are you all waiting for?! Go eat!"

After breakfast, I was (quite literally) bouncing off the walls of my trampoline with large amounts of energy while everyone watched out of amusement.

"Man, I need crazy waffles for mondays!" Shima chuckled with raised eyebrows.

"I. Can. Arrange. That!" I said between bouncing off each wall.

"I'm pretty sure she could beat the school's current pacer test at this point." Ryuji commented, looking both mildly impressed and mildly amused. (The pacer test is a test at my school that the point is to run as long as possible at slowly increasing speed as a mean to determine your amount of stamina)

"You. Kidding? I. could. run. MILES. right. now." I said, still bouncing from the walls at high speeds on the trampoline.

"She is the school's record holder." Yukio dead-panned, looking at Ryuji.

"Oh." He sweat-dropped.

Eventually, when most of my insane amounts of energy had left (I ended up running halfway across town, but what can you do? I'm fictional aren'- WOAH, ME, DON'T GO BREAKING THE FOURTH WALL LIKE KONEKO DID IN THE FIRST CHAPTE- RIN STOP IT! AHHHHASDFGHJKLKJHGFDSASDFGHJK Sorry, I had to fix a rift in space and time itself with Mephisto, but I think we're good no- OH SHIT MEPHISTO IT BROKE AGAIN RU- Never mind. )

*Ahem*, I think we're safe now. But, now I need to buy more duct tape... nevermind that, I'm going to tell you this stor- IM SORRY MR. RIFT-IN-SPACE-AND-TIME, PLEASE DON'T KILL ME! *Cough Cough* Okay, I really need to stop breaking the fourth wall or the time baby will be after my ass... Oh wait, fuck this isn't gravity falls is it? Oh well, time baby exists now.

*Sigh*, I need to sleep this off...

The next day...

I woke up bright and early the next morning. What day is it again? Well, yesterday was Sunday, so today is- MONDAY?! FUCK AM I LATE FOR SCHOOL?! I whipped my head towards my alarm clock and relaxed when I saw school started in half an hour. 30 MINUTES?! I better get out of bed now! I bolted out of bed and showered, threw on my uniform, brushed my teeth, combed my (very short so I don't really see the point) hair, pulled on a pair of mary janes (the kind without heels because fuck heels), and grabbed my bag in 15 minutes flat.

"BYYEEEE" I shouted as I ran out of the door.

"See you later Rin!" I heard dad yell.

I waved over my shoulder. As I ran, I took my headphones and IPod shuffle from it's pocket in my backpack and stuck the earbuds in. Scrolling through the songs, I settled on Partners in crime- set it off, and smiled at the nostalgia of the song. This was the song me and Ryuji sang together all those months before. I ran just a bit faster as I listened to the song, and as I ran the 25 minute walk, I listened in order of appearance, Partners in crime, Wolf in sheep clothing- set it off, Wicked ones -Dorothy, and I finally made it to school in the middle of Breath of life- florence and the machine.

Taking out my earbuds, I pocketed them an my IPod shuffle and, panting quietly, I strode into the building and into my class just in time for the bell to ring. I flopped into my seat in the back next to Ryuji. Me and him had started to sit by each other ever since the day I had met everyone.

"Oh, look who's on time." He teased.

I didn't respond, busy digging my homework out of my back pack.

"What, not even a smirk?" He poked my side, knowing I was ticklish there.

I shrieked and slapped his hand away, blushing slightly. I shot him the evilest glare I could muster. He knew I hated being tickled!

"Sorry Blueberry." He shook his head, holding his hand up in surrender.

"..." I didn't reply and simply gave him the "I'm so fucking done with your shit" face.

He wisely shut his trap. But not even a minute later he spoke again.

"What's got your panties in a knot Blueberry?"

"...I don't even like blue berries..." I muttered quietly.

"Really, that's it?" He raised an eyebrow.

"No, it's because you know I hate being tickled! Stop frickin doing it!"

That's right bitches.



If you do, I'm not responsible for your later injuries. I once broke someone's nose when they tried to. It was a glorious day on my part, because then no one tried to tickle me again. Except for this ass.

"I tickle you because you look cute when you're angry."

"Is this your own way of flirting then?" I raised an eyebrow at him.

He blushed a dark shade of crimson.

"S-Shut up!" He spluttered.

I chuckled and turned to face the teacher who'd just walked in. 'Making you flustered is my way of flirting...' I mentally added.

Little did I know this would be one of the last normal conversations I had with him.

After school...

I entered my house with my bag slung over my back only to see my father looking extremely stressed and a bit... nervous? He was pacing around the living room, as though waiting for something.

"Dad...? Is something wrong?" I asked cautiously.

"Rin! Where's Yukio?!" He said, his head whipping up and his red eyes boring into my blue ones.

"He'll be here in a couple minute... Is there anything I should know?" I said, raising a concerned eyebrow.

"Wait until Yukio comes here. Go sit on the couch or something..." He muttered, running a hand through his silver hair anxiously.

I could tell he'd done that multiple times based on the mussed-up state of his hair. This didn't bode well. Biting my bottom lip worriedly, I stiffly sat on the couch and a couple minutes later, I heard the front door open. I heard the murmurs of voices and then Yukio entered the living room and sat on the couch, tensed up. Then dad walked in and sat in the armchair across from us. He stared at us with his piercing red eyes for a long time and the silence grew deafening, if that was even possible. Dad sighed heavily (also definitely not a good sign) and opened his mouth to speak.

"Okay you two. Please try not to freak out. I know you guys love this town, you've been here all your lives. I love it here too, and I don't want to leave either-" He began, but surprisingly it was Yukio who cut him off.

"Wait wait wait, what do you mean you don't want to leave...? No!" Yukio shouted, coming to a sudden realization.

"Yes. I'm being relocated to Kyoto, and we have to move there." Dad mumbled quietly.


The world stopped spinning for me.

Yukio was shell-shocked.

Dad shifted uncomfortably, waiting anxiously for our responses.


"WHAT?!" me and Yukio screamed simultaneously.

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