Chapter 8

NonononononoNONONO this CANNOT be happening! No way, uh uh, fucking no. He can't be serious can he?!

"Are you kidding me?!" I yelped desperately, disbelief evident on my face.

"I'm afraid not kiddo." Dad said solemnly, ruffling my dark hair.

I slumped back against the couch, my face completely unreadable. Yukio, finally reacting, looked absolutely heartbroken, and I suddenly got the urge to give him a hug, so I did. I wrapped an arm around him tightly and he discreetly leaned against me.

"When are we leaving?" He whispered quietly to dad.


Well, that gives me four days to break to Ryuji and my friends Yukio and I'd be moving away. Ryuji. I sighed heavily. I had literally just come to terms with myself about how I liked him not even a day ago but, it was too late. I'd never have a chance to tell him now. This couldn't be happening, right? This was just a bad, bad dream and I'd be waking up, probably in Ryuji's arms again in a minute. Right?

"I know kids, I'm sad too. I like this town, and I've been here more than half my life. But, we should get packing now." Dad whispered.

I numbly nodded. I slowly let go of Yukio and walked to my room, and noticing some boxes already in the corner. I pinched myself. Pain. Shit, I wasn't dreaming. This wasn't some kind of sick, twisted nightmare. No, no this was real. Choking back frustrated tears, I began filling some boxes with most of personal belongings and most of my shoes and clothes. After all of that was packed all that was left was my furniture and several other necessities to last me the four days we'd still have here.

Dad and some of the moving men who'd be coming by this week could come and get all of the furniture later. I taped closed the boxes filled with crap (and my manga) and right after I promptly flopped on my bed and I laid there for I didn't know how long, not even realizing tears were falling from my eyes and wetting my mattress.

What was the strangest thing was I didn't feel anything. I just... felt numb, I guess. Numb, almost everywhere, except for my heart. It felt as though someone had plunged a knife deep into it and twisting the blade deeper and deeper. It hurt. A lot.

Wallowing in my own thoughts, I didn't hear my phone chirp happily with Ryuji's ringtone until it went to the voicemail. I perked up when his voice came through the speaker on the voice mail thing.

"Hello! I'm guessing you're probably sobbing your eyes out over another dramatic manga at the moment, and as long as it isn't your lie in april again it's fine. Anyway, you just keep doing that until you're done twisting a knife into your own feelings. I just wanted to know if you wanted to hang out with me and the gang later today? Go ask Yukio if he wants to join us if ya can, and make sure to tell him Moriyama's gonna be there so he actually gets off his ass and comes with so he can fawn over her. Ugh, off topic but they need to kiss already, it's grinding on my nerves every time they don't. Every. fucking. time. So, just call me back when you get this and I'll let ya know where we'r-"

He was cut off there because I'd picked up the phone.

"Hey Bon-Bon!" I chirped, trying my best to sound as chipper as usual.

Thankfully it seemed to work because Ryuji just grumbled, telling me to stop calling him that and to just call him Ryuji.

"Oh stop your whining. I'm gonna ask my dad if I can go."

"Oh god are you going to scream a lung out aga-"


Less than a second later there was a response.

"WHAT?!" Dad yelled.


"WHO SAID I'D GO?!" Yukio suddenly shouted.


Silence for a moment

"I'M IN!" Yukio shouted.


"YES!" Both me and Yukio shouted at the same time.



"He said yes." I said into the reciever.

"My ear's still ringing..." Ryuji muttered.

"Okay, good. That's normal. Where're we all meeting up?" I asked.

"Um...we were thinking the movies?" he replied.

"Sounds good. Let's all group at...Freddie's? And get some food? Cause I think we all know movie theaters are way over-priced?"

"Alright, I'll ask them."

A beat of silence.

"Yeah, they think that's a good idea. See ya in...10 minutes?"

"Make that 15. Need to pull on decent clothing and convert my hair into a not-rat's nest. And you how much of a struggle that is."

"Good point. See ya then."

"Yep, later Rooster.

"Au revoir Blueberry."

And with a click, the phone call ended and I scrambled to the bathroom to fix my mess of blue locks.

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