A Thousand Shards of Crimson

Chapter 7

That night Renji lay in bed, replaying the scene in the woods countless times. A swirl of passionate emotions had left him feeling hard and frustrated. He wanted to feel Byakuya's soft lips on his, to run his fingers along his lean flawless body, and to thrust himself inside Byakuya filling him with sweet agonizing pleasure. Renji groaned, as he started imagining Byakuya pleasuring him with his mouth, his head moving back and forth earnestly. Renji's body was on fire, and his groins ached with pleasure as he continued fantasizing about Byakuya. His hands quickly made their way towards his waist as he started to untie his hakama. He knew that he wouldn't be able to sleep if he didn't relieve himself. Wrapping his hand around the shaft of his penis he began to stroke the length of it, imaging Byakuya's flawless long fingers in place of his. Renji began panting heavily, groaning with pleasure as he stroked himself faster, his skin flushing, Byakuya's naked body swimming across his eyes. A loud moan escaped his lips, as Renji finally exploded, filling his hand with sticky whiteness. He rolled over, his heartbeat slowing down, and went to the bathroom to clean himself up. After splashing cool water on his flaming face, Renji gazed at himself in the mirror, thinking about his relationship with his captain before the event that transpired tonight. He wouldn't have pegged Byakuya to be a man that was uncertain of his decisions. Yet Renji saw the fear and hunger in Byakuya's eyes, when he leaned in to place a kiss on his forehead. Renji felt guilty, knowing that his captain was torn between wanting to acknowledge his feelings, and honoring his duty as head of the Kuchiki family. Sighing heavily Renji climbed back into bed, his mind filled with thoughts of Byakuya, but soon dozed off to sleep his soft snores filling the room.

Renji awoke the next morning at the crack of dawn. The sky was still tinged with indigo, and the sun was starting to peer above the horizon as Renji stumbled through his room slipping off his white floral kimono, and throwing on his black shinigami uniform. He felt queasy, and anxious about seeing his captain in the sixth division barracks, unsure if he was allowed to mention last night's affair. As Renji walked through the quiet hallway to his office he greeted fellow sixth division members, quietly murmuring a good morning or acknowledging them with a nod of his head. His mind was distracted with thoughts of Byakuya's pale naked body, his beautiful hair cascading down his back like a shimmering black waterfall. Renji gulped, feeling himself getting hard he quickly distracted his mind with tasks that needed to be done for the day.

"Renji," came a deep, rich voice from behind.

Renji closed his eyes briefly, savouring the way his name rolled off Byakuya's tongue. "Captain Kuchiki," replied Renji turning to face Byakuya. Byakuya's eyes as usual betrayed no emotions, his face a stony mask of indifference.

"A word in my office." Without waiting for Renji to reply, Byakuya turned on his heel, his haori sweeping elegantly as he walked away. Renji followed, making sure he was a few paces behind him. He was feeling less bold in broad daylight as this was Byakuya's domain, he was the one in charge now, and Renji his subordinate. Upon entering his office, Byakuya made his way behind his desk, and surveyed Renji with his unwavering eyes. Renji flushed slightly, but held Byakuya's gaze, refusing to cave in to those deep pools of silver.

"I have decided," started Byakuya pausing briefly. "I have decided that we will continue with our training session tonight," he finished. Renji's eyes widened in astonishment as he processed what his captain had said.

"Are you sure?" asked Renji hesitantly.

"Don't make me repeat myself Renji," Byakuya replied, a hint of annoyance entering his voice.

"I'm sorry captain," said Renji humbly. Yet he couldn't help himself, and a small smile tugged at the corners of his mouth threatening to crack into a wide grin.

"Renji, wipe that smile off your face," Byakuya said coldly. "Your latest report is a disaster, fraught with silly, and careless errors. Byakuya grabbed a stack of papers, and threw it on his desk. "I need you to rewrite it."

Renji gawked at his captain, his mouth hanging open. "That's unsightly Renji, close your mouth," said Byakuya a look of disgust creeping in his voice.

"Captain, that report took me three days to write," said Renji desperately.

"You will have it rewritten by the time the sun sets, or else," said Byakuya pausing. "Or else, I'm cancelling today's training session," Byakuya finished, his eyes gleaming as a slight smirk touched his lips.

"Captain! That's cruel!" cried out Renji, watching the man in front of him taking great pleasure in toying around with his emotions. Byakuya slowly made his way to where Renji was standing, and lightly placed his palm against Renji's chest. Renji's heart thundered wildly, the blood pounding in his ears as Byakuya gazed at him unblinkingly.

"You will have it finished by the end of the day," said Byakuya in a deadly soft voice. "Or else I won't forgive you. Do I make myself clear?" Renji was rooted to the ground, unable to move, as Byakuya's palm lay on his chest. "You may leave," said Byakuya dismissing Renji abruptly, as he walked back to his desk. Renji picked up the stack of papers, bowed and let himself out without another word to his captain. He squared his jaws, and a fierce look of determination entered his eyes as he marched to his office. Renji shut himself for the next several hours, painstakingly re reading the report, fixing his mistakes, and then re writing the words on a fresh piece of paper. His fingers, and legs were starting to cramp, and his stomach rumbled with hunger, yet Renji never left his desk. In fact on clear summer days Renji would devote some time training in the sixth division grounds, yet on that day nobody spotted him outside. In fact Abarai Renji was invisible to the rest of the squad that afternoon, hunched away at his desk, his tattooed brows furrowed in concentration as he fixed his report.

Several hours later as the sun slowly descended towards the horizon, Renji threw his quill down, stretching his cramped legs. He was famished, and exhausted but immensely pleased with himself for being able to follow Byakuya's near impossible order. Grinning from ear to ear, Renji headed towards Byakuya's office, his heavy footfalls the only sound in the sixth division barracks. Knocking on the door lightly, Renji let himself in when Byakuya told him to enter.

"Captain Kuchiki, I have fixed my report," said Renji handing Byakuya the stack of papers. Flicking the pages quickly Byakuya's eyes skimmed through the report.

With a satisfied nod he said, "I'll meet you when the sun sets." Renji bowed, and was about to take leave, when to his utter horror his stomach let out a thunderous growl. He blushed furiously, refusing to look his captain in the eye.

"Renji," said Byakuya softly. Renji looked up, surprised by the touch of tenderness that entered his captain's voice. "Have you had anything to eat since this morning?" asked Byakuya.

"No captain," replied Renji quietly. "I didn't want to take a break and waste time."

"You should eat Renji," said Byakuya, the iciness melting out of his voice. Renji flushed slightly, touched by his captain's kindness.

"Yeah. I'll eat and meet you soon," Renji said cheerfully. Byakuya smiled very lightly and dismissed Renji for the time being. Watching the young man walk away, Byakuya couldn't help but feel a warm fire burning in his chest. It ached, pain intermingling with pleasure as Byakuya yearned for Renji's touch, even though it was forbidden. He wanted to feel Renji's mouth on his, to be able to trace those tattoos with his lips, and make Renji's body shudder with pleasure. After watching the sun disappear behind the horizon Byakuya made his way to their secret lair, his mind swimming with thoughts of his vice captain.

When Byakuya found his way through the thicket, and strolled into the vast open space, Renji was standing in front of the waterfall watching the reflection of the moon rippling softly. "Renji," said Byakuya from behind. "Let's begin today's training session." Renji turned around meeting Byakuya's calm, steady eyes, and nodded. Byakuya made his way to a beautiful cherry blossom tree, its massive branches curving to form a pink canopy, and plucked a petal from its branch. Turning to face Renji he held the soft pink petal in between his long gloved fingers. "Renji, I want you to use the shikai form of Zabimaru to cut this petal in half." Byakuya raised his fingers to his grey eyes, until the pink petal obscured Renji.

Renji's stared at his captain in disbelief, a sense of dread taking over and knotting his stomach tightly. "You can't be serious captain. I might accidently hurt you." Hurt that beautiful proud face, thought Renji. He felt anxious as his palms began to sweat, and took a deep breath of the cool fresh air that blew through the starry night. Byakuya didn't budge, nor did he say anything. He just continued to hold the petal in between his fingers, waiting for Renji to obey his command.

"Howl Zabimaru," said Renji solemnly as his zanpakutou switched into its shikai form. The wind rustled the fallen leaves on the ground as they blew past Renji who stood motionless, his eyes fixed on the pink petal. Byakuya, stood a few feet away bathed in the silvery glow of the moonlight, as motionless as still water. Taking in a deep breath, his eyes plastered on the pink petal, Renji arched his back and swung Zabimaru. The zanpakutou shot forward like an extension of his arm, lashing towards Byakuya, its deadly protrusions speeding towards its target. Renji furrowed his brow in concentration his eyes zoning in on the center of the petal, and with one quick slash, the soft pink petal fell from Byakuya's fingers just as Renji deftly pulled Zabimaru back and returned it to its original form. Heaving a sigh of relief Renji collapsed on the ground, breathing heavily. The relief that hit him was a welcoming breeze, as he inhaled gulps of the sweet summer air. Byakuya finally opened his eyes and slowly made his way towards his vice captain as Renji quickly managed to get on his feet.

"Renji, you did well," said Byakuya, the slightest hint of pride entering his voice.

"How did you know that I would cut the petal? I could have accidently hurt you," said Renji, his tattooed brows knitting together.

"I trusted you. As captain it is my job to trust my subordinates, especially my vice captain. That was something that I had learnt after fighting Kurosagi Ichigo."

Renji gazed into Byakuya's shimmering silver eyes, his heartbeat quickening. Byakuya was standing so close that Renji could feel the warmth radiating from his body. "Captain," Renji murmured, hunger and lust visible in his almond colored eyes.

"Don't call me that," whispered Byakuya softly, wrapping his arms around Renji's waist. "I want you to say my name."

"Byakuya," murmured Renji, lightly brushing his lips against Byakuya's. Byakuya slowly leaned in, their breaths intermingling with one another, as Renji's mouth caught Byakuya's soft lips in a passionate kiss. An electrifying jolt shot through Renji's body as he savoured the taste of his captains mouth hungrily, yearning for more. He relished in the moment, deepening the kiss, tasting winter and cherry blossoms as Byakuya's tongue pushed its way, exploring Renji's mouth. Renji's hand made its way to Byakuya's head, his fingers intertwining with his silky black hair as a soft moan of pleasure escaped from the captain's lips. In one swift move Renji whipped off Byakuya's silver-white scarf and threw it on the ground as Byakuya started untying Renji's obi. He could feel himself melting in Renji's strong arms, as Renji swirled his tongue expertly, and removed Byakuya's haori. There was a blazing fire raging inside of him, threatening to consume Byakuya, all the pain and loneliness that he had held in his heart for so long finally coming to an end as the man before him burned it all away. Renji slowly pushed him down into the green lush grass, as he started to undo the white obi tied around Byakuya's slender waist. Renji briefly broke their kiss, as he gazed into Byakuya's eyes, filled with lust and longing.

"Are you sure?" he asked softly. Byakuya nodded in response, his slender fingers making their way to Renji's hair untying his ponytail. Byakuya watched his crimson hair spill out like molten lava framing his face, making him look wild and untamed. The top of Renji's shihakusho was slipping off his shoulder, revealing his rippling muscles, as Byakuya ran his hands across Renji's broad shoulders. As he lay on the ground Renji removed the top of Byakuya's shihakusho, revealing his pale flawless skin, glistening in the moonlight with droplets of sweat. "You are so beautiful captain," Renji murmured in his ear, running his fingers across Byakuya's raven silky hair. Renji's voice set Byakuya's groin on fire, as the sweet ache in between his thighs begged for relief.

"You're so hard," Renji whispered smirking. "Should I make you cum?" he murmured softly, his lips brushing Byakuya's ear making him shiver with pleasure.

"Yes," moaned Byakuya grabbing a fistful of Renji's coarse thick hair. Never in his life had he wanted to scream with such pleasure, the scorching heat setting his loins on fire.

"Say please," Renji murmured, his smirk widening as he relished in his captain's submissiveness.

"Please," begged Byakuya, his grip tightening on the fistful of crimson hair, his body shuddering as Renji trailed soft kisses down his neck. His wild flaming hair snaked down Byakuya's body as Renji kissed his pale pink nipple, and expertly flicked, and pinched the other while Byakuya convulsed underneath him. He twirled his tongue around the soft pink skin grazing the flesh with his teeth, as Byakuya moaned, his erection threatening to burst from within his fundoshi. Renji continued to trail kisses down his captains toned body, feeling Byakuya's abdomen tense beneath his fingers, as he started to untie Byakuya's hakama. Throwing the hakama aside, Renji's rough hands slithered across Byakuya's pale thighs, as he leaned in and kissed the bulge in-between his legs causing Byakuya to let out a loud moan, his body shuddering underneath Renji's fiery kisses. Byakuya's erection sprung free as Renji slid the fundoshi down his captain's thighs savouring every shudder of pleasure, and every moan that escaped Byakuya's lips. Renji looked down at Byakuya's pale naked body shimmering in the moonlight, his flushed face gazing up at Renji, eyes filled with black desire. Renji's strong rough hands massaged Byakuya's thighs as he admired his captain's length, teasing Byakuya waiting for him to beg again.

"Tell me captain. What would you like me to do?" asked Renji smirking. Byakuya gazed into Renji's liquid brown eyes, admiring his tribal tattoos snaking their way all across his muscular body, his crimson hair cascading across his broad shoulders.

"Your mouth," Byakuya whispered, his voice thick with lust.

"What's the magic word Byakuya," said Renji teasingly.

"Please," he moaned closing his eyes, the ache too much to bear. Byakuya couldn't believe that Renji was milking this for what it was worth, taking his time to tease him and savour the moment where Byakuya was at his mercy. He gasped loudly, and shuddered as Renji kissed the head of his erection, and started licking the length of his throbbing manhood. His fingers tightened their grip on Renji's coarse flaming hair as he finally took in Byakuya's length into his mouth. The sensation of Renji's mouth was bliss, as he moved his head back and forth expertly taking in his entire length, and moaning while he was doing so. Byakuya's body was smouldering, the droplets of sweat trickling down his lean body, hiding themselves in Renji's hair. His grip tightened on the red-head as his moans became soft screams, and the heat of Renji's mouth set him ablaze. Losing all control, not caring that he was at Renji's mercy, Byakuya screamed Renji's name as he exploded in his vice captain's mouth, shuddering in his arms as relief took a hold of him. Renji looked up wiping the sticky whiteness from the corner of his mouth, and kissed Byakuya hard on the lips.

"I'm not finished with you yet," he whispered as he began untying his own hakama, his hungry eyes fixed on Byakuya. He leaned forward, his powerful tattooed arms on either side of Byakuya and murmured against his lips, "I'm going to fill you up, and make you scream even louder than you did now." Byakuya gasped as he felt Renji's erection against his abdomen pulsating beneath his clothes. Ripping off his underclothes, and flinging it to the side, Byakuya savoured the sight of the man before him standing naked. Renji's body was beautifully sculpted, the muscles in his arms and abdomen rippling beneath the moonlight. His intricate tribal tattoos wound their way all across his arms and his tanned body snaking their way well below his hip, and merging right above his manhood. Renji was well endowed, as Byakuya had expected, and a dark sweet desire took a hold of him as he wanted to please Renji just as much as Renji had pleased him.

"I want to feel you inside me, Renji," whispered Byakuya huskily, his eyes glazed over with desire as he looked at the broad shouldered man above him. Renji smirked, and placed his fingers on Byakuya's lips as Byakuya softly kissed his calloused fingers.

"Lick them," he commanded. Byakuya took Renji's fingers in his mouth slowly licking them, the wetness of his mouth leaving Renji's groins aching with sweet pleasure. He spread his captains thighs apart, and buried his mane of tangled red hair in between Byakuya's legs. Using his powerful arms Renji lifted his captains legs and licked at the entrance of his hole, as Byakuya shuddered with pleasure. Renji started kissing his abdomen, and left a trail of kisses all across Byakuya's body nibbling at the tender flesh around his nipples, as he placed a wet finger inside his captain's entrance. Byakuya shivered as he felt Renji's finger squeezing through the tight skin and he slowly began pumping back and forth. He slowly inserted his middle finger inside, widening Bykauya's hole as Byakuya flinched and grabbed onto Renji's back his nails clawing through his tough skin.

"Relax Byakuya," he whispered placing a soft kiss on his lips. "Does it hurt?" Do you want me to stop?" he murmured against Byakuya's moist lips.

"Don't stop," groaned Byakuya, as he started to get used to Renji's fingers pumping inside him, squeezing through the tight hole in his body. As Byakuya's grunts of pain turned into moans of pleasure, Renji removed his fingers and inserted his length inside Byakuya. He began pumping slowly, watching how Byakuya reacted, and easing out when his captain winced, his face contorting painfully. Renji spread Byakuya's legs further and brought his hips closer, whispering soft, sweet words against his ear to put him at ease. When Byakuya finally relaxed in his secure arms, he slowly began to ease himself inside Byakuya, thrusting steadily, letting Byakuya get used to the feel of another man inside him. Byakuya felt himself getting hard, as Renji began pumping faster, his lips grazing the skin around his nipple. Byakuya's moans soon became screams of ecstasy as Renji thrust himself harder and faster, as Byakuya clawed Renji's back leaving long red scratch marks. Renji began stroking Byakuya's shaft when he felt his captain get hard while thrusting into him, and could feel Byakuya convulsing under him, his abdomen muscles tightening.

"I won't allow you to come until I say so," panted Renji, his brown eyes gleaming with pleasure as he looked in on his captain's flushed face. The sweat dripping from Renji toned body trickled on Byakuya's abdomen as his captain's grey eyes swam with desire.

"Renji," he gasped breathlessly. "I can't...I need to..."

"No," commanded Renji, as his eyes bored into Byakuya's. He began thrusting harder, pumping back and forth, until Byakuya relinquished all control, and screamed with bliss as Renji began slamming into his G-spot, and as Renji exploded inside of him, Byakuya exploded all over Renji, his sticky whiteness painting Renji's tattooed body. Grunting Renji removed himself out of Byakuya and rolled over, his tan face flushed, panting heavily. He lay down next to his captain in the cool lush grass, and gazed at the moonlight, bathing the waterfall in its silver glow. Byakuya turned his head, and surveyed the man lying next to him.

Renji turned to meet his captain's gaze, and placed a soft kiss on his forehead. "Let's stay like this, until the morning comes," Renji murmured. He nuzzled against Byakuya's chin, and wrapping a protective arm around his captain dozed off to sleep. Byakuya gazed at the winking stars above him, as he played with Renji's crimson hair. He had never felt such mind numbing ecstasy coursing through his body, the way Renji had got him to obey his every whim, it was pure bliss that Byakuya felt as he kissed Renji's fiery hair. It was the happiest he had been in nearly fifty years. The warmth and love he had once shared with Hisana was one sided. She never touched him the way Renji did, and she never looked at him with such lust and desire in her eyes. He wanted to freeze this moment in time, to savour every second of the night, but Byakuya could feel himself succumbing to sweet slumber, and so kissed Renji's hair once more before he closed his eyes beneath the starry sky.

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