A Thousand Shards of Crimson

Chapter 8

Renji woke the next morning to the sound of chirping birds, and the smell of fresh pine trees. He rolled over on his back, and opened his eyes slowly, blinking at the cloudy grey sky above him. He awoke to an empty bed of lush green grass, as he turned to find the man beside him missing. Renji sighed heavily, feeling a tad bit hurt that Byakuya abruptly left without letting him know after they had spent such a wonderful night beneath the moonlight. He quickly picked up the scattered bits of clothing littered on the ground amongst the pink petals and threw them on hastily. He had no way of knowing what time it was and felt a slight knot in his stomach as he wondered if he was late. Byakuya wouldn't forgive him, Renji knew that. As he sloppily tied his tangled mane back into a ponytail, Renji followed the snaking dirt trail that led out of the thicket. He passed the other divisions, greeting his fellow friends, and watching them train while he walked by. As Renji finally made his way into the sixth division barracks, he wondered whether he should visit his captains office, unsure of how he was supposed to act towards him. Beneath the moonlight in their secret lair Renji's dominant, animalistic nature took a hold, but now in broad daylight Renji felt himself flushing as he thought of thrusting into Byakuya. Mustering up his courage Renji rapped sharply on Byakuya's door and slid it open when he heard the voice from across the door giving him permission to enter.

"Captain," said Renji bowing, his eyes meeting Byakuya's grey ones as he looked up. Byakuya looked flawless as usual, his hair well groomed and silky smooth. There were no dirt smears on his scarf or his white haori, and Byakuya's black shihakusho was well ironed, every crease pressed flat.

"What is it Renji?" asked Byakuya his eyes gazing at Renji's with stony indifference. Renji's heart gave an unpleasant lurch as he surveyed his captain's emotionless mask. Dark thoughts clouded his mind, numbing yesterdays memories as Renji wondered if all Byakuya wanted was sex.

"Ahh...ummm...Why didn't you wake me up?" he blurted, his face flushing. "You just left without saying anything." Byakuya's eyes widened slightly, as he saw the hurt look flash in Renji's chocolate brown eyes. He slowly raised himself from the ornately carved chair, his haori sweeping elegantly as he stood in front of the red-head.

"Renji," he said softly. "I didn't want to disturb you. You looked so peaceful sleeping ."

"But...but you could have woken me up. I thought...I thought...you just wanted to have sex, but I want more than that," Renji finished, his voice cracking.

"Renji," said Byakuya, his deep rich voice filling Renji's ears with hope and desire. "You are over thinking things. I needed to go home, and groom myself before I came into the office. In case you forgot, I'm the sixth division captain and part of the Kuchiki clan. I can't be wandering around with dirty clothes, my hair a mess."

"Well, I would have liked to wake up next to you, and then we could have walked back together. I'm still a mess too," Renji finished, plucking a piece of grass from his obi.

Byakuya leaned in, and brushed a pink petal from Renji's ponytail as he surveyed him with unwavering grey eyes. "I'm sorry I made you worry Renji," he said tenderly, his grey eyes softening.

Renji gulped, his face flaming as Byakuya leaned in and kissed him softly on the mouth. "Captain... I love you," blurted Renji, unable to control his emotions, as those words spilled from his lips.

His eyes widened in terror as he cursed himself silently for allowing his emotions to overwhelm him, but Byakuya just smiled, his long fingers caressing Renji's cheek and said, "I love you too." Relief swept through Renji's body as he felt his knees go weak, and let out the breath of air he was holding in. "You understand that I can't treat you differently in front of everybody else. If I seem indifferent or I dismiss you abruptly, don't feel hurt. Do you understand Renji?"

"Yes captain," said Renji grinning widely.

"Good, you may leave, oh and one more thing, when we're alone, I want you to call me Byakuya." Renji's grin threatened to split his face in half, as he let himself out, a spring in his step as he made his way to the vice captain's office. His heart swelled with joy as he savoured Byakuya's morning kiss, and touched his lips tenderly reliving the moment in his head. The way those eyes looked into mine. He really has feelings for me. Feeling invigorated and energetic, Renji went outside looking for a partner to spar with. Ideally he would have liked it to be Byakuya, but Renji understood that Byakuya had to protect his pride and his noble lineage. Renji was willing to get into a relationship with him, even if they had to steal kisses in the moonlight and nowhere else. During the daylight, Renji would just go back to admiring his captain from a distance, and replay the memories of their passionate nights in his mind.

The next few weeks passed by in a hazy, blissful dream for the two men. Both Byakuya and Renji were swamped with paperwork and meetings, barely spending time with one another, yet their spirits were high. A light brush of their hands as they exchanged papers or undressing one another with their eyes as they walked by was agonizing torture, yet sickly sweet. One summer day however, Byakuya summoned Renji to his office unexpectedly, which made Renji just a tad bit nervous. Knocking on the door lightly he entered once Byakuya gave him permission.

"Renji," said Byakuya in his deep, husky voice, causing goose pimples to rise on Renji's skin as savoured the way Byakuya said his name. "Happy birthday," said Byakuya, a sincere smile touching his lips. Renji gaped at Byakuya, as a flood of warmth coursed through his body, filling him with immense happiness.

"Captain, how did you know?" asked Renji the shock slowly ebbing away.

"I make it my business to know my lover's birthday," replied Byakuya. That sounds so amazing coming out of his mouth, thought Renji a soft smile touching his lips. "I heard Rukia talking to some of her friends about a birthday gift for you," Byakuya said, interrupting Renji's thoughts. "I would like to give you something."

"Oh! You didn't have to!" exclaimed Renji.

"I know I didn't have to, but I wanted to," replied Byakuya moving towards the mahogany cabinet next to his desk. Opening the cabinet, Byakuya drew out a beautiful, sleek black box, with a silky maroon bow wrapped across it. Renji humbly took the box, and carefully unwrapped the bow, as Byakuya gazed at Renji with his unblinking eyes. "I hope you like it," he said softly, as Renji opened the box and gaped at the contents inside it. Sitting on a shimmering gold cloth were a pair of sunglasses that Renji had yearned to buy since he had laid eyes on them nearly half a year ago.

"These...I've been wanting...," Renji choked. He was rendered speechless as he traced his finger along the gold rimming on the bottom of the frames, admiring the sleek black shades. He could see his reflection gaping back at him with such sharp clarity, and shards of rainbow coloured light bounced off the rims, as he took the sunglasses out of the box. "This must have cost you a fortune," Renji finally managed, his wide brown eyes gazing at Byakuya in astonishment.

"No, it didn't cost me a fortune Renji, it would have cost you a fortune," replied Byakuya laughing softly. Renji couldn't help but notice that it was the first time he had ever heard his captain laugh. It was a beautiful, breathless laugh that set Renji's heart ablaze as he watched the joy dancing in his captain's shimmering grey eyes.

"Thank you, captain. It's perfect." Renji admitted putting on his sunglasses, turning his head in different directions, getting used to the way things looked through the dark shades.

"What have I told you about calling me when we're alone," he said softly as he strolled towards the red-head, his breath misting the black shades. "I have another gift for you Renji." Byakuya said as he briskly walked towards the window and closed the blinds. "I would like for us to be undisturbed," he said walking towards Renji, his eyes glinting playfully.

"Capt...Byakuya, you can't be serious," Renji said his mouth hanging open. "What if someone knocks?" asked Renji, disbelief showing in his eyes.

"Well, then I suggest you remain silent, and bite your tongue if you have the urge to scream," replied Byakuya huskily as he grabbed Renji's sunglasses off his face, pushing him against the desk.

"Bya..," Byakuya's lips pressed against Renji's protests silencing him, as he slipped his fingers through the top of Renji's shihakusho. Renji shivered, goose pimples rising against his flesh as Byakuya's cool fingertips started playing with his nipple. His other hand made its way to Renji's obi, tearing it off and with swift movements he untied his hakama sliding it down Renji's muscular thighs. Breaking the kiss, he slowly started nibbling on Renji's neck, his lips tracing the dark black patterns on Renji's tanned neck. The red-head arched his back moaning, as Byakuya threw off the top of Renji's shihakusho, revealing his powerfully built body. Byakuya left a trail of small bite marks, following the snaking patters on Renji's tanned body as Renji shivered with pleasure his muscles tensing under Byakuya's kisses. The captain got on his knees, and kissed the bulge in between Renji's thighs as he pulled down his fundoshi revealing Renji's erection. Byakuya could feel himself getting hard as he kissed the swollen tip of Renji's head, getting a loud moan out if him. He took in the pink tip of Renji's head into his mouth, his hot breath making Renji's head swim with desire, and longing. He swirled his tongue, around Renji's head, teasing him, taking great pleasure in feeling Renji spasm. He was at the mercy of his captain this time, his hands snaking their way, grabbing a fistful of Byakuya's silky ebony hair.

"Please...stop...teasing," Renji panted, his tanned face flushed, lust swimming in his almond coloured eyes.

"What would you like me to do?" whispered Byakuya his lips brushing against Renji's tip, as Renji's knees shuddered.

"Your mouth...I want you to take all of it...in your mouth," rasped Renji. Byakuya smirked, taking great pleasure in watching Renji beg, as he took in his entire length. The vice captain let out a loud groan, his hands twisting in Byakuya's raven hair as he lightly started to push his captain's head. Renji's heart thundered against his ribs and his breathing grew harsher as Byakuya moved back and forth rhythmically, his hot breath sending dizzy waves of pleasure throughout Renji's body. Unable to scream out in sweet ecstasy Renji bit his tongue drawing droplets of blood that dribbled down his lips as Byakuya moved faster, Renji's length slamming at the back of his captain's throat. Renji clutched at Byakuya's hair, his knuckles turning white, his breathing laboured as he shuddered violently, and finally exploded in Byakuya's mouth. Byakuya gazed up at Renji though his lashes as he swallowed the white stickiness, wiping the corners of his mouth with a gloved hand. He slowly rose to his feet, and kissed Renji hard on the mouth, licking the little droplets of blood that had trickled down his lips. Byakuya could feel his erection throbbing against Renji's thighs, as he ripped the ponytail from Renji's hair sending a wave of crimson sea tumbling down his back.

He grabbed the red-head forcefully, turning him around, and pushed his head against the desk. Leaning forward he grabbed Renji's hair and pulled his head back, nibbling on his ear, "Do you want me inside you?" he murmured against Renji's ear sending shivers of pleasure down his spine. "Remember, that this is my office, and I am your captain. You are my subordinate now. Do you understand?" he said huskily, his teeth grazing against Renji's neck.

"Yes," Renji moaned, enjoying the scent of Byakuya's hair as it brushed Renji's face, adding a shade of night to Renji's blood red. Byakuya still fully clothed, removed his hakama and undergarments, throwing it in a corner, as his erection sprung free. He wanted nothing more than to thrust himself inside Renji, and smother his screams of agonizing pleasure, ripping him apart, and consuming him like the flames that consumed Byakuya that night. It was retribution, for losing control that night, and letting Renji do as he pleased.

"I won't let you take me like that again. Do you understand Renji?" whispered Byakuya softly, his long gloved fingers stroking Renji's cheek. Renji nodded, his body splayed on his captain's desk, as Byakuya trailed kisses down Renji's spine, tracing his tattoos with his lips, licking the dark patterns. Renji's hair was drenched in sweat, the beads trickling down his back as his breathing became more ragged, his fists clenching tightly around the desk. Byakuya wet his index finger, and eased his way into Renji's entrance, the tight skin around his hole expanding as Byakuya started to pump back and forth. Renji started to moan loudly, but bit his lip, as Byakuya pulled fistfuls of his coarse hair, and whispered "I told you, that you can't scream." He inserted another wet finger inside Renji as Renji bit back a howl of pleasure, his breathing becoming more ragged, his body convulsing with desire. Byakuya took his fingers out and slowly inserted himself inside Renji, moving slowly, getting used to the feeling of being inside another man. The skin around Renji was tight, and Byakuya wanted nothing more than to slam into the man who was bent over on his desk. It took all of Byakuya's self control to not thrust his entire manhood into Renji and rip him apart with burning desire. He began pumping rhythmically, whispering dark desires in Renji's ears, as his muffled gasps encouraged Byakuya to insert his entire length into him. Renji shuddered as Byakuya started thrusting himself, biting Renji's flesh, painting his skin with red bite marks, and groaning as he felt the heat of Renji's skin beneath his fingers. Byakuya began moving faster, his breathing quickened as he slammed hard into Renji, thrusting his hips forward, until Renji could no longer hold back his scream as Byakuya repeatedly slammed into his G-spot, and exploded inside Renji. The relief that swept over the captain, made him go weak in the knees, as he turned Renji over, and kissed him hard on the mouth. Renji was panting heavily, his muscular body glistening with droplets of sweat as he gazed at Byakuya, a lazy grin plastered on his face.

"That was...amazing," Renji finally said breathlessly as he rolled over and picked up his clothes from the floor. Byakuya smirked as he watched Renji dress himself, throwing on his clothes, scrambling around trying to find his hair tie. Byakuya came up from behind Renji, and wrapped his arms around his waist, burying his face in Renji's wild red mane.

"Happy birthday Renji," he murmured against his ear. A warmth such as Renji had never known filled his entire being, his heart brimming with joy as he turned around to face his captain.

"Thank you Byakuya," Renji whispered, cupping Byakuya's face in his hands as he kissed him softly on the lips. "I should probably go though, I promised Rikichi I would help with his shikai."

"I'm the captain Renji," said Byakuya boldly. "I'm the one that tells you what to do."

"I like it when you tell me what to do captain," he replied grinning.

"Are you free tonight?" asked Byakuya. "It's been so long since we went to our place."

"I'll meet you there after work," said Renji.

"Good. You are dismissed," replied Byakuya, wrapping his lips around Renji's once more. After kissing one another goodbye Renji headed back to the vice captain's office, his new expensive sunglasses on his forehead, glinting in the sunlight. Renji felt touched that Byakuya went to such lengths to find out when his birthday was, and managed to get him a thoughtful gift. He had never felt so cared for, and loved by another human being. Being raised in Rukongai, Renji was treated like a stray dog, having to fend for himself as he struggled to survive. The sensation of somebody else caring for him, and treating him so tenderly was new to Renji, and he savoured every moment that he spent with Byakuya. Renji was the only one who knew Byakuya on such an intimate level, his captain's iciness melting when they gazed into each other eyes, the fire burning when their lips touched. That part of Byakuya, would always be his, and there was nothing more that Renji wanted to do than to hold Byakuya in his arms, and kiss away all the pain and sorrow that he had been harbouring for all those years, melting his frozen tears until those aching memories faded into the night sky.

The next few hours passed by in a flurry, and soon Renji found himself walking towards their covert meeting place. It was a new moon tonight, hidden behind the shadow of the Earth, and so the winding pathway seemed darker than usual. When Renji brushed the brambles and branches aside he saw Byakuya sitting under a large cherry blossom tree, a serene smile touching his lips. Renji made his way over to his captain and kissed him softly, "Sorry I'm late," he said lying down on his captain's lap.

"That's okay. I came earlier than usual. It's so peaceful here during the summer nights," replied Byakuya, laying a gloved hand on Renji's forehead, tracing his tattoo patterns. Renji closed his eyes, enjoying the touch of his cool fingers. "There's something that I wanted to discuss with you."

"Hmmm...What is it?" replied Renji sleepily.

"I don't want anybody knowing about our relationship."

"I'm okay with that. I thought we already agreed that we wouldn't tell anyone."

Byakuya sighed heavily, his fingers stroking Renji's crimson hair. "It's just...one day I'll have to get married to a woman. The Kuchiki house...needs an heir," Byakuya finished slowly. He felt Renji's back stiffen as he opened his eyes gazing at his captain.

"Can't Rukia get married?" asked Renji his tattooed brows knitting together.

"The elders, especially my grandfather don't really consider her as belonging to the Kuchiki clan." Byakuya replied, a hint of sadness flashing in his eyes.

"But...you're the head of your family. I'm sure nobody would object to the great Kuchiki Byakuya," said Renji laughing.

"It doesn't work that way Renji. When I told them I was going to marry Hisana it was a disaster. The elders were furious with my decision, and tried to sway me by introducing me to suitable women, however I only had eyes for her." Byakuya said quietly. He felt Renji tensing as he spoke about Hisana, his brown eyes filled with doubt and uncertainty. "Renji, I have never loved anybody the way I love you. I never felt Hisana's warmth nor has she ever returned my feelings," said Byakuya softly kissing Renji's brow. "Please don't doubt my feelings for you. I wouldn't have done all the things that I did had I not been sure of the way I felt. I'm not the type of person that play's on someone's emotions." Renji slowly sat up, and gazed into Byakuya's eyes, surveying him unblinkingly, trying to see if there was truth in his words.

He kissed Byakuya very softly on the lips and said, "When I decided that I wanted to be in a relationship with you, I knew what I was getting myself into. If you have to marry somebody and produce an heir, then that's your duty to your family. I wouldn't want to be the one to disgrace or shame you."

"Renji," whispered Byakuya his eyes softening. "I want to spend the rest of my life with you."

"Don't worry captain, we can still be together after you get married. I don't mind sharing," he said grinning broadly.

"I don't want it to be that way though," said Byakuya slowly his grey eyes swimming with emotion. "I only want to be yours."

"And you will be. Your heart, mind, soul, all belong to me," said Renji softly as he captured Byakuya's lips in another dizzying kiss. "I don't care if you have sex with a woman. As long as I know that there is nobody else who can make you feel the way I do," Renji whispered. "As long as I'm the only one that sees your vulnerable side, the only one that can burn away all your sorrows and set your heart on fire when I make love to you." Byakuya flushed slightly, as he watched Renji's eyes blazing with fierce love and passion. He leaned in, and as Renji kissed him under the black night, pouring all his tenderness and love into that kiss, Byakuya momentarily forgot about being the head of the Kuchiki clan. His problems that came with the burden of shouldering that title was soon forgotten as Renji swept him in his arms and embraced him, setting his heart ablaze. Byakuya could feel himself melting in Renji's arms, his tongue tracing Byakuya's lips sending waves of dizzying pleasure.

However, unbeknownst to the two men who were caught in a passionate embrace the bushes nearby rustled, and a pair of eyes widened in horror as they watched in secrecy of the events that unfolded under the cherry blossom tree that night.

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