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Wisteria Blossom (A SasuHina)

By taytay91

Drama / Romance

Chapter 1 - Of Ominous Beginnings


Wisteria Blossom

by Mizu79

Summary: After the massacre of her clan, Hinata Hyuuga was sold into a tea house and forced to become a geisha. With newfound allies and enemies, she looks for a way to escape this living hell. Hope suddenly comes knocking on her door in the form of one man, Sasuke Uchiha. But he has more in store for her than meets the eye. With revenge hidden beneath his loving gaze will he finish what he started or fall in love with the maiden? But what if she knew that the man she was starting to fall in love with is actually involved in the massacre of her whole clan? Would she still stay with him or leave the lone Uchiha?


Chapter 1 - Of Ominous Beginnings

The darkened skies had started to streak with bright candy colored clouds as the sun had started to breach the horizon and warm the morning air.

Dawn made its approach and all Hinata Hyuuga could really recall was the dull ache coming from the top of her head as the strong male had roughly grabbed a fistful of her long hair and tugged her up into a standing position. She had thought him to be a bandit who had come across the massacre and decided to loot whatever he found but that idea didn't hold for long. The man did nothing except say something that she couldn't really recall and yank her up by her hair rather viciously.

At that time, the pain wasn't present because she was already numb from another kind of pain. One that involved the deaths of the people who loved her the most and the horrid flames that seemed to consume everything. If only she hadn't gone out of the compound in search of herbs to make her medicinal ointments. Maybe then, she would have been able to save her people if not die with them the moments the front gates had collapsed and the masked assassins had entered to end their fate.

Hinata had searched around the compound for anyone who had survived, but the bodies of servants and guards alike lined the floors and stained them red to form a river of blood. She had begged the gods to please let there be a survivor and let her father and sister be alive and well. But everywhere she searched, familiar faces were frozen with pain and horror as blood collected in puddles underneath of their immobile body. Mutilated bodies of hundreds of her own kind laid out before her eyes as she prayed for each person she came across whose names she could barely remember from the panic and fear that consumed her.

When she had reached the main house, there were flames that reached high into the sky and black smoke that covered the clouds. The doorway was blocked with red dancing flames that reflected from her lavender pools and all she could do was call out the names of her family members.

With panicked gasps of air, she had started the long trek towards their well and was running back and forth with what little water she could haul towards the burning building in hopes of dousing the flames and saving who ever was inside. Her hands and feet started to burn and blisters were forming as she toiled long and hard in an attempt to appease herself.

She had tried to keep positive. The water would help. It had to.

The adrenaline coursing through her veins was slowly leaving her. Her steps were faltering. Then, she knew that the water did nothing as the flames only climbed higher and farther into the garden of the compound and spread further away from her. Her efforts were worthless because the flames were too big and it's walls too high. No matter how much effort she gave, the flames still held true and true as it burned through everything and everyone that crossed its path.

Then, she had soon collapsed onto her knees from exhaustion and could feel wetness touch her cheeks as she stared at the flames.

Hinata could clearly remember loud screams and broken wailing that engulfed the silent compound as the main houses burned down before her lavender eyes.

She was assured that she had sat there from night till day listening to her own heartbroken screams as the crackles of the flames continued to burn down her childhood.

She had begged then. Begged that someone come save them. Come save her, but no one had come. The houses were burning and not a soul had come to help douse the flames.

And by dawn, the flames had stopped and the compound was barren with black ashes and dust that collected into piles and flew away with the wind. The bodies remain littered on the floor as she sobbed away her pain and the sorrow of losing loved ones.

The man had come then. He had yanked her up by her hair and spat words that her ears couldn't comprehend into her face. Something about there being a debt that needed to be paid because the clan had burned down and she was the last of them with eyes the color of bland lavender. She was too numb with shock and pain to fight back but knew it to be useless when he stood heads taller than her with arms big and muscular. He had dragged her out of her home and threw her into a raggedy wagon where her head had slammed against the metal frame of the side when he tossed her in like a rag doll.

She had soon lost consciousness after that.

When she had opened her eyes again, she was locked up into a room she did not recognize with tens of dozens of women with scared and crestfallen faces. Some were shivering and some had faces buried into their laps while others were praying to whatever god to come and save them.

Hinata had believed in gods. She had loved a person that was very similar to a god. But when she was begging for a savior to come save her, no one had come to stop the flames and revive her fallen people. Where was he when she was calling to him with broken sobs? When her hopes were still high?

Now, all she felt was broken, cold, and numb and she knew there to be no god.

Putting all that behind her, Hinata glanced around and noted that the room was rather stuffy and dark with dead hay as padding on the floor. The corners of the room had an abundant amount of green moss covering it. This couldn't be hell could it?

Hinata gritted her teeth as one of the girls farther from her had suddenly burst out in gasping sobs that filled the whole room with a foreboding sense of helplessness. It was like a domino effect that caused other girls to start sobbing and tearing up at the thought of what could possibly happen to them when the locked wooden door opened.

It was obvious what was going to happen to them all. Neji-nii had once warned her about these things.

Human trafficking.

Everyone in this room will be sold off into some form of slavery without a way to escape and would possibly be bounded to whoever purchased them for the rest of their lives.

There were terrible people out there and Hinata was finally going to learn what it meant to truly be out in the world without her family protecting her. She had no one except for herself now and she was just as worthless as when she was still the heir of the clan.

"Shut up! Stop your crying! Crying won't help anything!" one girl with bright and wild blue eyes announced as almost all the girls jumped at her loud voice and hiccuped away the rest of their tears.

"We just have to find a way to escape, that's all," the blue eyed girl said softly as if to reassure herself as she glared at everyone that was sobbing loudly. Hinata glanced over at the girl and noted the tremble of the younger girls hands as she clenched them and willed herself to look strong and raise her head higher with hope.


"I-I don't know yet-but we will-" the younger girl stuttered.

"We're doomed!"

Then the tears and sobs started again.

The sounds of helpless wailing, bitter and desperate were dampening the mood and the atmosphere had turned rather cold and chilling.

Hinata pulled her legs up and hugged them as she closed pale eyes. She didn't care anymore. Everyone that she loved was dead while she was just living a worthless life. If she could trade herself for every single person in the compound she would have done it in a heartbeat. If only she had died instead.

Just as she thought that, the door had suddenly slammed open and popped against the back of the cement wall with a thundering crash.

A larger and more muscular male came into the room with two wooden buckets carried in his big hands. He had a scar across his cheek and that seemed to make him very much dangerous along with that deadly aura he emitted as he stalked in. There was obviously food in the buckets that should have smelled absolutely delicious but didn't to almost every single girl in the room. The fear had consumed them the moment he had stepped foot into the room.

Hinata swallowed before lining her gaze elsewhere.

"Line up and get your food," his voice boomed as the girls around shivered in fear. The terror of seeing him made everyone unable to move and instead they all looked at him with wide eyes. Who in their right mind would be able to eat when they didn't know what would happen to them afterwards or even, what was in the food?

Hinata glanced away even though her stomach had lurched at the word 'food'. She was supposed to be numb and yet she still felt hungry and tired. All her life she had been protected from all of this. When she was hungry she was fed what she wanted to eat and there was always people who listened to her and came at every beck and call. Now she had no one but herself.

"I said come eat." he called out again in a menacing dark tone as one girl leaped forward and glared at him with clouded green eyes.

"How can we eat when you plan to sell us off like fattened pigs?" the one hysterical girl yelled as she threw a handful of hay from the ground at the tall muscular male. The hay didn't reach him but the dirt had flown onto his black and brown shirt and made him grit his teeth and narrow black eyes. As if the girl realized her mistake, she immediately recoiled and looked around the room for help.

The male jerked his head back and popped his neck as a cynical smirk made way onto his face and he dropped the two buckets.

"You won't eat, will you?" he said with a deadly look of a killer in his eyes before grabbing the young girl who had dared to talk back to him. He jerked her forward by the hair and she slammed face first into the floor before he yanked her face up. His lips quirked upwards as he gripped her chin with a death grip and popped the wooden lids off of the food containers.

With a wooden spoon, he scooped a large pile of rice and pried her mouth open before shoving the spoon down her throat. The girl choked and wheezed as rice stuck to her mouth and glued it shut as he picked up the greens from the other wooden bucket and shoved that into her mouth too. Her cheeks expanded as he stuffed food down her throat and her shoulders trembled as she choked, unable to swallow because of the the sticky rice.

The girl clawed uselessly at the floor and the dried hay came flying as she begged the other girls with her eyes teary and red. No one dared to move a muscle. Everyone was too terrified and scared to actually do anything about it and could only stare while holding their breath for her. Hinata wanted to retch at the scene before her but she bit her tongue instead with slim brows raised in apprehension. She, too, was fearful of what this man could do.

"Swallow, bitch." he threatened as his hands reached for more greens. The girl attempted to shake her head and tried to crawl away but his grip on her chin made it impossible as she tried to swallow what she could, her throat shaking from the force.

With a satisfied glint in his eyes, he let go of her chin and watched like a hunter as she crawled away from him, coughing and spluttering as tears raced down her red face.

He was setting an example, Hinata thought bitterly as she turned away from the scene. Their kidnappers were very clever and if it meant breaking any one of them to get their way, they would do it.

With expectant eyes, the scary male looked around the room with dark sharp eyes and exclaimed, "line up."

Those two words made all the girls clamber to their feet and line up just as he said. No one dared to disobey after the scene that he had caused.

"Come on," the sickly girl who sat next to Hinata whispered after noticing that Hinata remain rooted to her spot by the corner. With slow movements, Hinata climbed on shaky legs and held onto the wall for leverage as she followed after the girl.

The room was rather small so the line itself was rather just a jumbo of girls scrambling to save themselves from their terrorizer.

As it came to Hinata's turn, she took the little brown bowl and noticed how her hands trembled as he scooped the rice into her bowl and piled greens on top before handing her bamboo chopsticks. If she was numb, why did she feel so scared?

She didn't dare to lift her head so instead focused on the chipped edges of the brown bowl as she pulled her arms back and started towards her corner again.

She didn't notice how the males gaze lingered on her back as she resumed her spot in the corner even as he was scooping rice for the next girl in line. The other girls who had already gotten their fill took notice. Some bit their lips and hoped that nothing would happen to the pale and skinny girl because the scary male looked too interested in her from the way his eyes dragged across her form and lingered. How scary.

As Hinata had started to eat her food, the scary man had finished passing out the food and with one final gaze in Hinata's direction, he left the room.

Everyone breathed out a shuddering breath and clambered to the girl who had bravely stood up to him moments before the chaos. They all comforted her and Hinata chose to quietly eat her rice and no matter how much she ate, she couldn't feel full. The food didn't taste like anything but she continued to consume bit after bit of it with no emotion on her face.

She had to continue living to see the faces of those who killed her family and to revenge those who have fallen. She couldn't let herself die here and just let all of her clan die in vain!

"Let's tell stories," one of the older looking girls suggested after finishing her bowl of rice and clapping brightly as if they weren't all imprisoned and on the verge of losing themselves. The other girls agreed and soon formed together and started to tell stories of times when they were much happier than they were now. The atmosphere had lifted as everyone started to enjoy the feeling of being around people who were in the same predicament as them. Hinata had listened in and out while chewing her food slowly with bland eyes faced forward as others around her ate faster in order to share their own story. There were sounds of tinkling laughter and many were smiling, forgetting where they really were to memories of the past.

"...I remember that it was the first time I had seen fireworks..."

At hearing the word 'fireworks', Hinata froze and could hear the sound of her heart beat in her ears. Hanabi. Her little sister Hanabi. Was she alive? Dead? No. She would keep hope because she hadn't found Hanabi and she hadn't seen Neji-nii so they must have hid somewhere safe. Must have.

She would live to find them, she had to, Hinata vowed to herself as she swallowed down the rest of the food.

"Are you okay?" the skinny girl next to her asked as Hinata was pulled from her depressing thoughts.

"Hm?" she mumbled out noticing the younger girls worried look and could feel her cheeks were cold and wet. She was crying again.

"You haven't really moved or anything so I was kind of scared that something was wrong," the young girl wheezed out as a series of coughs started to wrack her small and skinny form. Hinata had placed her bowl down and patted the girls back in order to help ease the fit and couldn't help but be reminded of her younger sister, Hanabi.

"Th-thank you." the girl mumbled before giving a wistful smile.

"I'm Chiharu," the young girl introduced with a soft smile on her face and tired eyes on her.

"I'm Hinata." she replied with a small smile of her own.

"You're the only sun in this darkness," girl murmured softly in amusement as her eyes lit up brightly.

"And you're the only spring here." Chiharu giggled brightly and Hinata smiled, feeling the air of coldness ease and a warmness lit inside of her.

Just as she was getting comfortable talking to Chiharu who had a rather contagious personality and smile, the wooden door had slammed opened once again causing the whole room to go quiet.

The air had become tense with fear and terror of the unknown.

The scary man from before had returned and ducked as he entered the room and glanced right over to Hinata's corner. As if he had business with only her.

"Come here, little birdy," he called as all the other girls eyes turned to her small form at the corner. She shivered and tried to swallow down the bile that was starting to come up.

He couldn't mean her, right?

"Lavender eyed birdy, come here," he called again as she knew that he meant her, now. Who else had eyes the color of lavender except for her?

His eyes seemed to pierce through her as he inspected her form. Chiharu's hands slid against her gown and tugged softly as Hinata blinked back the panic that threatened to overtake her small form.

What did he want from her? What could he possibly want from an ex-heiress like her?

Hinata stood up on trembling legs and slowly made way to him as his eyes darkened the closer she came. She could feel everyone's gazes of pity and fear on her form before smiling softly to reassure Chiharu who had become shaken like a leaf when he had called to her.

Although she had smiled bravely to reassure Chiharu, she could feel herself shake like willow in the wind. Each step she took felt heavy as if she had lead attached to her feet and there was a sense of dread that filled her whole being the closer she came to the cruel man.

And then she thought, she would have prayed if she had still believed in gods.






Welcome to the start of this story! We will be going on a long journey together so be prepared. I will try to make chapters longer too since this felt a bit short.. Hm... :D

Other than that, did this chapter bore you guys? I hope it's not too bad. ;)

This story will be a little slow and start at Hinata's point of view so it'll take a while to really get started so please bare with me!

I would love to read what you thought about this and if you have any suggestions feel free to tell me! My spelling and grammar is not the best since I'm not a professional writer and I only write to appease my SasuHina addiction. If you spot something please feel free to help this author!

Just to let you know, I update faster when there are more comments. ;) so to all silent readers please do let me know what you think! :D

Thank you for reading! :)

Disclaimer: Don't own Naruto :D

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