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Kaycee Johnson is just a teenager in Tulsa, Oklahoma who doesn't see her life going anywhere and wants to end it all until she meets the gang. What happens when Kaycee falls in love with one of the guys? Will she be able to fix her past and continue on with her future?

Drama / Romance
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Meeting Johnny Cade

Kaycee POV

I woke up to the sunlight in my eyes. I groaned loudly enough to wake up Coco, my yorkie. She jumped onto my bed and licked my face. I love her but like let me sleep, sweetie. She eventually laid down and went back to sleep. I sat straight up, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. I looked at the time. “6:37,” I groaned. I have a little while before I have to get up for work. I laid back down and played with Coco’s fur. I thought about what today might bring. I found myself daydreaming. I looked back at the clock. It was 6:58. I should just get up now. I rolled off the side of my bed and laid in a starfish position. I pushed myself up and gathered some clothes and a towel so I could take a shower. I walked into my bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. Wow I was uglier than usual. I began to tear up but smacked myself in the face. “No. Not again, Kaycee. Be a big girl.” I turned on the water and got undressed. I waited outside the shower for the water to heat up. Once the room got steamy, I stepped in the shower. Feeling the warmth of the water running down my body always comforts me. I’ve been craving the warmth of somebody else but I haven’t gotten it in a long time and this is the closest i’m ever going to get. I quickly washed my body and hair and got out. I didn’t want to but I had to go to work unfortunately. I work as a waitress at the Dingo. Sometimes I don’t feel like putting effort into my outfits but I have to look nice for work. I stood in front of my mirror, deciding if I should put on makeup or not. I laughed at myself for even considering it and got dressed. I put on an off white long sleeve shirt, a black, white, and grey plaid skirt, black strapped heels that go halfway up my calf, and put my hair into a messy ponytail. All of these clothes were my sister’s when she was 17. I walked out of my room, paused, and took a deep breath. I knew my parents were home because I heard them arguing in their room. I began to slowly walk toward the kitchen. I haven’t eaten in weeks. I decided I would try to grab something to go. I successfully made it to to the pantry and attempted to open it. My heart sank as I heard the high pitched squeak of the hinges. “What the hell,” my father yelled as he saw me. He took off his belt and slapped me across the face with it. I hit the floor and felt tears build in my eyes. “No, I can’t start crying in front of him,” I thought to myself. “What have I told you about eating? You know I don’t like it when you eat, fat-ass,” he yelled while putting his belt back on. I stood back up slowly but didn’t look at him. He slapped me across my face, pushed me into a wall, and spit at me. He turned around and went back into his room. I quickly ran out of the house and began bawling my eyes out. It was 8:00. I didn’t start work until 10 so I had some extra time. I went to the lot that I used to always go to when I needed to get out. This time, there was another kid there. He looked around 13 or 14. He had dark hair and dark eyes. He had a scar on his cheek that made him look tuff. He had a suspicious look in his eyes that made me want to know more about him but I didn’t look into it. I’m too shy and besides, people go to places like the lot to be alone. He probably wouldn’t want to talk to me anyway. I sat down far away from the dark, mysterious boy but not far enough so that I couldn’t see him. I really wanted to talk to him but, me being me, I didn’t. I guess he noticed me staring at him because he said, “What? Are you gonna like beat me up or somethin?” His voice was soft and shaky. “What? No, I couldn’t beat you up. You’re too cute. Why would you think that,” I asked, feeling offended. He seemed to take a sigh of relief before he said, “It’s just… most socs beat me up.” I got up and slowly walked over to the boy. He was more adorable up close. “But i’m not a soc. I’m a greaser. Why did you think I was a soc,” I asked, genuinely confused. I looked down at my outfit and realized I did look like a soc. I looked up at the kid and said, “Ohhhh.” He chuckled and said, “Yeah, yous dressed like one. No offense.” I smiled and said, “None taken. But I really do hate socs with all my heart.” I could feel tears swell in my eyes. He scooted closer to me and I could tell he was special. He is going to mean a lot to me, I knew it. I looked him in the eyes and he looked concerned. I attempted to change the subject by saying, “I would much rather wear a t-shirt and leather jacket but I have to dress like this for work. Speaking of work, I should be going to work right now. I hope I see you around, kid.” I stood up and smiled at him. “See you around, dimples,” he said, smirking at me. I started to walk off but I turned around and yelled, “Hey kid! These ain’t even my clothes!’ He laughed and shook his head. I really hope I see him again. He seems like an amazing kid.

Johnny’s POV

I really hope I see her again. I could tell she would be important to me. I wish I had asked for her name. Why was she tearing up when she talked about how much she hated socs?

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