Stranger (Carl Grimes)


(this has sexual harassment in it, this is the only chapter that has it. Trigger warning)

I check my watch, 2:40. That means lunch is ready and everyone is back. We go downstairs at sit with everyone in the living room. I catch Seth staring at me, then turning away and talking happily to Lizzie, who is flirting with him. I intertwine my hand with Carl's and lead him to the kitchen.

Daryl had cooked the meat before he came back so we wouldn't attract walkers to base. It's squirrel and a small rabbit with a mason jar of green beans. I take a leg of the rabbit and some green beans. I make my way back to the living room.

I'm perched on the arm of a chair. Carl is sitting in it. Beth is trying to feed Judith. After a few minutes she starts to eat.

'"What do you want to do tomorrow?" I ask Carl.

"Want to scavenge in the morning. Go to the other houses down the street for supplies." he says.

I nod, agreeing ot the plan. It sounds like a good one. We all head to our designated rooms. As I slip into my bed roll, a gust of ice cold wind brushes over my skin, making it erupt in goosebumps.

I wake up to arms around my waist. I smile.

"Carl, you shouldn't be here. Daryl is going to think that we banged last night, and he would tease us for like a week for something we didn't even do." I say.

He doesn't say anything.

"Oh my god, are you asleep?" I ask.

I feel a kiss on the back of my neck. Nope.

I shift so I face him. I gasp loudly and I'm cut off my a harsh slap that burns my cheek.

Seth is in my bed. I thrash as he pins my wrists above my head, one hand clamped over my mouth. I spot my knife on the table beside me. He lets go of my arms, only to quickly sit on them as he straddles me. My chest rises and falls quickly. Fuck, what did Kit teach me again? My mind blanks and I can feel my body start to freeze up. Don't freeze up, fight like hell. Yes, Kit told me that. Fight like hell.

"Don't struggle, you might get something out of this." he murmurs.

He gropes my body as I still squirm under him. His hand moves to his belt buckle. He raises up some as he struggles with the zipper. This must be his second or third time he has done this. This new information, thinking about the poor woman he took advantage of, brings white hot power into my blood stream. I take the oppurtunity and bring my knee to his crotch. He leans over, clutching his crotch. I scramble out of the room and make my way to base, running as fast as I can. I didn't even get shoes or my gun. My cheek throbs as the cold wind cuts on my face.

"Get back here!" he yells, running after me.

I veer around to the side door and see Rick and Daryl at the table. I duck behind Daryl, clutching the back of his angel winged vest, trembling.

I hear the door slam open.

"Seth, what the hell is wrong?" rick asks.

In a calm voice he says, "Where is Charlotte? I need to speak to her privately."

I feel a hand touch my back. I spin around, ready to kick and punch. It's Maggie. She takes me in my current state. Ripped shirt, red cheek, shaking, fear in my eyes. She must have had some sort of memory of abuse because she handles me gently.

"Who." she asks.

Rick, Daryl, and Seth look at me. Seth has lust and warning in his. Rick has a look like he knows who but wants it to be confirmed. Daryl has urgency in his, also pity. With a shaky finger, I point to the stranger in the room.

"Take her somewhere else." Daryl says as he yanks on arthur's collar, leading him roughly out the door.

"Charlotte?" I hear the last person I want to see asks.

I look at Carl, but not in the eyes. Rick cups his neck and whispers what happened. He moves towards me, but I back peddle away into maggie, who has an arm around me.

"Where is he." carl snarls at his father.

I feel the anger raditating off of him even from the other side of the room. He sees the door wide open and moves to it. Rick catches him.

"Let go! He hurt her, he is going to pay!" he yells uselessly as his father clasps his arms around him.

I can tell Rick is struggling, he is still hurt from the fight at the prison, but he hold fast.

"Come on, let's get you cleaned up." Maggie coaxs me out of the kitchen, where I can still hear Carl yelling, and up to the yellow bathroom on the second floor.

"You want to talk about it?" she asks as she gently scrubs my clean arms.

"Only if you tell me what happened to you." I say quietly.

My hands are still shaking. She sighs as she works my shirt off, a button down plaid.

"Glenn and I, we were captured. Daryl's brother, Merle, was trying to get information about where we were at by throwing a walker into the room with Glenn, who was tied up. Mean while, this man, The govenor as he was called, came to where I was at. He made me take my shirt and bra off, then bend over on the table while he was pressed behind me. I gave up the prison location. Rick rescued us." she says as she inspects the finger print bruises around my chest.

I sniffle.

"Will I ever get over it?" I ask as she puts the cloth and soap by the sink.

She looks at me with empathy in her green eyes and sighs, "It's different for everyone. Somethings you have to push past it. In this world, to survive you will have to."

I nod. This will be hard. We hear a knock on the door.

"Charlotte? Can I talk to you for a minute?" we hear Bob ask.

I quickly button up my shirt, all the way to the top, not wanting to expose myself even the slightest.

"Y-yes." I stutter.

The narrow door opens and I see Bob's face peek through.

"Um, is it okay for Maggie to leave? I need to ask some personal questions about what happened." he says in a gentle voice.

I shake my head when I hear the word leave.

He nods and comes in all the way and shuts the door. He sits on the closed toliet.

"Charlotte, how far did he get?" he asks carefully.

I clamp my shaky hands to my sides and take a deep breath.

"He was fumbling with his belt." I blurt out.

My breathing gets shallow and I shake mildly as the recent memories are branded in my mind.

"Don't struggle, you might get something out of this."

I whimper as I open my eyes again. Bob is gone, but Maggie is still here, an arm around me. I'm still shaking. I shudder a breath out and wrap my arms tight around her, finally breaking down. She takes me in her lap.

"You're safe, you're fine. Shh shh shh, let it out." she coos as she rubs my back.

"I feel so dirty." I sob to her.

I pull my face from our embrace.

She just looks at me.

I shake my head and snarl, "What a futile human life, anyone who has ever raped another person. That is sick and wrong."

I run out the bathroom. Where is Carl? Even though I want to be miles away from his touch, I yearn for it as well. His comfort might send the trembling away. I set my pace to slow walk and enter the kitchen, the last time I saw him. Sasha is sitting at the table with a styrofoam cup of instant coffee.

"Where's Carl?" I whisper, suddenly shy and timid.

She looks around, out the windows to be more specific. She shurgs. I back out of the kitchen and go back up the stairs. Maggie isn't in the bathroom. I don't remember hearing a door slam either.

"Carl?" I call out.

I get silence in return. I try around the house. Nope. Rick isn't here either. Or Daryl. I furrow my eyebrows and lean back against a random wall, slumping down to the floor in a daze, disconnected from the world at the moment.

Carl's pov

I finally found the pair. They were back at the house where the others stayed at before Charlotte found me. Charlotte. The image of her fearful and traumatized, sent so much anger through me. Innocent, beautiful, caring, smart. My Charlotte.

"Huh? You like that you low life bitch?" I hear Daryl taunt as he lands another hook to the boy's face.

I bristle at Seth's existence. Even with at bloodied face, he is still smirking.

"I would like it a whole lot better from Charlotte." he mumbles through his swollen jaw and bruised lips.

Daryl had him on his knees. He saw me and nodded, backing away. I tackled him. I got on top of him and started punching. I had never punched anyone, so this new stinging feeling in my knuckles hurt, but the adrenaline pumping through my veins acted like a numbing medicine.

"If I see your shit face around here, you will be left in a pit of walkers." I snarl as I punch, slaming my fists after every word.

The way his face snapped back to the impact and a fresh injury bloomed onto his face sent relief to me. This boy was never going to hurt my Charlotte again. He gasps for breath when I get off him, or rather being dragged off by Daryl that is.

"You know, she felt so good. I shouldn't have woken her up. I should've tied her up and got to it so she would wake up to me inside her." he says, while peeking his tonuge out over his swollen bloodied lips.

"Arg!" I yell as I lunge at his torso again, this time dragging it up against the side of the house and kicking his ribs.

He cries out, but they are soft as I kick his ribs repeatedly. I power my anger with every kick. Charlotte's cheek, red with a handprint. Kick. Her shirt, ripped and buttonless. Kick. How she flinched away from my touch. Kick.

I feel an arm loop around my waist. I'm dragged away.

"You're gonna kill him," Daryl growls in my ear.

"That's what I'm planning!" I grunt as I lunge for him again.

"Think of the girl. She probably needs you right now. Go to her." he says, steering me away from the shell of a monster, slouched against the house exterior on this cold mid morning.

I huff and leave, not before seeing dad with his hand gun, loading a bullet in. He has a pillow in the other hand, a brown throw pillow that has dark green tassels hanging from it. I look in his eyes and he motions for me to go back to the house.

As I walk back to the house, I think of Charlotte. She must be so scared right now, but I know Maggie and the others will take good care of her. I go inside and look around for her. I spot Sasha in the kitchen.

"Charlotte, know where she is?" I ask, popping my head into the doorway.

"She just asked for you. I think she is upstairs." she says, point to the hallway where it leads to the stairs.

I nod and turn around, climbing the stairs. I look in my room first. No Charlotte. I wonder what happened to her before Daryl found her. She was crying, but why? Maybe after the shit she went to blows over, she will open up. I finally find her on the landing, her arms around her knees. Her chin is propped on her knee caps, a distant and muddled. The big stain glass window at the end of the hallway made it seem like the hallway was a soft orange color, making her even more darling than she already is.

She still had on the shirt from earlier today, except buttoned up all the way. Her blue eyes shone a dull grey. Her black pupils are big, out of focus, staring blankly at the wooden floor that supports us right now. The way she flinched when I tried to touch her earlier might still be there, so I sit beside her. Even my movement doesn't faze her out of her daze. I wave my hand in front of her face. She finally speaks.

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