Stranger (Carl Grimes)


I wake up to a damp pillow. I sit up groggily and check my watch. 5:32 in the morning. The sun is almost up. I lay back down. My life is so screwed. The girl who tried to kill me kisses my ex boyfriend- wait a minute.

"He is mine. So is judith. Stay the hell away from us. Don't go into our rooms or touch our things. The horse is totally off limits to you or mikah, it's my horse. If you break or bend any of these rules, you will seriously regret it," I warn her in a cold voice.

I can kill her now. She broke my rule. He was mine. I fight the smile creeping onto my face. Stop it, you shouldn't be excited to kill someone. I say to myself. But I smile anyway. Hmm, should I just shoot her or what? Maybe throw her to a walker tied up? I chuckle. I think I will drown her, after I shoot her in the head. Yes, starting off the day with eliminating the enemy will be pleasant. I get out of the room and turn the corner, back to base to serve justice.

Just as I spot the house, I'm pushed against a wall by my shoulders. I see the familiar freckles before lips are feverishly on mine. Everything slows down as I close my eyes and bring him closer. His arms wrap around my waist as his hips grind against mine. I can barely hear the birds chirping over my heart beating loud in my ears. His mouth moves down to my neck, sucking on my pulse. I gasp and bite my lip to keep myself from moaning loudly. I feel my eyes roll to the back of my head. His lips sponge wet kisses up and down the left side of my neck. My hands grip his faint biceps, which I feel through his blue flannel shirt he is wearing today. I arch my back to his touch.

Then I remember what he did and what we are now, not together. I push him off. Which, trust me, was very tempting not to and continue to make out with him. But right now I have to kill Lizzie. I wipe the side of my neck clean of Carl's dna and creep inside. I spot Rick and Daryl in the kitchen. Damn, another time then. I sit at the table with them. I see they are both drinking instant coffee.

"Can I have some?" I ask quietly.

Rick nods and hands me a small cup, half full with some pink packets of sugar. I nod to him in a thankful manner and pour the sugar in, stirring it with my index finger, and gulping it in one take. I take a few granola bars with me. I see Rick raise his eye brows at me. I give him a 'What?' his eyes are trained on the left side of my neck. I reach up and wince at the sore spot. Damn Carl. He smirks at Daryl and they both chuckle at me as I blush furiously, stuttering and leaving. Before I left, I grab my silencer and my dagger. I take the horse. Today I'm going out for a scavenge. The sun is up, which barely helps with the slight cold wind blowing around, picking up leaves and dropping them again.

I can feel the goosebumps under my jacket and shirt. Soon, I spot a small pharmacy. 'Jen's Java and Medicine'. There are no windows in the front, so I lead the horse around back. I pat it's neck while I scope out the back area, which is fenced in. Still, I check all the gate doors and secure them, putting a fallen branch in the door handle so it will buy sometime for me.

I check my watch, almost eight in the morning. I push the back door open and get my dagger out. There aren't any in here, yet. I take a basket and keep a sharp eye out as I look for things we might need back at base. I grab some tampons and pills for cramps. No food that I can take back. I'm strolling down aisles when I come across a lone blue box.

I furrow my eye brows and croutch down to see what it says. I blush when I discover that it is a box of condoms. I blush harder at all those times we could've taken it further. My finger tips brush at the sore spot on my neck. I shake my head of those type of thoughts. Maggie and Glenn might need it, plus Sasha and Bob. Daryl would definatly get the wrong idea. I don't think anyone knows that me and carl have spilt. I mean, Rick and Daryl wouldn't think that by this morning before I left. Hmm. What the hell, I think. I put the box in my backpack with the other two items and head out to the horse. I spot a few walkers. I take them out easily and go back to base. I put the horse up and go inside. I spot maggie and pull her to the side.

"What is it?" she asks.

I hand her the box and add hastily, "Better safe than sorry, tell Sasha and Bob as well."

She nods and goes up to her room. I see Beth clutching her stomach.

"Monthly?" I guess, sitting down beside her on the couch.

She nods. I hand her the two other items and she goes to the bathroom. I had mine last week. I sit in the kitchen, hungry. I open a can of corn and see Mikah staring at the can.

"Want to share?" I ask her quietly.

She races over to the empty seat. I grab an extra fork and scoop some out, then pass the can over to her. She thanks me before taking a heaping forkful and stuffing it in her mouth. I realize that she needs it more than me, so when she passes it back to me, I push it back to her and leave. Now where the fuck is Lizzie.

Carl's pov

I watch her go into the house. I sigh and lean against the house wall, where she was seconds ago. I chew on the inside of my cheek, trying to figure out a way to fix the two problems right now. Get Charlotte back is one. Deal with the problem in my pants that is making me very uncomfortable is the second. A shower. That's what I need right now. I pass the kitchen, her back to me, and go upstairs. Luckily this house has it's own pilot and water tank. I leave my door open as I find some clean clothes. Dad and Daryl's laughter come to my ears. What are they laughing about? Maybe dad told a joke or something. I hear the door slam.

I close my door with a new shirt and a pair of dull blue boxers. I go into the yellow bathroom and twist the knob in the shower. I close the door and lock it. As steam curls around the mirror, I strip down. I put a towel on the counter and step inside the shower. After I got done with all the things I need to do in the shower, I turn off the water and dry off. Another button down shirt with the same tee underneath. I towel dry my hair running my fingers through it, then put on my hat and secure my holster onto my belt. With the towel hanging up to dry, I leave the bathroom. I check the clock hanging up on the wall opposite. Almost half past eight. I go downstairs and enter the kitchen. Dad looks at daryl with his eyebrows raised and smirk on his face. Daryl mirrors his expression.

"What?" I ask as I fix myself a bowl of dry cereal.

"Next time don't make such a dark hicky where it can't be concealed." dad says, that damn smirk growing wider.

If I could see my expression it would be the spiting image of the 'deer in headlights' look. They both laugh.

"Take it slow, don't rush into your first relationship." dad advises.

I stiffen up and turn my back, "We broke up."

The laughter stops.

"Oh. How are you feeling?" dad asks awkwardly.

I sigh and turn around, "Numb. I want her back."

He warns, "You'll have to fight for her."

I nod, "I know. It won't be easy."

"Girls are stubborn and vague." dad says.

"Just talk to her," dad adds.

I shake my head, "She won't listen."

He grimaces and laughs dryly, "They won't let you know, but they really are. They always do. Your mom said I talked too little."

I wince at the mention of mom.

"Is there anything for me today?" I ask.

He sits up, taking on his leader role and says, "You will be going out with glenn to look for blankets, clothes, and food. Bob and sasha are on wood and water. Maggie and Tara are taking watch around the house. Beth and Lizzie are picking vegetables. Last but not least, Mikah will watch over Judith."

"What about Charlotte?" I ask.

"She took the horse out earlier to scavenge." he says.

I nod and leave with glenn to go pick through the houses down the block.

I can't find her anywhere. But I do find Mikah again, this time out on the porch with Judith and her red plastic cups. Judith sees me and toddles over, clinging to my leg.

"Baby tulip." I coo as I lift her to my hip.

She has freckles, just like her older brother. I wince mentally.

"Hi Charlotte," mikah greets, stacking the cups in a pyramid.

I smile back and sit down with the two.

"Here comes the storm! Ooh whoa!" I say as I knock down the pyramid.

Judith giggles and smacks her hands together, then tugs on my hair. I chuckle.

"You're cute you know that? Boys would line the block when you're older, asking to be yours." I tell her.

Her little hand grips my index finger. I turn it over so I brush my thumb on her faint knuckles.

"There is an old song called 'Hey Jude' by The Beatles. Sad, but poetic." I say.

"Will you sing it? For her." Mikah asks quietly

I look at Judith, who seems curious to what I say. I nod and start.

Don't carry the world upon your shoulders

For well you know that it's a fool who plays it cool

By making his world a little colder

"What does that mean?" Mikah asks, interupting mid song.

I'm puzzled as well by this, "I think it might mean, 'Don't make it a big deal and ignore it, confront and sort it out."

Should I take Lennon's advice and sort this out with Carl?

"Trust me, it sounds better with music." I say to Mikah.

"You sing good." she critics.

"Bit rusty." I say, shrugging.

"The last time I sung was when I was with To-" I stop myself.

"Who?" she asks.

I shake my head and hand Judith back to her, leaving. I decide to help in the kitchen. Beth and Lizzie come back with the vegetables. I help wash them off. Lizzie picks off the unfit for eating ones, tossing them in a seperate bag. That's what I have to do, pick off the bad one and eliminate them. Darkness comes soon and we eat in low candle light in the living room.

I sit by beth and mikah with Judith, the baby sitting trio. Lizzie sits close to Carl, who seems to ignore her. I see Rick stealing glances at us, Carl and I. He probably found out. Quiet chatter fills the room. It's corn and a few squirrels tonight. Bob checks the grazes and puts a couple of spider man band aids on them when we have some privacy after dinner.

"Come on Charlotte." Daryl says as the others go to the other house.

"I can't go back there after yesterday. Too many memories." I explain quietly.

He nods and leaves with the others.

I mumble to Rick about taking the couch tonight. I unfold my blanket grab my pillow, the only reminder of home and my dead family. Soon I fall into a dreamless sea of warm.

Preview of chapter 16:

A pair of black boxers are on the floor. His belt buckle attached to his jeans are on the floor, next to mine. I gulp and see a shinny blue square wrapper on the floor as well. His boots and socks are lined up by the door right beside my socks and tennis shoes. I spot my navy underwear by my backpack. My shirt was bunched up around my waist and carl's was strewn on the chair in the corner. I feel my head resting on my soft pine smelling pillow.

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