Stranger (Carl Grimes)


Shit. How did he find that? I'm in deep shit right now. He will probably send me packing, past love or not. Carol was the first survivor he met besides his dad's best friend, Shane. I'm frozen in my spot.

"Did you kill her?" he asks, deadly calm.

"No." I tell him.

He slams his fist on his knee, "You kept her dagger as a sick trophy then?"

"No! I would never do that. An extra weapon," I explain in a shaky voice.

Never had I been so scared in my life, so threatened. He stands up and walks slowly in front of me, the dagger in his hand glinting in the dim moon light.

"Is she still alive?" He asks.

I nod quickly.

"She threatened to kill judith for the horse. I found her and knew she would do anything to get the horse back, so I knocked her out and ran off with Judith." I say quickly.

He walks closer and I back up, my back touching the wall behind me. He presses his body against me, and the dagger blade on my throat.

"I could kill you right now. End you right now." he mumbles to me, his voice husky and low.

My heart is racing, I'm sure he can hear it as well. He drops the dagger, it lands on the carpet with a loud thump. His eyes lock to mine, blue and big.

(Cold Flame by Band of Skulls)

"I didn't know it wasn't you. I thought you came back. The lights were off so I didn't know it was Lizzie. I pushed her away when I realized it. I'm sorry, Charlotte. I'm sorry said those things, blaming you." he says, his voice shaking and tears welling up.

I craddle his head in the side of my neck as he sniffles and I feel warm tear drop on my neck. I bring him closer and wrap my arm around his waist. I exhale a shaky breath, relieved that he didn't kill me.

He whispers, "I'm so sorry."

I lean my head back against the wall and close my eyes, rubbing my hand on his back slowly.

"Come on, let's get you up to bed." I whisper to him.

Wrapped in my arms, we climb the stairs to his room. He won't let go of me. We are laying down in his bed. He still has his arms around me, but his head is resting on my shoulder. Sniffles fill the silent air between us.

"Carl, do you want me to stay up here?" I ask quietly.

He nods and pulls the covers over us.

"Go back to sleep." I murmur, kissing the top of his head.

Soon his breathing is deep and steady, meaning he is asleep. I slip out of his arms, replacing my body with a pillow, which his wraps his arms tight around. I go downstairs and pick up Carol's dagger, tucking it safe into the bottom of my backpack. Should I go back upstairs? I shake my head no and snuggle under the cold blanket and couch. No warm Carl and bed for me tonight, I'm killer who should be dead right now.

Next morning I wake up to wailing. I check my watch, six am. I only slept for two hours. I go to the source and sleepily take the child from mikah, going back downstairs and getting out a jar of baby food. As she watches me get the food out, her wailing quiets down. Mikah comes downstairs.

"Can you get her cups please?" I ask groggily.

I give Judith a small spoon with some of the green liquid and hand it to her in the high chair, we found it a few days back. I go into the living room and fish out a navy sweatshirt, a bit small, but warm. I go back in and feed her the baby food. While I scoop out the rest, my blinking slows as I feel sleep try to drag me down. I hear Judith scream as the cups are set in front of her, the spoon clattering to the floor.

I jolt awake. Judith grabs a cup and shakes it around before dropping it purposely on the floor, then picks up another one. I rest my head on my arm, which is on the table and groan loudly. Two hours will not get any sleep for anyone.

"Wake up sleepy," I hear Rick tease, shaking my by the shoudler.

I sit up and see Rick with two styrofoam cups of coffee. Sugar or not, I gulp the cafine down eargerly. I shudder at the bitter taste. I yawn.

"Go on upstair and get a shower, you look like you need one." Ricks says gently, taking the empty cup from my slack grasp.

I nod slowly and shuffle up to the bathroom. Luckily, I didn't intrude on anyone unexpectedly. I lock the door and strip down. I yelp when the water hits me ice cold. I stand in the corner and wait for it to warm up, which seemed like forever. Once it did, I got my hair wet and searched for shampoo.

I found it and hummed quietly as I rubbed my scalp. I rinsed it out and my eyes caught the hair of my under arms. So much hair. Holy hell. On the list today, try to find a razor. I got out after I conditioned my hair and rinsed it out as well. I dried myself off and put on my clothes. I run my fingers through the minor knots and put it in a side braid. I brush my teeth as well. I unlock the door and head back downstairs, not as sleepy as I was before, but still sleepy none the less.

"Maggie took the horse today, went with Glenn." Rick says in the kitchen.

I nod, "Who am I with today then?"

I dig around for extra ammo and my silencer. I already have my gun and dagger out. With my army jacket in one hand and a black long sleeve shirt in the other, I make my way to the small bathroom on the right.

I could practically hear the smirk on his face, "You're with Carl today. Looking for supplies we might need for winter, which is getting closer everyday."

I groan quietly and change out of the sweatshirt and into my shirt and jacket. My hair is damp, but not all the way dry. I change out the braid for a high pony tail. I step back outside into the living room and I sit on the couch. I hear footsteps come down the stairs.

"Ready?" I hear Carl ask, sitting beside me.

I sink my sock covered feet into my boots, bending over some to zip them up. He hands me a black duffle.

"Now I am." I say.

"Dad already told me which houses we were hitting today." he says, opening the front door for me.

I step outside and scan the yard. No walkers in sight. I tug at my jacket and walk down the steps.

"Wait up." carl says from behind me as he closes the door firmly.

I keep on walking.

"You don't even know where you are going. Stop!" he yells, aggravated.

I stop and huff angerily.

"Why are you like this?" he asks gently, touching my arm.

I retrack from his touch, shaking my head.

"You were broken last night, I was only being kind. Last night doesn't mean that we are back together." I snarl in a cold tone.

"What would it take to win you back? Anything. I will do it." he pleads beside me.

I keep on walking. I'm trying to save him from heart break. If something every happened to me, he would slip off the edge. I mean, he lost his mom and a lot of good people back at the prison. He could shut down. But then again, he might need the comfort and support from me to be mended. I'm a killer, he shouldn't be mixed up with me. We go down the street and walk three blocks to the left.

"Who ever can find the most stuff for base, clothes, food, blankets, socks, candy, anything that might be useful. If you win, I will get back with you and tell you what happened that morning. If win, you have to chop wood with Bob and Sasha for the next week." I say.

He smirks, "Deal. Here's the first house."

I pick the lock and bang on the wall. No walkers, yet.

"Go!" I shout, racing into the dining room to the right of the short hallway.

I see a set of silver eating utensils. I grab the box and dump it all in. I scan the room and see nothing else. I run into the pantry. Clean, except for a big can of salted nuts. I grab it and put it in. I climb the stairs two at a time. Carl is still downstairs. A door is cracked open. It's an art room. Nothing valuble here. I hear carl run up the stairs. I cross the landing and burst into the room, carl hot on my tail.

"The hell?" he murmurs beside me.

A bed in one corner, a vanity with fuzzy handcuffs and a lot of ecstasty boxes. In the other corner, some sort of swing. On the wall behind it is whips and more hand cuffs. Speakers are in the walls. I spot a bottle labeled luberication on its side, a milky substance on the hard wood floor. I see a tv and a camera attached to a tri pod, trained on us. Lingerie is scattered on the floor. Lace, black, red, animal printed, even ones with four leaf clovers on them. The wall beside us has some sort of straps attached to the wall.

"N-nothing in here." I stutter, my mouth dry as cotton and my heart pounding.

I close the door shut. I glance at Carl, who is blushing mad. I use that as a head start and dash to the room beside it. A master bedroom. I go to the closet and see blankets at the top.

"Carl. Help me reach these blankets." I call out to the hallway.

I hear shuffling. I peek around and see a walker. I take out my dagger and kill it quickly.

"Carl?" I ask paniced.

I check the art room. He is looking at the canvases with half finished work.

"Come on, we still have to clear the rest of this floor." I say, tugging on his sleeve.

He nods and runs out in front of me. I see him go to the master bedroom. I go to the room across the hall. A bathroom. I check the drawers and find a packet of disposable razors. I smile and put them in the duffle. I find travel tooth paste and mini tooth brushes. I check the mirror cabinet and find a small bottle of advil.

"Ok. We have cleared the whole house." I say.

Carl's backpack is bulging.

"I win." he says, smirking.

I nod and we walk over to the house next door. I pick the lock. We went through the side door and step into a glass sun room. We step through the sliding doors and into the kitchen. It's nice and clean. I could have food. I rush to the nearest item, the massive fridge, and open it. I'm hit with a wave of rotting food. I gag and slam it shut. I check the cabinet near the floor and see a row of cereal boxes. I grin when I see the familiar box of chocolate puffs.

"Haha! Yes." I say as I rip open the plastic bag.

As soon as I start to chew, I was scared it would be stale, but it's not that bad, still has flavor. I smile and sit at the counter as carl goes in the other room. Never mind the game, I, a horomonal teenage girl, has gotten ahold of chocolate. I will not share. I don't mind any milk, they taste good dry. I decide to look around the house after I lock both doors. Two door ways on either side of the sun room. The kitchen and a dining room.

Carl has cleaned out the dining room, so I go straight, which leads me to the living room. A piano sits in the corner. An almost red wood panelling lines the wall to my right. A huge couch and a lazy boy sit in the middle of the living room. I peek out the drawn dark brown drapes.

Dark clouds swirl in the sky. I back away from the window and go through the main door hallway. I take a left and see stairs leading down. Red carpet lines the steep small stairs. It winds down the left and I see a pool table and an old desk. An old fashioned black rodery phone hangs on the wall.

Suddenly, massive thunder booms.

"Charlotte?" Carl calls from upstairs.

"Yeah?" I ask, walking up and meeting him in the living room.

"There is a huge storm outside. We should probably wait this out tonight. We are too far from the house to get back in time, I don't want to risk it." he says.

I nod. Tonight will be a long night.

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