Stranger (Carl Grimes)


That night we ate what we found, which wasn't a lot. I stuck to my chocolate and fell asleep in the master bedroom early caused by a sugar coma.

The next morning, I felt arms around my waist. I immedieatly thought it was Seth, but then remembered he was dead. A hand moved some hair from my face and I soon felt lips tenderly kiss my neck. I smile at the familiar shape and feeling of Carl kissing my neck, the right side this time. I press myself flush against him, who was right behind me. My smile falters as my ears pick up pitter patter.

"It's still raining?" I ask in disbelief.

I squirm some as he nips at my skin, pulling me closer in a swift motion. I sigh contently.

"I wish we could stay like this forever." I say dreamily.

He nuzzles his head into the crook of my neck, a silent agreement. I take my hand and push his head away from my neck and roll over to face him.

"What are we doing today cooped in this house?" I ask.

"Pool would cause too much noise. What do you want to do?" he asks, pulling me close.

I put my head on his chest and hear the ba dum ba dum of his heart. I slip my hand under his shirt and locate the scar on his side, possibly my favorite part of him, besides his personality and everything else. But his scar, his chink in the armor he put up to protect himself from anyone outside, is the reason I sink deeper into what I feel like might be love. Love is a sensitive subject. My loved are dead. I don't want history to repeat itself. Love is scary and new. That's something we can both relate on, we don't fully expose ourselves, even to each other.

"Talk. Both of us. We could try to sort out the shit that fucked up our relationship." I say, moving away and propping myself up on a pillow against the headboard.

"What happened that morning?" he asks, mirroring my actions and sitting beside me.

"I woke up and thought it was you. I talked and he didn't, which was weird for you. I turn around and was about to scream. He slapped me and then g-got on top of me. My wrists were pinned." I say, fidgeting with my fingers in my lap.

"Are you sure you can go on?" he asks gently, laying a hand on top of mine.

I flip my hands to enclose his. I nod and continue, "H-he, um, touched me."

I motion where he touched me. Carl squeezes my left hand, the one on the bottom.

"He started to undo his belt, and I kneed him. I ran over to base. The rest you know." I say, ending my horror.

He takes his hand from mine and has a scowl on his face, "And I blamed you. Then forced you to kiss me the next day. I'm screwed in the head. I'm so sorry, Charlotte."

I shake my head, "I didn't let you explain with Lizzie until early this morning. We were both confused and short tempered."

He nods and brings me close, settling me into his lap and letting me rest my cheek against his prominent collar bone.

"Well, we talked about that stuff. What now?" he asks.

I shift in his lap so that my legs are on either side of his body. I move back so that I'm sitting on the bed, but we are still close to each other. I tilt my head and lean in. His hands grip my waist as our lips move in slow movements, our noses brushing at some moments. Soon our tounges are tangled. I feel my back press against the bed, Carl hovering over me as we continue to kiss. I hook my left leg around his waist and sink my fingers into his hair, tugging, earning a low husky moan from him. I smirk and press the heel of my left foot, which was settled on the small of his back, and press my hips in slow, teasing circles, causing friction between us. Surprised and turned on, he involuntarily bucked his hips.

I pull back for air, gasping and panting. I let my head fall back against the down comforter. He lays beside me and kisses my forehead before disappearing into the bathroom. After a few minutes he comes back out, looking out of breath.

"What? Dig a hole to china or something?" I tease jokingly as I get up and take his hand, leading him out to the room beside the bedrom.

Lining the walls were books, from the floor to the ceiling. I smile, my love for books grows and spreads in this room. My eyes scan the spines on the shelves. I spot Romeo and Juliet. I pull it out and turn so that carl can see it.

"Romeo and Juliet? Isn't that a love story?" he asks.

"A tragedy. I'm not going to spoil it for you." I correct him.

I go ad sit in the corner on the little couch, where a sliver of light pours through the hastily drawn curtains. I hear carl leave as I open the book. My mom would tell me this as a bed time story, but leave out the deaths and made it seem like a happy ending. Happy endings can exist, but it doesn't happen often. When I finally read it all the first time, I cried and felt betrayed by her. I asked her why and she said she was sheilding me from thinking that no one in life could have a true love without their death.

My favorite quote from it is, 'Do not swear by the moon, for she changes constantly. then your love would also change.'

I put the book down after a while and go find carl. I find him in the sun room, only in his jeans, his shirt and hat on the round glass coffee table in front of him.

"Decide to strip while I read my book?" I ask, smiling.

He looks at me with a grin, "Just felt like it."

"Come on, let's eat some breakfast then," I say, going into the kitchen.


"I hope they are okay," Rick says, chewing on his bottom lip while he holds his youngest child in his arms.

"They are fine, probably makin' out somewhere." Daryl reassures him, eating grilled mud snake for breakfast this dreary morning.

Rick smirks, remembering his son's expression when he brought up the topic of the girl with a hicky on her neck, how he got so red from embarassment.

"I'm glad he is finally being a teen, having a girlfriend and worrying about other teen problems." he adds.

"How's the kid?" Daryl asks, referring to Mikah.

"Somewhat stable. I mean, she is distant, but that's normal." he says, pacing around the kitchen, gently bouncing his child to keep her entertained.

"Judith seems grumpy that Charlotte isn't here. When ever I catch Charlotte with her, I swear if I wasn't Judith's father I would've though Charlotte was her mom." Rick says.

He suddenly gets a chill. What if Carl and Charlotte were taking it another step further? He quickly dismisses the thought. Carl wouldn't do that, not after Lori.

"I'll take her," Beth says, shaking Rick from his thoughts.

He hands Judith to Beth and she leaves.

Beth goes out to the porch. As Judith plays with her cups, Beth's mind goes to her memories.

She sees the dirt path and the cluster of trees back on the farm, slightly blurred by the heavy and fast down pour on a summer mid morning. She was rocking in one of the many rocking chairs, watching the rain. Maggie comes out with a plate of food, eggs and a piece of toas with a glass of orange juice. She didn't speak to her. Maggie knows she likes complete silence when Beth likes to listen to the rain beating down on the porch roof. Beth slowly eats and watches water fall from the sky.

She comes back to the world when a cup hits her shin lightly. Judith slaps her hands together and smiles. Beth smiles back at her and slides the cup, top on the wooden floor of the porch, and gives it back to Judith. As she breaths, she smells the familiar stink.

"Stinky baby. Time to get changed." she coos to Judith, picking her up and taking her to Rick's room, where her baby bag is.

Maggie turns over in her bed, facing a shirtless Glenn. They stayed in bed a bit longer today. Her husband was still sleeping peacefully. She was so glad to have found him. She looks around the room and sees the trees in front of the window, limbs heavy with water filled leaves. She kisses Glenn awake and he smiles at her.

"What?" he asks.

"I was just thinking, I want to make pancakes. I found a bakery a few miles away. Maybe we can go get some and something sweet, like chocolate chips or sugar. If we're lucky we could find some syrup." she says, getting excited.

He looks at her and smiles, kisses her forehead, and gets up to put on some clothes.

"I will go tell Rick about it, you go get the horse ready." he says to her.

She smiles and nods, putting on a shirt over her tank top and slipping into her boots and socks. She kisses him quickly and rushes downstairs with her dagger and a gun.

Glenn gets dressed quicly and heads downstairs to Rick.

"Maggie and I are going on a special run, we will be back in about half an hour." he says.

Rick nods and Glenn leaves, going out the front and meeting maggie.

"Ready?" he yells over the white noise of the down pour.

She nods and he lifts himself behind her on the horse, with that, they take off down the street. The rain reminds him of the time when he and rick were back in atlanta getting the truck to the others who were trapped in the department store.

It had rained, ruining their plan to go undectected from the walkers. They ran to the construction site. Rick got the truck while Glenn scored a red mustang, which was later scrapped for parts. They arrive at the abandoned bakery.

"Ready?" she asks under the awning, the horse secured to a post.

He nods and kicks the door in.


"How do you think the others are right now?" Carl asks between mouthfuls of dry cereal.

Of course, he had another brand, while I had my chocolate puffs.

"Good." I say, focused intently on my chocolate goodness.

"Do all girls like chocolate?" carl asks curiously.

"Most girls do. I do." I say.

"No, I thought you hated it." he says, sarcasm oozing from his words.

I chuckle and slap his arm playfully.

"What am I going to do with you." I say.

"We could kiss more." he says, looping an arm around my waist.

"I think I've had enough kissing for today." I say as I blindly scoop some cereal in the silver spoon and slip it into my mouth.

He sighs and goes back to his cereal. I give in and turn his head so I meet his lips in a quick peck.

"You can't resist me can you?" he asks, a smug grin on the lips I just kissed only a few seconds ago.

I shake my head as I go in for another kiss, "Nope."

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